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  1. On the whole it is a reasonably informative, clearing the air statement. I’ve had a few negative digs at AL’s performance so far, all based on events that can be judged. I think it is only reasonable to give him the benefit of the doubt until we see how this latest statement pans out - certainly until Christmas. We are not going to sway him from his plotted course short term.
  2. While we’re historically hopeless at guessing a next manager and even more so at guessing what AL will do next - what about a French manager we have never heard of, signing a bunch of French players we don’t know. But he does. Could be a way forward.
  3. Fascinating table and insight in into our demise but in stark contrast to the previous 28yrs. 4 promotions 1 relegation But what a fantastic experience those 28 years were for the Town of Chimneys. Wembley visits, Champions of the ‘Championship’ and founder members of the Premiership. How many of our peers ‘size wise’ can compare with that experience? Talk about swings and roundabouts. Those that missed it all have the next 28yrs to look forward to, because we’re back where it all started. 😊
  4. As the facts stand, more of the same. Worse case scenario AL has learned nothing, run out of available funds or both. The managerial appointment will be critical, whoever’s appointed. AL will need a modicum of luck with that one, as will we all.
  5. I don’t think there is any probable about it.
  6. Changing tack when things don’t go to plan? That’s a new one on me. 🤔
  7. I would rather like to hang on till the last game for any confirmation. I find quite pleasant to have a modicum of hope running through my veins instead of the fear of the last few years.
  8. Of the ten people I connect in my area, all have renewed. Fans all over constantly live in hope. What is going on in AL’s and any partners heads is pure guess work but we must hope that trying this way and that way has not worked very well. Thoughts for a change of tack maybe from him is where I am. AL does seem to have found a manager who can get a tune out of some of his misfits. Whether there is any mileage in that we will have to wait and see. Its the same story at most clubs, just a different script. We we live in hope if we pay up and don’t really make it easier if we turn our backs. Days like today can can only help.
  9. A big protest from Mansfield in last minute but nothing else I noticed. The home support was possibly the best of the season - plenty of noise throughout. The game and atmosphere was a marvellous advert for the two teams who attacked and entertained all game. Gate 6,100 I think with 1200 from Mansfield. You missed a cracker.
  10. Ok, Mansfield are better than us this season and are favourites to be in a higher League next season. But that is quite an unusual occurrence during our two clubs histories. In the 1993/94 season Newcastle, West Ham, Portsmouth, Leicester, Derby, Wolves, Birmingham, Sunderland were all in a lower League than us. But they were still bigger clubs. Current ground capcities: Mansfield 9,186. Latics 13,513. Record attendance: Mansfield 24,461 Latics 47,671. Mansfield have never finished higher than 21st in the old Division 2 in the 77/78 season thier only ever escape from the two lower leagues and don’t forget 4 seasons in the Conference. A bigger club than us? Ney, ney, thrice ney. Now get get a grip.
  11. I think you are confusing my responce to people quoting me. Which as you are aware is a personal response. If you read ‘my posts’ you would see that I am anti-protest and my group of five have renewed our Season Tickets this week. I don’t however understand how AL and maybe any, I suspect, backers have stumbled into our club so ill informed and ill equipped to start out on the front foot. I am judging what has happened - not what is going to happen, which of course is impossible.
  12. Well, the first one seems unlikely after a season and a half to get to where we are. The second one one would leave a hole, which under present circumstances, no one is able to fill. Many wished Corney to dissapear under any circumstances. That went well.
  13. It’s what everyone saw in January, even after a little Cup run and a high profile managerial appointment, an appointment unlikely to have been made out of the blue but sadly without any investment in players plan. How many many people showed their dissapointment in that little beauty. I’m not inclined to check it out but if you can’t remember I’ll accept your memory of it. AL is not behaving like any other new owner I’m aware of. Nor is it just investment. I personally don’t think he is driving the bus, he’s just the conductor. There are so many things not stacking up and one of them is buying a club on it’s arse without adiquate due diligence. Another is apparently signing players solely on his personal contacts and/or knowledge of them which have overall turned out poorly. Many fans for many reasons are very unhappy with AL and I can’t disagree with any of them. But forcing him out and attracting someone else sounds reckless if not not extremely unlikely. AL is uncommunicative and possibly answerable to someone else and I repeat: for the life of me I can’t fathom why he is here. I may be wrong.
  14. I know. But Mansfield may, on the TV and all.
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