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  1. The main problem I see with JBE is the total inability to use hiss right foot , so many times he beats his man then instead of laying a pass with his right foot he has to cut back onto his left , usually having to beat the man he has just got past to try and lay the ball off to someone coming on his inside
  2. 10 mins in and am already pissed off with to much chat ffs just put the bloody football on
  3. FFS do you ever stop whinging Ryan ! Give it a rest lad or my head will be in the gas oven before a ball is kicked in anger . No matter what it is there is bugger all you can do to change it , so give us all a break and shut the fuck up moaning !
  4. McLaughlin injured already at Blackpool lol sicknote wage robber
  5. AL former agent lots of contacts brings a few over for FB to check out , manager likes the look of them says sign them ..... why is that a problem sounds like a good way of getting good players on the cheap
  6. Just read on twatter some French bloke called Patrice Garande has got the job
  7. No point picking over the bones of relegation the pure undeniable fact is , over a 46 game season we simply weren’t consistently good enough to stay up , how we react to life in the bottom division is crucial now !
  8. Recall shouting wtf is going on Talbot what are you going to do to change things around to which he replied fuck off what’s it got to do with you ,,,,
  9. I got the living crap booted out of me after this game jumped in a side street going back to my car , not a good memory
  10. Don’t forget he has come from closed season in the Republic to the rigours of playing full time professional football in England having no pre season to get himself ready , will take time to adapt and get up to speed
  11. Yes he looked like little boy lost last night . Barry Fry as always the comedian if he thinks we should pay a fee on last nights performance, money would be better spent elsewhere
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