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  1. No... I’m simply asking a perfectly reasonable question. Just wondered why you deleted it? If something had changed.
  2. Why have you deleted your post that said he’d already signed?
  3. kowenicki


    Who is back up? If Sylla gets injured, who plays?
  4. kowenicki

    Doncaster (A)

    Well done you. 👏
  5. kowenicki

    Courtney Duffus

    You beat me to it. Just wondering what the equivalent French league level is to the Irish league? 🤔
  6. kowenicki

    Courtney Duffus

    McEleney was the “best player in the Irish league”
  7. kowenicki


    Looks like he’s been training hard at St George’s Park. He posted an Instagram story saying “😄😄😄😄 finally! Oldham!” one hour ago.
  8. kowenicki


    Fane back at Boundary Park today.
  9. kowenicki

    Courtney Duffus

    No it doesn’t. I just don’t think he’s very good. Neither did the previous managers. Now they aren’t always right as is very obvious recently, but on this one I think they might be. I may be wrong, we shall see.,
  10. kowenicki

    Doncaster (A)

    Ah right.
  11. kowenicki

    Doncaster (A)

    Leeds are out of the FA cup but I guess they thought they might meet us at some point? 😂 silly leeds.
  12. kowenicki

    New Manager Thread

    Going by PW's comments post match we were actually over prepared. He decided to change for the second half and it was fine. The overreaction to a home draw against a team doing very well in this league is pathetic.