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  1. He wanted two dogs of war in centre midfield and that was Milligan & Henry.... so he wanted Redfearn to move to the right (which incidentally is where he started for us - played well there in the ‘90 FA Cup run).... he bought Olney to partner Sharp, so that meant Marshall to partner Jobson. In his defence, had Redfearn & Marshall acquiesced, we’d have probably been a much better team, but they didn’t, and so once they made their feelings known, I guess he had to get rid to maintain control of the dressing room.... but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I liked Redmond, but he wasn’t as good as Barrett (who started as a LB for us, before moving to CB) or Marshall..... and as good as Adams & Milligan were, Redfearn was a better footballer. Rick Holden said in his autobiography that the players who left were replaced by inferior ones.... and this is what I read it to mean.
  2. I think he’d a lost a bit of pace - after injury - by then.... and the back pass rule change wasn’t something that helped him at centre half, as he wasn’t as comfortable as others bringing the ball out from that position. That’s my opinion at least.
  3. Same as Marshall. If you haven’t listened to the Under the Cosh interview with him, it’s worth it.
  4. Milligan came back in the summer of 1991, McDonald joined in the Autumn of the same year. At the time I was delighted Milligan came back.... with hindsight, we should probably have kept Redfearn in centre mid (Royle wanted him to play RW and ditch Adams) instead.....
  5. It just shows you how pony Scottish football is really, doesn't it.....?
  6. We don't have a particularly large fanbase (currently) - thanks Chris, Simon, Simon, Danny, Abdallah, Mo and BO - therefore, assuming one has even a modicum of interpersonal skills, you'll have met at least one of the aforementioned groups' individuals at least once over the course of your attendance at games, therefore the likelihood of FLG, PTB and Trust folk being 'connected', one would assert is very high.....!
  7. ....if that were the case... he wouldn’t have p1ssed his other possible buyers off in the process.... he either thinks Abdallah/Bassini and/or other nefarious characters will stump up £6m.... and then he’s rid of the problem.... or he won’t pay up the debenture, try to put us in admin again and sell the lot to some other party - Dutch consortium / those circling Bury in their final moments....!?! The only bit I can’t reconcile is why not do that in 2010? Maybe the credit crunch meant there were no outlets back then compared to today?
  8. ...and this is why fans think ALBOMO are pricks & want them gone...
  9. I agree principally.... but then no-one (I most certainly am not) is.... & OWTB is a form of social media in it's own right.... and so we're just sharing/discussing views in an instance where there might be some truth in the tweet.....!?!
  10. I guess there's 2 things to consider.... 1. Blitz is a c*nt who is only interested in himself and doesn't give two fooks about us..... i.e If his threat of admin eeks out both his rent and debenture debt, even partially over installments, then he's happy. If Marco can't come up with the land/stadium money, then Blitz still owns it / can charge more & ongoing rent and/or revist plan to sell to FLG or A.N.Other party. Blitz doesn't really want the headache of owning/running the football club anyway / this absolves him of having to. 2. What would the courts have said/ruled if Marco had agreed to a payment plan & Blitz didn't agree? i.e Would they have granted Marco more time anyway, meaning Blitz needed to be seen to agree / give him a chance to pay?
  11. Did anyone who attended see Bassini?
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