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  1. Just had a listen. Episode 21 about 32 minutes in. End of Feb launch, will need at least 1000 to 1500 fans to buy in. No one person more than 10%. Now, let’s assume he wants his £3.8m (as stated) and lets further assume he wants that over 4 years interest free (as stated) and let’s say that he and each of the three FLG put in max 10% or 380k each (doubt at least two of them have it), then thats £1.14m. So the remaining £2.66m between 1500 fans is around £1800 each over 4 years. Not a massive amount, but there needs to be an awful lot of clarity and transparency.
  2. Blitz announced (on the Latics podcast) some kind of share offer would be “launched in the new year” in conjunction with the FLG allowing fans to buy shares to enable the sale to proceed. No one person owning more than 10% I recall. ....but you are right, they originally (in June 2019) said they would buy and THEN offer shares.
  3. Swindon Town supporters trust just bought their entire ground for £2m.
  4. Probably. I think the 4m is about right though (ex the unused land), which is still way too much imo.
  5. Payment plan from FLG? They need supporters to ‘subscribe’ don’t they? FLG don’t have the funds.
  6. it’s in my memory... but I can’t remember where from. I thought he originally wanted £7m but will now take about £4m in the FLG deal as the unused land has been taken out??
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