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  1. Don't get me wrong he still walks into the team but he's been really disappointing for me. I expected a really vocal leader who puts his body on the line and defends the goals like his life depends on it. Not seen much if any of that.
  2. Didn't realise he was old as that but I'd still give him a deal to the end of the season.
  3. I've been contemplating this but we don't even have one good striker let alone two.
  4. Whilst this is true, he gives us the extra height and won a lot in the air.
  5. One up top isn't the issue. It's the mentality of seeing a game out that is.
  6. Harry has had a fair bit of opposition opening up this thread. What I'll say is that we are conceding an awful lot with him back there. I love Peter Clarke and shouldn't compare Wheater to him but I can't help it. I'm not sure he brings the leadership and general will to win that Clarke had. This thread certainly is worth throwing out there given we can't keep a clean sheet.
  7. Yes, we love a workhorse at Latics don't we.
  8. He was offside for his chance but I accept he still missed and we need an upgrade but that's not going to happen. The system didn't let us down today.
  9. Really? Agree he had it tough against two cloggers but thought he was a nuisance. Aren't you a mid 90's 442 man?
  10. I think that say more about the rest of them. He's off anyway.
  11. Where has this bizzare notion that nepo can play left back come from? The last thing that lad wants to do is defend.
  12. Points well made Glossop. Completely agree with the first paragraph. But disagree with the main point in the second one. If you drop Missile who plays instead? Can't be Maouche as he simply doesn't work hard enough. The Crewe game for example and correct me if I'm wrong as I didn't go but we played a 442 and got overrun in midfield. I prefer two holding midfielders irrespective of home or away. It's down to no. 10 and wingers to create something. That said in a ideal world we would have someone who can break play up and create but we don't.
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