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  1. Maybe the plan is to make the players walk to the fixtures - we'll get there slowly slowly.
  2. Can’t see this developing to make any difference to the fact AL is a spoofer.
  3. Not the best time to be a Latics and Ireland supporter, I assure you.
  4. Yes folks - if you have it in you to attend (and I don’t blame you if you don’t) let the shyster spoofer liar chancer gobshite squirm. One of the best days of my life was in the Chaddy with my dad watching us draw 3-3 with Coventry in the top flight. My first ever game. Sure, we’ve been in decline, but the shyster has really messed it all up on an epic scale. I looked at my eldest boy today - he’s five and has yet to make the trip from Galway to Boundary Park - and I wonder if he’ll ever get to see us in the football league. If there was a fighting chance, the shyster has ruined it. I’m disgusted.
  5. Woke up this morning, still pissed off and angry. That bastard has ruined us.
  6. Absolutely. And that very fact reveals - or confirms - our plight. AL’s a shyster. And the club is in utter turmoil. The supporters have been screwed. And I hate to see this happen to such a great bunch of people.
  7. It has reached a point where, in my opinion, a protest of some sort isn’t a bad idea - if only to give supporters an opportunity to vent. I dont expect a portest to test to achieve anything else - but we’ve hit such a low that embarrassing AL might make some of us feel better.
  8. I knew this would happen. Lots of us did. And that’s what bothers me. The inevitability of it. And its because our owner is a gobshite. This is a new low in my time supporting Latics. Disgraceful by the owner to let this happen.
  9. I expect Paul Scholes to walk away from the job at some point - probably sooner rather than later, or during the summer if I was to bet on it. For that reason - and because I'm bored of us changing manager and expecting miracles every few months - there's no reason not to stick with him now. This season is over for us. Unfortunately I don't think Scholes will have much at his disposal to build a new squad for next season that'll be much better than this one. There are problems that are too deep rooted that will hold us back. Scholes isn't one of them.
  10. Of course there’s far more pressing matters but having said that... I never warmed to the new badge. I’d be chuffed to bits with a return to a previous one.
  11. I've struggled to get excited about the Scholes appointment - mainly because the way Bunn's departure was handled. But seeing him in Latics kit today made me smile. Let's see how long it lasts - maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and he'll still be manager by summer.
  12. I wonder who the Latics fan currently the farthest distance from Boundary Park is...
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