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  1. astottie


    This has taken me back nearly 12 months but then it was Eoin Doyle.
  2. Yep we are all over them and the ref will find out what he's done at HT and compensate 2nd half. I hope.
  3. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    Bloody predictive text!
  4. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    Probably because it will cost county a lot more to get rid of Jewell than it will cost us to get rid of Frank.
  5. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    We have had whole months where we haven't had 19 shots.
  6. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    County's goalkeeper wins mom.can he go and get it now?
  7. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    Nottingham post text reporter - how Oldham haven't scored is beyond me.
  8. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    This sounds like the Alamo and weve still not scored
  9. astottie

    Notts County (a)

    i think you should have stopped after twatter
  10. astottie

    Stevenage (a)

    2 each
  11. astottie

    New Zealand Calling

    I never buy a programme and bought one on Tuesday. you can have mine. PM me with your details
  12. astottie

    Everton Youth (h)

    I think passion from managers is overrated. I'm not a great lover of Alan Green but i remember him on 606 with a caller criticising Sven for not being passionate enough. Alan said his wife was very passionate but he wouldnt want her to be England manager.
  13. astottie

    Everton Youth (h)

    Stuck at one. It warmed up second half. Room for 2 pints now.?
  14. astottie

    Everton Youth (h)

    Wondering whether its going to be a 2 Bovril match.
  15. astottie

    Everton Youth (h)

    And he missed another just before they went 2 up.