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  1. One club - Candlelight for me. And the legendary 'grab-a-granny' night. Not that I ever did.
  2. 🙄 Just further evidence of how debilitated this is making us.
  3. I am one of a group 5 season ticket holders. 2 were on holiday and 1 who lives in North Yorkshire has stopped travelling on Tuesday nights. Yesterday, for the first time in 13 years I decided I didn’t really fancy a first 11 home game. Out of curtesy I phoned the last man standing to tell him of my decision and he thanked me for giving himself the excuse not to go. I would imagine there were quite a few ST’s who couldn’t be arsed last night.
  4. Off the top of my head and being a supporter for 65yrs the only success the club has ever achieved is with a Board of local business men. Us fans will have zero input into any new owner (if it happens) being appointed. What Lemsagam is doing, his brother as manager, unproven head coach, useless assistant, and predominantly untried players in any form of UK football is doomed to failure. I have no confidence he will see the error of his ways, or has the funds to recover, or the luck to attract a manager and players to rescue this season. January is looking like a massive survival initiative will be needed. Nor can I identify any logical reason for him being here with him not even able to fund buying the stadium. What a shambles. I also hope anyone who wants to wheel Lemsagam down to Manchester Airport knows who is on the sidelines waiting to take his place There were many who wanted Corney out at any cost (I wasn’t one of them). Lemsagam, so far, has turned out to be worse than my worst fears. He could possibly prove me wrong, he didn’t suggest an immediate return to L1. I’m not optimistic, which is uncomfortably against my nature. He certainly didn’t mention L5.
  5. Club controlled hospital parking up 67% to £5.00. Not having the sign at the bottom of the lane was sneaky and underhand.
  6. No leadership on the pitch, no leadership from the disinterested chump on the bench who spent almost the entire game with his chin in his hand and no leadership from the head coach in the dugout who must have thought the statue on the bench must have been doing ok. Alarming at the very least.
  7. It is impossible to understand why these people bought the club. The whole pantomime is under thought and under funded. I would be amazed if there wasn’t a hidden agenda. That may well be going very nicely for them - but not for us.
  8. That would certainly change the likely outcome. 😊
  9. Quite a promising video. Sharp finishing even with some defensive howlers. Also some decent through ball. Long time since we signed an experienced, in form striker at our level. Our owner should be in his comfort zone with contracts, perhaps nothing to worry about there. Championship next target after promotion to L1 isn’t it? May need to upgrade sooner rather than later. 😊
  10. Things are looking up. L2 won’t have a clue about ‘us’.
  11. Perhaps he should have become a hotelier then - open for business 365 days. He probably wouldn’t have been beginning his tenure only owning the brand, staff and parts of the building. He appears to have bought a pup without any serious capital to play with, that only opens for business circa 30 days a year. He may well be justified in cutting staff and bringing in players with with no real ability and little pride in ‘the badge’ after a disastrous relegation. But what a cost to his status. We we may never know the credentials of the people Corney, allegedly, turned down. And we certainly will ‘never’ know how it would have turned out.
  12. Pretty much it in a nutshell. We (along with virtually all other Professional Football Club Supporters) are looking for a benefactor to behave or or finance their business in a way totally alien to how we would conduct our own affairs. I could identify why Corney was here but I still don’t know why AL is here. I do know it’s not for us. Why would it be?
  13. I agree with the probability that Lemsagam is aiming to manage his investment. There is not lot wrong, in principle, with the business ethics. But with his only experiance within Professional Football apart from running a players agency it doesn't bode well. His choice of player recruitment has been poor at best. I am on record questioning AL's real reason for being here. I still don't know what he is getting out of it and that worries me. I have a suspicion but that is all. We were stuffed before he arrived and that hasn't changed. It would appear suicidal for him to take on running the playing side exclusively. We won't have long to wait to judge that beauty - if it happens.
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