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  1. Shots fired, civil war is coming! Is the club obligated to use that stand for the coming season? Whats the legalities around the FLG selling season tickets in there outside of the clubs say so?
  2. Any update on season tickets? Even if theres nothing to extend the deadline, theres been nothing on the website to say its the final day?
  3. Not sure if its the direction they are heading in but it would be a real positive if whoever is heading this has the funds to do everything without assistance but is looking to include "regular" fans by inviting them to donate (or something like a share scheme similar to what other clubs have done i.e. Eibar in La Liga) so we all feel an involvement in moving forward. I've a gut feeling you could raise a significant amount more this way from us "regular" fans rather than it being "regular" fans alone being asked to chip in to a takeover fund. Fingers crossed as it all sounds positive.
  4. I genuinely can't work this guy out (AL). I fully believe everything (okay most things, theres always bound to be one or two little things that arent true about whats said about someone) said about this guy. He then goes and does this. A PR exercise? A genuine attempt to open the door to fans? How does he gain from this? All it does is give a fan a chance to see up close the day to day running and provide further evidence of how bad things are. I imagine most arent arsed about this and would just prefer to see AL run the club properly. If AL can judge the feeling of the mood against him right now by offering this, why cant he also see that we are angry because of how he has run things until now. A lot of our gripes are not actually money related (treatment of staff, interference in team matters) and surely he must be aware of them now so why bother with the charade as so far hes not changed for anyone. In most other circumstances this would be a great bit of news however raises more questions than answers. I very cautiously welcome it though im not holding my breath.
  5. Walk out at some point through the game?
  6. As of earlier today i was thinking of how i was buying my season ticket for next year. Been a ST holder for a good 10 years or more, and always attended games prior to then by different means. I will not be renewing with things as they are. Two others, who are usually stonewall renewers no matter what, arent bothering either for now. I don't comment all that much on here but feel i needed to say something while this circus goes on. I try to not be too critical of things, feel ive given AL a fair crack of the whip, but i cant continue while this goes on. Scholes going is the canary croaking it down the mine for me.
  7. Bring back the 90's badge or commission a new one. Never really warmed to this one.
  8. At the very least i'd like to think Wild has earned himself a shot further down the line. Allow him a couple more years as youth team manager then give him the job when the oppourtunity arises!
  9. To the tune of Sweet Caroline: "Sweeeeeet Callum Lang, du du duuuuuu" Could probably do with some more added to it but its a start!
  10. Loved his reaction to the first goal going in (didnt clock him for the rest). Jumped around all over the technical area, fists pumping. Pretty much as you'd expect to see any of us do. I know some managers celebrate like this time to time but knowing he's one of us, it was nice and refreshing to see!
  11. I was thinking this the other day. Maybe waiting to see if we win Monday night and if we do we can better take the financial hit? That being said im guessing there is a deadline/minimum amount of time we have to postpone a game so it may already have passed.
  12. Apologies if its already been mentioned, is the game on i follow tonight for UK users? I only ask as although its a midweek game it was originally meant for the Saturday. So im not sure if there is a weird ruling preventing its broadcast as it should of been then, when the restriction is, and not tonight.
  13. I use Windscribe myself. Been okay so far.
  14. Boycott. As someone else says above, I used to go most games before the introduction of B teams but not now.
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