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  1. Just noticed on Paddy Power Phil Neville one of the Chuckle Brothers is 8/1 to be the next Oldham Manager. Have I missed something?
  2. In a word NO! We don't have a clue as to what if any season there's going to be - the Club is in limbo as to it's supply of information to fans, the Owner(s) ; Shareholders keep us fans in the dark as to any developments and to be honest as fans - the lifeblood of the club we are treated like something someone has trod on. Oh. by the way can you put £ 270 of your hard earned up front to buy a product we haven't got yet? No thanks pal. Not until your communication lines are sorted and we know what the future holds!!
  3. Thanks for the update Pete - I hope she makes a full recovery - it will be hard at her age but we can hope. It's good she has family and friends in this difficult time. Keep safe. Brian.
  4. Thank's for that BP - I wasn't aware it had gone public yet, my information cam from a home watch e-mail. These are sick people. Take care out there everyone.
  5. Just a quickie - and I have no connection here with the police or the victim. Greater Manchester Police were called to a distraction burglary of a 92 year old woman's house on Grasmere Road Royton OLDHAM on Thursday night at 7.30pm. The scum offered to clean the woman's house because of the Coronavirus threat. Whilst finding cleaning materials they stole her purse, jewellery etc. One offender was described as having an olive skin complexion, the other was wearing a bobble hat. The victim was unhurt but left distraught. These people need putting down - any information please to G M Police -0161 856 8922 incident number 2104 of 02/04/20. Thanks in advance if you have any information - this has made my blood boil - bastards!! Brian.
  6. It's not good is it - but it's the best advice you can be given in view of the known facts. We have people near us over 70 but they are invincible and go shopping sometimes twice a day - there's no telling them. Just checking do you have people to deal with your shopping and other need, or do you need some help - always happy to help, just PM me if you need anything. Keep safe and take care.
  7. I think he's waiting for a vacancy in the C I D to arise, there's some rumor of a crime being committed a few years ago in OL1 2PA. No comment!
  8. Flu killed 17,000 people in the UK last year - I can't remember any games being called off - Just saying!
  9. 5th out of 12 to finish, so no promotion but safe for next season!!
  10. It might be that the web-monkey hasn't been paid!! Or nowts happened worth telling the general public about!
  11. It was open from 11.30 up to and around 1.00 pm for an all day Breakfast for £ 5.00 and by gum it was good food. It shows when someone puts their mind to doing something well, it's worth supporting. I think a pie in the ground is £ 3.00 so it's a no brainer to eat at the OEC. I have no connection with the owners etc but must say all of their pre match food has been great and the staff are all a credit to the OEC.
  12. Are we due a Club Statement (S) - HMRC winding us up - none payment of wages - season ticket sales have jumped to double figures in the first week - Barry's gone to Wigan (more pies!!). Oh - wishful thinking!!
  13. My letter arrived yesterday, it was addressed to my 5 year old grand daughter (a season ticket holder along with her mum and me). Good old administration. I have let things go up to now but quite frankly this is a piss take. You can't run a football club without the support and cash from the fans. I have written to Natalie, I have renewed my season ticket every year, but, kicked out of the Chaddy End, dumped out of the North Stand, I have had enough. Unless the early bird discount is given once the tit for tat sparing is over or the owner has gone, I look like spending my Saturday afternoons watching Sky Sports in the boozer!!
  14. Better be careful Hands On and myself are catching you up -and watching football at the Stadium of Wet Dreams (In the Rocky Road End - not from choice) is turning my hair grey(er) and I do feel older - usually at the 89 minute mark when the keeper wishes he didn't put Utterly Butterly on his gloves!!
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