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  1. Afternoon Latics. Well, what a day for us yesterday. Very fine margins in football, and maybe we got the rub of the green on this occasion. Right now I still feel a bit numb to be honest, slightly in disbelief that we actually did it, and all in all, quite emotional. It's been a weird time over the past 6 years or so, but just so happy we got back in the EFL and then kicked on. Looking at Twitter today, some old threads have re-surfaced, including many from Bolton fans laughing at our relegation out of the EFL in 2015, and telling us they would never play us again. Just goes to show doesn't it - football is cyclical isn't it, and every club will have its triumphs and disasters if they wait long enough. Over the past several years, our club and [most] fans have had to learn some perspective & humility through many very hard lessons, and with that in mind, whilst immensely proud of what we have achieved, and enjoying the moment, I know it is a brief moment in time and things can change. We are immensely lucky to have great owners and a stable, community focussed, club right now, but who knows what the future holds...... and so it is with you lot too. OAFC may feel in the doldrums at the moment, but look how we felt five years ago. I have absolutely no doubt that we will meet again soon and renew hostilities, so until that happens, I will sign off, wish you good luck, and maybe go for a lie down to process the implications of our last 24 hours. Football eh ..... Bloody Hell!
  2. Well, wasn't there last night myself but just knew it would be a tough game, and so it proved. Football, tends to do that though doesn't it ..... one team on a great run of form and the other beset with internal problems, fans boycotting and in indifferent form. It wasn't hard to predict the outcome! Oh well, that's it for this season, so good luck with the boycott - defo a last resort but sounds like it needs to happen unfortunately to change things with your owner. i think our fans like to quarrel because whether we like it or not, we are very similar clubs in many respects, and have more in common than we sometimes like to acknowledge. Anyway, no doubt we will be crossing swords again very soon, although I still harbour hopes of the playoffs for us, so tara for now.
  3. Local residents moaning , and surprising but general hostility to the club from the council and people in the town, must be a universal theme then, because you could have been describing the way things are for us too. The mural, as made up as we are with it, has already attracted some criticism from the moaners, as has the plan to put lamp standard banners in Prenton Road West on the approach to the ground, similar to how all the big clubs do. My theory is that "supporters", mostly tele-clappers, of our respective more glamorous big city neighbours actually feel guilty about not supporting their local club, so wish it wasn't there to remind them of their disloyalty to their own town. We, in the other hand, stick with our local clubs through thin and thin, and for all the heartache, but just occasionally, they will provide us with brief moments and experiences that they could never dream of experiencing, where you are momentarily transported to dreamland and feel an explosion of pride and joy that they will never know. Comfort yourselves with that when being patronised or belittled, as it it us, the small band of purists, who pay our dues, but when they come, the highs are all the more higher for that! That's what I keep telling myself anyway!
  4. Good Evening Latics. Well, things going remarkably well at Prenton Park at the moment. Recall we were on the same points when Scholes took the helm. Really thought Oldham would kick on after that, but some things just don't work out I guess. Meanwhile, unbelievably, we've won 7 on the bounce and even put ourselves in with a chance of automatic promotion. Despite our contrasting fortunes over the last couple of months though, I am expecting nothing less than the customary close affair. Believe we will be bringing about 2K, which unfortunately won't include myself this time due to poor health. Shame the Saturday fixture was called off, but it really was a filthy day. A cool mural is going up on a house next to Prenton Park btw - really brightens the place up. Maybe something you could look at doing by Boundary Park?
  5. To be fair, I understand that this kettling issue was a police decision, and outside the control of the club, but yes, it is potentially damaging I agree. Personally, I don't do many always these days due to some medical hassles I won't bore you with, but putting myself in the Oldham fans' shoes last Saturday, I wouldn't have been a all happy to be treated like that.
  6. Kettling supporters outside of the ground,, denying them toilet facilities by shuttering the away end exits behind them, and taking no account of the more vulnerable, away fans, seems to be a bizarre decision by Merseyside Police to say the least. If they had specific info that things were likely to go off outside, surely they could have just held the away fans back in the stand or the concourse, as is normal practice elsewhere? The impression I got was that the policing inside the ground was in itself excessive and led to tension being ramped up further than it needed to be. There will always be a few on both sides who maybe take things too far, but what I saw from the JK Stand to your left was the kind of boisterous atmosphere we have missed so much whilst down in the abyss, and little more than that. I think Merseyside Police have some serious questions to answer about the kettling decision, which seemed at best insensitive and impolite, and at worst, potentially dangerous.
  7. Again, not speaking from a position of strength, but in principle yes, but I would imagine segregation and policing issues would be complicated with two sets of fans sharing facilities under one of the other stands, such as catering and toilets. In reality, Wrexham apart, nobody has come close to filling the Sheds for several years so it hasn't been an issue. My gut feeling is that if you had shifted 1600 tickets and demand was still there, more space would have been found in the existing away end, as why would the club want to turn away income? Hopefully whatever the safety issue is can be properly addressed at some point, and the away capacity increased back up to 2400.
