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  1. yep all your fault.....hahh Come sit on the naughty terrace step with me and a few thousand....scare that you can post something anyway and it pops up somewhere else. No problem and we do appreciate you posting the above...cheers
  2. Yes...Asked for fan/trust meeting next week if possible
  3. Swan's is firmly in m mind re evidence request..
  4. We are lead to believe owner may not be available much after post season...and why not roll out the vision as is?
  5. Well....its never a dull moment is it. Trust published a summary yesterday as we felt the fans we overdue an answer, especially with timescales set at the meeting with fans. We did this so we could seek written permission and clarity from the owner if he wanted the letter in his entirity to be published on the Trust website and be free from any legal action if we did. Bearing in mind it mentions 3 specific points the Chairman maybe acting on and we did not want to jeopadise any impending cases. His original letter did not instruct/give us permission to say that he did want it in the public domain and It is address to 2 specific people at the Trust only and I did not fancy being sued if we did publish without permission. We asked for permission today. I hope you can see why we would want to ask permission and if it did get out in the public domain as is and how it would make Chairman and club seem. Bearing in mind did it actually address any/some/all of the fans expectations from the original letter we sent in. Or did it? Believe it or not, there has been a lot of work gone into where we are up to now since last Friday. The reminder to club on Monday, reviewing what we received on Monday night and how we issue what we did on Tuesday, sending response back to club to say trust/fan meeting asap and its only Wednesday We have requested meetings to be done before the end of the season for both fans and Trust. Ball is back in chairmans court. Its not easier to do when 9 volunteers have day to day lives all has been done out of 9-5hours. There are 3 of us away from tomorrow and to be honest....communication maybe sparse until 1 returns next week. Managing fans expectations is having its toll on us all....sorry to moan but it is. Now off to collect dog from vets, I have not opened up my birthday card yet and it will be holiday mode from 8pm tonight. Sorry and thanks
  6. Dear all Andy B has posted the update on another thread Cheers
  7. What must the club think. This is a fan they invited into their friday Meeting Then again, the club have not even acknowedledge my email with regards to the my altercation with him either
  8. I can;t tell if he is being clever as he can't get our name right as an organisation and he post under Chuckle when he wants to be controversial. I am sure Singe said that might not cut the mustard with regards to a change of name and slander (maybe) I remember one trust director several seasons ago, having words with him as he has done it previously, saying he is in business and if any clients saw that and lost him business...well.. lets leave it there.
  9. I will take bets on how long you last... I will say 6pm tonight......anyone else?
  10. Its page 21 on this thread as well No Midsblue is not and regardless, Trust communication in the main are on our website or links to aagghh
  11. But it is dangerous. There are Trust people who are directors of or Co-optees who are directors of businesses in their own right. Can you imagine what their employer might think? I need to lie down
  12. Thank you oh so very much and accepting me onto your FB site as well.
  13. Believe it or not its something you were involved in with Midsblue I think on Monday when you both discussing possibility of liquidation/admin? Its Midsblue bullet points....I can only see a screen shot that someone has stuck on another OAFC site. I am on my laptop, let me see if I can get a photo from my phone and log back in on here. Its shocking how he has taken someones opinion and twisted in.....I have no idea what Midsblue will think of it all.....TBA https://www.facebook.com/groups/251730198199887/2360766997296186/?comment_id=2361140863925466&reply_comment_id=2361161347256751&notif_id=1555425535514050&notif_t=group_comment No I can't seem to do it but the fan on the site who has copied into another fan forum and its the FB link above if it works I am just flabberghasted...
  14. Afternoon all. Worlds quickest update. Trust will be updating fans immenantly with regards to chairman response to fan letter and next steps. Yes we got one which is good. I am only updating this site with this info as I love you all....equally that is just to tick that box off...hahah. Trust is trying to defuse a fans post on FB, that has been copied from this forum with the message that it is from the Trust with what our plan is. It is not However, we cannot get onto that fan's FB page as everything is vetted before posting and Trust people were removed several weeks ago. Ohh....I miss the days when as Dolly would say...."working 9 til 5..." and I missed a lot of the X files stuff. TBA on update and this site will done as soon as I can copy and paste stuff in...hahah
  15. I have contacted the club myself at the end of week to see what the club could do....bit of free PR if managed right. I did Offered to pay for a donation item myself, but I have had no response. You could look put for them about 9.30pm outside the club entrance and give them a friendly wave...hahah
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