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  1. I’m very much aware of that, but in my opinion once you’ve played for 1 nation that should be it. He’s played 23 times for the ROI from the U16 age group up to the senior team. Can’t blame the lad really, there’s a loophole there and he’s changed to England, I hope it’s a great decision for the lad because he’s clearly talented.
  2. Think Rice will be his long term replacement, has looked excellent at West Ham, can see him getting a big move for next season. Whether or not he should be playing for us is another argument.
  3. Payday tomorrow, was going down to renew my 2 ST’s tomorrow afternoon. I’m not bothering now. 11 years a ST holder and I just can’t take this shite anymore. It’s been shit for too long now, and in a little over a year its somehow gotten even worse. This League, (majority of) this squad, and in particularly AL can go fuck themselves.
  4. Anyone streaming this? Was supposed to be going but something has cropped up last minute. I’ll contribute some money if anyone is doing it.
  5. We are where we are because we deserve to be, this is the worst team i’ve ever seen in my 15 years following us, but some of the shite in this league is 100 times worse than what we are. Not through us being good, but due to the standard of this division, we should 100% be higher in the league.
  6. Agree with all that. I think Hunt will go though, and I don’t think it would be a massive loss, he’s steady at the back but bang average going forward. Is Branger out of contract? I’d keep him as a squad player only. I would think plenty of league one clubs would be looking at Iverson and Lang which is a shame. Maybe even Lang could be a squad player at Wigan in the championship and for sure if they go down.
  7. I get what your saying, but those 90+ min goals have happened, and it now means we are miles off in terms of where we should be in this division. You won’t see me give Scholes any grief at all this season, but he’s got a hell of a job on in the summer to totally revamp this squad of bottlejobs.
  8. Does anyone else think we were pretty crap today? That 1st half was terrible. OK we deserved to win, but if that was a good performance on the whole it shows how used to utter garbage we are all used to. We played some decent stuff 2nd half at times, but then go and spoil it all with Missilou pissing about on the touchline, and then very nearly go and lose the game all together. Seasons over, i’m not bothering next week now. I hate this division.
  9. Its the hospital car park, we have an agreement with them for match days, there are signs saying its the official match day car park
  10. barry.waterhouse@pat.nhs.uk Email this guy. I had the same issue last season. Someone from this forum gave me this email address, I got a letter cancelling the fine in less than a week.
  11. barry.waterhouse@pat.nhs.uk Email this guy. I had the same issue last season. Someone from this forum gave me this email address, I got a letter cancelling the fine in less than a week.
  12. Is the marketing campaign a clue our away shirt is tangerine next season? The posters all have the caption we play in blue and tangerine. I hope so, and I also hope we stick to that, of having a different colour away shirt every season.
  13. Very naughty boys, made me laugh out loud that. There seems to be more and more naughty boys at our away games this season. Some of them are about 12, but to be fair they look “proper” hard. The ginger lad with glasses whos about 15 wearing a fake stone island coat gets me everytime I see him. He’s literally about 8 stone wet through.
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