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  1. I'm afraid I can't replicate your issue, so I'm at a loss. Sorry. I'll see if I there are any options to make this easier.
  2. There is already an option available, note the below clip - there is an option (circled) that just pastes the link instead). Hope this helps.
  3. Hello, In an ongoing attempt to reduce overheads and prevent us from getting our pants pulled down on cost, there may be temporary loss of service over the next week or so as we make the first of a range of changes to protect the forum for future use. Hopefully most of the changes will go unnoticed, that's the plan anyway - however if there are any significant developments we'll let you know as soon as we can. Thanks, Matt.
  4. Jeez BP, steady on. You're very generous, thanks.
  5. That wasn't a 'blueprint', it was a warning - FC are not a phoenix club either. Each club will have its own roadmap of the future, few are interchangeable. Portsmouth Community Football Club (2013) for example, they took over before winding up, steadied the ship and eventually unilaterally voting to sell it to Michael Eisner - I'm severely reducing the quantity and quality of the whole story there but Oldham will never get an Eisner - so their plan, however good it looks, is out of reach. Hereford FC (2014) is a model of a phoenix and if OAFC ceased to exist this would be the closest plan to go with, however established teams such as Chadderton and AVRO also exist at that NWCL 'reset' level too - these are factors to consider. Best to avoid it all completely.
  6. If you can guarantee to install somebody to steer the club who is completely transparent, who can honestly recruit without cronyism, who won't get caught with their hands in the till, who understands that it is better to please some fans than none of them, who listens to and considers criticism, who doesn't sell out at the first opportunity - and the fans can guarantee that whatever the chairperson says is final, that the fans understand that they're sometimes going to have to get stuck in and volunteer at every level in the running of the club - knowing that they're must expect no extra favour in return - or must not accept any favour that could be interpreted as privilege by other fans, and fully support the quite frankly life-sapping AGM meeting and motions (£3000 for those analytics vest things? Really? We can barely put the lights on, and we crowdfund these?) whilst making sure that the boardroom of volunteers are doing their jobs, paying the bills, managing legislation, advertising, selling, training, sourcing ethically...and on and on and on...
  7. We're going to review the whole kaboodle in the close season. Thanks for everyone's ongoing support, really - it's been a difficult couple of years in every respect.
  8. I'm going to try and push back a little.
  9. Matt


    After the simply mindboggling new rules on roughing the passer, and that stupid momentum weight rule coming into full force against the Saints, I think the best of the NFL is waaay behind us. I'll still watch it mind, although college football is miles more fun for the casual fan. Geaux Tigers, and to a lesser extent Go Mountaineers (nice uniform).
  10. Matt

    Eid Mubarak

    It's not, just a general observation.
  11. Go to the football. Watch the football. Support the football. Go home.
  12. Matt

    Eid Mubarak

    The term 'Soy-Boy' is brilliant internet term that describes its subject superbly.
  13. Matt

    It's mad

    You fucking bellend.
  14. Matt

    Bury (A)

    Pompey took 1200 to Blackburn back in October. The game and the weather was shit, pub was okay - some working mens club over the road. Anyway, I digress...