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  1. we got what we deserved again. Total absence of a midfield. What's happening with Fane? route one would be nice, like George did first half run at defenders, get a shot off, get lucky with e rebound. grrr..no one runs through to the D. I like the look of their no 26 and 27 and I don;t know who weaved past two of our defenders on our goal line to set up their win I know Scholes is a week in but on the balance, Pete Wild seems to be better.
  2. Dear all Said I would push this for a friend....(yes I do have one...) https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=milan bar%2C lees&epa=SEARCH_BOX Hope the link works
  3. Paid members the majority of time, will get priority With regards to the latest news on a propsed fan led buy of BP, we felt all should get that significant news we have had a significant increase in subscribers over the last week for fans who have joined Cheers
  4. If its question with regards to the fan led proposed buy, then there will be no more to be said at the mo. Anything else then if logged on the trust site we will look out. May i ask was it logged on the trust site? Cheers
  5. Oh thank the stars...you have listened to passionate please of saving us users our eyeballs by changing the OWTB logo. Much appreciated
  6. Lapsed planning permision was in for nhs flats to run pararell with the back of frizzel stand onto and up sheepfoot lane
  7. Haha...it was the AC tyres half time thingy. Ball had gone over and had been chucked back and it went right through..haha raised a few eyebrows. The zip tie fixed it
  8. I wonder what that noise was..thoughtva helicopter was going to land on clayton.
  9. Sorry to say we got what we deserved. We slowed the game down and time delayed a lot. Don't think crewe were much in it unti 86th min when i think they got their 1st corner. Feels like a loss..but its a point. Now time to drink and roar newport on
  10. I have missed Rosa....being another female and all, we are a rare species on this board are we not...hahah
  11. Rummy is a restraining order? wow..always struck me as having the "mod boys" to send around in a friendly way of course As you were....
  12. Who Jorvik?...Resigned last Summer from the Trust as did Leeslover. So they are "free to do what they want any old time......" I miss them sniff....
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