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  1. They refer to it as 'due diligence' in these parts 😫
  2. Bigger club? but saying that I'd expected a bigger club than us to secure his services Who knows???
  3. Pretty sure Preston were having more than a good look at him at one stage
  4. Morecambe had a shocker in the first 45 minutes but then took the game to us second half, especially Mills who was given more freedom to roam. Didn't he run through our midfield with ease and get a few decent efforts off in the process?
  5. Brilliant stuff! We could do with more of the same from memory lane
  6. Maybe it's down to his commute? Morecambe is out on a limb for most players and Zac might fancy the Manchester scene. Either that or a call from Pep after next season 😉
  7. He was brilliant in both games and I hope an option is in place because I'm certain he's got a bright future if he can maintain his present development
  8. Cheer up 👍 I'm sure you'll be bowled over when you see him play
  9. Nice spot by the cliffs, we've lived in Heysham since 1989 and it's still a easy journey over to Oldham to see family and get to B.P
  10. I live in Heysham, 2 miles from Morecambe and I'm fully aware of how good this lad is. That answer your question?
  11. No, but you're going to see a bloody good player who covers every blade of grass and will put others fitness levels to shame. We are talking about 'Oldham' not Brazil.
  12. Far better than you give him credit, I'm still pinching myself as to how Latics signed him over League one sides? Massive loss for Morecambe!
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