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  1. Danny Rowe playing holding midfield?
  2. Stats are deceptive. He has got a small amount of ability that is occasionally useful at this level.
  3. What are his strengths? Serious question. I got fed up of watching him half heartedly swan round today. We need a striker that wants to get in the box!
  4. This has been a theme all season. Wheater should be the first in there as captain. He isn't a leader at all.
  5. But surely we become compact when down to 10 and frustrate them? Don't capitulate! We had too many who simply downed tools last night.
  6. Rowe is clearly a clever, intelligent talented lad. He isn't necessarily the striker we need in that he isn't really a 6 yard box striker we needed or a target man. He likes to drop deep, link the play and get shots off. He has to have someone to stretch the oppositions back 4 to free him up. I need to get over the fact he isn't going to work that hard.
  7. With Rowe and Mouche up top its hardly a 442. They both wanted to occupy no.10 position.
  8. They musn't have had time to condemn the main stand.
  9. I've not forgiven you for getting my hopes up about James Hanson.
  10. Smith is decent but in true Latics fan style we get carried away. See Nepo as another example. Latics fans also turn on players far too quickly and give certain players a torrid time.
  11. Apart from Macc away last week and some routine saves missed prior to getting dropped.
  12. I also think AL needs to take a huge chunk of the blame. His interference will have played a huge part.
  13. Why would people complain about the signing of Hanson or someone of his ilk? We have been asking for that all season. He is a cart horse, but in my opinion thats exactly what we need in our current predicament in the league.
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