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  1. As a newly rejuvenated latics fan (work and family commitments got in the way ) I'm now back following my team. So taking my Mrs as well to the Bury match and a few beers before. Is the town centre the place to have a few or better nearer the ground?
  2. @OAFCBilly Answer the ticket office phone if you can please Billy Option 1 isn't working, it's silent I've ordered tickets on line but there is an error on the postcode for delivery Emailed ticket office but no reply from there either 🤔 Rang main number and apparently your shut 😮
  3. Booked on the 10.18 one just to be sure 😊
  4. Not been to Doncaster before so thanks for that I'll be getting the train there so handy to know Assume there will also be plenty travelling by train?
  5. @OAFCBilly Your a star, thanks for your help today
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