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  1. I don't expect or desire a refund. It goes with the territory of being a Latics fan, You win a few but know you are going to lose a lot more
  2. A point noted by those in the prediction league
  3. To me part of the problem is that stewards used to be fans earning a few quid helping out on a match day Nowadays the majority are employed by companies like Taurus and have no affinity for the Club at all Half have no interest in Latics or in football No idea in what being a football supporter is all about
  4. Clubs is going pair shaped and fans going bananas and the best we can complain about at the moment is who prepared the food
  5. Dispite having a season ticket this will be first game today due to having broken my leg Dispite all the doom and gloom I am quite looking forward to being there. Sincerely hope that there will be no wailing and gnashing of teeth at 5 o clock this afternoon
  6. You kindly exchanged my seat in the main stand for one in disabled area RRE prior to the start the season Hopefully I will now be able to use my originally intended seat for my first match next Saturday. I assume I need to exchange my season ticket again
  7. Apologies for me making a bals of this post
  8. I usually just read most of the comments on here without wishing to get involved. Unfortunately my first impression when you mentioned a need for a mentor was that you were going to suggest Baz. I really do need to go and lie down
  9. WTF is Urko doing, scoring the first goal?. That has cost me points in the prediction league😀😀
  10. And we as Latics fans can call other sports teams in the town shit?
  11. Well got to appreciate the positity. At least we will still have a Club in 20 years time😁
  12. Cant be doing with these fans that only travel to away games😁
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