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  1. lookersstandandy

    Forgotten Heroes

    ...that's my recollection too.... Edit: Although not as bad as Glenn Keeley.
  2. lookersstandandy

    Pawel Abbott Oldham's Number Nine

    ...agreed.... and those whom take it upon themselves to be judge and jury are the ones least likely to attempt a crack at coming up with song ideas themselves. In fact if it were left up to them, we'd be in complete silence most of the time.
  3. lookersstandandy

    Pawel Abbott Oldham's Number Nine

    Using the Palace song; Mis-soi-lu, Mis-soi-lu, Mis-soi-lu, Thats the way he tackles, he tackles, he tackles, and that’s they way we like it, we like it, we like it, Oh, oh oh oh oh Ohhhhhh, Oh, oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh.
  4. lookersstandandy

    Pawel Abbott Oldham's Number Nine

    I’ve always thought - for very obvious reasons - we should try to appropriate an Inspiral Carpets song. The stand out candidate being This is How it Feels, but when suggested on here, some people just whinge that Yoonited have sung it in derogatory terms to Citeh in the past, pre Mansoor and his billions - so over 10 years ago - and that it couldn’t therefore possibly be turned into something that is in support of our own club. It’s the last sentence that requires completing; Ab-dallah don’t know what he’s done, Rhodes don’t know what’s wrong with Bunn. They can’t say, we can’t see, Putting it down to another bad day, So this is how it feels to be lonely, This is how it feels to be Small, This is how it feels when.... Sammy Sur-ridge scores a goal.
  5. lookersstandandy

    Forgotten Heroes

    Me too. I thought time was a good healer. I still feel upset and angry about it & my hate of Man United for both ‘90 & ‘94 never abates.
  6. lookersstandandy

    Jordan Lyden

    ....Pah, Rob Purdie. Top trumps.
  7. lookersstandandy

    Barnsley (H)

    What on earth is FB playing him there for? Absolute nonsense. Our most creative player.
  8. lookersstandandy

    League 2 activity

    Pierluigi Casiraghi, remember him? Lazio, Chelsea. Italy striker. Yeah, that one. In line to be next Crawley Town manager.
  9. lookersstandandy

    Anthony Gerrard

    In the interest of balance, a joke - even a tasteless one - about a religion does not necessarily equal racism. Expressing bigoted views on the basis of race is abhorrent and it’s quite right he should be outed on it, if indeed this is what he has done. However, the practices of a religion should be no less imune from ridicule than someone’s belief that the earth is flat IMO. It’s gets up my nose when people who believe in a religion - which I defend their right to do - get all pious when someone makes of fun of it.
  10. lookersstandandy

    Transfer Rumours

    One for the OASIS [London based] lot; Holborn, pronounced Ho-ben & Marylebone, pronounced Marley-bone. Gets right on my tits, southern ponces.
  11. lookersstandandy

    The offside rule

    I recall watching Dean Saunders persistently stand in an off side position when’s Nigel Spink was taking goal kicks..... and half the Lookers Stand demonstrated they didn’t understand the offside rule properly.
  12. lookersstandandy

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    Wonder how much that cost to pay up his contract?
  13. This is the game where Hans Segars could be accused/suspected of being up to no good!
  14. 6-2? As an aside, Darren Beckford is a member at Denton golf club nowadays. A mate of mine plays golf with him regularly. Apparently his knees are absolutely shot to pieces and he's put on a fair bit of weight because of his inability to do much exercise.