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  1. do we. what area cant we use then? guessing some sort of h+ s issue
  2. rearranged for next year hopefully when we can have another transfer window to sort out the squad. even though we are on a decent run i'd possibly take an extra game next year with hopefully different options than have it this weekend.
  3. Didn’t go but is really good to see us pull back from 2-0 with not long left. Certainly shows some good fight to the end and not throwing in the towel. Clearly got a decent spirit so although only a point some positives to take forward
  4. Morecambe losing. Stevenage let in last minute goal and likely lose. Carlisle lose. 5 off bottom and a good day for us. Still worried we will be down there but but if I think how bad we have been and there’s still teams below us there’s def hope for us this year
  5. Get in!!! We need to change all home games to Tuesday night
  6. Totally agree with this but AL and mo expect us to be higher up. They have no clue about style and continuity so have just gone for Dino as he did ok at Stevenage. In reality though they have replaced banide with a less experienced manager who is the opposite style of his predecessor. i don’t think Dino is choosing the best way to manage the squad being very vocal but I do think he’s giving it his best shot. A 3rd manager before Xmas would be suicide so we have to stick with him and vent our anger at the board as it’s them who have created this dire situation.
  7. Yep terrible. I just prey one of them are worse than us but what a sad state of affairs
  8. A bad bad day for us with morecambe winning and Stevenage getting a point. 2 off bottom now walsall midweek at home. Another massive game as if we continue with this home form we will go down morecambe v forest green. Stevenage got Swindon so hopefully even if we lose we still won’t be bottom. Do t fancy them to pick up anything from those games
  9. hearing some media guy, I think it is the announcer and poss one other for calling the chief exec woman a non league exec / doesn’t have a clue. Not 100% on this as don’t know the guy I heard it off personally but do know he used to work at the club so likely in the ball park
  10. I’m glad people are starting to give banide more credit. I genuinely believe he was a really good coach. He was def making progress and was mega harshly treated. however, is it fair to judge Dino against him. A guy who has a ton more experience, won a league in Qatar and managed Monaco a club miles better than Dino will ever get close to. Not sure on that. the reason we are in this position is the ownership. I’m yet to see one real chant or anything against the board at home games. Dino will give his all, whether that’s good enough or his abrasive vocal style will work or sink us by alienating the team only time will tell.the likelihood is AL will continue to make bad decision until we go down. Even though we are mixed over Dino there is no doubt the majority see the board/ownership is at fault. When are people going to start chanting at the board?? I’ve not heard one ‘sack the board’ chant yet. Surely we are at that point now??
  11. a solid signing for me. plenty of experience at better levels in the UK and will surely help guide some of the younder/foreign players on what is required for lower leagues here. we have far too many players but glad to see the club still prepared to add to the squad seeing as its well short of what we need.
  12. 3 points from team above now in 20th so thought I’d start a thread to track our relegation opponents. Hopefully this thread is pointless by Feb but doubt it will be for me it’s going to be between us and morecambe for bottom spot with Stevenage close by. Scunny should pull clear morecambe lost today so good result. Stevenage winning def compounds a bad day morecambe away at Colchester followed by home to forest green. We could desp do with turning macc over in our next game to move 7 clear of them but be hard after today’s result as moral will be low
  13. not a chance, i like how vocal is he is on the state of the team, and he should be, but that wont save him. that will be like AL admitting his signings are the reason they are where they are. no way will that happen. if you read banide's comments close to the end he started to mention the need for points. they are clearly set a target to be up there. if he doesnt get us up the table or has a similar win ratio to banide he'll be gone in same amount of time. just because he goes public over the squad i cant see them saying we'll give him more time. i genuinely think AL and Mo think we should be higher and if we arent the coach will be for the chop. no assistant or backroom team and prob signed to be released for nothing inside a time period so cost of moving him out will be nothing.
  14. Totally agree but banide’s cv was a lot better and think he’s likely a better coach. He did have all ore season and 5-6 games though before we saw progress. Dino will need time to get his ideas across and he has his hands tied with what we have available. I fear though unless he wins games soon he’ll be fired by Jan as expectation is wrongly that we should be higher up. We are right where I expect us to finish
  15. their squad looks half decent. luke varney up front and scoring, ruben ried in the squad and rohan ince (last time i saw him play at BP for bury he ran the show). nothing special but obv in good form. Our home form needs to imporve or we will be dragged into the mire right at the bottom, and although we are a mess behind the scenes is it bad to say we should be expecting at least a point from Sat.
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