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  1. This gives Kurt Willoughby a chance at Fylde who, in my opinion, will eventually be the better player of the two.
  2. It will come as no surprise to anyone that unfortunately, we cannot be seen to be assisting the distribution of unofficial streaming links. It breaks the TC's with our hosts. Do what you want to do, but you can't post it up on here.
  3. Come on. that's not even close to what these people are suggesting. Let's not be daft, you all need to bind together as a solid unit and do the best you can. No-one wants a club to go out of business, and people support that sentiment in different ways - fundamentally you're all on the same team. I've seen something similar happen somewhere else, and it doesn't end favourably for any side, if sides are taken.
  4. Correct. Same with any social media platform vs the real world.
  5. I think there is a distinct possibility that an educated guess wouldn't be far from the raw truth.
  6. You have to stop talking about it like it's the easiest and quickest thing to do. I'd seriously brace yourself for a tough ride. If the ownership is eventually changed in favour of a supporter led buy-out or whatever, you'll (more than likely) experience the same abrasive attitudes being channeled to the new incumbent. There will be a whole new set of problems that all sound like the problems and reasons why you got to this point in the first place. You have x amount of fans, and x amount of views on how the club will operate, from bringing in functioning investments, to who is (or who isn't) weeding the carparks in June. Problems you thought would be solved get replaced with new problems - it takes a massive amount of effort, that massive effort needs to be maintained, and everybody's individual efforts have to be recognised without privilege.
  7. We can do, if *cough* people buy enough *cough* of these... Seriously though, we've got some neat ideas, but it all costs money to produce - so it's cashflow and that.
  8. Firstly, thanks again from all of us to all of you that have donated to help keep the site going - also big thanks to those who contribute to the site by helping out, running competitions, and posting stuff that keep us (I hope) interested throughout the season. Secondly, we have something to offer to you - something tangible - something that is collectable for the fans, which will also help the running of the site. We have a 12-card postcard set of limited quantity on offer in our new online shop (which may, or may not work properly - I've been struggling with the eCommerce IPB app all weekend), the cards are photographs that I took in April 2008 vs Cheltenham, which I think was the last league game in front of the old Broadway Stand. If I'm wrong please don't tell me because I can't do anything about it now! Just to add a little teaser, if this is successful we might be able to do other stuff in the future, one of which is a collaboration - I can't say too much about it now, it's a long way off! So there it is, thanks again for your support - we'll try to make OWTB as good as we possibly can. As a footnote, if the online shop starts to blow a gasket I'll have to rethink the platform - we might have to use Ebay or something in the short term. Also, if you're struggling with the overseas shipment selection, so was I - just drop me a PM and I'll sort something out. Thanks, Matt. http://www.owtb.co.uk/store/
  9. Can I add, we'll fully co-operate with any authority who requests information into investigating allegations of the above issue.
  10. I've banned for less, so fucking watch it. 😉
  11. To be honest, the whole redevelopment project wasn't a bad idea - it just didn't get the brains/investment/determination to see it through to the projected end. Ended up half-assed as usual.
  12. Send him my best, he used to brighten our afternoon in the Lookers bar after getting thumped. Great lad.
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