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  1. We need to beat Crawley well and take the confidence from that into the Morecambe game, Morecambe have a winnable game against Newport but that one could go either way, Stevenage will get a massive boost from the return of their serial manager, Graham Westley but I'd still expect Crewe to turn them over. I can't see anything less than 4 points from our next 2 games but ??????? 🙏
  2. We have to win but a draw wouldn't be the end of the world
  3. Arguably, the Biggest game of the season so far, make or break! A case of who's had the least Turkey, fine details and all that 😉
  4. You and me both, time to step up to the plate and make sure safety is delivered.
  5. Hahahahaha think you get the drift, the Shuckster is back!
  6. Sorry for trying to see the smallest crumb of positivity but you're on the money, it's gone way past the point of seeing anything better than staying in the division, I see us easily doing that but if that's the season after season ambition then best call the vet and put this wounded owl out of it's misery.
  7. It was a free hit, we still have that game in hand, win that and It'll look so much better
  8. Who gives a monkey's about credibility? cornering the world market are you?
  9. The E.U has changed beyond recognition, it's now being run by 2 countries One we saved and the other we defeated, neither should be allowed to be in control of the other 26 nations. On Scotland, can we also have a vote? going to be a real shocker when they leave both the European union and the united kingdom, we'll ofcourse have to slam up a solid border to keep out, all the kilted marauders sick of surviving on oatcakes and whisky
  10. Hope i'm right and a great effort actually being there
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