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  1. From memory, I am unsure if the previous accountant (brother of the current accountant) was around at the time. 1) Trust and club met on 3rd May 2019 when we requested FULL accounts recorded in that meeting. Owner only confirmed then what he proposed board would look like. 2) 22nd July 2019, Club submitted the accounts for 2017/18. Without notifying Trust 3) 28th July 2019, Club registered New club board at Companies house. (None were financial/accountant people) I do remember Trust rep then requesting during August time, access to financials to the other accountant.
  2. Trust statement on website dated 26th January, that seems to be the last update before Covid https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/01/26/joe-royle-north-stand-match-day-closure/ Bearing in mind, when we approached both parties last July over the SLA, one responded the other did not. Just a thought, but, Why don't you contact the Trust as well, seems that the Trust/club relationship looks as if it is improving over the last few months
  3. TBH, I haven;t seen it, maybe not all comms then. But they have at least been an improvement from another Director who was involved up to Xmas time
  4. There have been some subtle changes, maybe his slowly, slowly approach is finally kicking in. Daily running of the club is in the hands of the MD Natalie Atkinson Comms, is being overseen by Richard Bowden (in the main) before release. There is no doubt he is financially, keeping us afloat and should be acknowledge for this. However, he still needs to build those bridges with fans, businesses and sort stuff out with the landlord or OEC to get the JR stand fully up and running to get some monies in. We will have to see
  5. I must admit it goes whoosh over my head. However, this is the fans shareholding in action., to be an overseer. To have access to FULL accounts, regardless if the club want to publish unabridged in the public domain. All I want to know is, are the bills/legal obligations being paid on time as well as staff and what the plan is/progress on the owners plan towards sustainability. Basic stuff I know but its all my brain can absorb
  6. To be fair, they were sponsors at the club for awhile. I did have a conversation about latics with his secretary about 18 months ago and he was pretty sure that his charity work was his focus now. my ex boss too...well I tried hahah
  7. Yes members only vote at an AGM and is usually done in person. Trust has to public announce an AGM I think, 21 days before the date planned. Gives time for any member to add any proposals to the agenda for discussions as well However with Covid, I am sure the Trust announced they would be looking into an online one? So I hope they are making arrangements for this and I hope, postal voting by proxy or email too. Any co-optees will have to stand for election as well. So that is the new chaps Mike and Paul? Unsure if anymore have stepped up.
  8. Philippa is extremly, methodical, factual on any analysis and has a wonderful technique of being able to read and defuse potential situations whilst still getting a grenade into the zone. She will make and excellent chair if she is allowed to continue
  9. The technical use of language I will presume is down to Philippa, the acting chair. I do hope she can survive the vote at the AGM and be able to continue to offer the advice to the Trust, Club and EFL.
  10. Thought it was worth a bit of push. https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/07/02/trust-oldham-comments-on-the-clubs-accounts-for-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3tVQFcFs86ie71x8fHG-3OIb01JVIppRUwn_gh6tZmnwPLrqK71QpHphQ Good news from where the Trust was 12 months ago, never mind 6 months ago. Good to see that the club are at least listening to advice as well its a positive step towards the transparency and open-ness the fans wanted
  11. Do you mean for the 2018/19 year (league one) or 2019/20 year (league two)? and from last night statement? https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/07/02/trust-oldham-comments-on-the-clubs-accounts-for-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3p5s4M1Uorhw-7iNj6HJQPk252pLXQeUbUpl6R2z5OGLrJRLnPtpzzHqs
  12. To be fair, and I have to say alledgedly, This was Pre-Al take over and a test to see Al's wealth and. Bearing in mind he should not have offered any financial help to our club pre-take over and he was.
  13. SCMP info is given to the EFL by club's twice a season. Give or take the unusual end of season this time but it tends to be July - For the up and coming season until Dec. Dec - onwards to the end of the season SCMP is a question the Trust rep has been tasked to ask and see information on at these two key times. Trust rep was not in situ as a Board director for last July but he did see December's submission and his answer is in the now published January meeting notes quote: "Club Budget/EFL regulations. DR confirmed that he has seen the submission that the Club have made to the EFL via the EFL portal. The Club falls close to the average wages level for League 2. No concerns were raised by DR who was shown copies of all documentation."
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