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  1. I don’t recall being liquidated and starting in the 8th tier. You from an alternate universe?
  2. A Phoenix club isn’t Oldham Athletic. I’d have no interest in it whatsoever.
  3. Who are these people that are “accepting of mediocrity”. Never spoken to one on here, never met one at a match.
  4. Pretty much this. Wanted Macc to have a pre season training camp in the Italian mountains... couldn’t understand why that’s a problem.
  5. Correct. It’s mostly shit. Luckily it wasn’t the pneumatic Jordan though, it was the beach boy wannabe Jordan that was commenting on Campbell.
  6. Sol Campbell absolutely destroyed by Jordan on TalkSport just now. Brutal.
  7. This will help the ‘boycott’... Seriously, if it’s part of the cost cutting then it’s a sensible thing to do isn’t it? Why pay for staff you simply don’t need.
  8. On 20 May 2016, Lancashire signed a two-year deal at Shrewsbury Town after rejecting a new deal at Rochdale.[46]
  9. It wasn’t a formality when it was booked in the Courts. At the time it was brought we clearly hadn’t paid it and had we not paid it we would have been in trouble. A high court winding up petition is bigger than any employment tribunal.
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