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  1. I could have drawn up a plan like that myself over a few pints on a Sunday afternoon - and I wouldn’t be known for my plan drawing abilities. There’s nothing in it or to it.
  2. Marco doesn't have a plan for the future - he can't even handle the present.
  3. What ever about a letter to the owner, I look forward to the day we receive a postcard from where ever he has f***ed off to.
  4. I’m sad to say I’m surprised we are as high up the league as we are, given Marco owns us. Thats is the ultimate indication of how poor this league is. Sad also to say I don’t expect us to do any better next season. I’d like to see more momentum in some sort of protest. But if we haven’t launched one after all that happened this season I don’t know what it will take. I’d like to think spoofers like our owner always get what they deserve eventually. Difficult, sad times. The womderful Latics supporters I have met over the years deserve so much better.
  5. Marco's response says a lot, in a way... It confirms to me that he hasn't a clue what he's doing, is a spoofer, and a liar. He talks a lot but says nothing of substance. Anyone who'd be reassured by his meaningless ramblings would need their heads examined. If there was any genuine hope for us under his ownership, he'd have let us know about it by now. He's a scourge - and I'll be happy the day he's gone regardless of where that leaves the club.
  6. The one positive thing I can say about AL is that it's good fun calling him Marco.
  7. At this stage, I hope that by the next time I bring my two young boys to Oldham to see where half their family came from, there’s still a football club to bring them to see. Even in previous bad times I always thought OAFC would pull through. But with this current shyster in charge, that safety net of deep down optimism is gone. I better start planning that trip sooner rather than later...
  8. Good point. But he’s the one in charge as we go from bad to worse.
  9. I've great respect for Pete Wild. But ultimately I expect that he'll get shafted by AL sooner rather than later. The club's troubles run so much deeper than two wins on the trot can cover up. They begin and end with AL.
  10. If AL is plotting to divide the club’s fans he is even stupider than I thought. And I’ve never really looked on him as an intellectual sort of bloke. Nothing would surprise me though. He is inventing new ways to make things worse which is quite remarkable in itself.
  11. Sounds to me like the buffoon owner is inventing new ways to be a buffoon. It’s almost impressive if it wasn’t so tragic and embarrassing.
  12. Maybe the plan is to make the players walk to the fixtures - we'll get there slowly slowly.
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