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  1. Just seen on FB page that its 30 years ago today of the epic FA Cup match at Maine rd against Manure......3-3 was the result....wow Shame there is no-one at the club that could get this stuff uploaded on the site. Like on this day in history...a diary of event/did you know... that just keeps us in touch as such
  2. bloody hell feeling right hungry looking at all your suggestions..hmmmm
  3. my comfort food is smash and baked beans....all mixed in with some cheese....I know weird but I love it... Can't beat fried egg and chips too hmmmm Yesterday I had my mum's recipe of tatty ash......delish
  4. at least a 1st draft done. It was closed off last June so in my mind it should have been worked on/chipped at ready for roll out to the club board Jan meeting (IMO) and then rolled out to shareholders before end of March. submittal to CH and yes Trust request FULL accounts as per the December 6th letter, so club cannot say no request was made. So if not done...then you are right, he had best crack on with them now hahah
  5. I can't seem to find anything maybe it was adjourned However the latest accounts for June 2018 to June 2019 are now overdue at Companies house. Minumum, I would have expected them to have been at least in draft format and submitted to the club board at March meeting (if not January meeting), and have been issued to the other shareholders for viewing, before submittal to CH.
  6. multi-functional and hurt like hell if you got hit by one..haha....however I did not try the Tuba part
  7. oooo...interesting....yes defo I will be going to local butchers over weekend....or PM me if folk don;t want this thread stuffing up with recipes
  8. you know I do believe I have some pinto beans in a dark recess of the food cupboard and I was munching on some dark chocolate last night and have some left...so guess what I will be trying next...cheers Currently soaking some black peas, for black mushy peas with lashing of salt, vinegar and pepper., memories of bon-fire night as a kid...nom, nom
  9. hmmm....well you have experience as a chef oh wise one....hahah
  10. touch wood...no I don't, although the step monster was showing symptoms the other week.
  11. an interesting article I have read today https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52120578?fbclid=IwAR0GMcvugY1PIr8oMhAklRsoRJYMXABLKaPkHOjclR9B1S_NmwgSJVpI_ZA
  12. got to agree, you have to have kidney beans,
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