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  1. lookersstandandy

    Daniel Iversen Signs

    I wonder if the parent club of a GK loanee gets annoyed with the club loaning their player, if there is no qualified GK coach to work with during the loan?
  2. I gave you the benefit of doubt by responding respectfully... but I guess I shoulda known. A bad Plan and no Plan are both bad.
  3. Yep..... and by having lost so many support / back office staff, he's not got many people to delegate some of the research and business case building to..... ....I don't mind a Chairman / CEO who is hands on..... but one who interferes & doesn't enthuse or empower others to influence decision making is destined to struggle. From what I know of business culture in Dubai, leaders can be very dictatorial and authoritarian. I think he's gonna have to learn a different style in England.
  4. I'd have no choice to accept it for what it is..... I wasn't calling for Plans & for the Trust to attempt to influence said Plans when Corney was in the hot seat [or the ripped seat], because it was fruitless. The man was interested in nothing but himself. The Trust were merely trying to safeguard our very existence, for which they had my complete support. Like under Corney however, I'd reserve the right to call him [AL] useless and a waste of space....... but I'd still be turning up when I could to support my club/team. The reason why I think we should be pushing [via the Trust] for him [AL] to develop Plans now, is we'll get no better chance to do so while his passion, energy and commitment [if you take him at his word] is at it's peak. He won't be able to maintain it forever.... ...in many regards, if he devised a Plan - within his own personal budget restrictions - that I didn't wholeheartedly agree with [such as plunder the French 4th and 5th divisions in greater number], that would still at least be a Plan. We had no Plans under Corney. But, if he [AL] is any good, one might hope he will see many of things that we also see.... and our ideas on Plans won't be diametrically opposed.
  5. ....I think we're in complete agreement here Dave.
  6. lookersstandandy

    Statto corner

    Maybe Bunn should move the bollocking to the team talk before the game instead of waiting for HT..... a bit like Harry Bassett having Xmas in Aug @ Sheff United.
  7. Exactly. So, if you "buy" a football club without the things that should be 'a given'.... and your motivations for doing so are well intentioned.... there isn't really an excuse for not having a Plan to create them..... assuming you are of sound business mind. He's been in charge for nearly a year now.... he's had plenty of time to work this out..... I'd like to hear about his Plans.
  8. With respect to the Trust, I want Lemsagam to fund these ideas..... not the Trust.
  9. I'm not saying it's simple..... your idea is good also..... do them both..... make the JR stand the family stand and encourage those without kids into the JF stand. What it does require is passion and hard work [Lemsagam tells us he's got these]..... ambition and a well thought out and executed Plan is what he needs to work on. It's a fair and valid point.... and means the 'sell' through OACT & Marketing needs careful positioning.....
  10. ....but there exists a new stand already, with loads of space in it..... which could be used to improve facilities and to attract people to the space.....!?! It's lying empty, collecting dust. Lease it. Use it. Doesn't even need to build a new Clayton Arms.
  11. So, Doncaster Rovers - while in the bottom two divsions and at Belle Vue, averaged between 2-4k at home in the 70/80's With new ownership, a competitive product on the pitch - beginning in the conference - and then a new stadium/facilities - have averaged between 7-12k ever since. See for yourself; http://european-football-statistics.co.uk/attnclub/league/donr.htm Rotherham - for much of the 80/90s, while in the bottom two divisions and at Millmoor - average between 3-5k at home. With a competitive product on the pitch under Ronnie Moore, this increased to between 6-8k - dropped again when they were outcast to the Don Valley - before a new stadium/facilities was build and it's been between 8-10k ever since. See for yourself; http://european-football-statistics.co.uk/attnclub/league/rotu.htm
  12. ......they'll make a difference to Mum's & Dad's who can bring their kids and let them enjoy the facilities / entertainment on offer, while enjoying a drink or two - if they're inclined - and the likelihood of them returning regularly, regardless of the product on the pitch. Admittedly however, it will take a good season or two also, to encourage them in the first place.....
  13. Well, of course it helps.... but Doncaster & Rotheham [both been up to the Championship twice in the years we've been marooned in League One & now Two]....? There has to be some investment.... but it doesn't have to be Sheikh or Oligarch levels. ....a big challenge for sure..... but don't tell me that the majority left leaning socialist populace of Oldham & Tameside cannot see how offensive the excessive greedy capitalist premier League is.... and a significant proportion wouldn't unite around the principle of community and family. OACT do an incredible job already..... gift it more budget, let is widen it's scope & reach even greater parts of the local community, create welcoming facilities and then advertise. It depends on how you define vast. Doncaster Rovers' entire new stadium cost £20m to build, Rotherham United's was £17m.... & I'm not even talking a new stadium here. To begin with, I'm talking about leasing the large amounts of empty space in the Joe Royle stand.
  14. I don't know much about what Exeter are doing currently, but.... Wigan Hull Reading Doncaster Rotherham Fleetwood Brentford .....are all clubs that I don't consider traditionally bigger than we can be...... that have all invested / are continuing to invest in infrastructure in order to maximise their potential.