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  1. Yes hes a very special kind of shit one that will be popping up in worst ever player polls until the end of time for those privileged enough to witness it. Im not sure if you are taking the piss or not in your defence of him.
  2. Arguably Chris Moore saved us in 2001 I know the 2 are very different but both left us in appalling situations. The difference is both those 2 tried to make us better before it turned to shit this guy has gone straight to making everything shitter.
  3. Would anyonelse like to see the end of the term "The Three Amigos" used to describe Corney Blitz and Gazal. We were all grateful for them in 2004 but they have left an appalling legacy on the football club with the split in the ownership of assets setting the stage for the current clusterfuck that we are currently seeing. Don't know how controversial that is....
  4. You look abit Peter Crouch(or possibly Ian Ormondroyd) here Andy were you a tall child or something?
  5. Agreed. But dont forget they did have an open forum where people could go and ask questions. Perhaps another one might be an idea.
  6. Its fair enough to ask for more transparency with the FLG certainly if they want fans backing. You have to remember AL owns the club the FLG don't own anything yet. So its not wrong to expect more transparency from the current owner of the club than a group waiting in the wings. If the FLG bought the club then I would expect alot more transparency.
  7. Surely saying that is only the equivalent as describing the FLG as being white knights in shining armour. No proof of either. Neither Day or Dale were Bury fans, Ken Anderson (assuming thats who you mean) wasn't a Bolton fan. Infact Ken Anderson was a former football agent who treated his staff like shit who does that sound like?
  8. Because AL is running the club so so badly its an appalling state of affairs. As a result people are looking for an alternative to pin there hopes on. We don't know everything about them but if it was a choice now between a group of 3 well known fans and an anonymous group behind them and the current utter shitshow that is our football clubs current hierarchy then I'd rather role the dice and hope that the annoymous people in the FLG have the money and the brains to just make us even look like a normal football club right now.
  9. If anything I stuck up for Corney for probably longer than he deserved. Yes dare I say it it could end up worse but I'd still role the dice given the choice.
  10. You ofcourse never slag of other fans ever ever ever. Still think we will finish top half?
  11. You're welcome the point stands. Bolton are a bigger club thats why they get more coverage.
  12. I don't know alot about the FLG and probably won't do for abit but Id still take my chances on them. Its just so bad at the moment.
  13. I always think its funny how Oldham fans think we should get the same coverage as Bolton. We are the lowest ranked team in Greater Manchester and we got full match commentary today.
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