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  1. From FSA/SD guidelines on SLO Supporter Liaison Officers A Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is a selected person responsible for building bridges between the club and its fans. SLOs may be volunteers or employees. An SLO should communicate fans’ opinions to a club’s board or senior staff members, and should also liaise with stewards, police and counterparts at opposition clubs. As per Rudemedic post above: Do clubs have to do it? Working with Supporters Direct, UEFA introduced a licensing requirement in the 2012/13 season for all clubs across Europe to appoint a Supporter Liaison Officer to ensure proper and constructive discourse between them and their fans. What does good look like? • The ideal situation would be for a full-time SLO but SLOs do not have to be employed full-time. They can also work on a part-time or voluntary basis (3 ideally if voluntary). • A team of ‘match day’ SLOs can also be employed. West Ham have stated a desire to take on up to 50 match day Supporter Liaison Officers to improve the match day experience for supporters. • A clear job description, reporting process and where the SLO fits in within an organisational structure/chart. • SLOs should have a clear and visible presence at every game so that they can be a point of contact for supporters and can help address situations. • Full contact details including email addresses, social media handles and phone numbers for SLOs should be made accessible to supporters via club websites, match day programmes and other means of communication. • They actively seek contact with fans with the aim of presenting themselves as the club’s point of contact,listening to the requests and concerns of fans and communicating these requests and concerns to the club. • The SLO must be credible with fans and should therefore have experience with and contacts to the networks in the fan base at the club. • Participation in the club’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is recommended. Find the right person: Selecting the Supporter Liaison Officer Responsibility for selecting the supporter liaison officer lies with the club management. • Where possible, the supporter liaison officer should be appointed from among the fans. • The supporter liaison officer should be in regular contact with fans and enjoy their respect and acceptance based on his or her personality and aptitude. • Where possible, the supporter liaison officer should be given appropriate training, for example in the areas of communication, people management and conflict resolution. The provision of basic psychology and sociology skills, in particular with regard to group dynamics, is desirable.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Hopefully its a mistake. I have sent a couple of photos over to Jorvik that I took near the entrance, just so the group had a timeline and could eliminate those flag bearers from the appeal. I hope it gets back to you soon
  3. Dear all. I apologies to PTB people. I saw a question about last night and I responded. I did not mean to detract from the title of this thread, I just did not read the header
  4. I don't know TBH, have been struggling with a gum abscess so I have been in and out of things of late.
  5. Retraction and apologies to PTB people I did not see the header of this thread
  6. Trust is at EFL today. I believe Bury will be discussed and how their fans were treated by EFL. Link to Trust announcement is below https://trustoldham.co.uk/efls-commitment-to-supporter-engagement-trust-oldham-invited-to-meeting-on-3rd-december/
  7. TBH, I would love to comment as both fan and Trust and respond in a timely manner.....rather than wait for a statement to come out. However, I have to be mindful of the power of this website and they type of people/organisations/press who actively monitor it. Which is not a bad thing if used for the right reasons. As an organisation we are trying to promote good practice, having a social media and code of conduct forms part of this. Words are powerful and typing the wrong words can land a person in it...ie me and it has done, hence me not coming on here as often and directing fans to the main Trust website to log questions Cheers
  8. I spoke to one of the CAST directors a month or so ago. The FSA put us in contact with them with regards to sharing of good practice. Their Director explained what had galvanised them, how they planned an effective campaign on trying to hold their owner to task and then pursuaded the owner to sell. What support they got from the EFL, to how key decisions on approaching the fan base nearly split their team in two, to how they could never please all the fan base on their actions. It was very insightful, they were equally questioning on how the Trust entitlement came about. Well done CAST
  9. Maybe so Dave, I got the idea from an FSA document and based it on their template. There are codes like this set up at other EFL clubs. We can only give it a shot. and again I have kidnapped the thread - apologies PTB
  10. Cheers....its quite detailed what is expected from an accountancy view. Now i know why company directors in the main hire accountancy people and to some degree, understand Darren's overview in comparison to Phillippa's with regards to level of detail. Philippa was in for a couple of hours at the club and still did not complete the review of the 2017/18 accounts. That's a level of effort in its own right. when we then compared them against the Trust shareholder's entitlement and level of detail we legally expect to have. We agreed they fell short and we do not accept them. More info is required and will be requesting them from the club Its critical to get it right and getting it right from year one of the owners tenure. Additionally, setting our expectations high with the club on their understanding of what the Trust legal entitlement is as shareholders and to have that info on behalf of fans. We will be proposing a code of conduct drafted with club, with regards to info requests and timescales...amongst other stuff. THis will hopefully embed our expectations and vice versa. Trust also plan