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  1. Good signing.Always gives commitment and passion
  2. As always I'm not building my hopes up but will give him a few months to see if any improvement from the past crap
  3. Well done to all involved with Latins in clearing this up
  4. Not been on for a while and just read about Jimmy Fryatt.What a great striker alongside Dave Shaw.Great partnership .He could head the ball harder than most could kick the ball and was like a blur as it nearly broke the back of the net. His huge lamb chops sideburns were a sight to behold. Think his son was a pro golfer in the USA.Remember speaking to Dave Shaw at a pub in Milnrow?and he rated his playing partner as one of the best.RIP..
  5. Great game.Shame poor crowd but those who braved the cold saw a belter. OK Newport were crap but we played them off the park with our passing and Sylla was my Motm although Danny Rowe brace came close.Our second goal was superb and can't wait to see it again later.Well worked goal.
  6. We were stood in the Lookers Stand paddock near to the RRE and watched the best game ever.What a team.Doesn't seem like 30 years ago. ..how time flies.Sad to say but I still blame Mark Hughes for our decline and bad times at Wembley in the FA cup and in the Littlewoods final Forests keeper...,the flying pig for saving Palmers header
  7. I was thinking the same thing after the Crewe game coming out of the ground. Some good comments. Get a new keeper is a must.We need a core of good players of which the defence needs a shake up.I like Piergianni who shows commitment but Wheater needs to show more guts at times.Hamer I'd keep on even though a loss of form.Needs confidence and has the potential to be a good player.Midfield needs a sort out and I'm all for keeping our wingers .Happy with Dearnley and Rowe but Rowe needs assistance and he will score .. Not keen on Branger and feel Wilson can do a better job up front as proved at Macclesfield.
  8. I'm guessan that there may be an element of truth in that
  9. Gutted...ruined my weekend apart from now off to Ashton to watch a Led Zeppelin tribute band!!! Another last minute goal.Why is it I only feel confident if we are 2 up in injury time? Time wasting by us today cost us. Only fun thing today was in the Cheshire Arms when the bouncer was a dead ringer for Karl Robinson and Latics fans did not spare him.
  10. Like Simpsons screamer at Liverpool
  11. I'll never forget that away goal at Huddersfield
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