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  1. Blitz may realise it’s a long term disaster and best way is to cut his losses shut the club down and get his money back from selling the land for houses once the club is gone. Either way TTA shouldn’t have been allowed to strip assets leaving only the badge for sale with no way of being sustainable long term and AL should not have been sold the club. All in all a terrible position
  2. everything feeling like a team again and not a collection of players coaches. Dino a bit more stable and a settled team we can associate with, at least until end of season and some into next season. I’ll go and support this lot as they seem to be trying for the club, which should be the basics but we know we haven’t always had that lately. Same team, two wingers and hopefully get a win. They might be 3rd but no reason why we can’t turn them over
  3. totally agree. appreciate he may have lost money when he part owned us but holding onto land for personal profit and not selling everything together has the potential to finish the club in the long term. i dont see them in any better light than i see AL. hearing corney asked for half future transfers when this would again be income for the club to move forward is a horrible move. i just hope someone can come with enough money to get it all back together so the club owns the ground and surrounding land but cant see us hitting that point
  4. Hoping for the same team and formation and another good performce. would be good to see us in full flow against a team that will be top 7 to judge where we are with this 11. i expect them to be better than mansfield, although they still had some good players in their team and think the 11 from tuesday should be good enough at home to at least get a point. i think a full season with this 11 and we'd be top 7 but hope not to be proved wrong sat. Mccann on bench and to get some minutes also.
  5. they may as well go for it next few games and see if they can win 3 or 4 on bounce and mount a late charge even though very unlikley. it should all be about next year really. getting smith FT and keeping the ones who played last night is key. apart from mccann cant think of one sub, bar the youth, who deserve to be kept on. i hope we look to secure that first 11 and then build from there. if we keep dino and team bonds well they could have a decent chance next year as this league is rotten
  6. for me that was the point where we went down as there was no need to do it. those 2 extra points and win morale would have likley kept us up. he was a good player, but like a lot in that team there was more than enough ability just not any spirit or team which comes down to behind the scenes management from AL and wellens some of the AL signings have been good but a lot are poor and some not even pro standard which is the worst thing. i just hope they have learned and will continue this recent approach as we finally have a decent lg 2 team if all are fit.
  7. hopefully move some out. Be happy to see Wilson or azankpo go, as after seeing dearnley and Rowe they look way short and won’t catch if those two are fit. Problem will be if anyone wants them, hopefully Wilson’s record last year will see someone take a chance on him
  8. Really good performance tonight. Might start to go more reg with this team playing. Finally we have found a striker in Rowe who can be focal point of the team. Wingers did well and midfield top notch missilou drove us on well in first half. Defence also looks more settled and was impressed with piergianni tonight. there’s been a lot about Dino on the verge but he looks to have had a good window whether he signed them or not. Now needs to be given rest of season to see what he can produce as the team on paper is pretty decent. Experienced central defence workmanlike mid good wingers and a goal scorer which will give us a chance most games. Def not going down and can finally start to look upwards. Hoping AL has leaned from his mistakes and will continue to progress the team from this point onwards.
  9. forget the stand was closed. im going and will be in main stand lower as usual so will be interesting especially if we do behind as expect atmosphere to go toxic. hope dearnley and rowe start but i think azankpo will start above and it'll be because dino will feel he's not got 90 mins in him. hope not but have to see. mansfield struggling and have a decent team, just won at weekend so hoping for a good game and latics win
  10. He may not be the long term option but he deserves a window and time to see what he can do now we have some strikers. His best skill seems to be getting the owners to buy more british players. Tactically though he lacks a bit but we can’t keep chopping and changing. Need to give him to end of season at least
  11. totally agree he looked neat and tidy but wasn't really a threat, although the appalling service from centre mid is to blame for that. i just hope like you that he doesnt do that long term as he has the best scoring record out of everyone we have so id want him on the end of things. dearnley prob had more touches in the penalty area than him today and he was a positive for me i thought he looked decent when he came on and id be looking for them two to form the partnership out of who we have int he squad
  12. Deserved point today, not enough quality to force a win from either team really but didn't deserve to lose and i actually enjoyed it seeing as I've hardly been this year. think it may be quite close but we should have enough not to go down now we have some half decent strikers. surprised by a few of the comments on piergianni and rowe. piergianni got caught 3 times in first half and although he gives his all and dives in he's clearly playing at the max of his ability. id still have him in team because he'll give everything but he looks short for me in the long term and id hope we can get better. rowe also was disappointing for me, felt dearnley got more into the game from 15 mins than he did. plus he should have scored late on when he stretched and poke it wide from 6 yards. Smith first half was excellent but the centre mid had no quality at all in it and second half we couldn't get the ball to him because their passing was so poor. they didn't even keep up with play and when maouche and mills cut inside weren't available to move the ball out to the other side. woeful from both of them going forward. wilson worked hard and can't believe he was taken off tbh. all in all though a solid point and hopefully some glimpses from the signings that we have actually now got a couple of people who will find the net reguarly to help us get a few wins to safety
  13. wasnt it put on here he got a 200k signing on fee and is on 4k. if he does go id hope we get most of the signing on fee back if that was the case. he's been a bit dissapointing but can we attract anyone like him even if we have 4k/wk spare?? i just hope the bolton interest drops and he stays as have no confidence we will get anyone even at the same level to replace him
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