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  1. That's genius wozzer. Do you own Ryanair?
  2. Went to Radcliffe Borough v Whitby Town, 2-2 and quite entertaining. Akpo Akpro did very little for Radcliffe. Stephen Dawson captain for them. Connor Hughes and Callum Dolan came on. Swaby Nevin unused on the bench. Dont know what their regular attendance is but it looked a healthy* turn out. *in both senses of the word.
  3. Decent half McCann and nepo the pick for me. 2nd goal was a thing of beauty.
  4. Is it just a rule in Spain then or all the leagues in UEFAs jurisdiction?
  5. I see they have allowed Barcelona to sign Martin Braithwaite outside the transfer window because Suarez is injured
  6. if we didn't all hate the current administration so much and view everything they did with suspicion, or it had been done by another club, we would be saying this is a terrific gesture/ marketing ploy.
  7. Agree with you in general but the bit in bold is bang on.
  8. It's a southerly wind though so it's going to be damp in the North stand. Oh wait....😆
  9. No updates on the OS which is hardly surprising.
  10. Sure will. UEFA have had it in for City for a while now. UEFA marking it's own homework. Loads of clubs will be thinking there but for the grace of god/UEFA. Well English clubs anyway.
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