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  1. Palmer on loan to Bradford from rotherham. Good signing that imo.
  2. But Stanley never won the national did he?
  3. My bury supporting mates were a very different breed. They were full of it. Couldn't see the potential problem. Couldn't see beyond the mega signings they were making. Their only complaint was that Day kept appointing crap managers. I haven't much sympathy to be honest.
  4. Is it the same referee that did the first leg? The ref then favoured tranmere.
  5. I think he was only on the bench out of necessity. When he could have played we brought palmer in. He always looked a touch small to me. Good luck to the lad though. Hope the trials come off for him.
  6. I thinks that what I meant really.😁
  7. Well done to them Let's hope for their sake it doesn't go belly up.
  8. No offence taken. I've been watching latics and football for nearly 50 years. I've always been able to enjoy each game as its own entity. Occasionally on here someone will ask what has changed over time in football. My view for what its worth is that fans no longer live in the here and now. It's not about today's game. If we win it's , if we can get ten points out of the next four games well be in the play offs. I know it's me getting old but we live in an instantaneous society now. I was reading yesterday about gender announcement parties where you gather your nearest and dearest together to tell them if it's a boy or a girl. You know whats coming next dont you?
  9. Nil nil HT. Sounds like were still in it. Had chances. Assume Iacovitti has gone to centre half.
  10. Fine effort that. 61 for me. Only added fulham and morecambe this year.
  11. When did people decide that it was obligatory to post all their thoughts about their lives for the whole world to see? Especially when they expose their children
  12. Carlisle 4-1up. Colchester 2-0 up.
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