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  1. daniel

    MOTM Forest Green (H)

    The woodwork, followed by Iverson, followed by Maouche.
  2. I fully understand that you are all volunteers at the club, however why have questions on a trust survey about the experience at BP if thats not within your remit?
  3. To be fair one of the questions on the trusts recent survey was about how to improve the experience at BP. I did mention this on that survey, therefore to my mind the trust do and should be involved in these things, they asked the question which I linked in with the catering side of it.
  4. Bit of on own goal really isn’t it. Like I said, this club is light years behind in pretty much every department.
  5. Exactly. Like I said in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter too much, but with that attitude then I guess they aren’t too arsed about my 8 quid every home game, and other peoples money too for that matter.
  6. Is there any plan to take a look at the catering at BP? It’s really starting to grate on me in the last few home games. It might not seem too important in the grand scheme of things, but its the little things that help the overall experience. I presume its the same in every stand although I stand to be corrected, but in the main stand there are 3 pie options (my figure would probably suggest I love pies, but I hate pies) and that is it for hot food. I have been to over 100 grounds and that is by far the worst choice I have come accross, and its not good enough. Why can’t we have the standard burgers and hot dogs like we used to? I used to spend about 8 quid at home games on a drink, hot dog and programme, now I spend nothing. The signs are all still up from last season with pictures of hot dogs etc. Also the cold drink option is a piss take, Fanta, Diet Coke and water were the 3 options today. Last season we had Coke, Coke Zero, Oasis in a few flavours etc, how hard is it to get a few different options? For a professional football club we are miles behind in so many areas it’s scary at times. We have the menu printed on a piece of A4 paper stuck up in the food stall ffs. Sorry to rant, but I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now.
  7. daniel

    Simon Blitz

    Definitely him.
  8. 4 London away’s in a row, Barnet away. Very very winnable, new ground and I think we’d take a load again if they allowed it. Either that or I’ve always wanted Newcastle away, a weekend up there would be epic.
  9. I wouldn’t sign him because he’s a massive cock, but he is a good player. If (massive IF) he has sorted his issues then he would be quality in League 2. He tore us a new one at BP a few years ago for Southend.
  10. daniel

    Carlisle (A)

    Not sure why people are saying us training on xmas day is a factor in us getting beat today. This is not a new thing? Most clubs train on xmas day, and have done for a long time. The majority of them will have been home not long after noon. They are professional athletes who earn a very good living even at this level. Absolute nonsense using that as an excuse as to why we were crap today. We have nurses who will have worked 12 hour shifts yesterday, some of which will earn as little as 20k a year, and we have people thinking our lot are hard done to because they trained for a few hours. We lost because we were crap, simple as.
  11. daniel


    2 of them were. Hamer was finished though, he told the bench as much as well. Miller was awful when he came on.
  12. daniel


    Agreed, weren’t we at Plymouth last season a few days before xmas? Shambles.
  13. This is it for me, even at Crewe there were loads of younger people who don’t bother with a single home game, I was talking to a group of about 10 lads on the train, and between them they had been to about 10 home games in 3 seasons. I can sort of understand it to be honest, I prefer away days every day of the week, but i’d still be lost on a Saturday afternoon if we were at home and I wasn’t there.
  14. Anyone know of any coaches going that you can drink on? Not for me, but for 2 mates? They will just go on the official if there is none but would prefer a drink.