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  1. Lad called Grabara playing in goal for Poland U21s against England tonight. Is he the keeper from Liverpool played for us against stalybridge Celtic in a pre season friendly last year?
  2. And people used to slag Rickers off no end !
  3. if he's the answer i don't know what the question was ..
  4. yes agreed. i was saying as much after the Morecombe game. Unfortunately it's our only side capable of playing with pace and movement. This side every week and we'd challenge most sides in our league.
  5. let's hope he's done enough already. the plan may well be to replace him or Dearnley with the young hammer anyway.
  6. Been to the football museum in Manchester today to see the Stuart Clarke exhibition. Had a pint in the buffet bar on the way back and got talking to a guy who was Ipswich fan/ railway 'enthusiast'. He got the train from felixstowe this morning and has been to several stations including Alderley edge and wigan wallgate to see electrification bits and pieces and things I didn't understand . He had come to the buffet bar to drink a pint of gluten free beer brewed in Huddersfield. He was staying in the premier inn in Wigan going to Wigan v Ipswich tomorrow. They are bottom of the league and relegated already. What a legend!
  7. Im pretty sure he was up against a left footed right back for most of the game. Not sure if that is relevant or not.
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