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  1. apologies if this has been posted previously but recognised the name when reading the article. Hope all goes well for the lad https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51169623
  2. If I hadnt seen the sunshine then I wouldn't mind the rain. Beth Orton.
  3. The pass to Dearnley in the second half was sublime.
  4. Interesting how people see games differently. I thought Dearnley was bloody awful. His first touch when clean through from that magnificent pass from maouche was almost longer than the original pass. He also missed our best chance in the box. Let's hope your assessment of him and not mine is the correct one.
  5. Thought his link up play was good. Made space for himself with ease. Had a chance in the first 5 when she should at least have got it on target. Fingers crossed.
  6. V interesting that. I would have agreed with Brisbane and I was there for both games! False memory syndrome or just getting old?
  7. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot Glenn Keeley.
  8. two Danny Rowes, there's only ......
  9. AFC Fylde hotshot or Ipswich winger?
  10. Agreed Funding their current outgoings rather than future expansion I would think.
  11. is this in addition to the one we signed last week, N'Geussian?
  12. Has scored better than 1 in 4 throughout a career of over 500 games. Still a donkey though😉
  13. Now he should be a useful addition if it happens. Even better if he brings their Tommy 😁
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