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  1. When and If...Lets leave that for the future. I am sure The EFL have already considered that scenario....which is When and if
  2. He could change the bench for a starters!
  3. IMO...If Scholes is demanding that Al doesnt interfere with the team selection, and stays out of the dressing room, then I for one, think that Scholes may be the one to bring him to his senses. Al may be the owner, but I dont think he has made his money by being stupid. This is not only a once in a generation chance to bring in such a high profile name for the club....but for Al too.Give it a chance man...you never know. IF it all goes T..s up, then its back to plan A, but at least you would have gained some respect for trying to do the right thing.
  4. Yes...him and Nicky Butt where sat behind my friend.
  5. I didnt say that it was a good reason...but given where we are at, and who is doing the signing....it could work to our advantage
  6. It also means that scouts/opposing teams have been watching you as well. Thats Macclesfields homework up the Swanny
  7. Thought he only came out of retirement to help bunn?
  8. Sam surridge cup tied! He might as well stay here.....you know you want to
  9. I think he deserves the limelight of leading the team he supports out. At the end of the day, we are not guaranteed a win whoever the new manager may be. The players are in charge, once they are on the pitch. All any one can do is there best.
  10. Which fans where those.....I for one was very underwhelmed when he was appointed.i also think he was very surprised at finally getting the job
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