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  1. I know. I recall.... but with the benefit of hindsight, not many could accuse him of being irresponsible & incompetent, not having a plan, nor failing to employ sound governance..... you could argue he lacked ambition from 1995 onwards.... but Lees Brewery had an enormous hand in that.....
  2. 2 weeks tomorrow and we KO the 2019-20 Prediction League season. Today, I thought we'd begin having a look at the OWTB Cup. Think of it as the FA Cup of Prediction League. 2018-19 witnessed a record 57 Predictors sign up, so the format of the early round(s) was a group stage. A bit like the World Cup, but with no seeding. All divisions mixed up by chance in a draw that is taped and broadcast on OWTB to ensure no foul play. More on that later. OWTB Cup games begin in January and end in May and coincide with standard League games, the schedule of which @Stevie_J will inform us of in good time. Potential replay weeks - for later knockout rounds - are also accounted for, such is the excellent administration. This means that while Predicting for standard League points, you will be competing against 1 other Predictor in the OWTB Cup at the same time during these weeks. It makes for interesting tactics & mind games, something we'll look at next week. During 2018-19, the following games counted as OWTB Cup group stage games; Date - Opponent - Correct Prediction 9/2 Crawley (a) - 0-3 [0-0] Branger 2,058 12/2 Yeovil (h) - 4-1 [1-0] Baxter 3,868 16/2 Crewe (h) - 1-1 [1-0] Lang 5,288 Following all group games, the tables stood as per below, with the top 2 in each group, plus the 2 best 3rd place finishers progressing to the 2nd round, or Round of 16. You can't deny it's well run can you? Come on, get yourself signed up. It's well worth it. All you've got to do is; Pay the £5 entrance fee via PayPal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (Please note the underscore) with your OWTB username in the comments box and your name will appear in the following Participants thread;
  3. True. Although one could argue Stott did a good job in the 80s......
  4. I don’t care who it is, so long as they are responsible & competent, have a plan and are employing sound governance to achieve it. Relatively, on field success is not my concern, albeit I believe we would see it if the rest were true. To date, Mr. Lemsagam appears not to meet this criteria.
  5. The only terms that will truly benefit the football club, are ones that see all assets reunited under one company....
  6. ....while technically I can't ague with you.... football clubs shouldn't be allowed to run as typical limited companies.... there should much much heavier regulation from the governing bodies......
  7. ....the solace I take in it.... is it means we've as much chance of 'getting away' with 2003 again.... when - IMO - it inevitably comes.....
  8. What happens to the money raised from your £5 entrance fee you might ask. Firstly, in memory of Dave Stringer aka @opinions4u, a respected OWTB member/contributor and whom the Latics Forum is on OWTB is affectionately named after, 50% of the money raised will be donated to his chosen charity, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Charity: https://www.roycastle.org/ Secondly, OWTB is run/managed by volunteers and is an independent / free fans forum that (if you're reading this) I assume - like me - you value. 50% of the money raised from Prediction League will be donated to OWTB running costs; Good causes? All you've got to do is; Pay the £5 entrance fee via PayPal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (Please note the underscore) with your OWTB username in the comments box and your name will appear in the following Participants thread; Keep popping back into this thread as I explain more about how it works and what's new.
  9. ....he could seek to remove the football club - for not honouring the terms of its lease/rent, which indefensibly Marco isn’t doing - and look to redevelop it for commercial gain.... I’m sure, with appropriate sweeteners, he could find a way of developing it into a housing estate... he’s already done so on some of it / has planning permission to do more....
  10. .....he was to blame for leaving Corney in charge though... they - TTA - could’ve sold lock, stock & barrel on more than one occasion, but were asking silly money.... I hope the FLG have made him see sense on price.... although I fear not.
  11. Honest about what? Saying they want to oust the owner of the football club? That would be one hell of an aggressive objective to announce. I wouldn’t go public with that, even if I harboured those thoughts.... ....Blitz wants to sell the land.... he could develop houses / flog it to amazon/Tesco et al.... Marco hasn’t got the money to buy it.... so this group have stepped in (they may require funding) to save it from that outcome. If Marco ran the club properly - you cannot argue that he does - then they may be happy to park any ambition to oust him, even if they ultimately would like to. If Marco is running the club in such a way that we run the risk of admin/liquidation, then the FLG being his landlord may just be the thing that saves the club in the end.
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