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  1. lookersstandandy

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Do you mean Liandro Martis - went to Leicester’s Academy instead....? Anyway, 3 years later.... now 23, he’s still there, has never been on loan anywhere and has played a grand total of 0 competitive games.
  2. lookersstandandy

    Mods - Tarky

    Did he really? That's so bizarre.... I was out last night and met a Hull fan and we talked about that very event/game, as we were both there......
  3. lookersstandandy

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    .....I know it’s tough watching Latics at times, but I don’t recommend turning to drugs....
  4. lookersstandandy

    Courtney Duffus

    Taken from the post below, "I guess what I can’t believe is that all of; Byrne; Gerrard; Davies; Fane & Duffus are ALL to blame 100% ( that’s not saying some of them might be)."
  5. lookersstandandy

    Courtney Duffus

    ....this assumes they were allowed to pick him? He was poorly, then shipped out on loan, then banished to the youths.....
  6. lookersstandandy

    Courtney Duffus

    Apologies if you're not.... only, your respectful, articulate and persuasive response to my suggesting the boy and Abdallah should make up for the good of the club was; ...and your response to someone posting "Have any of you considered that duffus is nowhere near the team because he's garbage....", was; ....both of which suggest to me you are happy with the club's treatment of him.
  7. lookersstandandy

    Macclesfield: Directions, Beer & Food

    ....under no circumstances should either of those two be a lone striker. Anyone who thinks that Abdallah disappearing to Dubai without a resolution to the 1st team coach/manager and/or a suitable replacement for Surridge is acceptable, must be easy to please....
  8. lookersstandandy

    Mods - Tarky

    I’d like to think so too... but equally, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many more that preferred the home comforts, exhorbitant wages & glamour - without a burning desire to prove themselves - that premier league & championship academies afford them. The system is symptomatic of the broken greedy capitalist society in which we live. Those staunch left wing socialists football supporters whom vigorously defend the obscene spending of their wealthy football clubs amuse me with their blind hypocrisy.
  9. lookersstandandy

    Courtney Duffus

    I come to the same conclusion.... but @mikejh45, @kowenicki & @mcfluff1985 are happy with Abdallah’s decision to banish the boy to train with the youths because of his tweeting history.... bad egg or sh1t at football (no idea how anyone would know - given his lack of opportunity / didn’t he suffer an illness after originally joined us?) apparently.... & to hell with the fact we have no strikers available.
  10. lookersstandandy

    New Manager Thread

    He's having a rest in Dubai.....
  11. Someone else has asked a similar question on Twitter.... and I find it an odd one. Just because the gentleman is MD of a large business, doesn't mean he's a multi-millionaire, notwithstanding he is likely to be well remunerated compared to the average person. I read his recruitment to the trust as someone who can provide expert corporate governance advice to the chair, whom represents our interest on the board of directors of the limited company with which we care for. Should the owner of said limited company wish to run it with an effective board in the first place.
  12. lookersstandandy

    Mods - Tarky

    ....and the Tarky sell on fee sale happened to occur around the time the new stand (we don’t own) was being built & loan sharks needed paying off.... feel free to conjecture where that money went....