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  1. Scott Spencer He went to everton for £250k plus add ons Spencers career nose dived and he ended up playing for Hyde last time I checked. It was at the end when Corney was pretty much getting desperate that things went bad.
  2. If the aim is to get promoted within 3 years (the owners very own words) Then we need to stop signing players who we describe as "can do a job" or is "ok" or "there is a player in there somewhere" The standard needs to be raised in recruitment.
  3. That's exactly the point I'm making. If we want to cut costs stop signing shit players should be the starting point
  4. It wouldn't be sensible to pay staff we dont need you are right and we aint selling out Boundary park anytime soon so this cost cutting is actually understandable. However when you go and offer Jonathan Benteke a new contract you are then spectacularly shooting yourself in the foot.
  5. If we bring in young players and invest the money back into the club wisely then long term its best for the club and will lead to on the pitch success too.
  6. Look we are at an all time low in most people lifetimes were you honestly expecting everyone to just suddenly "cheer up" now we've had a plan Yes its a positive step from the owner to outline his intentions to engage with the fans some of the goals on their show a certain level of ambition which are achieveable. However we are a long way from everything being tickety boo.
  7. If the aim is to get out of this division we need players who are better than OK and useful in the starting 11. From what I saw of Sylla and Lacovitti they only both come into this bracket.
  8. Saying within 3 years does include next year in fairness. Its a small step in the right direction. 2 concerns firstly it was clear to everyone beforehand that the ground the club and the OEC come under separate entities to us it should be pretty obvious to someone who is buying the business. So he can't really complain about that and will have known he would have to subsidise the club. We also had a winding up petition this week and while that debt may have been paid the fact it got that far suggests we still have genuine financial problems which I don't see getting any better anytime soon. Secondly he says the following on point 2 2 - The quality and value of the playing squad - this too has already improved compared to previous years. We have just had the worst league finish in 49 years. Last seasons squad was the worst in my lifetime and what good players we have from that squad Lang Clarke Iverson and Edmondson won't be or are unlikely to be hear next season. A player who hasn't been good enough to start a league game despite being at the club for 18 months has been offered a new contract. Im not anticipating his new signings to be much cop either. His recruitment policy has to get far far better if we are going to see a positive change. Its a start but he needs to back these words up now with proper action, and his actions need to change because since hes been here we've only been going in one direction and its not forward.
  9. I will be abit worried if Sylla is a starter next season.
  10. Is a good signing 1 of only 2 of foreign contingent who is worth keeping so Im happy with this.
  11. Its a fair point, but is it not upto the football league to try and get teams to follow that route. Perhaps more needs to be done to get football clubs to run within their means.
  12. I know you are all absolutely delighted about th3 fact that Latics have stopped ruining our saturdays. But it looks like we have a friendly at Glossop on the 30th of July. You will all be coming back to mine once you have seen Pete Wilds league 1 Oldham Athletic Glossop 30th of July
  13. Not yet they have from what I gather gained planning permission which included some 450 homes which no doubt did alot interms of helping them fund it. Still its the type of infrastructure investment that we can only dream of.
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