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  1. oafcshuck

    Douze points sur douze

    Choo f*cking choo. Had a tear in the eye tonight. Start of something special.
  2. oafcshuck

    Crawley (a)

    We’ll win this. Very confident.
  3. oafcshuck

    Douze points sur douze

    Choo f*cking choo .. So confident we’ll win tomorrow, bookies have us favourites for some reason. Usually that’s enough. Genuinely think we’ll win tomorrow 2-0 or 3-1. Platform 3 we’ll be arriving. Might be a delay for a Missilou booking but we’ll be there 5pm latest. Scholes drives the train Monday. Steam train of 9 platforms in 7 days then. I actually believe the good times are gonna come back. We’ll win tomorrow, buy a ticket get on board. Quick shout out to Danny G. Whatever his ability, from first hand experience the lads a good un’ 🤘🏻 You f*cking blues 💙🧡💙🧡
  4. oafcshuck

    Jordan Lyden

    I've posted him a train ticket, I just hope he turns up on board.
  5. oafcshuck

    Jordan Lyden

    4 games without him. Drawn 1 Lost 3.
  6. oafcshuck

    Crawley (a)

    I'm on a coach that 26 others are booked onto. Think the driver is coming in as well. So that's 38.
  7. oafcshuck

    Douze points sur douze

    I f*cking hope we win tomorrow mate. If we get as far as Platform 9 I’ll be one happy conductor 🚞 Lee Duxbury John Sheridan David Eyres Eoin Doyle The three that are worthy. These 12 points are for you. 3 each. Dux - You’re opening the gates at Morecambe Shuck - Platform 3 at 16:53 Dux Dux - No problem, ready and waiting Shuck - Platform 6 is a tight affair but it’s the John Sheridan stop especially as I know he won’t let us down Choo f*cking choo 💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡
  8. oafcshuck

    Douze points sur douze

    Soccer is the game we play .. We are the boys in blue .. Playing football, football .. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
  9. oafcshuck

    Douze points sur douze

    Be quiet. Buy your ticket. Trains departing at 16:53. Choo choo 🚞💙
  10. oafcshuck

    Forgotten Heroes

    https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-oldhamandy-holt-106194136.html First ever name on my shirt. Imagine 11 of him in this league.
  11. Morecambe (H) Crawley (A) Yeovil (H) Crewe (H) Clubs in crisis, we need 12 from 12 to keep the dream alive. In the ‘harder’ reverse fixtures we took 10 points. We really need 12 although I’d settle for 10. Get 12 and we’ll be around 7th. WE ARE OLDHAM F*CKING ATHLETIC They’re Morecambe, Yeovil and Crawley f*cking Town ffs. Tinpot of tinpot. I firmly believe we’ll rise again. I really do. Scholes is joining us. Pete Wild will side over things till then. Don’t accept second best and remember were our club came from. This is the 12 point train thread. If we fail to win at any point, close it. Come 5pm tomorrow I want ten members to post ‘Choo choo’ Then when we finish 6th and beat Bury 3-1 at Wembley I want it pinning. Dare to dream. I genuinely believe we’ll be back in the top two tiers in four years. You can f*ck your Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea. Choo f*cking choo. Stopping at platform 3 at 16:53 tomorrow. 🚞 🚞 🚞 🚞 You blues 💙💙 Seriously 3,500 get behind us whatever the view, one last push, I do believe this season, these four games are our last chance. Win all 4. Take 2,500 to Bury. This thing of ours 💙💙
  12. oafcshuck

    New Manager Thread

    I heard Jason Scotland is looking to get into management. Done a fine job up in Hamilton as a coach. Could do worse. Has lots of contacts and played for his country at a national level.
  13. oafcshuck

    MK (A)

    Thought Hamer was superb tonight, looking to get forward at every chance and seemed to about ten times as fit as the rest.
  14. oafcshuck

    MK (A)

    I agree, we can get something from this and we aren't a million miles off. Still don't think they are out of first gear though .. Aneke, Agard and Russ Martin are a class above anything we have .. although the front two haven't shown it tonight .. yet.