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  1. Founder and former owner of ASOS, Chelsea fan who lives in Wimbledon, is putting some money in. They’ll be alright...
  2. It’s a shame we didn’t have a young coach when we went down....
  3. I've learned something today..... it's called Windmilling.....
  4. Yeah, the fractured team spirit that season had nothing to do with ALBOMO’s interference. It was all Wellens’ fault.
  5. 27th March is the cut off for the points deduction to be applied to this season's tally. If we can get say 18 points clear by that date....
  6. ....of course there is.... you can ignore it on moral grounds - for which I have much sympathy/empathy.... but the basic maths are, our landlord is a monumental cunt and our owner is a fookin bell end.
  7. You don’t strike me as the type who wants to work on his biceps?
  8. The chances of us being good while he continues to surround himself with the calibre of people he does (I’ve read that somewhere) is very slim to none, though.
  9. He’s got pedigree.... whether that means he make a good pro footballer, only time will tell.... but I remember Kieran Lee looking a bit sh1t when he first signed.
  10. ....and definitely don't cry poverty or woe is me after you've bought a football club. What on earth were you expecting in the first instance?
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