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  1. The player we are missing from last season is Chris McCann.
  2. Which goes to show how shit he is at appointing them in the first place.
  3. Yeah amazing isnt it, looking at your team assessing its strengths and weaknesses and doing some proper research into players and recruiting on whats right for your club. Why not ring up your mate who is a football agent and asking if hes got any players and just signing them regardless more teams should just do that really.
  4. Wow You run out of words to describe how shit things truely are. Absolutely outclassed by the worst professional team in England last season. Their will still be people who will think that a change in tactics Manager or formation will solve this it won't we are way beyond that.
  5. Just watching the 2nd half. This.is.special
  6. Could be worse could be Tranmere..... I went for 0-0 at the start could be maximum points in the prediction league...
  7. Rowe still only on the bench. Their is a problem here.
  8. The type of people that get irrate about The BBC and imparticularly Gary Linekar tend to answer yes to those questions.
  9. Do you read a Daily? and did you vote for Brexit?
  10. Educate myself Hmmm Ive had worse. The premier attracts the top talent from Europe and if thats the case I imagine they will want to fall into line with what Uefa want you give the examples of Russia Ukraine and Turkey none of which attracts the level of top talent the premier league does. As all those articles say by putting restrictions in place they will be shooting themselves in the foot. Which ofcourse would be in the spirit of Brexit so that might happen
  11. Im afraid it is mandatory the Bosman ruling will not be changing.
  12. So by your logic we should not sign any players who excel at the level below where we are at then?
  13. 180 minutes without a goal we need a change why not bring in the forward who has the most career goals to his name.
  14. Did he share his thoughts on the drop in numbers or how the owner feel about this?
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