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    A successful club is unequivocally the sum of all its parts gelling. I see no evidence of that, so far, under Lemsagam. Most new owners are novices in running a football club. But generally would have a forward moving business plan, including some on field investment including upgrades of management and players. I see no evidence of that either, so far. Again, in general terms, one would expect a visible increase in the budget. I see no evidence of that, so far. Indeed, pretty much any player of value or costly to keep were sold/released. Lemsagam ‘appears’ to be working alone although I do suspect his brother is involved. We are asked to be patient, and we are. But my business head just can’t fathom out why he bought our club. It is just not stacking up for me at the moment. My natural optimism is slowly being chipped away. Some fans are already calling for a new owner. What is the name of the person who will be in charge of pulling that golden rabbit out of the hat? The guy is keeping us afloat and he appears to be a fan – I just hope Lemsagam’s not wearing camouflage.
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    Northampton (a)

    Can your phone play up front? ?
  3. It helps if you’re not normal. ?
  4. I like how you do a double shuffle with the figures. You should be comparing the 1,343 with the first tournament game at BP of 2yrs ago. If you could do that you would have a valid point. I also like how you omit the total attendance for the Barnsley game, around 400 from Barnsley wasn’t it? That’s not bad for a boycott in a crap Competition.
  5. What I’m getting is the Clubs are agreeing to play in a generally loss making competition. Which while we are at it also relates to all competitions most League clubs will play in this season. I am familiar with profit and loss accounts but even so, like you, I have no idea how to realistically put a profitable projection forward for a Proffesional Football League Club. If you can really see a way forward with our and other clubs relationship with the Checkatrades association with the Premiership I wish you good luck. I suspect however your best efforts are being directed at me for supporting my club unconditionally because I am totally unable to do better myself.
  6. That is evidence of crap competition. With which I totally agree.
  7. A Premier League Executive ‘wanting ’ to put B teams back on the agenda is a long way from the Football League. Meanwhile, our skint clubs go along with a chance of a decent payday. The fans in general are also going along with what has always been a poorly supported Competition. There is no reliable way to judge whether a ‘supposed’ boycott is affecting attendances. There was certainly no evidence in our recent game with Barnsley
  8. mikeroyboy


    All clubs have different circumstances, possibly the most critical being fan base. To even surmise that we can rely on 3,000 hardcore fans to back ownership is way off the mark, IMO. You can immediately discount virtually all children, youths and pensioners. This includes a group of six I sit with. The game is already too expensive for most fans. The few hundred increase on the gate this season are hardly likely to be interested in paying more. Ownership would compound the difficulties in running a league club not improve them. Any euphoria would be short lived when the fan on the terrace realised that we still had to depend on the Magic Roundabout lucky dip for management and coaching staff. Who in turn would be depending on a stroke of luck with the conveyor belt of out of form, out of luck and out of a job pod of players swilling through the lower leagues every summer. League Football is not Roy of the Rovers nor is it profitable. Unless you are very, very lucky.
  9. mikeroyboy

    Grimsby (a)

    Absolutely. Happy Clappers live longer, therefore more of them.
  10. It sounds more promising than liquidation. Making watching a game more affordable, thus increasing the attendances in a lower division is not too tacky either. We know Lemsagam is not here for the land or the Joe Royle Stand. So forgive most of us, including returning fans for feeling a little more optimistic - trying to guess the future is a wast of time.
  11. Cash has been mentioned and could be negotiated upwards. As a fan who attends all home matches I find it interesting and more engaging experience pitting our experience against a B team of the best our youth can offer. Some of the earlier games were dire as were attendances. One or two B teams at Wembley is a real problem. Off the top of my head, sharing the 'final' prize money between the two best performing League sides would be an option but really nowhere near good enough. I have never been supporter of this concept - just a supporter of my club. What else is on the table? What lengths would you go to keep 'your house' afloat?
  12. Your first sentence ‘It is important to look beyond April next year’, followed by a ‘believe’ a ‘could’, ‘it would’ ‘would’ and 2’if’s’ make your fear sound more like Cameron, Osborne and many others prophesizing immediate Armageddon if the electorate voted to leave the EU. An article in the Daily Mail today reports: ‘Clubs from Leagues One and Two are preparing to extend the Checkatrade Trophy in its present format for three more years’. It also states that there is ‘solid support within the EFL to develop the competition’, ‘clubs had seen crowds and gate receipts up owing to regionalization’. Also, ‘fears that the innovations might also provide a gateway for B teams into the football pyramid have proved unfounded’. There is other relevant stuff in the article by Matt Barlow, if you care to find it. Short term we are under far more threat from our players not being good enough, our management team not being good enough and our wealthy benefactor being an illusion. Not to mention every time we open shop some other bunch of guys are trying to ruin our product. My unique personal opinion on why B teams are unlikely to work or be accepted is the problem it creates with promotion and relegation. Every season half the Premiership is in real danger of being relegated before the season starts. The same goes for the Championship. High rollers regularly visit League 1. No way will these guys be putting themselves at risk to swapping places with a B team, however unlikely it may seem. Regular League football for groups of very talented kids - heaven help us all.
  13. I will also have my last word, since you asked me a question and conceded my main thrust that we 'should' be taking part. Yes, a successful run in the Checkatrade is potentially a chance to make some money. There are no other companies offering more attractive prize money to my knowledge. Who knows where the Development Squad's will lead. Who seriously guessed were a jumpy, fuzzy TV picture in your home would lead electronic technology, in some people's lifetime ago. Modern Professional Football is a extremely unique and costly business with very little wriggle room to expand. For virtually all clubs (quite possibly all) a wealthy benefactor is required. There is no queue. And finally: You can't judge anything without history being behind it. Thank you for the debate.
  14. I have no plan to get better crowds apart from taking part and progressing in the competition. Not sure why you ask the question. The Checkatrade is no different from other knock-out competitions -- the further you get the better the potential, financial rewards. Cup matches are a lottery to win substantial rewards - you don't buy a ticket you get cock-all. We are a skint Professional Football Club who can rely on no more than 25 or so home matches. I can't understand how some fans see not taking part as a potential benefit to our club. As far as the attendances go all Cup games are poorly supported in the early stages at all levels. We need games to create any sort of income. And your financial plan and funding is?
  15. Glossop, I despair. 24/7/365 commercial operation? I'm not surprised Corney failed to deliver. Who have you got in mind to deliver that little beauty for you? Lemsagam may or may not be capable of that over a decade but forgive me for very much doubting it. At the moment we are skint and in League 2. Your exit route is to 'somehow' win the first two rounds in the FA Cup and then get Hartlepool away in the 3rd round. You are unbelievable! I have met a few people with plans over a lifetime - they are usually looking for backing. Good luck in your search.