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  1. super_blue

    Tony Philliskirk

    Burnley have jumped the gun on announcing...we’ll see our web site post soon.
  2. super_blue

    Lincoln (H)

    Yeh the highlights certainly focused on the Lincoln chances. True for a period of time but it’s a Shame it missed Lang’s one man show taking on nearly every Lincoln player in the final third then shooting over towards the end and Surridges chance at in the last min that he hit over the bar. Yeh seemed to be directed towards the bench.
  3. Awful sub from bunn...don’t Replace like for like when loosing especially when we have no runners to play off a O Grady. Should have sacriced Gardner.
  4. super_blue

    Ex players and that

    I wish him well and hope he makes a success of it! (Other than when playing us)
  5. super_blue

    Stevenage (a)

    3-2 down!
  6. super_blue

    Newport (H)

    Poor poor game!
  7. super_blue

    Morecambe (a)

    Sounds like Iversen is keeping us in this game!
  8. super_blue

    Morecambe (a)

    But Rochdale are a league above us so I guess they have more reason to laugh at us...i’d Rather be in that position than in division 4.
  9. super_blue

    The Joe Royle Stand

  10. super_blue

    The Joe Royle Stand

    Yeh but don’t know how to get it on here ha ha, it says the file is to big.
  11. super_blue

    Derby (h)

    Unfortunate...great strike from their lad!
  12. super_blue

    The Joe Royle Stand

    I think the colour they have chose is classy, the blue may have looked a bit cheap.
  13. super_blue

    Derby (h)

    It’s Painful....appreciate Derby are championship but some of the decisions we’re making are shocking!