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  1. Tarkowski is in the bench. We’ve played at Wembley twice. 😁
  2. Sterling is a proper player now. Top quality.
  3. Yep. Tell tou what.... the much vaunted Jadon Sancho has been awful so far. Wayward passing and caught in possession a lot. (So far ha!)
  4. Agreed. Although most professional sport is farcical when it comes to nationalities. The recent Welsh Rugby win against Ireland is a great example... Kiwi coach and only Kiwi players scored any points in a 25 point haul for Wales.
  5. Scholes is going to look a right dick if we now go on a winning run. I’d love that.
  6. Although Dier does worry me a bit sometimes.
  7. Agree totally. Used to drive me crazy when the same old has beens (never where) got wheeled out because of “experience” and “they can be trusted”
  8. Hang on.... aren’t you a journalist ? 😂 Look. I just think the absolute truth will be somewhere in the middle. Are you saying journalists aren’t guilty of the occasional hyperbole and sensationalism? I’m not saying your story is entirely fabricated. Anyhow. You are saying your article is 100% true. So obviously that means you are saying AL is lying in his Sky Sports interview. If you are telling the truth then you are saying he is lying. That’s fine. You are standing by your story, thank you for clearing it up. Good enough for me.
  9. As ever, the truth will be somewhere in between. The Mail article was usual Mail sensationalism. Keegan works for a crap paper that loves hyperbole, we all know this but conveniently forget it when it involves Latics.
  10. Oh for god sake. Lighten up. Who says I don’t have an open mind about it. It’s just a bit of a fun diversion. I’m sure Underdog took it that way. In fact I know she did.
  11. Its a Python sketch taking the piss out of 70’s style union meetings where motions are passed about action... but nothing ever happens.
  12. Will the agenda be published here prior? Just want to ensure it’s worth bothering and not akin to the PFJ meeting to take action.
  13. It would be great..... I’d be able to adopt another pseudonym on here and ‘leak’ ‘rumours’. ‘Coz that’s fun and empowering. (Good of luck to anyone barmy enough to apply, it’s a lose-lose...)
  14. Your obsession with me is flattering. Get a girlfriend or something. ....I’d have seriously considered this if it was a few years further down the line. Yes. Seriously.
  15. I know that. Not sure anything will have changed as far as they are concerned.
  16. Why wouldn’t they be? Always renew season tickets on credit cards. Safest way.
  17. Obviously, this. Buying the ‘club’... what are you actually buying given most people think the team is worthless?
  18. Nepo has 4th highest assists in the league.
  19. I think you are taking all of this a bit too seriously....
  20. Miracle? Ha. Non league manager next next year and the year after if he stays there. Guaranteed.
  21. Extremely common practice. Silly for anyone to say it’s suspicious. It would be odd if there wasn’t one where a potential deal is in the offing.
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