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  1. Transfer Rumours

    I was guessing. Derek Brazil? Can’t remember him.
  2. Giles Coke

    So do I Mike. That’s cheered me up too. While you’re feeling positive, fancy joining Prediction League too?
  3. Giles Coke

    I reckon Kristian Dennis would say so....
  4. Transfer Rumours

    You need to have a lie down sunbeam.
  5. Giles Coke

    I remember him at Sheff Weds. Ipswich released him last summer, he had no club for 6 months, then Chesterfield took him on after Xmas and he played twice. I hope Rhodes knows something the rest of us don't.
  6. Giles Coke

    So, it wasn't because he was injured then? He was available - but for whatever reason - couldn't catch he team?
  7. Giles Coke

    Who's being negative? I've asked a perfectly reasonable question, for which I don't have the answer?
  8. Giles Coke

    Why did he only play 2 games for Chesterfield, a team that finished bottom of League 2 last season? Can anyone enlighten me?
  9. Transfer Rumours

    That's the point I'm making..... I've got no problem with a smaller squad if the players are good.
  10. Transfer Rumours

    in 1990-91 [I think] we only used 18 players all season; Depth isn't an issue if your players are any good; GK's - Hallworth Defendefers - Warhurst - Barrett - Jobson - Halle - Barlow - Donachie Mids - Redfearn - Henry - Holden - Adams - Bernard - Kane Forwards - Marshall - Ritchie - Palmer - Moulden - Currie
  11. Another member of the French foreign legion

    This is the semblance of a Plan; But we are yet to hear anything on these topics from Mr. Lemsagam, bar witness another intake of players from the French lower leagues; The pitch wasn't relaid; The Budget no bigger or smaller than last season; Players Paid late; There is no news on the fans bar and as far as I am aware Tony Philliskirk is still suspended? No, tub thumping statements about going up are definitely not Plans.
  12. OWTB 2018/19 Prediction League

    If we're yet to convince you to sign up, today I'm going to go straight for the heart strings, with the adorable OWTB Cup draw. Made by @Stevie_J & the Little_J's from Scottish Borders Gate before each and every round; The 2017/18 OWTB Cup was won by @oafcmetty who beat @aidan_latics 2-0 in an all Championship Final. @oafcmetty's route to the Final witnessed some stupendous Predicting, particularly in the Q/F; 2nd round [round of 16] 3/3 Scunthorpe (a) @BP1960 0 @oafcmetty 0 Correct Prediction; Scunny 0 Latics 2 [HT 0-0] First Scorer: Patrick McEleney Attendance: 3,715 replay 10/3 Bury (a) @oafcmetty 8 @BP1960 3 Correct Prediction; Bury 2 Latics 2 [HT 2-1] First Scorer: Craig Davies Attendance: 5,904 Quarter Final 30/3 Wigan (a) @oafcmetty 8 @lookersstandandy 4 Correct Prediction; Wigan 3 Latics 0 [HT 1-0] First Scorer: n/a Attendance: 10,625 Semi Final 14/4 Gillingham (h) @oafcmetty 6 @GravityGrave 5 Correct Prediction; Latics 1 Gillingham 1 [HT 1-0] First Scorer: Duckens Nazon Attendance: 3,850 Final 28/4 Doncaster (h) @oafcmetty 2 @aidan_latics 0 Correct Prediction; Latics 0 Doncaster 0 [HT 0-0] First Scorer: n/a Attendance: 5,297 Under 3 weeks to the season kicking off now. Don't miss out, get yourself signed up. Pay the £10 entrance fee via PayPal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (Please note the underscore) with your OWTB username in the comments box and your name will appear in the sign up Predictor List below;
  13. Curzon Ashton

    Frankie’s interview. Stern again. I’m comforted by it. He sounds hard a fk. I reckon it’s a good thing. So long as AL isn’t being a prime bell end with recruitment, I’m hopeful we might compete.
  14. Curzon Ashton

    Has he had a pay cut?