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  1. League 1 Activity

    Craig Bellamy has just gone in at 1/5 for the Oxford job......
  2. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    The absence of any sh1tstorm most certainly is..... long may it continue.... Let's hope all staff get paid on time this month.
  3. Rochdale

    Didn't we have to reapply for election on a couple of occasion too? I don't think we finished bottom mind......
  4. League 1 Activity

    1. An indisputable fact.... and for which I congratulate them. However, we came f'kin close in '94 and were unlucky not to have had a crack in '90 too. I can say less about 1913..... but that's 3 times we've been close to a Cup Final. They've made the Semi's twice. 2. Since they've been in the Football League [1978], of the 39 seasons, we've averaged more fans than them on 21 occasions, to their 18. They've basically won every year from 2000, we won every one prior to that. They topped 19k the year they won the cup, we had 15k in our first season back in Div 1. They've stooped as low as 1,700 in 1995. The lowest we've seen is 4,300. I'd say it's pretty even over the course of time, they're just doing better than us right now because they've had a sugar daddy who's pumped a load of money in to get them there. Let's hope Mr. Lemsagam has a plan to get us competing again once more and we might see the fruits of that.....
  5. ...that’s not really a plan, merely a statement that sums up the present situation. Some of us - I accept not everybody feels the same - would like to know how he intends to improve us, assuming he wishes to do that, unlike the previous regime who saw maintaining League One status as a worthy achievement. Maybe now isn’t the time, but I think it would be a wise PR exercise to put some (not anything that compromises his negotiating position, with either other limited companies we are competing with nor other suppliers he may wish to buy services from) meat on the bones. I hope to hear from him in that regard over the summer.
  6. Board and directors

    I know.... I’m hypothesising that nothing will be updated until the result of the HMRC investigation is complete?
  7. Board and directors

    One could deduce the actions/decisions of any HMRC investigation might come before any accounts are published.....?
  8. Rochdale

    .....I still wonder to this day whether I suffered a mild form of PTSD from the experience.....
  9. Days gone by v now

    Which is why I tried to keep the quotes to facts, as to opposed to opinion....
  10. Days gone by v now

    If I may quote; “Adjoining our ground is over six acres of spare land, all owned by the club.” “At Oldham we consistently have the highest gates in the 3rd division.... and many compare favourably with those registered by some second & first division clubs.” “....we have no time for Directors who regard their board membership as a present hobby...” f*kin think about that.... and some of the pr1cks that have run the club since. We have the potential to compete higher up the football league pyramid than we currently reside and don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise. We just need an owner with some ambition, a bit of money and a f*kin plan. Let’s hope the lad in the seat today is that person.
  11. Days gone by v now

    I can't commend Prozac's post enough. Maybe it's because we are the same age, witnessed/experienced the same things, began our love affair within a game or two of each other.... but if you read it and think about what's been missing, it's the lack of a plan or identity; I refer the honourable ladies and gents back to a set of questions that I feel we are entitled to ask, but accept we are not entitled to receive an answer to.... although it'd be f*cking nice if Mr. Lemsagam did take the time to do so; - OAFC2004 Ltd makes a loss every year. In normal Limited company circumstances, this is not sustainable. Are you [AL] going to cover that loss and write it off every year until you can make it profitable? i.e You will not saddle OAFC2004 Ltd with Director loans that it has to pay back if/when you come to sell it? - In order to achieve this, you will need to target an increase in revenue from player transfers and supporter numbers. How are you going to do this? - Are you going to increase the playing budget so we can attract / sign more expensive [and hopefully therefore better] players, or are you going to operate within the same budget restrictions as our previous owner(s)? - We are aware you believe you can unearth talent from your extensive knowledge of the World/European player/transfer market, however what are your views of investing in TP's youth set up [scouts, coaches, facilities] in an attempt to increase the frequency of & profit from home grown talent? - Will it be possible to reduce the reliance on a procession of loans, rewarding prospects with good contracts and putting an end to selling cheap? - We hope an improvement in the team's performance will attract/bring more fans back, however will you also address some of the obvious inadequate facilities in the 3 stands you own and find a way of getting Blitz/Gazal to complete the fans bar on the top floor of the north stand? Possibly through part or complete funding yourself and/or striking a deal that sees an increase in revenue for the club from the OEC? - Will you invest in a new pitch and upgrade/improve the training facilities? - Finally, will you work closely with OACT and the Marketing/Media team to do more to promote the club to the wider Oldham community including a better funded Boundary Blues with improved facilities/Events?
  12. 7 wins...where will they come from?

    Stoke away, Victoria ground, FA Cup 4th round reply, 1994..... we were 1-0 up, Beckford [ex Port Vale - they were giving him loads].... they'd battered us for a long period. Toddy Orlygsson, playing for them, had hit the crossbar and someone else the post. It was like the Alamo at the back. We were stood on a terrace behind the goal with their fans on the top tier seats [family stand? - see below] throwing coins and spitting at us.... they all began singing "Going down"..... I started [to my pleasure at the time] singing "We are Premier League" back to our Div1/Championship hosts, which every Latics fan in the ground joined in with. They began filing out of the ground shortly after.... Lovely experience.
  13. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    Imagine. What a momentous day that would've been...... it'd have been renamed St Muammar day in my house if that'd come off.
  14. The Duck

    Duck, Goose..... 7 things you didn't know about Owls; Number 2 explains a lot..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1JsVXDXPlx4KS8Psmt9cMVw/seven-things-you-didn-t-know-about-owls
  15. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    One hopes the EFL and FA are much stricter on the Fit & Proper Persons rules today, than they clearly were in 2009; http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43055733