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  1. I see Wigan have secured their championship status for next season. Is Lang ready for the championship? Be interesting if they want to send him back out on loan next season. He’s loving his football with us so you never know. Although I suspect league 1 clubs may be sniffing around!
  2. Both at fault....how we didn’t pick up the points we needed is beyond me but the owner shouldn’t have interfered.
  3. Really? I was in the paddock just behind him and I was surprised how no one really acknowledged him at the start of the game today let alone gave him abuse. He attracted abuse with his touch line behaviour throughout the game.
  4. He was a dick throughout...lacked any kind of class and respect! Went mad at his own player for being sporting and giving us the ball back after our player received treatment!
  5. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Get a grip and get to the game! 👍
  6. 1500 from each club...nah not having that myself!
  7. I find the idea of just ‘supporting’ another team impossible to get my head round! How do you support oldham and then decide to go and support Rochdale instead? I’d be as bold as to say I wouldn’t class people who change their team as real fans. More followers of football... Very odd...but hey we’re all different!
  8. Who would ever support a team made up of a merger between oldham and Rochdale? I can’t think of a single fan from Oldham that would carry on supporting a made up club like that and I can only imagine the same on the Rochdale side.
  9. A lot more honest and open than the crap that gets chucked out by our club in my opinion.
  10. Bury are really struggling.... Read they have debts upwards of £10mill https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/april/statement-from-the-chairman/
  11. Same goes for Macclesfield. A lot of struggling teams around!
  12. No Zebra finance option...they’ve pulled the plug on those service to the football market.
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