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  1. My understanding was that OAFC subleased the hospitality to OEC for a fee of around £200k per year from their the OEC then takes the risks and rewards of the hospitality section in the North Stand. A very common agreement within the sports industry that many stadiums outsource their hospitality like this. The company I used to work for was a hospitality and did this. They did it for 4 premiership clubs last season and several years United and City did it. So by potentially shutting the North Stand he would be making a very poor commercial decision it's actually in his interests to work with these people.
  2. Stott was never the owner. JW Lees were the majority shareholders at the club Stott was the Chairman and Chief executive. Arguably a role he did fairly well at for a long period. Although you can argue him the board and JW Lee's out stayed their welcome.
  3. Ive been informed that their was some fisticuffs with our friend Mr Birkitt.
  4. Rochdale, Burnley, Accrington Stanley, Newport. Maybe Exeter aswell they are a good example. Id argue any club that punches above its weight generally. Id argue a people like Steve Gibson at Middlesbrough Matthew Benham at Brentford or Tony Bloom at Brighton are pretty much the perfect owners as they tick all the boxes. Its about striking a balance between being in touch with the community and the fanbase without pandering to them. Then occasionally making tough unpopular decisions which are the best for the football club. I dont mind an owner having an ego and doing so as part of an ego trip aslong as that ego doesnt get in the way of making the right decision for the club. Bad leaders often let their egos get in the way of making the right decisions for their Football club/Business/Political party.
  5. Being a community club thats in touch with the fans doesnt mean that it won't be successful. A club ran by a dictator who ruthlessly fires people and treats people like crap doesn't mean its well run or that it will be successful. Our owner ofcourse acts as a dictator and hes unsuccessful. Their are a million different shades of grey here and yet people are trying to make it into a Black vs White arguement.
  6. Im asking the question? What kind of responsibility or liability will he have as a director?
  7. Which is how? What can't the Trust do now that they could if they relinquished the 3% (something they won't get anything for) and seat on the board?
  8. As director will he not also be liable for what goes on at OAFC?
  9. Its actually a criminal offence and can see the company directors brought to court. I'm not totally sure how long it is before criminal prosecution occurs but it will be interesting to see how this currently plays out.
  10. Don't know but a war is coming and they are stuck right in the middle of it they may be forced to pick a side.
  11. Andy has been at it every day telling us how bad AL is, a position I agree with most of the time surely you can't have missed this?
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