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  1. If people watching don't know what was said then what chance have we?
  2. OK DV and Billy thanks for your views and facts.
  3. Try asking....Port Vale took 1908 think thats more than we were given
  4. Thats what bothers me.....bad planning by both clubs IMHO.
  5. Keep up the good work Billy. Genuine enquiry if we do sell out for Macc. doyou think pay on the day will be allowed?
  6. Once again I translate ....vieux (old).....jambon (ham) there you have it oldham. p.s where did you learn your frenchBP?
  7. Don;t know how many houses have already been built on the land around BP but guess the land for each is worth 55k to the sellers,ask ryder and dutton they may know!! My guess is based on a very conserative estimate.
  8. For our non french speaking fans "becoming de riguer" means coming into fashion.
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