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  1. And I thought Crewe away under Dunn was a low. I remember feeling sickened at what I’d witnessed on the pitch, but glad to be on a very rare (for me) away Latics jaunt, to at least get my share of the pain. But f€&@“:g hell, it’s toxic now. Problems back then seemed almost solvable by a stroke like getting Shez back or.... getting Shez back. Where we are now... it’s way worse than we should be. It’s gone from a decline to being pummelled into the ground. At this lowest of the low, sadly for me, results don’t matter, manager doesn’t matter, league status doesn’t matter. I’ll love the club and the people - but not the owner or anyone who is linked to him. I saw on twitter someone mentioned AL had a fake watch. I know that in the early days he was stupid enough to flash it at agents when offering “name your price” wage negotiations. I noticed in his first press conference he kept it hidden. What a snake of a man. More buffoon than clown. And a nasty buffoon too, the worst type. Without wanting to be patronising, I love Latics and the people I meet every time I’m there. I’m proud of my roots and A ‘Marco’ L can ruin everything, except I think we’ll bounce back.... without the €&@t. Rant over. See you all at the Chesterfield match. And those who choose to stay away, cheers to you all too.
  2. This is exactly where I stand. I know i’m repeating myself here, but I’m heading to Boundary Park with my young lad for his first trip at the end of the month and it’s all very exciting - except for the fact that I know the club is in a shit storm. As far as my son is concerned we’re world beaters. I compare it to my first match with my father - 3-3 v Coventry in the Premiership. I was in my teens, and it was magical. And it’s not so much that we have declined - it’s more that I feel the club, the football magic that I experienced, is being abused. My son is 6 years old. I’m looking forward to the match regardless. My younger boy is 2... I hope we’re in a better place once he gets his turn to see Latics in action. So yeah. The heart has been tipped out. But if we can stay playing in Boundary Park and the current regime f€&?s off, it can be ripped back in. I don’t care what league we are in at that point. Having said all that, it’ll still be great being around lots of Latics fans with my young lad - we’re proud of our roots and as much as I despair about the stare our club is in nothing’s going to change that.
  3. Great - we’re signing that short lad from Steriophonics.
  4. The club's in such a bad state I wouldn't begrudge anyone a few quid out of betting against us. Actually, a bet's just a bet - I wouldn't begrudge them it no matter what state we're in. People are entitled to bet any way they want.
  5. Gone by August 31st - not that it will make us any more or less than the shambles we already are.
  6. All set to arrive in Oldham for my six year old boy’s first match against Colchester. It’s fair to say I’m hyping up the prospect of chips and a fizzy drink in the Rifle Range after as the highlight of the day. Very strange to be planning a day at the football and being apprehensive about the actual football.
  7. I cancelled my Latics Player subscription shortly after we were relegated - now focusing all my attention on the Prediction League and getting much better value for money there! Sam was good in fairness to him - but the downfall of our club was getting too depressing to listen to from a distance.
  8. I’m hoping to get my young lad a jersey before his first match at the end of August... hope they sort the online shop soon.
  9. I’ve great time for Roy. A thoroughly decent bloke. No disrespect intended to him, but that press conference was abysmal, bordering on farce. Honestly, I’d rather Roy at the helm altogether if it meant the gobshite and his gobshite brother were gone.
  10. Eoin Doyle sent me a match worn signed jersey when he heard via a mutual friend that I was a Latics supporter. Top bloke. The celebration with the corner flag ranks as one of my favourite of all time.
  11. Moron is such an underused word - and there aren’t many more apt usages of it than this one right here.
  12. Football would be so much more enjoyable if there was more Peter Clarke types involved.
  13. Sometimes what you don’t do is as damning as what you do. Barry didn’t do much that I know of to stop the club’s slide to where we are now. At the same time, things he did do were, at various times, embarrassing, irritating, and damaging. So he’s not been great at either side of action or inaction. Plus he’s still in there. Put all that together and that’s why - in my opinion - many supporters don’t like him.
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