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  1. AL had no right to take season ticket money off supporters for the JR stand if he did not have an agreement in place. If he closes the stand for the beginning of the season then, surely, he will need to offer refunds to everyone affected.
  2. I had the same problem, had to disable Ad blocker on the site. Worked fine ever since.
  3. I know a member of his extended family, the opinions expressed are not flattering.
  4. Do your research, Re Big Baz's press conference on Ched Evans.
  5. When I stated this, a while ago, Billy said it wasn't true.
  6. Billy, I'm sure you are convinced you are in the right here, BUT the fact is that there has been a major change to a package I have paid a lot of money for over the last few years. There are several other things I am not happy about but I really don't want to get into a conflict over it on here, Suffice it to say that obviously, I am not the only one who feels somewhat let down over previous seasons otherwise the new rehashed super offer wouldn't have come into being. By the way, if we are being pedantic, I said you engaged me, not you engaged me first! I am on a public forum for supporters debate and comments, I got miffed at being assailed with all those smiley face bloody emojis. Please desist with them!
  7. Also the change to car park charges was not mentioned in advance or I definitely would have given "feedback"
  8. I am not trying to say I doubt your personal veracity, you come across as a genuinely helpful and personable representative of the club. What I do take issue with is that most of this "new" package of benefits will be of little or no interest to me or the vast majority of other fans that I have conversed with, whilst one major part of the package has been withdrawn and is now charged an extra £75 for. Also, some of this package is already available with a standard season ticket (discounts on travel and club shop etc.) So being cited as an extra for 100 club membership is a little disingenuous.
  9. For me the car parking has always been a major part of the package, a one in ten chance of maybe winning a "special" prize draw over the course of a season is far less of an attraction. The phrase "after feedback from supporters" was used in the e-mail, but I don't recall being asked for feedback. I have been a 100 club member since the beginning so "the past",( key words you seem to dismiss so easily) is what I have experience of and while you are inferring that this time will be different, let's just say that we've all heard that before and time will tell!
  10. Just to point out though, £75 extra for parking doesn't add up to the same price does it? And we have seen some of these offers fail to materialise in years past!
  11. Only one set of loos in the chaddy aren't there?
  12. Possibly more because there will be a higher percentage of POTD with season ticket holders being a relatively fixed number.
  13. Only problem with that is that because of a lack of experienced club staff, our maximum attendance figure at the moment is reportedly about 8 1/2 thousand limit.
  14. If things weren't such a mess it wouldn't matter about cheapness because the money would be coming into the club. That is the sad depressing truth of the matter.
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