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  1. We could be a Blue and White Plattoon by August.
  2. The ground obviously . But it seems like a pipe dream to me, without intending to be rude or ungrateful for any serious research or effort put into the possibility. Has there been any costing or forward looking business projection on the subject. Is it being finically supported by one/several wealthy benefactor/s? I just can’t see it being viable with a fan base of circa 4,000. For two decades I was heavily involved in running a cooperative LTD company. It was a million miles away from being as complex as running a Professional Football Club and the same distance from being as volatile. There is a tremendous amount of work and responsibility involved and mostly the same few directors shouldering it. I am at a loss to identify anything like a solution for a Football Club that is struggling under (at least from the evidence) a seemingly out of his depth owner. A protest telling him to go, if it works will, produce what. A club in liquidation? A sale to one of the wealthy benefactors waiting in the wings? The protesters shaking buckets around our Metropolitan Borough? Oldham Althletic is a ‘for profit’ business like any other. Unlike, to my knowledge, excepting other Professional Clubs, it’s core customers are very demanding on quality. When in fact every time they open their doors (30 max times a year) the opposition is trying to sabotage our product. I was ok in league 1. Being in business for 33yrs before retirement 13 years ago helped me appreciated any owner who came in to give it a whirl and invest for my benefit. To me running a Football Club is a thankless task for anyone. Every season probably 80% of all fans are throwing a wabbler for one reason or another. You only have to look at the longest serving manager in the Football League down to the shortest serving manager to identify the chaos that ensues. 7yrs, is I think, now the longest serving. Only about seven have managed over 4yrs. The magic round about has never been more apt. There is no White Knight on the horizon from where I’m sitting. My protest, short term is not renew my ST. I don’t think I will be able to stay away next season because that will harm my club. But if we all did that it would create an immediate problem for our owner and a simple indication that most of us are not happy. I won’t be joining any protest on match day because the players will have enough on swilling around in thier minds. We need another three wins. And why on earth should we give the opposition and thier fans a leg up. I have no no answers but I know I don’t feel entitled to someone comeing in with millions to invest in serious potential failure, like many clubs before us. KTF
  3. If indeed AL has ‘offered’, ‘promised’ contracts to any players without Scholes’s agreement it is in itself worthy of breach of contract. Although that is not the same as interfearing with team selection. All depends on the wording. In any event, other stuff that is alleged to have gone on is totally soul destroying and sadly, believable. I posted a few months ago how I couldn’t understand why AL had bought the club and hoped there wasn’t mischief afoot. With relegation, hopeless signings during last summer and zero effort made in January to even look like an effort to make the playoffs, I am even more concerned. AL just doesn’t fit. Scholes may not have what it takes to make the grade as a coach long term (we may never find out) but he would have had some clout and contacts to attract players fit for perpus. It it is blindingly obvious that the guy has no money to invest in players suitable and know to our, now soon to be, 4th coaching team. Or routine financial commitments. Unforeseen circumstances have apparently skittled him. I am gutted. 4 of my group are delaying and maybe not renewing our STs, another is not renewing. For the first time in over 60yrs, on Saturday I did not feel disappointment when the match was postponed. All this from an optimist.
  4. I read a lot of financial stuff but I’ve not heard of that one. You maybe right if you’ve got it in the back of your mind.
  5. Sorry. I should have quoted jorvic_latic post. I am not sure how the club would be legally obliged to refund a season ticket purchase in a random or general way, but only in specific circumstances. If refunds are being made outside certain peramiters it shouldn’t last long - unless nobody is bothering to look.
  6. The ticket office are on our side - that loophole could soon be closed down.
  7. How can something that hasn’t happened be judged against something that has?
  8. I have had a positive feedback from Barry Waterhouse at Oldham NHS. All tickets in the appropriate date and time zone will be cancelled. Any penalties paid will be refunded. For me the most positive part of the outcome is refunding anyone who has already paid the penalty. Apparently it it is the club who failed to notify them of the fixture. Full marks to Bazza 😊😊
  9. Thanks folks. Just found email from club with Barry Waterhouse’s details. Can relax and concentrate on game now. I have been down the ‘ignore’ route before and it worked. But I’m getting too old for receiving threatening letters and court action - especially when I’m inoccent. I hope no one actually pays this parking notice without questioning it.
  10. Just spoken to someone at the club. She said it has happened before. The system is swiched off on match days but had been overlooked on the last occasion. Probably a repeat malfunction. She is emailing me contact details of someone at the hospital who will then, hopefully sort it out. Yes, I’m aware of the parking idiosyncrasies of private parking companies but not perhaps up to date. Unlike a police or council parking notice, this notice does not place me under a legal obligation to ‘disclose the drivers details’. It it is however looking as though it may not be necessary 🤞🤞 thanks for your input.
  11. Just received parking notice for Tuesday evening 19th February, Morecambe match. Has anyone else had one? Paid £3 as usual to guy on Westhume Avenue and followed stewards directions down to the bottom end of car park. Leaving ticket on dashboard. All as normal. Parking ticket only states time of arrival/departure and being an unorthorised vehicle. I only hope this is a technical error and not a none payment of the clubs agreement with the hospital.
  12. ‘All’ coaches have limited abilities. Sometimes, a multi-million pound budget hides the fact.
  13. I’m not big (knowledge wise) on tactics and formations but I can easily understand the constantly recurring difficulty ‘all’ teams have with consistency. It’s impossibly difficult, even at the top of the Premier League. While not involved last Saturday, Scholes would probably have been known within the camp as a done deal. A second half prerformance superior to the first half resulted in a 0-3 away win. Tuesday night was not brilliant first half - much better second half with two late goals perhaps flattering us overall. Yesterday, first half, we knocked the ball about accuractly as well as I have seen this season. But not in the second half. Inconsistency! What fans the world over never seem to factor in is the other team is constantly adapting, reforming and changing how they deal with our threats and visa versus. The best managed team with the best players, over a season, will generally come out on top. But not without their fans having a hissy fit every time a point/s are dropped. It has been so since I started watching football 65yrs ago. Yesterday, Crewe sussed us out, changed personnel, found our weak spot and ‘earned a point. Meanwhile, our last 3 games have earned us 7pts for a an average of 2.3pts per game. On track for the play-offs. We’re doing OK. It’s true what they say ‘you can’t win them all’ and a game of football is arguably the most fiendishly difficult way to try.
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