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  1. I,ve got news for you....they will still pick them
  2. Looks like him an AL are made for each other.....I have already cancelled my season ticket...IF things improve, I will go on a match to match basis.
  3. As a life long Oldham fan...I would hope that it's not in us genes.
  4. No wonder he jumped ship at Latics....I find it all a bit of a coincidence that he blamed the owner...which was always well documented, before he became manager. TBH i think he did more damage than good.
  5. Wouldn't it be a really good idea if the brothers Lemsagam did take over the management/coaching until the end of the season and we didn't win another game. Probably in an empty stadium...
  6. Publicly should not have been an option, but those concerns should have been voiced, one way or another.
  7. After listening to the pod by Richie Wellens...he says that Al asked him if he could come into the dressing room ....so he asked permission, to which he was granted.This happened twice, which gave him a taste that he liked.From then on, he just came in.Seems as if he had been told in the first instance...No,its not the way the dressing room works, or professional, he may not have got into the habit in the first place....just saying
  8. How many have renewed for the next season and who will now be asking for a refund
  9. Scholes darting up the tunnel at full time was embarrassing. Maybe he was going to look for an hairdryer! 
  10. When and If...Lets leave that for the future. I am sure The EFL have already considered that scenario....which is When and if
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