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  1. Not since they have been taken over however they can only sign players on no more than £4k per week and only free transfers. and loans so Im not sure how Doyle fits in with that though apparently its a done deal.
  2. Stephen Partington who runs the Oldham Athletic Realistic Fans Group on Facebook which I along with many other have been kicked out of for daring to question the owner. So all it is, is an echo chamber of Abdullah cronies.
  3. I don't know it depends on the individual issue. I think a poll on the colour of the kit is a good way to engage the fans and quite crucially its a low risk kind of vote. Unlike Brexit which was a high stakes gamble that backfired. Although I get the cut of your jib the people running the ship should just go ahead and make the majority of decisions because thats what they are there to do without consulting "the people"
  4. Not sure how Brexit can be compared to the kit launch its abit of an odd comparison I think the new kit is alright actually it acknowledges the tradition and history of the club but is fairly modern at the same time.
  5. Well according to you he's an "extremely talented individual" yet he can't hold place in the worst side in 50 years you're idea of extremely talented individual and mine are a long way apart.
  6. And even then he can't hold down a regular starting spot in that team. Still his contract is up so all that flair should have him inundated with offers.
  7. He took over Sunderland at the foot of the championship in August and took them to the championship title in May which was impressive after that he hasn't done much apart from give alot of soundbites on Sky and proving why he failed as a manager. They are very different personalities Scholes isn't what you would call a natural leader arguably Keane is too intense to man manage players of whom won't have the ability of the players that Keane played with. Scholes brought in Zak Dearnley and reinvigorated Jose Baxter but the results were poor we don't know if this would have improved. But had Abdullah and his dickhead brother not interfered and given him time as Peter Clarke suggested and still failed then it would have put the argument to bed alas we will never know what might have happened.
  8. More brilliant mental gymnastics. 😄 I offered several solutions to our problems you have conveniently edited them out in your reply what are your thoughts on them btw. They would get me back onside probably lots of others too. Interms of how long you have supported us well you reference Maurice Whittle so quick Maths that says atleast 50 years. Does seeing the club in the current state not break your heart? Bearing in mind you will have witnessed the success of both Jimmy Frizzell and Joe Royle and even the comparitive successes under Iain Dowie and John Sheridan. You cannot enjoy seeing our lowest crowds our lowest league position in 50 years and after signing over 40 players plenty of whom didn't play and many that did I wish hadn't we are unsurprisingly struggling to pay the bills. But it doesn't have to be this way.
  9. You are! Why are you defending him? Do you like what you have seen become the club become in the last 3 years which bearing in mind the state the previous owner left is a pretty sorry state of afffairs when you consider the state the previous owner left us is in. Oh and in terms of not having any solutions here are several things that he could do that would reduce the losses get people back through the door see and improvement on the pitch. Several things Ive suggested before. - Stop signing crap foreign players from his agent mates build a recruitment policy around young hungry players with a sprinkling of good steady eddy experienced pros preferably with connections to the area. More Jonny Smiths and less Sonny Sefils please. - Have faith in managers and coaching staff they will keep failing if you don't - Bin off Mo hes a liability and costs us hundreds of thousands (actually its probably into the millions) in bad player recruitment. - Bin off Barry Owen again a liability and an embarrassment who has an appalling attitude towards the fans by treating everyone like a common criminal. - Stop interfering and falling out with everybody again its counter productive. - Engage with the fan led group and the OEC again its counter productive to do the opposite and will just drive fans away. If he can't do the above just sell up and leave because its only going to get worse he doesn't have to be here. I know this doesn't sit well with people like yourself who like to crow about how super dooper loyal you are, and come without with lines such as "who will buy us" and "if you don't like it go and support manyoo" Ofcourse if he wants to carry on down this road twattery then ofcourse many of us won't renew season tickets or go to games We owe them nothing.
  10. Absolutely its funny that people take the shut up and support the club mantra while the likes of Rochdale and Accrington Stanley sail past us its the mentality of the loser. Not only that but its reflected in the town of Oldham you go there and half the people look like they've given up on life and accepted their status as the armpit of Britain.
  11. 😆 You've no idea of his wealth yet you are happy to believe the claim that he puts £200k a month in? More spectacular mental gymnastics.
  12. So he made McCann Vice Captain and he is released and he would prefer to keep Maouche and Missilou who he benched in his place and Egert who he never played.
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