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  1. Bunch of softies that got totally destroyed at Morecambe, I'd fancy us to lay this curse to rest once and for all Plus, I don't want them to swap places with the real Dons
  2. Then lost the lot trying to be clever by putting it on him keeping Latics up after seeing the rovers game 😂😂😂
  3. Until you close down the topic, it will remain 'relevant'
  4. It could and should have been all so different but you're spot on, truth is I can't see anyone from recent lists of candidates that could do any better.
  5. More likely you'd forget about this mess and do the both of you a massive favour.
  6. Another tosspot we're well rid of and best of all he'll be visiting again next season if he hasn't been head hunted for a premier league job
  7. By choosing the cowards way out, scholes has left himself open to eternal criticism on here and that stems from not being man enough to admit his own failings, meanwhile, Pete wild (head down and without complaint) just gets on with what scholes should have been doing from day one and no doubts on peanuts for his efforts.
  8. The world of football is full of shit manager's and expectations at Oldham are once again being fully met by guy who's had to step in for a second time and from a lower position because Billy Big Bollocks threw a tant, when he realised he was out of his depth. If Scholes acknowledged some of the blame, many would have left it at that but like Wellens it's always somebody elses fault.
  9. First sign of things not going his way and he threw in the towel, His bottle went! that's if he had any in the first place. Time to erase this loser from our history and only give creedence to those who actually give a shit.
  10. I'd say most of those comments aimed at scholes are fully warranted and he should have been man enough to admit his own failings in all of this, given his pedigree. Best thing scholes did for this club was leaving!
  11. I'm still of the belief that scholes wouldn't have done any better even if he was in charge of Brazil and that tells you all you need to know about his future management credentials. Half the man, Pete wild is
  12. Always thought he'd come good with maturity.
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