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  1. welshgaz

    Cambridge (H)

    My thoughts exactly at the time. The one save Palmer had to make didn't deserve the credit it got either. It was a tame scuffed shot that he palmed back into danger.
  2. welshgaz

    Tranmere (A)

    Put some decent balls in at the weekend, I thought.
  3. welshgaz

    Danny G

    Talking Oldham fans in general. They can't wait to jump on him. Largely the forward brigade.
  4. welshgaz

    Danny G

    I think that's why Oldham fans hate him. That's the right word too. The main stand can't wait to jump on him. He tries stuff, it doesn't always comes off. I'd like to see him see the season out. Doubt we'd be able to sign better.
  5. welshgaz

    Danny G

    Why does he think he's really good? Have you spoken to him?
  6. welshgaz

    Danny G

    How many will we take to this? My guess is 400
  7. He gave the ball away in key areas on a number of occasions. I don't think there's an Oldham fan out there who would say his distribution can be poor. It can also be excellent but many seem to miss that. Don't agree he was fucking dogshit at all. He was constantly on the ball trying to make things happen. Take him out of the team and we'll miss him.
  8. Similarly he can do no right for many. I voted for Hunt.
  9. welshgaz

    Notts County (a)

    Happy to be proven wrong but I honestly don't recall singing his praises last season. Think you mean Ousmane Fane.
  10. welshgaz

    Notts County (a)

    I've forgiven him for playing a pivotal role in our relagation and at this level he's a good player in my opinion.
  11. welshgaz

    Notts County (a)

    Fair points on DG. That said there was plenty of things in there I thought he did really well that you and many other fail to mention/ notice. He won loads of second balls and I also thought his distribution was much improved. However I agree with the other lad sitting he has to get himself in the opposition box.
  12. welshgaz

    Notts County (a)

    Lots of positives. Gardner quality again, Lyden looked calm on the ball and cleaned up well. Virtually a full game in Miller. Just need to be more clinical. Points will come.
  13. welshgaz

    The Youth Team

    Is Tony Philiskirk still employed by us?
  14. welshgaz

    Cheltenham (H)

    Disappointed to see Bury had a bigger crowd than us last night.
  15. welshgaz

    Cheltenham (H)

    Gary Bowyer was at the Vale game.