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  1. GlossopLatic

    Mods - Tarky

    Of course I'm talking about Royle 30 years ago The likes of Barrett Warhurst Irwin etc were either binned or told to leave this was pre Bosman when clubs had abit more power over players. Also Clubs now seem to see youth development as a business model rather than a source of future first team players they sign them on good contracts loan them out and when the chance comes sell them on. A few will still be let go and we will get the chance to sign them but alot will be out of our price range but if we can get them on loan for a season and they get us out of the division then it's still worth our while to play the loan system even if we don't get a transfer fee when they come to leave.
  2. GlossopLatic

    Mods - Tarky

    Daniel Iverson, Sam Surridge, Callum Lang all came here knowing full well that the facilities were worse than their parent clubs. Their are probably hundreds of players out on loan in league 1 and 2 from PL and championship clubs. Most players in those academies know this when they are sent out on loan and most accept it. Any player who doesn't want to come here and play competitive football because its cold or because their parent clubs have a nicer shower or sauna then quite frankly we dont want them as they are too soft and will never make a career in football. The vast majority are not like that. I reckon their are 15-20 players out their now sat in reserve teams in the 3 leagues above us who would willingly come here and improve us. Probably just as many in the French lower leagues too and plenty in the national league and semi pro leagues too we just have to go and find them.
  3. GlossopLatic

    Mods - Tarky

    Well if they do we should be checking them out. If we want to compete and be successful then we are going to have to be innovative in how we find and recruit players. Even at league 2 level we still dont have that much clout in the transfer market. We no longer have Joe Royle who can find us a gem in a youth team and if we are to find a good manager then they are more likely to move on much quicker these days see the Lee Johnson example. So we have to go and find a way to recruit players which doesn't depend on 1 brilliant manager or where we can outgun another club financially. Their are players out there now who we could find that would come to us this transfer window who could seriously improve us. We just have to find them.
  4. GlossopLatic

    Mods - Tarky

    Well you don't look at 1 stat alone do you. You look at the whole package, Burnley clearly saw he was a good footballing centre back which we saw when he was here. But they also needed their CBs to win headers, they saw the data and realised Tarky was good at that too hence why they bought him, and he was a food fit for them.
  5. GlossopLatic

    Mods - Tarky

    How scouting has changed Saw this video the other day on youtube and it shows how data analysis is changing the way players are recruited. It highlights Tarkowski and the main reason why he was recruited by Dyche was because they looked at the statistics and say how many aerial duels Tarkowski won. I hope we are using things like this when we are looking at recruiting players.
  6. GlossopLatic

    Daniel Iversen Signs

    Also Is it Iversen as in Ee-verson Or Iversen as in Eye-verson
  7. GlossopLatic

    New Manager Thread

    Very true. Very true indeed I also think though that when people put views on here then they should expect someone to disagree with them and challenge them. I reckon over what is coming up to 12 years wasting/passing time on this board Ive probably disagreed and agreed with every single poster on here. Its the nature of the message board and all types of social media.
  8. GlossopLatic

    New Manager Thread

    That would suggest that PW is going to be in charge for atleast the Macc town game. If waiting a week or 2 means we make the right decision then thats fine the decision taken now will effect the club over the next 2-3 years maybe more. So Id rather just leave Wild in charge for a week or 2 longer if it means we get a man in charge who is right for the club and that AL is going to trust and back.
  9. GlossopLatic

    Forest Green (h)

    The funny thing about that was that as he was walking off the pitch it was clarke who signalled to the bench telling them not to do it. Now I don't know what that says about who is making the subs but it appeared he didn't go off on Clarke's instructions. Edit: I see Handsy has beaten me to making that point. Im guessing our Sylla is a fan of YaYa Toure. bearing in mind he wears his number and tries to play like him.
  10. GlossopLatic

    Forest Green (h)

    I think how we set up against a league 2 team at home should be different to how we set up for away from home to a PL team. We started too deep if you are going to play 4-2-3-1 then you need to make sure the 1 upfront doesn't become isolated and we did that with O'Grady in the 1st half and it invited pressure. We got further up the pitch 2nd half but we didn't force too many saves from the keeper and didnt really create alot. Goes without saying we need atleast 1 new striker plus a few others. I also think we need to make an imminent decision regarding the manager too. Wasn't good today at all but wasn't a disaster either. Onwards
  11. GlossopLatic

    Forest Green (h)

    Feel sorry for O'grady he has no support the 3 behind him need to get up there and support him.
  12. GlossopLatic

    Forest Green (h)

    Poor start this we haven't touched the ball yet. We are far too deep.
  13. GlossopLatic

    New Manager Thread

    I think he needs more time in coaching before he considers 1st team management. I would also say that I wouldn't have blamed him if we had lost the last 3 games and in this period. However I do very much believe he has earned himself atleast a promotion from u16s coach to head of youth development.
  14. GlossopLatic

    Forest Green (h)

    This has got a typical Latics home defeat written all over it. I hope we have not been taking it too easy in training this week. As amazing as last week was I want another amazing day out this season and that means getting promoted that's what we should be fighting for.