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  1. He’s fkin w@nk at football. He’d be great in a keepy uppy tournament.... but I want a midfielder with bite, energy, commitment, who is reliable..... and that ain’t this joker. I’d have rather kept Paul Green.
  2. Hallelujah. Bin saying this for yonks. Absolute passenger..... and if he’s still earning £4K a week.... dodgy. As. Fk.
  3. How do I save this? I gave you anything up to a £100 stake at 8/1 on us gong down at the start of the season and you didn’t take it. Then someone else @deyres42 maybe? offered you pos 1-12 with him taking 13-24 and you didn’t take that either?
  4. David Seligman @ Brandsmiths, used to work at CM solicitors.... who sponsored the back of our shirts during Corney’s time. It says on their website that he advised the club on a wide range of issue. Maybe he can help Brandsmiths in their investigation? https://www.cmsolicitors.co.uk/people/david-seligman-crime-sports-law Advising Oldham Athletic FC on a wide range of legal issues, including player sales and managerial appointments
  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of pedantry here and there....
  6. Obviously the comparison is loose..... but I do maintain that many of the Premier League clubs - whom opted out of the football league for this very purpose, (we were one of them*) - are able to ensure they secure their future's by acting as a cartel & avoiding their equivalent of sporting income tax. That cartel is to the detriment of everyone else. This is (should be) a sporting competition. There is nothing competitive about it. But ManYoo have always been rich, why is that different now some folk argue. It's the scale of difference that is abhorrent. Supporters of the Premier League in its infancy argued it would improve the fortunes of the national team. It most certainly has not. I see/hear supporters regularly bemoan the unjust nature of the haves and have nots in our society. Too loosely regulated City of London bankers gambling with the UK economy for short term personal gain. Vastly overpaid fat cats of UK plcs with immoral pension schemes/bonuses, while at the same time there are scores of families reliant on food banks in towns/cities up and down the UK. Yet, some of these folk celebrate their latest Uruguayan CF earning £500k per week, in their new £1bn stadium that seeks to attract more supporters from communities that surround them whose football clubs are less able to compete as a result. Where have all the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers gone from my high street they say, while jumping on the bus to Tesco. But Tesco exists side-by-side with your local greengrocer argues Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7408485/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Dont-blame-elite-demise-Bury-fall-business.html, conveniently ignoring Tesco now own Londis, Budgens, Premier and One Stop convenience stores. These stores are Tesco's B-team. All 4 of them. Whether you voted to Leave or Remain in 2016, I think it's fairly safe to say, not many expected Leave to win, just like not many expected Trump to be POTUS. Globalisation and the homogenisation of society and communities within it are under more scrutiny & debate than ever, for both noble and distasteful purposes. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/aug/31/turning-clubs-global-brands-means-more-burys. Manchester and Leeds, as commercial centre's are increasingly competing with London, as businesses and their workforce look for better value/standard of living. A refocusing around locaI & community is arguably what people want/already underway. Are the 4 professional football leagues of England perfectly aligned to society, of course not. Are there plenty of parallels, synergies or mirror images. You're damn right there are. Hence why I'd love for there to be a national debate about what we want for our national sport. Maybe it would provide no answers. Maybe those answers would be too difficult to implement, at least we'd have had the debate. For what it's worth, I'm on the side of the Guardian over the Daily Mail, from the articles included above. *I recall walking down Sir Matt Busby way on 28th Aug 1991 with my Dad. There were scores of people at makeshift tables along the way asking for Yoonited's supporters to sign petitions. I said to my old man, "What's all that about?", he said, "It's a petition against the Premier League". "Why?" I asked. "Son, the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer and money will ruin the game". He's said a lot of nonsense over the years my old man, but he was fkin bang on with this one. Edit: This was 1 year after England had reached the World Cup S/F and we were all gutted we hadn't gone on to win it. It took us another 27 years to achieve the same & we were shocked/made up how far we'd gone.
  7. It's continued fall out from the Belgian corruption scandal..... but as jorvik pointed out about, it's.... "Interesting that a couple of the other lofteur's agents are heavily connected to Belgian players."
  8. I'm happy with said controls..... but, it doesn't have to be 50 + 1 vs the status quo... feel free to propose something else, while accepting that the status quo is only truly successful for the few..... Ha. 50+1. Pros: Means a club/members/supporters maintain majority of it's voting rights, thereby providing suitable protection for those who value the long term existence over short term success & retaining some semblance of meritocracy in competition. Cons: There is less of an incentive for dubious oligarchs and oil barons to invest in clubs for egotistical purposes with motives that are opaque. Status quo. Pros: Your club could win the football club equivalent of the lottery and feast at the top table one day. Your lottery owner might have morals, they might not. The system to filter out those that are unscrupulous doesn't' work. Cons: Your club will never be able to compete without winning the lottery, thereby making the 'competition' redundant. It clearly wouldn't be easy. It's easy to put up barriers and present a long list of reasons why change isn't possible - I can do that for you if you like..... but I'd like the debate to be had. I don't believe the vast majority of football supporters, I mean season tickets holders / members - not some tw@t who watches on TV in the UK or abroad - are happy with the status quo.
  9. Possibly.... at least then the societal comparisons leeslover doesn’t accept, would be more visible.
  10. There’s plenty of hypocrisy for sure.... I’d like to see a referendum result of all professional club season ticket holders, on keeping the status quo vs changing the ownership/funding model of association clubs.
  11. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11806820/police-arrest-two-including-agent-in-money-laundering-and-corruption-investigation
  12. ....most of us. One or two sacrifice him for propaganda purposes.
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