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  1. No but your saying he had a great game and Im pointing out he lost his man for the first goal. As for the Fane comment well Im wondering if their is correlation between those who thought his runs were amazing and those who think Sylla is a good footballer.
  2. This is where your wrong. The money to pay for the stand came from the council who refunded us due to the failsworth debacable or Simon Blitz for the stand the rest was begged stolen and borrowed from Corney. The whole ground was bought by Blitz and Gazal in 2004 off the council and put in a seperate company under a long term lease which was renewed in 2011 until 2020. When the new stand was built we outsourced the catering to the OEC lm like all football clubs and like we have done in the main stand to the quirky catering company. For the north stand Oldham Athletic pays a ground rent to Brasbank OAFC then outsources the catering facilities for a fee to OEC like all football clubs do OAFC also takes income from the turnstiles 1000 season ticket holders paying £300 a time so whats that £300,000 and the boxes 10 of which which were going for over £10k a season. So shutting them is cost us another £100k a season. While we dont take every penny from the north stand. You are wrong to assume that it just costs us money. Its beneficial to us from a financial point of view to have it open. When he completed the purchase of the club in 2018 Abdallah Lemsagam knew all about this so to do did his incompetent side kick Barry Owen they knew what they were taking on and tgat it was there responsibility they are just looking for someone to blame as they are failing miserably at running a football club.
  3. Sylla lost his man for their first goal. Did you think Fane's runs were amazing?
  4. No its a bottom half team. Its not been in the top half all season and at no point has it looked like it will get there.
  5. Yes just match days whats so different about them I wonder....
  6. Do you not think that this whole thing might just be bullshit? Im going out on limb but I reckon it is.
  7. We all know its fit for match days regardless it just Abdullah being a moron.
  8. Well apart from the fact its bad financially, commercially and from a PR point of view I cant see any positive for them closing it. Oh and the rent is for the entire ground you do realise this don't you.
  9. 37 and might buy of bought one if things are different. On the grounds that Id get use out of it from playing 5 aside and excercise. Knowowne wears football kits for any other reason these days do they?
  10. Very early to be doing this isn't it anyone would think Abdallah has run out of money......
  11. I think with the case of Wimbledon is they could fly through the leagues based on them competing against clubs getting 200 people in when they get 3000 so they could afford the most talented side in those divisions and still turn in a profit. They were always going to have this issue where they plateaued as they competed against bigger clubs where they would then fall into the classic small club mode of having to overspend to compete.
  12. Nepo is 27 this is the peak of his career. Tom Hamer is 20 if hes given the right environment and if he pulls his finger out and he applies himself and improves he will get better and play at a better level than this. Thats what its down too. Would I be racist for saying Giles Coke was a bad signing or Chris Eagles was a bad move aswell? Matt if you feel thats racist and yes I can see why it reads that way then I apologise. But ultimately I don't believe the foreign players brought in by the Lemsagams have been good enough to take the club forwards and the results on the pitch back this up.
  13. I voted remain and think Brexit is naive fantasy. Where do you want us to be next season what should we be aiming at? 16th17th in league 2 fine keep them here. If we want to get back to league 1 these players won't get us there. its as simple as that. Its nothing to do with their passports. I've named 6 players that I think could form part of promotion chasing squad next season I'll add another in Piergianni so 7 but its unlikely Johnny Smith will be here so that takes us back down to 6. Dino has said next season we should be aiming at promotion next season so we need a mammoth clear out and atleast 15 new signings about 8-9 of which need to be starters.
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