to meet Grimsby directors at the away match as they have been highlighted by the FSA, as a good practice club of how their directors work with their trust director. Its a level of detail that we hope fans can appreciate. The shareholder entitlement on behalf of fans that drives us to get this right....pushing for change from within with this legal entitlement, with now FSA support and the ear of the EFL. The launch of the PTB, is brilliant as it captures the fan mood with less constrains to be able to "get on with it". We have been poor doing this as we have had to put the hard hats on a get back in to pushing for that entitlement again. We had so high hope in January 2018, we met the owner, we heard his vision, we heard how he wanted to work with the trust and fans...and now we are back on watch again. So two fan groups, with the same vision of working to protect our club and to make things better for fans- this can only be a good thing. I have now kidnapped this thread on Trust stuff and it is suppose to be PTB so I will stop now. If anyone has any Trust questions, please put in on the Trust website first as I am not on here all the time, or do at least pin it in the above Trust thread and I will check this first. cheers
  11. hmmm but do you know what this form is? or the 3 rules for small company exemptions....come on now I am biggin you up a bit here...heheh And I am quoting it wrong FRS 102 schedule 1a.....Philippa would shoot me for getting it wrong, and that is no lie, she is army trained and can handle a rifle
  12. I wouldn't quite say rosy. Even Darren admit in August he was not an expert in accounts and would welcome Philipa's critical eye as a retired accountant and he did arrange to get her in during October Sometimes its that experience of how to question that data and to know what to look for to get under the skin if it all, never mind legal laws of what should be shown as well. Upto our last meeting I have no idea of what the FRS 102 schedule 1a was ( i bet Dave Og does) , nor what the 3 rules are for a small company exemption is...luckily we have people who do, that are Trust directors and organisations now like the FSA and EFL that are listening to our views as shareholders as well. So on the night, we listened to the opinions of three directors in particular. Darren, Philippa and Jason. Additionally, we had feedback from the FSA on what they saw published at Companies house and the overall concensus was that more info should be requested. Therefore, As per last weeks brief. We will be asking the club for additional info on 2017/18 accounts as in our opinion, they are non-compliant, and currently, we do not accept them.
  13. I am sure it is mentioned in last Friday's update. Let me check Yep found it, it was posted in the Trust pinned thread above. CHeers https://trustoldham.co.uk/november-review/
  14. It is a Trust issue and we get it, the process and that the Trust has to go through as a company, can constrain us. Although in last week's update, we did get October;'s notes published and an overview on November's meeting/December target setting. As mentioned, the beauty of the PTB is they are less constrained with no NDO's signed so they do have that freedom. However, a legal entitlement and NDO's are also useful insights as well. In my mind the fans now have the best of both worlds with both trying to effect change for best for our club. PTB pushing from the outside, Trust pushing from the inside. Of course as fans we do move in each others circles so, there should be no akwardness when we can arrange met and get around a table in the near future. Almost.... ACV is registered and maintained by OMBC and still remains the only one in the Borough...yes it took 18 months of work to get that through. It is valid for five years when you have to go through the process again, it is approaching its 3rd year in March. Recently, Trust have met the council and that was traumatic in its own right, trying to find the right people and department as things changed form 2017. It took me three weeks of some very not so happy emails sent to find someone who had an inklin of what and ACV was and why I was contacting them...grrrrr and breath. Anyways, we went in to update the Trust contact info, to request historic information with regards to planning permission (now lapsed) but a section 106 via Sport England on the loss of Clayton sports hall (which happened and compensation given) and proposed loss of Little wembly with compensation suggested at the time in 2009. As we all know, it is proposed in the future that little wembly may be developed in the future so we needed to get our facts right with regards to the historic stuff and future impact. How the ACV iworks is the landlord notifies the council and they then notify us. This is the 6 month notification period, however we have to acknowledge and notify the council within the first 6 weeks of that trigger what our intentions are, this would of course include consultations with various parties and fans. If a bid is then decided upon, there is no gaurantee it would be accepted, but we allowed to place one if that is what we decide. It's sort of a peace of mind that you don't walk down sheepfoot lane seeing for sale/sold, or demolition is happening....the shock of how this came about so to speak. Hope this explains it Cheers
  15. Hi tGWB Found what you where referring to The Trust will hold it's monthly meeting tonight on October 14th. Above all, we will be discussing the recent statement regarding the acquisition of club shares by the FLG. We will keep you update of any outcomes from the meeting. Then on the notes now published for the evening we registered it under 5.09 Shares: DR will seek clarification Our agenda sometimes have to be flexible when things crop up and can crop up on an every changing daily basis in the world of OAFC. As you can see it was a pretty full agenda with two new members of the team and a few critical key absentees. Like I said I get that you are disappointed it has not been sorted yet but we will press for it now with the other essentials of the clubs financials Thanks
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