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  1. I wonder if the shares the FLG claim to be buying are subject to the same clause?
  2. ...but if, as it looks, his intention is to water down the shares the FLG claim to have purchased, would it not have made more sense to issue more shares if indeed the loan value was greater than £20k, because quite frankly the shares are worthless...
  3. ....they've explained that, because the offer came with conditions (that were unacceptable) and they wanted Abdallah present (and he refused)..... but it doesn't come as any surprise to me that you would take this view.
  4. Quite. Been asking this for a while. This is what the Trust is for IMO.... and the lack of clarity on the topic is disappointing.
  5. Has he? 20,000 shares valued at £1 each. Yes. Any debt write off is good. The motive for it seems personally motivated and not for the benevolence of the club though.
  6. Yep, if that’s the case.... it’s a counter-FLG motivated move. Maybe he wouldn’t have written off loans had the FLG not announced they were buying shares from somewhere (most likely the Necarcu debenture as far as I’m concerned). Either way, if true, it’s only a good thing. Kieran McGuire says it’s only £20k though. Darren says it’s more and he’s reported back to the trust. Would be good to hear from the Trust sooner rather than later on the topic. This, unlike PTB, is what they are there for.
  7. Presumably the club? It looks like a debt write off converted to shares.... which has to be related to the FLG’s claim to have bought some?
  8. I visited Newcastle Uni, aged 17, when deciding where I wanted to go.... as a season ticket holder at ice station zebra, cold weather was something I was familiar with. I arrived in Newcastle wearing a hat, scarf, gloves, jumper, big coat... and was met by a geordie lad showing us around, who was wearing a white T and black leather jacket, unzipped. I was freezing my tits off and asked this lad, “is it always this cold up here?”... I should add, I’d been to St. James’ Park watching Latics a couple of years earlier (we lost 3-2) and thought it was cold then too. Anyway, he answered in the broadest geordie accent, “it’s nay that cold tha’day man”.... I thought, fk this, I ain’t coming here....
  9. Really? The tweet clearly says ONE is an experienced pro!?!
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