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  1. Possibly young lad from Villa? They have some good young uns.
  2. Ooh isn't this exciting. Especially Twenty Questions 😊
  3. Didn't someone say he'd been seen at BP a couple of weeks back? And didn't someone else say he was crap?😀
  4. I'm pretty sure it's a UEFA rule at least and he would be limited to 2 club's.
  5. astottie

    New Manager Thread

    What a good post! But we don't want to let facts get in the way of preconceived ideas.
  6. astottie

    Ex players and that

    And he started and played 70 minutes
  7. astottie

    Forest Green (h)

    Same as last week. Syllah for Lyden. So the answer to your question is maybe joint record as same number as last week.
  8. Isn't he a GK coach somewhere?
  9. astottie

    Jordan Lyden

    That's a great shame. He's bloody unlucky.
  10. astottie

    Ex players and that

    short price as well, someone must have put a whole tenner on it. in fairness to him his record has been pretty impressive at Motherwell.
  11. Ha he, brilliant!
  12. Carlisle fans were desperate for him to stay especially having lost Yates. if he's gone back i'd bet Fleetwood are more likely to sell him that loan him to a different L2 club.
  13. astottie

    Ex players and that

    Good for him. He's had a good season at Stanley by all accounts and it didn't look like Boro were ever convinced by him. PNE chucking some money about this window. Is that 3 now?