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  1. I bought mine on Friday - you are correct the woman who served me was not in the best of moods. The computer system was down so at first I was unable to buy any tickets, even though they were 9 inches away! Computer says NO! Anyway it rebooted its self and allowed me to buy some tickets but she had the infuriating habit of calling me Sir (I have been called worse names!!). Question. If there are staff in work 9 - 5 Monday to Friday, why isn't the ticket office open all the time. Surely to goodness our beloved owner needs to keep his cash flow going and this looks like his only source of income at present. Rant over.
  2. Ah but I am in Turkey at the bar at present. I will be back when we have risen to 14th place under the new manager. Back for the start of our FA Cup winning run.
  3. I’ve just read that. It’s put me off my beer and brings a whole new meaning to kneecapping!!
  4. We should be safe then, as it's a night match they will have had their tea at the OEC before joining the team bus!
  5. Well if you file your Annual accounts late at Companies House the late filing penalty is only £ 150.00 for one month late - that's 3 shirts - oh I forgot they were late the year before so we are on double penalties £ 300.00 - that's 7 shirts so far - next month the penalties increase to £ 375 x 2 - enough shirts for the first team and shuck!!
  6. Ah so after being on the other thread you checked to see if it's true. Urko will be a leg end. (Not edited for spelling).
  7. Never mind that, I can't find the house in the background in Mansfield on Google Street View!!!😎
  8. Ah but everything's great, he knows the President so we will be in a "special relationship" I assume!! Oh by the way, are our new kit manufacturers doing a club flat cap - i know they have in the past but I want to dress like the "Director of Football".
  9. Done and the very best of luck with it. Very little has been said about catering in the ground in the last few months, but the grub on offer is, shall we say tired. We do home and away games and part of the match day experience is something to eat and a brew. If a ground doesn't have a decent burger van, it's the nearest chippy and if that's no good it Weatherspoons. If the food is good I don't think it would matter which side of the ground it was located, people would be drawn to it!! Cheers
  10. You know I read kowenick's words of wisdom and don't agree with most of them but it's my choice. Having had my say, I can and do agree with the above. Lets not knock the guy before he's done anything, give him a chance. Bonjour Laurent. (note to catering, can we get rid of the pies and larger and have croissants, red wine and cheese please)🍷
  11. Oh come on latics22, Lee Sinnott is always right therefore the mole must be Barry..............
  12. Let's get our moneys worth from Giles Coke tonight. A full game and no doubt a hat trick.
  13. Just thought I would correct this for you!
  14. Will you be in the bright yellow V W Beetle? One with green "L" plates and a sticker saying "it,s not my fault - it's fitted with a black box".
  15. My second club is Fethiyespor which is near my house in Turkey (I know - don't start!!) They are Turkish league 2 although its almost as good as some schoolboy teams. Like us they get about 4000 per game watching - many ex Pats. There's no pies but you can get meatballs. They have two main stands, the one with shade is double the price as the open stand in the sun. There is scaffolding for the leader of the "singers" to stand to conduct them as required. There is wire to stop the idiots invading the pitch and giving the away team a piece of their mind - or a good kicking! 3 Weeks ago we played a team from "up north" - 11 hours drive away - they brought 3 fans! Oh and to increase the crowd for the last 4 games admission has been reduced to 1 lira (£ 0.13)|| from 10 lira. And we think Oldham has it tough!.
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