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  1. I’m just hoping we’ll see a Corazzin’sBigBum at some point, given the ex-player + body part username template.
  2. Ironically, the only misleading headline is your edited version, Kowenicki. Funny, that. There was no intention to mislead. The headline and the first sentence tell the whole story. To be honest, I found it quite amusing. It’s not a Pulitzer, just a quirky little piece that, unless you’re ultra-sensitive, isn’t really having a pop at the club. I went as a fan for the first time this season, yesterday. Going really well, isn’t it?
  3. Fat? And I know you’re a happy clapping, fingers in the ears, keyboard warrioring ain’t-League-Two-great kind of guy, but there’s no need to drop the capital ‘O’ in ‘Oldham’.
  4. Just want to point out that Gordy was many (brilliant) things but a mole was not one of them. The issue for me is that, after getting away with it for years, I'm no longer able to justify spending any amount of time on Latics to the powers-that-be unless it's a huge story. Even then it would probably be a push. Some may say that's not a bad thing. Duly noted on perspective/prospective (!) btw, poor from me.
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