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  1. At the very least i'd like to think Wild has earned himself a shot further down the line. Allow him a couple more years as youth team manager then give him the job when the oppourtunity arises!
  2. To the tune of Sweet Caroline: "Sweeeeeet Callum Lang, du du duuuuuu" Could probably do with some more added to it but its a start!
  3. Loved his reaction to the first goal going in (didnt clock him for the rest). Jumped around all over the technical area, fists pumping. Pretty much as you'd expect to see any of us do. I know some managers celebrate like this time to time but knowing he's one of us, it was nice and refreshing to see!
  4. I was thinking this the other day. Maybe waiting to see if we win Monday night and if we do we can better take the financial hit? That being said im guessing there is a deadline/minimum amount of time we have to postpone a game so it may already have passed.
  5. Apologies if its already been mentioned, is the game on i follow tonight for UK users? I only ask as although its a midweek game it was originally meant for the Saturday. So im not sure if there is a weird ruling preventing its broadcast as it should of been then, when the restriction is, and not tonight.
  6. I use Windscribe myself. Been okay so far.
  7. Boycott. As someone else says above, I used to go most games before the introduction of B teams but not now.
  8. I was thinking the other day I'd not seen him post for a bit and hoped it was due to pre-season than, unfortunately, what it has turned out to be. Echo other sentiments, didnt know him personally but sad to lose another ome of 'us' as well as sad time for his family and friends. Rest in peace mate.
  9. Im not mithered by this. Its not a wow signing but not really causing me too great a concern. For all the cynicism over AL forcing players upon a manager he seems okay with them not playing if the manager feels they arent up to it. Didnt we sign a fair amount of French/foreign lads last season of which only a few played and one or two of which actually did okay? Nepo being one. Its definitely a cause for concern if this is the only calibre of player we sign i.e. unproven at our current level, but lets wait and see.
  10. As unknown a quantity that bid might be, i actually quite like the idea of it being held there. Somewhere genuinely different and not a global political power (to my knowledge). Be somewhere it seems genuinely wants to host for the football alone rather than any ego stroking of that country's political establishment. Bring it on.
  11. That was shit. We badly needed to set the tone tonight, come out and get in their faces from the get go. They would of come here expecting a battle and probably non too fussed about having one themselves being safe. I genuinely think they would of tailed off if we had and, although not guaranteeing us anything, certainly make life easier for ourselves. But no, we start as we more often than not do, end up conceding early and give them, already playing with freedom, even more to do so. We then had to chase it and hope to score before they did. Once they did it was game over at 2-0. I just cant for the life of me see how RW is going to get this lot to play anywhere good enough to win, which is what we definitely need now, on Saturday. Thats either morale wise or even to trust RW to get us playing how we should. I genuinely fear for us, I really do, and not just this season either.
  12. Im still probably emotional about the game but.... That was fucking shit. 2nd half we offered little to put the game to bed. As shit as the ref was we just werent good enough. Play like that Tuesday night and Rochdale will hammer us. Really hope im wrong and I'm over-reacting.
  13. Cant help feel Fane is lucky to have kept his place but im all for the changes made!
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