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  1. Jose trying his hand out in America with Memphis 901 FC
  2. Dino doesn’t like him..simple. Same with woods he doesn’t like him but hand was forced on that one after Zeus recent performances. Another 2 he didn’t like, Eagles and Morais. Shame...he can’t seem to separate his opinion of someone to their ability to do a job on the pitch! Ego driven manager...
  3. Dunn in charge of Blackpool for now after Grayson sacking.
  4. He can leave us ‘by mutal consent’ and get a move as a free agent I believe. Or even sign a pre contract somewhere if he’s out of contract with us in the summer.
  5. A sit down with Blitz and AL would be enough. The OEC and FLG seem to do what Blitz tells them anyway.
  6. He got an applause at the start of the game and I didn’t hear any booing from the main stand. We can allow a boo though when he went down screaming like a tart!
  7. 100% agree looking class for this time of the year and the 2nd game this week. Wonder if there has been £££ spent on it more than usual or the head grounds man has new methods?
  8. Unless he wanted the option to move to a higher level in the summer if he carries on with the form he has shown for them so far this season.
  9. No great loss. Just hope McCann can be tied down to a contract!
  10. No issues from what I can hear in the paddock...all seem happy at 1 up with some good football on display!
  11. Not answering the question I asked but I’ll answer your... Obliged...not sure to be honest due to the confusion with the whole stand but if they’re fans of the Club they surely wouldn’t want to see us docked points and get a fine quick could be the outcome. Safe...yes as that wasn’t highlighted as an issue with the safety report!
  12. Do what? Not turn the lights on for the match?
  13. The stand owners don’t allow the floodlights to be switched on so not enough light in the pitch and game cancelled? Hope not though....
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