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  1. apparently Chaddy is awol....but don;t tell Leeslover Transferred? hmmmmmm
  2. I am sure we posted something on the old website at the time but I can't find it. Can you remember or did I dream it?
  3. Thanks TGWB...you just beat me to it. I believe Paul Whitehead has also tweeted his response back to the club that he sent yesterday, but I do not have access to twitter to update you all - sorry
  4. Kiosks are part of the SLA and give the club additional income for the season.
  5. I believe the generator is on the OEC side of the ground and they are have the keys so to speak of it
  6. A well balanced overview TGWB. Myself and Andy will take your comments and suggestions to the Trust meeting this week - thank you
  7. That is my naivety as an individual without experience of running a business myself. I meant it as in evidence of court cases HMRC, default on contracts/taken to court/wind up orders, that kind of stuff. Rather than settled out of court , or possible impending things that have been suggested like pensions, or filing of accounts late. Potential markers of things that are not right So, I apologies and accept this is my error. You will have contact emails from the Trust, so please forward an email that you want to cancel and this will stop follow up emails the system sends you.
  8. Cheers Mark....I had not woke up fully but knew you had a good historical knowledge of it all
  9. I have now kidnapped this thread and like I said, the Club monitor this board so you can understand why I am reluctant to post anymore. Please consider logging your match day experience with the SLO at the Club and like I said previously, there was an Independant Supporters Association many moons ago and I think Latics4england might be able to provide more info Thanks
  10. I am sorry for you and any fellow fan that was effected by any of Saturday's match day experience It's a not a nice thing for me to type but sometimes things have to unravel horrible for all parties to take note and do something about it and should in my opinion, get all parties around the table asap to do so. Especially as the Club monitor this board and have staff who post on here as well so if this does not move them in more ways than one, then I genuinely do not know what will. Please report your match day experience to the SLO at the Club, it officially logged then. thanks
  11. I get it football is passion and if it was any other business we would not be arsed. Now this might be controversial but has the owner done anything legally wrong? And you want him out but what happens next? Geniune question what is your plan?
  12. There used to be one and I can't remember who run it...latics4england might remember.
  13. Trust had our AGM on 22nd July. It was reported there our continuing struggles with the Club and that the rep has been unable to fulfill their duties properly. We tweeted an update last week with regards to the progress on the accounts. We published a statement on Friday about match day hospitality and how we thought it was resolvable. We have now seen evidence from Saturday and read stories on social media. We have a Trust meeting next week and I am sure it will be raised. Trust communications come from the website, twitter and trust FB page. We also email statements to members. Andy and myself try to remember to post on here as well and we do post them on the Trust pinned thread so it is not lost on the generic page. If there are any members and fans effected from Saturday match day experience, please contact the SLO at the club in the first instance and then copy in the Trust so we can raise it as well. Apologies for kidnapping this thread
  14. lack of PA and lighting? but did not SAG pass this the other? is this not a basic H&S requirement?
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