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  1. Question is does Pete Wild want the job? Why would he want to give up the relative security of the Youth system for the insecurity as a football manager? Your average football manager wont be in the role for longer than 18months; that would not be the same for the youth manager. Our particular owner, seems to go through them even faster. Pete Wild has a young family and needs to think long term for himself and his family. He has been thrust into the spotlight and done very well, so whilst the latest two wins are good for his CV, would he really want to take that plunge?
  2. Or maybe he just doesn’t have a conscience? An accident wouldn’t result in him being told to train with the youth team.
  3. Yet we still won today and Gardner was part of that team that deserved to win today.
  4. Only N’Gala can play for Crawley tomorrow and he has been clubless. Maguire and Gambin are not in their squad tomorrow according to their website. Interesting to see if Morais has himself in the team tomorrow, as both he and his co-temp manger, captain Jimmy Smith have both been in the starting 11. You would think one of them would be on the sidelines.?
  5. So yes I remember the Chris Moore era and I remember the times we went through. In reality we are still on that rollercoaster ride. My initial post was to Leagueoneorevers post about you might as well get rid of the trust as they are no bloody use other than for bucket collecting (paraphrasing obviously). I was pointing if you did that you lose the fans voice and you no influence at all. There is a difference between asking a question to the trust and questioning the trust. Questioning a bunch of volunteers who are trying to genuinely make a difference and things better for a football club we all have a vested emotional interest for me is wrong, if you personally (a broad term not specifically you) are not prepared to do nothing positive and try and make a difference.
  6. Yeah the only reason I am disagreeing with you is because I am Simon Brooke or another member of the trust, as nobody unconnected could have an opinion other than questioning the fans trust! You are wrong, but you will believe what you believe and think their is an ulterior motive behind my post. So who alre all these thousands of fans who are questioning? All the ones with season tickets? Or the thousands of stay always? I am not sure a few posters on this message board count as the thousand of dissenting voices you have roaring behind you. Maybe you have many connections in the club and have the inside knowledge and post from a position of being in the know,; however I don’t think a few posts of hearsay and tittle tattle qualify as accurate reporting of the situation. Ultimatley we have been struggling for years as we are a small football league club with a low level of support, so whilst we as fans are emotionally attached for the players it is a job, for the owner it I sure a business. AL might be a shrewd businessman, he might be a poor businessman but it isn’t in his interests to destroy his business with mismanagement is it. we are customers, so yes the any business should listen to the voice of the customer, which is where the trust comes in by being on the board. As we have heard from the trust AL has been its wing to them, whereas Corney didn’t want anything to do with the trust. You stated the trust should just not bother being on the board as it can’t tell you the ins and outs of everything that goes on. So you want your voice heard by the club but then want to remove the conduit for that voice? You cant have it both ways.
  7. So you believe that it is preferable to have no fans representation on the board and so the owner/board do not get feedback/opinions from fans? You would rather they just did a bit of fundraising to raise money and invest into something they have no influence over? I find that a very bizarre viewpoint and a regressive step. I have no involvement with the trust, I know nobody on the trust and so I have no axe to grind one way or another other than being a fan of OAFC, so my opinions are my own. All this message board moaning and challenges and want of instant answers to questions that are frankly bugger all to do with those asking the questions. If the wages haven't been paid, then unless you are a member of the club (player or otherwise) then frankly it has no impact on you at all and so why do you have the right to know one way or another - unless you are their bank manager. If you get the answer they haven't been paid and the club is in dire straits, then what difference does it make to you, what are you going to do about it other than clutter up a message board with more moans? or will that be the impetus you need to get a call to arms to support the fans trust, who you have been berating on this board for not jumping to answer your question. I am not sure why the Trust members put up with the snipping and moaning they get on this board, why would they stick the heads above the parapet to get harassed when life would be simpler to not be bothered and move to be inactive and make their lives simpler and blood pressure lower. Why would they b encouraged to provide an answer on this message board to every single question, knowing they will get mithered all the bloody time. They are doing it for the love of the club and I appreciate Underdogs updates, as she does try and keep us updated, despite the nonsense that sometimes erupts. So if Simon Brooke does have a new role in the club, okay there maybe a conflict if he has these two hats, then I am sure he will do the right thing and so will the rest of the board. After all he is doing either a paid or unpaid role as a fan of the club, not that he wants to shaft anybody. If he can help improve the club from the inside, good for him he is still a fan and will probably do a better job than someone with no history with the club. As fans rep then he will need to be replaced to avoid the conflict of interest slurs, to protect himself, but that means somebody else needs to put their hand up and take on the role, that takes time and having people interested.
  8. The squad which he helped create with the loanees he wanted, the man still takes no responsibility for taking us down and just contradicts himself in attempt to point the finger once again. We managed to build some momentum but unfortunately, we were lacking in squad depth and options at key times in the season, and there is no hiding place in that division with games coming thick and fast on Saturdays and Tuesdays, against competitive sides. So after making an excuse he then goes on to say I will make no excuses though. He moans and then says no excuses, he has done nothing but moan and whine, nothing being his fault. He cannot motivate players, his tactics were shit, he played people out of position and made bizarre substitutions - he may have been a decent player but as a manager he will always be found wanting until he grows a pair and accepts responsiblity for his own failings. Until then he will never learn as it will always be somebody else’s fault and will carry on deluding himself.
  9. So he blames everyone else bar himself, maybe he should have reflected that his methods of communication were questionable if the majority were not taking his instructions. Evidence really of his poor coaching and managerial qualities rather than anything else if what you are saying is true. Hopefully he can reflect , learn and change his approach in a new role.
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