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  1. Only 20-odd Predictions made for Rotherham (a) so far.... don't forget to post your prediction in the following thread, no later than 10 mins before KO on Saturday;
  2. ....or don't watch!
  3. ....I've worn colours plenty of times in there....
  4. You & maddog going?
  5. What train you on?
  6. I was born in Wythenshawe and spent my formative years in Droylsden. It can be as different as it likes......
  7. ....that's what rudemedic said.... and might make sense given both the Sheffield clubs are playing on Sunday - against each other....... however, I've been there plenty of time before, it'd be nice to have some different surroundings.....?!?
  8. Anyone got advice on boozers in Rotherham?
  9. ....I suspect he didn't actually.... but the point you were making still stands.
  10. I hope it's on a different Sky Channel so I can opt out it. I tried recently to give up all Sky Sports channels, bar Cricket, cos I can't be fked paying for European & Premier League football that I dont give two shiny sh1tes about, but there was little/no financial benefit in doing so. if I could buy EFL only I would.
  11. I've never hated City..... in fact, I really really like them.... when I think of them, I think of some of the best days out I've ever had: Tommy Wright; Roger Palmer; Graeme Sharp; Gary Kelly.... there's nothing to hate, we used to turn them over nearly every time we played them. United however.... those two FA Cup semi finals alone make my fkin blood boil..... 1) the period of dominance they enjoyed after the 1st one might well have been curtailed had Joe Worrall not been a dirty red, and 2) our recent history was directly influenced by the outcome of the 2nd. There is everything to hate about this.
  12. ....I've forgetten what it's like to go about my daily life under the warm ready-brek like glow you get when your football team is winning..... I can only imagine what it must be like.
  13. Yeah Citeh.... talk us through this.... https://goo.gl/images/YDjRZJ
  14. ....like he did at Bristol on Tues...?
  15. ....it's all a big wind up for HarryBosch.... they're all French..... including Jean Sheridan.