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  1. I can’t argue with that. It’d be nice to get hysterical about Latics achieving something, alas I suspect i’ll be a while longer yet. If it could be when my little boy is just getting into football that would fkin handy.
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/football-league/premier-league-epl-efl-league-one-two-championship-miguel-delaney-a8926126.html
  3. Must be right then. Either way, he’s a downgrade on a 38 yo Peter Clarke.
  4. .....of course.... but the investment now - including renting out of their new stadium to London Irish, will see them become self sufficient in the near future..... and £50m profit on transfers for Brentford should not be brushed under the carpet either, it’s unbelievable trading for a club of that stature, demonstrating what can be done. Benham is a class act and a man with a proper business Plan. I live just up the road and know a few Brentford fans who give me the lo-down every now and again. They’re all so grateful he’s their owner and he one of their own.
  5. Dale binned him off & Wellens hasn’t played him. Great.
  6. ....has he not accepted a position on the board because his company are employed / paid money, by Mr. Lemsagam? I.e His money and the money of those he knows / has access to, are irrelevant?
  7. I’m not blaming him.... I’m just cynical. If the Trust @Andy b @underdog can gain access to detailed company accounts, tell me that he isn’t saddling the club with director loans that require paying back to him / he is paying his (not blaming the previous regime) creditors and they hold him to account on the governance he talks off, then I’ll accept it and back him. Until then however, he hasn’t convinced me.
  8. It took him 1 year and 16 days. My biggest issue with it, is he clearly didn’t know what he was/wasn’t buying and/or is using it as an excuse for his failure(s). Therefore he’s incompetent, lying or both. There’ll be no investment in the playing surface and the budget is no better (probably worse) than before his arrival. He says he’s ‘subsiding’ losses himself. Are these gifts or loans? I’d like to see the overdue Accounts. No mention of the infrastructure plans for the portakabin facility at Chapel Road that appeared on the fishul a few days ago. Has he even got planning permission? The cynic in me thinks this is heavily influence by season ticket sales. Nonetheless, it’s a good step in the right direction. It’s such a shame it took so long and my trust in him is so damaged.
  9. If you remove/ignore the prediction and look at things today, I don’t believe - unless you are one of the big 6/7 - there has been progress. ...I guess you could argue Burnley too.... but the majority of those clubs gate crashing the greedy league do so from the benevolence of rich benefactors, as opposed to organically.... and as a result, are often unsustainable. See Bolton.
  10. ....but they wanted more. To be free to negotiate their own terms and to hell with the 3 leagues beneath them.... leagues they could be relegated to if they recruited poorly, or appointed the wrong manager. I reckon you could manage City to a champions league place.
  11. ....the day the top 22 clubs - and we were one of them - voted to leave the football league and set up a separate league able to retain the vast, vast majority of money generated, was the day the gap began to widen. Now, if you agree wholeheartedly with free market economics - I’ve just watched the Thatcher documentary on BBC2 - then I agree with you both, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is, it just perpetuates the security of the richest clubs at the top table. United, Liverpool, Spurs, City & Chelsea (numerous times) were relegated between the 60s and the 80s..... they will NEVER be relegated again. This filters down - via parachute payments, able to invest in infrastructure, with those clubs that yoyo between the top two Tiers. They acquire the potential customers of smaller clubs/businesses and mop up all the available workforce by employing hundreds of more employees than they could once afford.... so the mini-marts will NEVER be able to compete without enormous injection of funds, or without borrowing that will see them go out of business if their gamble fails. Wimbledon, Northampton, Carlisle, Luton, Oxford, us.... all teams that made it to the promised land on merit before the Premier League began, it won’t happen again. I firmly believe we will see many L1 & L2 clubs go out of business in the years to come, and both leagues will eventually end up as regional leagues again (Div 3 N & S) and probably part time. Is this progress? I’d suggest not.
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