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  1. super_blue

    Ex players and that

    Injury prone and on a decent wedge...poor attitude as well!
  2. Hi, is this all trust members? I have had the money come out of my account for a number of years but not received any correspondence.
  3. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    Just MP I believe. Other staff on the bench are all familiar. I think the chap assisting PW is still there so that may be an addition but more of an internal thing.
  4. super_blue

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Deserved goal from Jose...worked his arse off for the team 1st half!!
  5. super_blue


    Is this thread a joke?
  6. super_blue

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    Yeh decent shout! (Would have just liked/upvoted that rather than reply but unable to now ha ha)
  7. super_blue

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    I reckon it won’t look to much different to saturdays line up tbh. He’s had 1 session with the players today so not gonna change lots especially after a 3-0 win. Main change I suspect will be the utd lad starting up top with Lang.
  8. super_blue

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    No game last week would have hit cash flow hard...i’m Happy to pay!
  9. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    This thread isn’t talking about the result. We’re talking about the ‘so called’ new manager announcement the press said would be 6.30pm. Great result today yeh!
  10. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    Once he got the all clear he signed the contract. Everything has been in place it’s been waiting on the EFL green light. As soon as they got it, contract signed (Late thurs) hence why they should have done it Friday with a view to join taking over after Crawley. Then all the leaks that came out Friday wouldn’t have mattered. We we do like to do things the hard way that’s for sure....
  11. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    Agree on silence. Personally doing it on Friday would have made sense as the news was always going to be leaked once the EFL made the decision. We should have got ahead of the press and done a Friday press conference!
  12. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    This ☝️ Monday was always the planned day from the club!
  13. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    Was never going to be tonight...made up by the press! Why would you do it after a full day of fixtures that journo’s have gotta report on when you can do an official press conference and unveiling at the club on Monday and get the worlds media down!
  14. super_blue

    New Manager Thread

    Not sure....we’ll find out Monday.