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  1. No. The Chaddy End is the Home End. The Zig-a-Zag-a song fkin says so......
  2. ...I've noticed Shrewsbury playing him Centre Half on more than one occasion this season.....
  3. I know.... was just speaking out aloud. Does Marco fancy swapping it back, so long as we can get some booze and food in their somehow....?
  4. The Chaddy End will always be the Home End to me Billy.
  5. 50% of which is owed to Everton. Just like 50% of any fee received for Hunt would be owed to Brighton. Corney deals.
  6. ....Preston, Sunderland & Stoke also rumoured by some. Best thing we could do is encourage a bit of an auction.
  7. He seemed to be enjoying the notoriety from what I could see though....
  8. This thread by the impressive owner of Accy Stanley is well worth a read....
  9. I’d like someone to tell me what happened to Sohny Sefil’s loan spell at Ashton United? One assumes this is who Marco wanted to play in place of Clarke.....!?!
  10. It was more than suggested.... Scholes practically said so in his BT Sport interview. Do you not think it would be a little more difficult - without attracting more negative attention for himself - for AL to insist on it following Scholes’ departure.... and subsequently impossible given the run we’ve been on. We’ll know where they both stand/their relationship stands after the Northampton game.
  11. Notts County, 4th game of the 1994/95 season after we'd been relegated from the Premier League. Won 3-1. Sean McCarthy hat-trick. Was as sure as I could be we were going straight back up after this game. We lost the next 4 on the bounce and I went to every one.... in fact, I only missed 1 of the first 11.
  12. Bloody hell, what a shame that's so young. I remember him as a tough no-nonsense centre half. Struggled a bit on the plastic from what I remember though, not quite quick enough. Did we get him from Hull? I seem to remember us nicking a few players off them during that time. Bunn & Jobson as well.
  13. 👍 The official club Twitter account only joined Twitter on 22nd Feb 2011, which was exactly 1 week after this game. Interesting to note that there were c1,200 more home fans in for a game that cost £2 vs one that was Free. We were 7th in League One in Dickov's fist season in Feb 2011 compared to 2nd bottom v Peterborough during Shezurrection II in Jan 2017. Just shows you what could happen with on-field success. Imagine if that was coupled with good governance?
  14. ....it's also pretty normal to chose a safer path to reach that height.... & he might want to run a Premier League Academy?
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