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  1. Such a question deserves serious input.....our whole future is at stake.
  2. Expected better from such a prolific poster .
  3. Silly reply....Anywhere else is understood to be in England....preferably local if AL wants current fanbase.
  4. Thats my understanding AL owns the Football team so he can have us play at Ashton,Stalybridge or anywhere else.The ground/land is no use without a side to play on it.
  5. Thought you were more interested in my orientation. Doubt you are experienced enough to take me on, your posts seem somewhat immature.
  6. You are the king of downvoters.Please give me one.
  7. My comment was based on the number of chances he missed .
  8. Carlo Corazzin .......couldn't hit a barn door from 2yds.
  9. Posts like that make me fly off the handle.
  10. More clubs than Jack Nicklaus. (The old ones are the best) lol.
  11. Theresa May strong and stable Would sson have Latics bottom of table
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