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  1. Research where? It's not going to be on google or here is it. If he has something to do with Ched Evans, not sure why it's been listed above as a separate subject to the Ched thing?
  2. Still confused what is red fleece gate ?
  3. Thought it was a decent point. Our home start is very easy.
  4. Are against sides that finished 12th or below last season in League Two. Also includes the two promoted teams from the National League. Real chance to make BP a fortress. Last season against such teams our home record was 7-2-3.
  5. Gonna have a night off from Shez Please can someone scour a link to this man, searched Facebook far and wide. 26 years a fan. One of the ultimate best as a player and more so as a man. Along with Eyresy and the like. His POTS record with other teams always proved that but the way he handled himself over the last few years at this club, i’ll never forget. One (and if we did a poll of since we reached the third tier) of greatest. Can’t find him, his mum or dad on Facebook. Even tried to find Aiden O’Neill (who) for that ball at Chesterfield, not if, my favourite EVER blues goal, 10 men, the atmosphere, referee, finished. Thanks Clarkey 💙🧡 I know you probably won’t read this but i f*cking hope you do, from the bottom of my heart one of the best men/players to have graced our club in the last 25 years and that is no exaggeration. From Wellens to Wild to Sheridan you acted like a professional and acted like a man. Our loss is someone else’s gain.
  6. Available next season One lasting legacy DG will leave I know he split opinion but I had a lot of close dealings with DG and I can’t say a bad word about the fella This charity and project was close to his heart and he got me on board with Autism Awareness. If you have a spare few minutes, pounds or pence check the Autism Awareness charity out. On a side note, this initiative will hopefully be an ever lasting memory of the project and availability he brought to our club.
  7. What a signing this would be. Would score 20+ in this league.
  8. You do know what dearth means? It's there if you look around, as stated above.
  9. Also managed them 08/09 (Nov 3, 2008) 09/10 (Jul 29, 2009) without taking charge of a league game according to that website. Look at how many clubs he's been at without managing a single game. Clearly missing information and data. On digging for further information, he took from Marinko Koljanin during the 2008-09 season after 9 games and guided the side to a respectable 3rd place finish.
  10. That website is wrong. Missing lots and lots of games. Again as mentioned it's being reported he took Monaco down, I've not looked into that one, but the flip side as mentioned above is that he took over with them second bottom and guided them to 9th, five years earlier in 2007. Not claiming he's the world's greatest manager, but he's not as 'rubbish' as people are making out.
  11. In 2006/2007 he took over Monaco second bottom and guided them to a 9th place finish. 'His record is rubbish' .... What a rubbish statement this is.
  12. Also says in 2016 he managed Al-Kuwait https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuwait_SC Also implies he was manager for the 2016-2017 season. That season they WON the league. One defeat all season with 70 goals scored.
  13. On his wiki it says he managed Al-Orobah between 2013-2016?
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