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  1. Another game Another nil Anthoer game our hero sits on the bench.
  2. Superb strikers 😅 Yet you all hate Vera. Tossers.
  3. I was talking in regards to the point about the two strikers who've played over double the amount of time Vera has this season .... The casino fantasy isn't made up. He backed black. It won. Gave me £1,000 and told me to get a season ticket.
  4. I'd love to know how it's an act, tell me which bit of what I've stated isn't a fact?
  5. Explain why you think it's a better idea to have two strikers who've played double the minutes of Vera up front and failed to score more so than Vera himself. That is strange thinking.
  6. Lol as he's already scored. Straws and clutching. Both had more than double the game time of Vera in proper games and still haven't scored in those.
  7. Fucking piss poor. Jack Rodwell got the winner apparently. And in the 94th minute, the home side nicked a very late winner as a long ball over the top lands to Dack and he laid it off to Jack Rodwell who slotted into an open net and sent Blackburn into the 2nd round of the Carabao Cup.
  8. What do you expect when our number 9 was rested.
  9. Still conceded three though and none of the strikers managed to bag.
  10. Oldham lad bags the winner as well just to rub it in.
  11. Fucking knew it, soon as they got the equaliser that they'd bag a third. Fucking knew it. Thought we might finally get a win and a decent draw in this competition for once. Scored 2 yet again but guess what not kept a clean sheet and conceded 3, yet half of you lot before are more worried about the strike force. Point proven yet again.
  12. What? I've just looked and he's played a full strength team in the first round for the last two seasons ..
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