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  1. In other words the trust board has made a unilateral decision not to publish full response.....sorry can't agree.
  2. Did marco request withholding info? honest answer please
  3. I find it a strange decision for trust not to engage with fans...the same accusation that the trust level at marco...comments please
  4. Deyres... Thanx been looking at tonights schedule.
  5. Can't see it programmed....What time is it on Mick?
  6. OK. Sorry if I caused confusion....I'll just keep taking the tablets LOL.Perhaps Wiseowl can clarify it for me.
  7. No not at all. Wiseowl stated in an earlier post (2/3 hours ago) that he had " applied umpteen times to join Trust and had been refused" Hence my question.
  8. Perhaps my question was not properly directed.I was asking re Trust membership ,not Board membership. Thanks for your prompt reply
  9. Who decides to accept or reject an application ?
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