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  1. He sees something that doesn't sit right with him and that's it, regardless of league position as Carlisle found out rather sharpish, although he hasn't quite mastered the art long enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as Big Sam 💷🏦🛥️🚘
  2. A kind of 'Jekyll & Hyde' character? It's harmless fun, as you were the pair of you 👌
  3. If they hadn't just played three games in a row on it, I'd be in full agreement, I'll be more concerned if the players serve up the same when they're back on a decent surface.
  4. No matter how bloody good a manager you are, three games in a week on that pitch would sap the energy out of Brazil and Morecambe will be back on their Snooker table come Saturday.
  5. You was on the money and I got a little giddy because I hoped our fans torment might be starting to come to an end, I got it wrong. sometimes being positive means Jack shit in the grand scheme of things and it hurts me to say that.
  6. Tell you what Shucky, I admire your optimism mate 👍
  7. Holy hell and there's me blaming soft southerners, the whole night has been a write off and worst of all it was fully deserved.
  8. I didn't have to wait that long as my phone was going none stop as I left the ground, on top of that it was a terrible journey home as they'd closed the exit off the M61 to the M6 😩 Being a Latics fan has never been a breeze, I've seen the highs, the lows and had many nights like tonight but I won't hide the fact.......that was a true shocker. I'd like to remain optimistic about the play-offs but in my heart of hearts I think we'll be playing Morecambe again next season and worry more about the scoreline at Bury if we turn up like that come Saturday
  9. Cheers my friend 👍 It'll be a very rapturous trip all the way back down the motorways if we can do it in style like the Yeovil drubbing but I have a feeling this could be tougher and we don't want to end up with another crewe cut
  10. Carlisle are washed up without Devitt and two more games without his services will see em drop out of the play off places. We need to be making sure we capitalise on their misfortune.
  11. Then you woke up 😏 Have a very happy footballing day and channel your energies for tonight's war of attrition
  12. The difficulty is getting it out of your thoughts you're actually standing on a late 1960's TV series location, you start imagining who walked where and how rover appeared out of nowhere 😁
  13. Great memories there, talking about the prisoner, have you ever visited the village? better still, driven an original mini moke around it? just epic!
  14. Some footballers are deserving of total respect and this guy is one of them, a bit like a certain David Eyres where time never got in the way of his ability, if that's what you regard as a crush then I'm all over it.
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