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  1. Used to laugh about how immaculate his hair was from start to finish always blessed himself coming out too.
  2. My first match v Chesterfield won 4 - 1 season circa 1956.
  3. Listen to the full broadcast and act on it and lives will be saved.
  4. So pay 3 visits to supermarket and then get 3 for £15 SIMPLES .
  5. Stop playing with words and say what you mean...weirdy
  6. Stop clogging the board up with stupid remarks.
  7. Yes but are the hotels being paid ?
  8. OAFC.....I am talking about this seasons current S/T for last few home matches.
  9. Sex politics and religion should be taboo.
  10. Sincere condolences to Lee and family....may Jordan rest in peace.
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