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  1. According to an article I read from aNottingham newspaper,And also Wikipedia, Lacovetti is described as a centre half.
  2. It is true but I agree he wouldn't give a scoop to a random oik in a bar!
  3. Paul Scholes was out in Uppermill Friday night, when asked if he was going to be new manager he gave a very firm NO!
  4. Cardiff will have some kind of insurance to somewhat mitigate the financial hit they will take, however, the tragedy is still a bit too fresh to be talking about such relatively unimportant matters when two lives have been so tragically ended.
  5. He was also front and centre of the player's celebration at the end of the game, enthusiastic and appreciative of the fans and dancing away.
  6. Were you the guy I saw walking away from the Fulham end wearing a Bovis shirt, with an attractive young lady wearing a Fulham scarf and an unimpressed frown?
  7. He stated that he would be available this weekend when Broady interviewed him on NYD
  8. It is true, I have already posted this on another thread.
  9. Lyden said that his loan had been extended to include the Fulham game but he would then return to Villa, hopefully only for a week or so before returning.
  10. I was having no joy on Chrome last weekend despite previously having no problems, so I tried Edge and succeeded in accessing all content as before.
  11. Who are you, and what have you done to K i G?
  12. I have been trying since 2-30 to get commentary, nothing doing.
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