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  1. Thanks everyone. Survey now closed and I appreciate your feedback...literally food for thought..hahah
  2. Dear all (hope this is okay Mods)... I need your input for those that attend BP on match days (sorry to be selective at this stage for those OASIS fans). I am looking at setting up my own mobile catering unit in and around the Oldham area....well I need to get back into the world of work and all. Match days is a possible option at or around BP. I need a little bit of marketing research for my business plan and I have devised (well I think I have as you know me and technology), an online survey via Survey monkey. There are only 8 questions and less than a minute to complete the survey. I appreciate it might be difficult for those that have decided not to venture back to BP yet, but it would help me if you could answer the survey if you were. Please find the link below and the survey (fingers , toes and everything else crossed that it works) will remain open for a few days https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/QPFG3LK Thanks in advance
  3. Trust were contacted about this late last night. We will be raising it with the club. Thanks
  4. Little wembley is not part of the FLG buy. The Trust are aware of the previous section 106 that Sporting England placed with regards to compensation at the time if little wembley was lost. Compensation was for a 3g pitch with floodlights at cathedral (not chapel...I had to look up where it was..near North Chadd school where Chadd FC are now). It is not relevant now...however little wembley is on the ACV plan so Trust would have to be notified of any changes.
  5. He is a bit late with this....I think I mention it was reduced about Xmas time and I know have seen it on Face ache as well
  6. DS was the solicitor stand in from Brandsmith's and a big Bury fan (poor sod). JH escapes me had an Australian accent if I remember MS I forgot to add was the company secretary Mark Sheridan Cheers
  7. Hi Mark. There were 4 guests from the club and it has not been clarified if they want to be know. So I will keep them as initials. Club: AL is Abdallah Lemsagam, ML is Mohammed Lemsagam, BO is Barry Owen, AM...his name escapes me but if you google Brandsmiths solictitors based in London and Manchester it is the owner of the company and DR is Trust rep Darren Ratcliffe. Trust: Myself Tracy Wright, Darren Ratcliffe, Mark Harrington, Mike Green, Philippa Whittaker and Kenny Hopwood. Hope this helps Cheers
  8. Hi BP There were 4 guests of the club and I don't honestly know if I captured their names correctly or if they want it to be known that they attended the meeting. I don't have their contact details so I was being polite by allowing the club to contact them as they were their guests for feedback. I also do not know if the club made any notes either to compare. Maybe being too polite I suppose. Cheers for the feedback I am a bit of a novice with it all
  9. Dear all I have had to review lately how much Trust stuff I do. Not just on the official sites but on social media pages. Yes the dreaded Work/volunteer/life balance.... Myself and others now and previously would always try and give an update to this site first but I am sorry to say, its getting too much to answer as we are not a 24/7 service. I used to view this site as on the pitch stuff but it seems these days its Trust stuff so I have made a conscious decision that I need to wean myself off Trust stuff on here and be more professional and use the Trust official sites for communication. So I have not won the lottery and buggered off......its just a personal choice that from now on I will use the two sites we have set up. Our official site and facebook site. Link to the Trust official site is below https://trustoldham.co.uk/ I will give you an update before I log of with regards to the Club/Trust meeting notes from 03/05/19. The notes were sent to the club for perusal on 08/05/19...well I am only human and can make a mistake as there were several people in the room at the time (16 of us in total). Some we did not know. There was no response by Friday 10th May so published the update on our site with regards to this. At the same time I forwarded the notes onto the club/Owner solicitors to see if they could push them through (there was one in attendance at the meeting). As of today I still had no response. So I have emailed a reminder to both club and club solicitor this AM to ask if they can give us an update/timescale. We will update the Trust site with any developments. Thanks everyone have a great post season, let the sunshine commence Cheers
  10. Maybe we were being too polite and used the wrong word. We know the Trust reps entitlement and we asked
  11. Typing is not the problem...its letting someone like me loose on a website and trying to work out how to generate something and post it....our web guru is at tonights awards. However, practising on it I worked out how to upload the Trust board meeting notes on it so I have done that as well. Bonus... I was just about to come on here and update you all with the link
  12. Morning everyone....not pretty yesterday at all footywise Okay let me summarise Friday meeting. The meeting was not arranged by the Trust, it was arranged by the club/chairman, we were asked that as many Trust directors could attend as possible. Some could not attend because of the time of day, short notice period. I asked for an agenda or some idea why we were asked to attend, well if you are attending a meeting (verbally it was said meeting not chat ect)....you want to know what your are going there to discuss, do you need to bring anything with you, even who else was going to be there (we knew the chairman would be). Personally for me, having some idea what I am going to a meeting about/who i am to meet sets the tone of how I dress ...formal/informal.....I know silly but that is me. I got no answer back from the club. So we "presumed" it would be about the recent fan letter and that is what we agreed, would be our focus on if it was and how fans, club, chairman and Trust can move forward together and a joint statement will be coming out next week. Thanks for your patience.
  13. It was a club run meeting and the Trust were the guest so it would be wrong for the Trust to comment at this stage. There will be a joint statement out next week Thanks
  14. Its a lovely gesture the club does every season...shame we don't have a big screen to show it on. Thoughts today for everyone
  15. ohh so it was you.... I did put a message out in the Trust thread above about March time to say I could forward on the meeting notes on to anyone who was interested, but could remember specifically which poster did. Send me a PM of your email and I will get the recent ones over to you as they are still not on the website yet. Thanks
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