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  1. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    Afternoon people, You've got a little over 3 hours to get your Prediction for Wombles (h) in here;
  2. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    Afternoon Ladies & Gents. Hope you've all enjoyed an extended break from the cut and thrust of Predicting..... one assume this friendly reminder to ensure you place your El Flat Cappio (h) Prediction in the following thread no later than 2:50pm tomorrow will be helpful to some;
  3. Ex players and that

    LJ’s Brizzle City 2 up at Craven Cottage, scorers Bobby Reid & Korey Smith.
  4. Best Youth Product?

    Jean Marc (or whatever his name was) Bosman has a lot to answer for.....
  5. Best Youth Product?

    That whole era frustrates me even now.... it took me a good 5 years to reset my expectations after being spoilt rotten for much of the decade that preceded it.
  6. Best Youth Product?

    I probably unfairly consider him in the Richard Graham, Paul Rickers, McNivens, Beresford, Allott, Andy Holt, John Eyre era of ok but worse than what came before....
  7. Best Youth Product?

    Isn’t that the reason Udders have ditched some of their youth set up.... ie they’ll let the bigger clubs hoard scores of youths and pick up the Mooy’s when they can’t fit them in front of the multi million pound foreign legions that litter their 2nd and 3rd string eleven....!?!
  8. Best Youth Product?

    I always rated Mike Flynn.....
  9. Best Youth Product?

    Tarky wasn’t ours from the start.... we only picked him up after B@stard Rovers let him go....
  10. Best Youth Product?

    Wasnt Goram technically still a youth when we picked him up? Chris Makin would also make the glory years, just.....
  11. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    Ladies & Gents, your friendly Prediction reminder. You've got a little over 24 hours left to get your Scunthorpe (h) Prediction in. If your track record is forgetful, why not do it now?
  12. Can't believe nobody's done this yet....

    Imagine having both. (reaches for tissues)
  13. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    Final reminder, you've got a little over 2 hours to get your Bury (h) prediction in;
  14. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    Table up to date, thanks to Pete. 9 folk forgot to Predict, don't give up, get your Prediction for Bury in now!
  15. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    A few of us predicting a win at MK were cursing come full time on Sat'day, however an immediate opportunity to strike back is possible tomorrow evening. Don't forget to post your Bucket Shakers (h) prediction in the following thread;