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  1. I’d suspect yes. There aren’t many owners that don’t. Eg Bolton, Bury etc.
  2. Almost a total dearth of information and that we can see is incomplete, but some say he’s potentially great and others says he’s absolute shite. ....all before he’s even arrived. OWTB’s in full effect. 🤡 ‘s
  3. No. Its the two posts above I was referring to. Id said we take on managers who hadn’t won things almost all the time. He replied with the above.
  4. I’m not sure what’s that got to do with my “he’s drunk” post. I'm referring to him suggesting we have employed quite a few successful managers who have won something before.... we haven’t.
  5. What about them? (I thought Joe Royle was quite charming myself)
  6. So, just for me, can you summarise what all of our previous managers had won when appointed with us?
  7. Lots of managers have arrived at English clubs with little or no English. So again... what’s your point? I’m not convinced by the blokes rep but let’s not just be lazy and bash him for everything before he even turns up.
  8. Words. I don’t know if he has won anything. Neither do you. Just a typical OWTB knee jerk rant. What had close to 100% of our previous managers ever won?
  9. Thats 12 years ago. To be fair, he must have been a very good coach at some time...but his recent record leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. I’m at the ‘terrible’ end of the gauge.
  11. I have absolutely no idea if this is good, bad or absolutely terrible. Neither has anyone else.
  12. Rate him? I probably said he did a job and he was the scapegoat for too much, which he did/was and we had nowt else at the time, which we didn't.
  13. To be fair he is only 6ft 1. That’s a bit small for BP. Like a big ‘un that works hard over anything else. 🦖
  14. You can’t ‘rest’ seven players at this level.
  15. I don’t think him or Walker have much time left at City. Lingard is also due a transfer to somewhere like Southampton, shouldn’t be anywhere near the England XI.
  16. Like adidas, amazon, apple, facebook etc etc you mean....?
  17. They were working on the pitch last week when I was there. Not sure what though.
  18. They got relegated that year didn’t they....
  19. Yeah... and Jack’s just unlucky. 🙄
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