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  1. We can do, if *cough* people buy enough *cough* of these... Seriously though, we've got some neat ideas, but it all costs money to produce - so it's cashflow and that.
  2. Firstly, thanks again from all of us to all of you that have donated to help keep the site going - also big thanks to those who contribute to the site by helping out, running competitions, and posting stuff that keep us (I hope) interested throughout the season. Secondly, we have something to offer to you - something tangible - something that is collectable for the fans, which will also help the running of the site. We have a 12-card postcard set of limited quantity on offer in our new online shop (which may, or may not work properly - I've been struggling with the eCommerce IPB app all weekend), the cards are photographs that I took in April 2008 vs Cheltenham, which I think was the last league game in front of the old Broadway Stand. If I'm wrong please don't tell me because I can't do anything about it now! Just to add a little teaser, if this is successful we might be able to do other stuff in the future, one of which is a collaboration - I can't say too much about it now, it's a long way off! So there it is, thanks again for your support - we'll try to make OWTB as good as we possibly can. As a footnote, if the online shop starts to blow a gasket I'll have to rethink the platform - we might have to use Ebay or something in the short term. Also, if you're struggling with the overseas shipment selection, so was I - just drop me a PM and I'll sort something out. Thanks, Matt. http://www.owtb.co.uk/store/
  3. Can I add, we'll fully co-operate with any authority who requests information into investigating allegations of the above issue.
  4. I've banned for less, so fucking watch it. 😉
  5. To be honest, the whole redevelopment project wasn't a bad idea - it just didn't get the brains/investment/determination to see it through to the projected end. Ended up half-assed as usual.
  6. Send him my best, he used to brighten our afternoon in the Lookers bar after getting thumped. Great lad.
  7. Such is the negative and disruptive mentality of the nation at large.
  8. I'm locking the cunt. Quite honestly, it's like reading a bad headache. Some of you should be ashamed, some of you have the patience of Job, all need to move on.
  9. I understand politics permeates everything, even football - but this thread took a huge swerve towards looking like something below the line on The Mirror's comments section, so I'm sure I speak for a number of football fans who are sick to death of national governance, and people's 'opinion' of it. I've moved the lot to the other forum where usually nobody can be arsed to read; so you are welcome to continue there if you want to argue about who's opinion is right, to your hearts content, in ever decreasing circles.
  10. Macclesfield, Blackpool and Coventry are on Bolton supporters' Clubs in Crisis Whatsapp group. There are other clubs that have been named to join, but the sources are not verified - so it's a bit naughty to mention them I suppose.
  11. Steve Dale clearly has no interest in football, however he has the capacity to remove memories and bonds between families and friends that have been at Gigg Lane for generations. http://priceoffootball.com/bury-minutes-to-midnight/
  12. I just want to reinforce what Zorrro has just said; personally I have a low tolerance for cheap shots - thinly veiled or otherwise - as a group we're willing (and have been for a long time) to let a lot of stuff ride, within reason. Just don't take the piss.
  13. I realised I was a prick on here ages ago, so I backed off and removed myself from the internet (almost completely). I had to because I was mentally unwell, and the internet wasn't helping at all. I'm not better by a long way, but at the very least I've emerged from the other side understanding myself a little better, and realising what I have to do. I'm 48 now, and life it too short to be a cunt for the rest of it.
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