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  1. To paraphrase Barry - a little shit on the lawn is a dangerous thing .
  2. I only get over to a game once a season. I want my two young sons to have Latics as their team like I’ve had all my life. One has been to a match - the other might be old enough next season. But I’m all-in with PTB. I’m committing to the steps they set out. Sure, it might mean my youngest doesn’t get to a match if the boycott is stepped up further - but unless we make a stand the odds of him getting to see Latics are even slimmer in my opinion. We put aside money all year to splurge on jerseys and all that stuff when we go over and order stuff online when that’s actually possible. So it’s just one family - but it adds up. We’ll still put aside the money - it’s just that now we hope it will go to a new regime. Anyway, rant over. Time for a can of beer. Have a good one tomorrow. Happy Christmas and more power to us in 2020.
  3. Good stuff PTB... things will get worse before they get any better but if that’s what it takes to get AL and his board out then so be it.
  4. That’s more than can be said for many in our squad!
  5. No problem, I only get to Oldham about once a year (I’m in Ireland) but I might get over around March if that’s any use, otherwise I can write you a piece or take a phone call, what ever suits you best. Sounds like a good project, a reminder of great times. cheers!
  6. My dad shouted “BRING BACK ANDY RITCHIE” at Graham Sharp during a pre season friendly at Cobh Ramblers in Cork many years ago. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but as a young lad I always loved when my dad was proud of me... that was a moment when I burst with pride in him. I’m sure we all have our moments that - through Latics - we had magical times with family and friends. For what it’s worth I’m happy to contribute to any correlation of them.
  7. Great stuff - we’ll get the letter done up as soon as my eldest finishes his homework and I’ll email you the pics ASAP.
  8. I really hope as many people as possible turn up for this. It’s a great opportunity that has been brilliantly organised. My two sons (six and two) are writing their own letter to the club’s owner which they will post from Galway this week. If it was at all possible we would be at the protest but work/finances in the run up to Christmas mean that’s not possible. Maybe my boys posting their letter might encourage those closer to Boundary Park to make the effort to attend. I’ll forward a pic to PTB later this week. As individuals we can’t achieve much or anything - but together we definitely can.
  9. Really looking forward to reading about the FLG meeting with PTB. This is really great stuff from PTB - they are now in the realms of journalism in getting face to face meetings and reporting back to us. I won’t be able to be at the protest, but me and my young sons have something planned that we’ll forward to PTB to show our appreciation and support for what they are achieving.
  10. I’m inclined to agree with you. The move home to Dublin has worked out well for Jack. Player of the year as voted by fellow players, and the prospect of a second Ireland cap this week. Plus lots of coverage in the press over here saying he has grown up, and learned from the past, and hopeful of rebuilding his career further. But you can turn so many corners that you end up right back in the mess you emerged from. The key to how it goes for him will be how he handles the next difficult challenge that presents itself. I hope he doesn’t implode and goes on to better things - something that was never really going to happen for him when he was at Latics.
  11. I’m all in favour of this. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m also getting a bunch of my mates who have enjoyed trips to BP over the years to sign up.
  12. When I make it to a Latics game one thing that really strikes me is the financial cost to those who go regularly. It isn’t cheap. And ultimately what makes it worth it - that connection to team and club - is fractured. Paying big money for a broken product - that’s simply not going to work. It’s as simple as that and the idiots in charge should be very worried. It’s easier to lose people than to bring them back.
  13. So Marco shrugs and justifies Frankie getting the axe at the sane table where he sits beside Barry who is still there. Jokers.
  14. Looks to me that it has already reached the stage where Dino has realised how bad things truly are, and doesn't give a toss whether he gets the axe or not... Hence he speaks out - to put the ball back in the owner's court. If he gets the axe, his reputation is - if anything - enhanced as he wanted the club to succeed but was stifled by shambolic ownership. If he doesn't get sacked at least he's speaking out trying to change things.
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