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  1. Possibly. Took you up your last tweet and stuck it on a Latics win.
  2. Just gone to pay my tenner to watch it on ifollow. Not avaialble. How come?
  3. Special mention for Wild for understanding football. Going with 2 holding freed Maouche up. Clarke and Edmundson outstanding. Imperative Clarke gets a new contract.
  4. I've witnessed him square up to someone in the portacabin next to the chaddy end and on numerous occasions swear in front of children.
  5. I knew Eire were struggling but didn't realise this much.
  6. Sorry. He needs a rest. Point still stand re DG.
  7. Good God yes. If he's fit he'd walk straight into this team and I'm not even a huge fan.
  8. Agree with this team. It's a shame we can't drop Maouche who has been coasting through games for as long as I can remember. Lots of ability but he can't really be arsed. Time for Hunt to have a rest and introduce a taller left back.
  9. Couldn't go on Tuesday so I assume your irrationale response is based on his showing in that match. We need an upgrade on the pair of them from what I've seen.
  10. Why? Scholes clearly was the other night.
  11. Iverson Hamer Edmundson Clarke Nepo Sylla Missile Branger Baxter Dearnley Lang Torn between Maouche and Sylla but went with the latter as he's more likely to break up play and disrupt Bury.
  12. Ah right I stand corrected. We took just shy of 2800 last year and were at both end. We must have a reduced allocation then due to segregation.
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