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  1. Also, if anybody wishes to nominate someone who needs their support please do so through the email below:
  2. ...or an obscene amount of music. The telly and the car would go before the vinyl. Wife: "Can't you get something other than 70's Brazilian funk jazz albums?" Me: *types Weather Report in discogs*
  3. People see a headline and jump straight in with it.
  4. The sample range from 28,000 to 1,600 tells me all I need to know about why PHE don't provide facts on this issue. Death certificates from England and Wales with influenza detailed number just over 500 for 2014 I think. The reason we can't start throwing numbers like 28,000 around (or if it's Priti Patel providing the data, 280,000,34,974,000) is because that it's completly unreliable, PHE know it - I know it, loads of people know it. Anyway, good health to you mate and keep your hair short, hairs are your aerials and they pick up signals from the cosmos - it transmits 5G directly into the brain.
  5. I've seen that, 24,000 incorporates all winter deaths including dementia, hypothermia and so-on - however no 5G deaths. Gotta watch the 5G, it creeps up on you.
  6. I've not forgotten this load of bollocks - flu was nearer to 500, btw. Winter deaths was up around that figure, but that includes dementia, hypothermia and so-on.
  7. Not only, but also... https://archive.is/20200418182037/https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/coronavirus-38-days-when-britain-sleepwalked-into-disaster-hq3b9tlgh
  8. Hancock can find badges though can't he...
  9. I say the brightest and the best Huguenot's stay in 16th Century France and concentrate on revising it's relationship with the euchrastic tradition, instead over coming over here to teach us how to make hats out of lace.
  10. ...steps 1 and 2 now suspended indefinitely. https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/national-league-statement-competition-suspended-in-61718
  11. Thanks for the stats, please could you show me where you got that number from?
  12. Non leagues of steps 3,4,5 and 6 (and grassroots below that) have all cancelled their seasons. All results expunged.
  13. I'd like to repeat the resources I mentioned the other day - and add a few new ones... If you are a key worker be it a plumber, supermarket assistant, ward clerk, delivery driver or anybody else who is vital to this situation - thanks - it's much appreciated. If you are staying in isolating as best you can, stay safe and only make those essential journeys if you can - and make your regular exercise local. Keep talking to everyone you know - and maybe don't know so well, make sure people who might need help are okay. If you are able to, the NHS are looking for volunteers: https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS Also there maybe local Mutual Aid in your area that could use your help: https://covidmutualaid.org/ If you want to help collect data for medical science (King's College, Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital etc), there's this app: https://covid.joinzoe.com/ Action Together are co-ordinating our local volunteer services to help in our communties. They need your help and are currently registering people interested in volunteering in response to Covid19. If you can help in any way please contact them through their website. https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/ CALM / @theCALMZONE offer a free, confidential helpline 0800 58 58 58 & webchat open 5pm-12am daily. Their helpline and webchat is for people in the UK who are down or have hit a wall for any reason, who need to talk or find information and support. https://www.thecalmzone.net/help/get-help/ NHS advce. Advice for everyone, advice for people at high risk, symptoms and what to do, and self-isolation. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ Government guidelines https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
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