  8. Yep, there was a safety issue down at the front of the Cowshed last season v Wrexham, where I think one fella broke his leg unfortunately. Since then, the bottom 10 or so rows of seats are covered by advertisements, which reduces the capacity to approx 1600. I am guessing, but this maybe why TRFC don't want pay on the gate if you have shifted substantial tickets in advance, as any over subscription on the day may prove tricky to manage. To to be honest, unless I am missing something, it wouldn't be a huge ask to open a few more rows of seats if current capacity was reached, but then there may be safety issues with that I am not aware of. As you will appreciate, there haven't been many occasions in recent seasons when away attendances at Prenton Park have been anywhere near capacity, so maybe the powers that be need to look at reinstating the full seating in the Cowsheds. On the positive side, hopefully you will find the catering a bit better than last time (it is now done in house) and with a bit of luck, the beer may still be in date ;-)
  9. Morning Latics. Well here we are again at last, after our non-league hiatus. I've had a read through the thread, and even the familiar bickering and insults are a pleasure to read, signalling a return to normality for us, whatever that is. Are we rivals? Well, geographically, that's probably stretching it a bit, but over recent years, barring the last three, we have kind of shared similar histories of stagnation and slow decline, both struggling in the shadows of glamorous neighbours. Our encounters tended to be feisty and passionate, with the added spice of Ronnie Moore cranking things up even further, and certainly for me, fixtures against yourselves were always enjoyable, as in many ways, our clubs were on a par, and I think there is a begrudging respect that as fans, we have chosen to stay loyal to our roots rather than take the all too familiar big city option with our allegiances. In short, we kind of get each other, even if there is some hostility / resentment, for whatever reason. What was the conference like compared to league 2? Well, now we are out of there, hopefully for good, I look back with some fondness, but the reality was it was mostly a wretched but humbling experience, as we had to accept that we were playing the likes of Maidenhead, Welling or Braintree because we deserved to be at that level, as did they. Broadly, you can split the conference into 3 categories: ex-league teams fighting to regain former glories, good honest non-league teams who have achieved 5th tier status on merit, and horrible vanity projects. Apart from the likes of Wrexham, most clubs saw us as a big fish, with their trips to Prenton Park as one of the season's highlights, so inevitably parked the bus, tried to frustrate us, took gamesmanship to a whole different level, and wanted to leave with a point in front of their 15 supporters. When our relegation was confirmed after losing at home to Bury, whose fans were dancing on our pitch taunting us, celebrating their promotion, apart from family and personal stuff, it was probably the worst day of my life. Conversely, our promotion last year in the play-offs, especially in overcoming the total adversity of circumstances on the day, probably eclipsed any of the successes I have ever experienced as a supporter, and I am in my mid 50s. Escaping was just so vital. Had we not gone up, there was talk of budget cuts etc, and I fear we could have become another Wrexham, so the euphoria was immeasurable and tears of joy were shed. One of the delights of being back in the EFL is that we are no longer in the peculiar situation of being considered "Giants", and teams come to Prenton Park not to show us any respect, but to try and win. Believe me, that is so refreshing after the Conference. Anyway, enough of all that. Really looking forward to Saturday and all that it entails, as two proud but bruised old clubs lock horns, trade insults, and resume normal service after several years, with all the passion and shennanigans one would expect. See you Saturday!
  10. So, a broad range of views then, which interestingly, seem roughly the same, and in the same proportions, as those expressed by our fans. Perhaps naively, but I anticipated virtually every lower division fan would be dead set against this development, on the basis that it represents the thin end of the wedge, and if accepted, becomes a clear and obvious threat to all our existences as independent clubs in the future - I.e. essentially, this is just the big boys testing the water, and if the objections aren't solid, will roll-out a plan for B teams in the EFL. However, it seems that many of our and your fans don't see it that way at all, and are relaxed or at worst ambivalent about U21 teams being involved in The Checkatrade, and do not perceive an existential threat on the horizon. Personally, this whole drip drip effect worries me, but maybe I am over-estimating the fall-out. Time will tell I guess!
  11. Morning Latics. Just wondering how you guys view the Checkatrade, given that there are premier league under 21 teams in it? There is a major debate raging amongst TRFC fans on our forum (Cowsheds) just now, as we are late to the party so to speak and haven't played in this competition since the revamp, so with yourselves being involved from the start, is there any consensus here? My personal position is to boycott, as I view this "experiment" as testing the water, with the ultimate direction of travel intended to be premier league B teams competing regularly against the likes of ourselves in the lower leagues. For me, that would be unthinkable, and the time I would walk away from football altogether, but there is a school of thought amongst some of our fans, that the Checkatrade is still a proper competition which we as fans should support. Any thoughts?
  12. Yep, £22 on the night, £20 in advance. Many of us TRFC fans wouldn't touch this friendly with a barge pole, and it is more of a money making exercise by overcharging Wirral based LFC supporting teleclappers, who wouldn't normally get to see "their" team. They actually let off flares and invaded the pitch when they beat us last pre-season, such was their excitement. ? I agree though, ripping off the telepudlians aside, it is a really poor show to charge that much for a friendly,, although in hindsight, it would have been worth going just to see Karius make another howler, which resulted in a social media meltdown amongst their lot ?
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