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  1. She’s a jeweller and pawnbroker in Oldham. A guy she describes as a regular ‘gold dealer’ brought it in today with other items to pawn. She’s going to ask him if it’s for sale for me. I wondered could it be some kind of testimonial medal, dated 11 years after the club began?? 1906 was the last year Winston Churchill sat in Oldham (then as a liberal) but why would there be a full stop between his initials??
  2. Ok I realise i should probably put this in the Andy Gorton tap room but doesn't seem to get many views and I'm hoping for many eyes = many ideas. My Daughter took this gold watch fob dated 1906 in for pawn today. She sent me the pic knowing I would be interested, I am!! Does anyone have a clue what the association with the club might be?
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