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  1. A lot of Sealioning going on. I think this has run it's course.
  2. More here... https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/april/18042019-oafc-eosa/
  3. Me neither, I dont' think that the summary of the letter is the most relevant issue.
  4. I don't think João ever played for Ajax. He came through the Dragoes system and dropped before eventually playing in SLB's B team. 🦅
  5. Grimsby away, 2nd May 1998. Bruce Grobbelaar, Mark Innes, Ronnie Jepson... Fucking hell. That was twenty years ago.
  6. Nope. OWTB is completely independent of other entities, that's the way we like it. I recently trawled through the backlog of validations after a long hiatus, I apologise if it's taken longer than expected for you to return to accessing OWTB fully.
  7. Newport County used to play at Somerton Park before going all nomadic. Maidstone sold theirs and ground shared. Council bought The Shay in the late 80's and it's leased back I think. Darlington FC and 1883 - that's a messy one, Feethams was sold and that new stadium was a disaster. Chester City had the Deva, and Chester FC still do - not sure if they own it. Scarborough City didn't have the McCain Stadium, it was flogged to Lidl. AFC Rushden and Diamonds played at the Dog and Duck with Wellingboro. Hereford still play at Edgar Street. 74 Northwich groundshare with Winsford, Vics still play (in the same league as 74) - but they are at Witton Albion. The Victoria Stadium was another disaster. Incidentally, the Dane Bank terracing at Vics Stadium was bought by FC United, and is used in the St.Mary's Road End.
  8. I believe it's a case of a small club that became a rich man's play thing who through a load of money at it, and then got bored - I expect houses on Grange Lane soon. Good news is that there is a NFU phoenix club already in place and will be the new club next season. Nuneaton Borough have a tax bill that needs paying by the end of this month and they don't have the funds to cover it.
  9. Take stock first, what is the overall objective. No point showing your hand if there's absolutely nothing to back it up. Everyone is running around like headless chickens.
  10. Have you considered that he doesn't want you?
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