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  1. Wellens

    Where the fk in McEleney at the minute? Have I missed him getting injured, or has he been caught in McDonalds with Gerrard again?
  2. League Two Consequences

    That 33% was worth £120,000 per annum to us; "The Premier League also increased the Football League solidarity payments across seasons 2016/17 to 2018/19. Solidarity payments are a share of the revenue that Premier League clubs pay towards the development of football in the lower leagues. Championship clubs previously received a flat fee of £2.3m each per season, with League One clubs getting £360,000 a season, and League Two clubs receiving £240,000. Under the new arrangements, Football League clubs will receive solidarity payments which amount to a percentage of the value of a Year 3 parachute payment. Championship clubs will each receive 30%, League One clubs 4.5% and League Two clubs 3% of the value of a Year 3 parachute payment" If we assume the 3rd year Parachute payment to be c£10m [roughly what the 3 clubs below received, then 3% is worth £300k and 4.5% £450k, so we'd now be losing out on c£150k per annum; "The three clubs relegated from the top flight for the 2014/15 season – Hull, QPR and Burnley – received £64m split over four years: £24m in the first year, then £19.3m, then £9.6m for each of the next two years." https://www.inbrief.co.uk/football-law/premier-league-parachute-payment/
  3. League Two Consequences

    19.02.15 EFL announcement on FA solidarity payments; So we're gonna lose 33% of what we have been receiving from the FA if we go down. Under the agreement, parachute payments to relegated Premier League clubs will be reduced from the current four season to three seasons, with Championship clubs (that are not in receipt of parachute payments) being awarded a solidarity payment equivalent to 30% of a third-year parachute payment. League 1 and League 2 clubs will receive 4.5% and 3% of a third-year payment, respectively. https://www.efl.com/news/2015/february/football-league-clubs-get-double-financial-boost/
  4. Ex players and that

    .....that would be grand. Shall we wait till after the season is done so we can conduct an autopsy....?
  5. Ex players and that

    1. That's what the trust is for. 2. Not properly you can't. 3. You wanted to know what I considered consistent with the semblance of a plan, not how I would conduct a Frost/Nixon interview. 4. Not if he's lying.... but to say getting an answer that he would..... Agree to personally underwrite losses for up to X years [no financial loans], at the same time increase the budget from the recent era of Corney-austerity, while also investing in infrastructure improvement; for staff [such as pitch & training facilities]; for supporters [such as bars/stands/events]; in youth [scouts/coaches/facilities]; reducing the reliance on a procession of loans, rewarding prospects with good contracts and putting an end to selling cheap; all designed to target an annual profit in player sales. At the same time he would support/fund an extended remit for OACT / and budget to advertise Oldham Athletic and the improvement in infrastructure to the inhabitants of Oldham & Tameside; all designed to target an increase support base / annual revenue. ....would not be consistent with him having a plan, is quite frankly preposterous balderdash.
  6. Ex players and that

    Chris Moore @ Latics Oyston @ Blackpool Carson Yeung @ Birmingham Stephen Vaughan @ Chester Venky's @ B@stard Becchetti @ Leyton Orient. Sisu @ Coventry Ridsdale @ Leeds Gaydamk, Faraj, Balram Chairai and Vladimir Antonov @ Pompey
  7. Ex players and that

    With pleasure; I posted the same link only half a dozen posts earlier;
  8. Ex players and that

    Yeah? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43055733
  9. League 1 Activity

    If we stay up he will be.....
  10. Ex players and that

    Well this is a turn up for the books, I had no idea we had someone amongst us who knew so much about Mr. Abdallah Lemsagam, his personal wealth and his historic business dealings. Do tell us? I'll agree with you on actions speaking louder than words..... and if we see action, I'll be less inclined to seek words. However, to date I've seen little that could constitute a medium/long term plan, such as the contents/questions in this post....
  11. Ex players and that

    1. Correct. If he hasn't..... he's not the man. 2. Minutiae and the basic tenets of a 'plan' are not the same thing.
  12. Ex players and that

    1. Really? Wow. How do you know that? 2. Making a statement about winning a League is not a 'plan'. A desire maybe, but not even close to a 'plan'.
  13. Ex players and that

    1. Do you know if he has one? 2. He most certainly hasn't shared one with us if he has.
  14. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    The countdown continues. 3 games to go. Sarfend (h) here; League tables here;