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  1. Only one set of loos in the chaddy aren't there?
  2. Possibly more because there will be a higher percentage of POTD with season ticket holders being a relatively fixed number.
  3. Only problem with that is that because of a lack of experienced club staff, our maximum attendance figure at the moment is reportedly about 8 1/2 thousand limit.
  4. If things weren't such a mess it wouldn't matter about cheapness because the money would be coming into the club. That is the sad depressing truth of the matter.
  5. At this point if we win these last 5 games we will be in the playoffs no matter what anyone else does.
  6. But should be cheaper and more convenient at OEC all things being equal.
  7. It's not what was originally promised, and now they say the price will go up next season.
  8. Poor punctuation, grammar, spelling and rhetoric. Well that's convinced me!
  9. The other side of this is that other people will avoid sitting in seats sporting a reserved sticker, thus reducing choice and often good seats which may be available. I agree that at away games, where no-one has an attachment to a randomly purchased seat, a bit more freedom of movement is to be expected.
  10. My inner pendant needs to state that it's pedant.
  11. According to an article I read from aNottingham newspaper,And also Wikipedia, Lacovetti is described as a centre half.
  12. It is true but I agree he wouldn't give a scoop to a random oik in a bar!
  13. Paul Scholes was out in Uppermill Friday night, when asked if he was going to be new manager he gave a very firm NO!
  14. Cardiff will have some kind of insurance to somewhat mitigate the financial hit they will take, however, the tragedy is still a bit too fresh to be talking about such relatively unimportant matters when two lives have been so tragically ended.
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