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  1. ....and definitely don't cry poverty or woe is me after you've bought a football club. What on earth were you expecting in the first instance?
  2. Promoted in 3 [starting this year] so 4 in total. Championship in 5 [6 in total]. Absolutely no hope with Mo and Shitpeas in charge of recruitment.
  3. So, prior to being relegated in 2018, we'd spent the grand total of 7 seasons in the basement division in our history, 5 consecutive seasons being our worst spell between 1958 and 1963. You reading this Barry? Next season will be our 10th and 3rd in succession [if we don't get relegated of course]. Tick Tock.
  4. All teams take more to London that their average, day out innit. Also, what attraction is there for away fans to come to BP? Dilapidated stand, poor concourse for refreshments..... no welcoming club bar / the club being in dispute with the OEC. Thanks The Three Assetsstrippers and ALMOBO. You bunch of w@nkers.
  5. Football didn’t begin in 1992. One of the founder members of the football league, from 1888 (much more significant) dropped into non league last season....
  6. ....a team put together by our manager. Out of interest, can anyone explain why they went from 8th to bottom over the summer? Is it because of an interfering owner, budget, who were their best players last season, where’ve they gone? Or, did Dino sign a load of sh1te which is why he lost his job?
  7. In Ross' defence, they're all to blame..... to challenge Ross, he needs not to be so blinded by his hatred of TTA, so to turn a blind eye to the demonstratively awful performance and behaviour of the Lemmies...... Edit: He'll reply and say he is critical of the Lemmies (and I'm being selective).... but if he's honest with himself, his criticism is not nearly as hard as it deserves to be.
  8. Most valuable players in L2, according to this website via link below; Maouche 4th most valuable [up to £630k] behind Zeki Freyers, James Perch and Nicky Ajose.... just in front of Adam Rooney and Eoin Doyle. It does pose the question, are these values worked out off Salary? Are we still burning sh1t loads of money on that moody little fooker that only turns up 1 in every 10 games? AND.... if Maouche's value has risen, has he been given a contract extention? https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/league-two/marktwerte/wettbewerb/GB4
  9. I know.... What is payday? It's a pay period? What even is that....?
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