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  1. The lad doesn’t even want to be a footballer and dislikes the game!
  2. Shows the kinda bloke he is when he opens with.... ‘obviously, I’m currently on holiday here in Dubai’ 🍆
  3. Maybe a decision was made to prioritise the arrival of the manager, who knows what they think sometimes!
  4. She started on Monday with us as the new CEO/MD.
  5. Not sure there is anything less exciting than fixture release day for a league 2 campaign!
  6. Really??? I say great move compared to Pompey or Peterborough. Playing under Gerrard in front of 50,000 fans at Ibrox and could be part of the re building process that sees them win the league and achieve champions league football after a baron spell. Shows ambition! 3 years up there, smash it and into the premier league with a decent sell on fee coming our way!
  7. Think i heard a different interview to yourself. He understood the questions asked and answered each one well I thought and understood each answer. His language will develop over time and being around English people each day at the club!
  8. In post as of Monday. Not sure why there has been no official announcement...maybe as it’s been said above there hanging on incase they get rid ha ha
  9. He’s bringing his own assistant...unsure who that is but he has brought him with him so i’m Sure we’ll all be clueless to who he is!
  10. The same owner than denied the deal was happening a short while ago on Twitter at said it was all untrue? Not saying it’s not true by the way but he’s not whiter than white.
  11. Lang didn't Seem to have issues and developed as a player during his loan spell so Wigan will be happy with that. They also extended his loan so if they had problems this wouldn’t have happened. Sometimes the players attitude as well as other changeables at a football club have big parts to play!
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