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  1. The point is formations tactics or the manager won't matter with the current squad its just not good enough.
  2. I know Dave but there are people who go to Boundary Park, who are fully grown adults who believe that either a change of manager or funnier still playing 2 up front is the holy grail and will solve all our problems.
  3. Manager of the month contender a couple of weeks ago....
  4. It was I suppose if we are going to look at this pragmatically. Their will be other games coming up over Christmas which we should approach with abit more expectation when it comes to picking up points.
  5. anyonelse seeing this as almost a credible result.
  6. So you are admitting that leaving the EU poses a risk to the city of Londons ability to make money for the country ok fine. Well 3.5 years later not one of the other 27 EU nations has followed our lead on having a referendum on their EU status does that not say something? Whereas in the UK Scotland overwhelming voted to back the SNP and our own agreement draws a border down the Irish sea moving NI closer to the republic and the EU. Think we should be looking abit closer to home before we look at unions breaking up. Anyway back to more imminent matters we appear to be holding on to a draw against Swindon Id happily take that.
  7. But your point was that those in the city are the ones creating the wealth in the country (a point I agree with) They want access to the single market to create that wealth don't you think we should be letting them do that?
  8. You mean the bankers who unanimously want us to remain part of the EU to get access to the worlds richest trading block?
  9. and your profile picture is of that charlatan aswell put the shovel down lad
  10. Lewis Grabben who has made a successful career as a championship striker Yes yes I am. Kieran Lee was a good player for us. To suggest that 11 were awful for us is simply incorrect.
  11. I guess you don't really know much about football then do you.
  12. No they weren't they were all very good players for us thats why they all went onto better things. Alright none of them won anything with us as we haven't managed to put together a promotion winning team but that doesn't make them bad players or others who have played for us. Korey Smith wasn't overrated either he was a good player and still is making a living 2 divisions above where we are now.
  13. Say I am top of the league Say I am top of the league. If this isn't proof you should all pay attention to me I don't know what is Realistically our best chance revolves around a backs to the walls performance and getting the rub of the green. Dino is more a pragmatist type of manager who loves a gritty 1-0 rather than play really well and squandering a lead. So this type of fixture may suit him. Wellens will try and take the game to us and alot will depend on how we can counter attack with Wilson and Smityh we do have abit of pace on the counter. Im still expecting a defeat though.
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