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  1. Pretty much sums it up Livo...we have all seen too much shit for too long. AL is just the cherry on top of a very big cake! How anyone can take him seriously after this latest episode I don’t know. I feel sorry for Banide...just the latest human to be treated like shite by AL and Co.
  2. I’ve been a pretty silent passenger to all the goings on since Scholes left...it’s absolutely comical and AL is making an absolute mockery of our club...how can he release that statement last week and then go and do this?!? He’s on another planet!!
  3. He probably knows he is just the scapegoat for if results go terribly...then AL & ML will find another french speaking nobody to have a go!
  4. I think the model works in the prem because you have the infrastructure to support the complexity of it I.e translators, 1-2-1 cultural integration teams etc we won’t even be able to communicate to them all never mind hoping they all settle in to English life and football...you can’t do it on a wafer thin budget imo
  5. Very true Livo... good content generates interest which generates income
  6. This lad was garbage in the Facebook streamed match in Morocco
  7. I cancelled my subscription because you at absolutely no value for money even at £5 a month!!
  8. Blackpool are in for wheater too so no chance
  9. Maybe they are one year contracts with an option in our favour which in my books is better than a flat out two year deal. It keeps the player focussed on performing well and we have first refusal on extending if they do, costs us nothing to release them if they don’t perform or get a long term injury.
  10. Don’t forget renaming it boundary park and naming a stand after Big Joe...can imagine a Barry the dinosaur saying that is what will make the fans happy...all papering over the cracks
  11. So what can we piece together to say that this direction the club is going in which makes every staff member past and present want to leave?
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