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  1. There's plenty of clubs that have the away fans share with home fans. Huddersfield for example? Just have a shed load of netting down the middle, although I grant the way the Chaddy End is structured that wouldn't be as straight forward
  2. So can the Chaddy End never be segregated? Like if we got Forest Green in the play-offs and they only brought 1200 and we could sell out? We'd just leave 1,500/2,000 unused seats around?
  3. I hope when we sell out, we'll be chucking the 200 of them in the corner of the Chaddy End and selling the rest of the Chaddy End to us?
  4. Win this and from out of nowhere I don't think people actually realise how close to Wembley we might be.
  5. Tried to but it won't let me loads pictures of a certain size. I remember the days of 'Where's Roger' good to see one of our own sticking with us through the thick and thin.
  6. I've done it a few times. I think we really need to win on Saturday, if we can manage that and Newport don't beat Lincoln then a draw at Newport would be enough to leave it in our own hands on the last day providing none of the other three win both their games. That seems a likely outcome. It could be possible if we win at Exeter and Newport that we could head into Northampton game with only one team that could catch us and a point would be enough from that game. A draw at Exeter would keep us very much in the mix but we'd have the pressure of winning at Newport and even then an Exeter win at FG would pip us. Saturday is clearly the big one, win that and we've a great chance, draw that and we're still in the mix, lose it and it's officially over.
  7. Chesterfield finish their season next Saturday, so Wild could even ask Sheridan to come down as assistant for the last two games to lend a helping hand.
  8. Great to see him in the Rifle Range yesterday. Some great pictures of him floating around on Twitter.
  9. Whats the permutations .. what's the lowest amount of points we could make the play-offs with if everything went our way someone?
  10. Getting closer. Saturday is the one, lose it and it's officially over. 7 points might even be enough. Need to win Saturday but a point at Newport would be enough as long as Colchester, Carlisle and Stevenage don't win their remaining two games. Carlisle haven't won back to back since the start of the year. Colchester play two of the top four and I don't fancy Stevenage going to Mansfield and winning. Game at a time, but imperative we win on Saturday.
  11. The majority won’t give a sh*t but the reason for those three charities. Mind - Personal point of view (please refrain from the jokes if possible) but suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40 in the UK Autism Awareness - Purely been brought to this through Dan Gardner. Most of you will have seen the video/article he did on the BBC. Done a lot personally for me at the club and has given much more to the community than most will realise. You can have your opinion of him of the pitch but off it the lads so down to Earth and a credit to the club. Dr Kershaws - Probably the closest to me. Sorry if this sounds ‘blaise’ but one of the only Oldham charities that shouts out to me. They did me the honour of looking after a family member through their final weeks and I’m sure there’s a few more on here who have been through the same. Solely rely on donations and provide a service that goes above and beyond, that no-one apart from ‘us’ local folk know about. Chnaged my mind. The bet above wins AND Oldham win by 2 or more. Half goes to Kershaws.
  12. Just had a bet. Cant post it as screenshots don’t work 🤷🏻‍♂️ £35 pays £603.15 ’If’ it wins. I’ll donate 10% of the winnings to ‘Mind’, ‘’Autism awareness’ and ‘Dr Kershaws’ all charities close to me. Aston Villa MK Dons Oldham Crawley or the draw Cmon you blues.
  13. FWIW I know half this board have already given up. I was close to doing. But it’s 7 points against a team we have to play. Beat them. Game in hand. It’s 1. Gap of 3 to the rest. They kick off tomorrow at 1. They draw, we win we. Well .. I’ll be back
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