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  1. 4-2-3-1 Hit em in the counter attack. Wheater to head absolutely everything away like the drew hero he is.
  2. All about opinions of course but I thought Branger did ok in an unfamilar role. Certainly don't agree with the poing further up that he wasn't putting a shift in.
  3. He was trying to rally the crowd but he looked pissed off in doing so. Who is he, whats his name? Looked like he came dressed as Tony Pulis.
  4. Alongside Wheater he is fine as proved on the whole at Forest Green. No positional sense without him, but nor has anyone else back there. One point I have to make is that we need to stop crosses coming into the box, Hamer particuarly needs to improve. We were massively under the cosh I thought. A sub made sense just to break play up and there were no other candiates to come on.
  5. Bang on mate. People see who it was and jump all over it. We were under the cosh and had a sub left to make. That was the most sensible one.
  6. How Wheater didn't get MOM I will never know. He was inmense! Our biggest goal threat too, yet we took some of our corners short.
  7. Very good and the leader we need. Think injuries have been a big issue in recent seasons.
  8. Voted FLG but no idea why. Please can someone summise the political issues that are going on?
  9. Smith Brown massively at fault for Blackburn's second.
  10. They were I'm sure but for 90 minutes they were excellent and against oppostion much weaker will be fine.
  11. I know I will get hammered for this but Sefil did well first half. With a experienced player alongside him he will do ok. Fans need to give the lad a break.
  12. Just back. Lots of positives with a midfield of Sylla and Missilou we look solid despite the goals we conceded tonight. With Wheater and Egbert to come back we should be ok. Woods impressive too.
  13. First game for me this season. Dreading it. Is Wheater fit?
  14. There isn't anything exciting. They should be released immiediately.
  15. No.18 and no.11 looked tidy on the ball too. No.18 was called Dylan.
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