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  1. True he should get more recognition now hes a genuine world class player.
  2. Its nice to just be interested in international football again both due to England's reemergence under Gareth Southgate and the introduction of the nation's league. As international football between tournaments had become a bloody farce and it's reinvigorated it greatly I feel.
  3. I wouldn't call it fighting I'd call it a spectacular lack of self awareness. He appears to not have any idea is doing anything remotely wrong.
  4. He was claiming only a few months ago it was £200,000 A month not so long ago another figure I don't believe.
  5. "Lemsagam says the Oldham supporters were the reason why he got involved with the football club and has claimed to have spent £5million since taking charge" I dread to think what he spent on Vera and Sylla if that's the case. If he goes legal wins and proves he's put £5million into the club I will take it all back. I'm abit sceptical about that.
  6. Having a Head coach doesn't mean generally speaking that the people above him are picking the team well not in normal football clubs anyway obviously we don't qualify as one of them anymore. So 9 games left as Branger usually has about 1 good game in 5 so we might see him have that 1 and spend the other 8 giving the ball away. Assuming Sylla will be another certain starter I expect to see him execute about 6 passes to a blue shirt, and if Vera starts every game we might see him muster 3 shots on goal and win 2 headers in that time. An exciting finale to the season awaits.
  7. I think what the article proves is that we have a new coach company nothingelse really. Why we've changed mid way through the season I've no idea. It does precisely nothing to dispell anythingelse on the Lemsagams charge sheet. I'm glad Mike Keegan shines a light on what goes on at our football club I'd certainly trust his word alot more than the owners. Which considering my views on the publication he writes for is pretty bad really.
  8. Chronicle article Didn't know which thread it should go in so I thought I'd start another Any thoughts?
  9. Surely they will have been in breach of FFP rules with that although the championships FFP rules allow quite abit of leeway it's fair to say.
  10. Harry is right he does clearly need a chief exec to come in and steady the ship. However the big issue here is how do you get Abddullah to listen and change his ways. I'm not sure he's one for compromise or collusion with others he's more my way or the highway.
  11. MacAnthony doesn't get involved in team selection. He has implemented a style of play and a recruitment philosophy at the club of signing young hungry players often from non-league with potential to do very well at the club before being sold on for a big profit. Very different from signing random often inferior players from the arse end of French football and insisting the manager plays them. One is a coherent strategy which has delivered some comparitive success. The other is like a 13 year old playing football manager.
  12. When you consider the people that have become directors of football clubs. For him to fail the fit and proper person test (assuming he has failed it) is pretty bad, it's a very low hurdle to get over.
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