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  1. Did anyone frequent the North Stand hospitality yesterday? How was it? Many there? Pies promising for next season?
  2. 😂. What a cock you are. (Some absolute gems this morning from the usual suspects) What are you on about!? Yeah... you need to speak to someone to see them pick up an injury, hobble for a bit and then a few minutes later get subbed... limping up the steps.
  3. What a pillock you are. 😂 Did you even see the match? Did you turn up to buy a Blitz pint?
  4. He was injured. Spotted it as it happened. You can pass judgement if you ever turn up and watch him.
  5. We’ve all heard Brooke, Wood and Broady as they have been announced as ‘employees/consultants’ by the FLG. Wasnt aware the property/builder was involved though. Has he got a few quid?
  6. Sour grapes and self pity I imagine. I think they are going on the angle of the EFL ‘fit and proper’ not being fit for purpose. Bit cheeky given that both of the clubs problems have accumulated over years and years of mis-management under more than one owner (in both cases).
  7. A lack of backbone. 😂 What is this post? The last paragraph is gold... it reads like a Trump speech. Yes, all the 1500 that went are just mindless lemmings, with no opinions or backbones. It’s that simple. Your many years of life experience and wisdom can teach us all a thing or two. You’re an idiot. A child... and an idiot.
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