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  1. Over the last few years I have been kicked out of the Chaddy, evicted from the 100 club and then ousted completely from the JRS. The main stand leg room is totally inadequate for someone of my stature, which leaves one alternative - the freezing cold and blustery JF stand, which also has the tightest turnstiles ever! I don't think it is totally unreasonable to feel somewhat aggrieved at the attitudes prevalent in the boardroom towards loyal supporters. Bastards!
  2. Let's face it, if Dino is the answer then somebody has been asking the wrong bloody question!
  3. As James sang, " If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor! "
  4. I never thought I would agree with KIG, but adversity brings strange bedfellows. It's causing me deeply conflicted emotions, Saturday is the day I anticipate all week because I look forward to the game and boycotting is very difficult. However, easing the pressure on the regime at this point doesn't feel like the right thing to do and although it is hard to abandon my main pleasure?? in life (temporarily) it just has to be done.
  5. As the trust tried to explain to them in their recent letter!
  6. When I was coming out of the OEC they were telling one guy that he had to have a season ticket to be allowed in!
  7. I asked Ashleigh last season what the food was that was being carried round the pitch from the main stand. She replied that it was for the Boardroom.
  8. I think that if we found a quality striker of our own, he would probably be sold after a season or so, thus breaking the longed for continuity.
  9. If you were given information on numerous occasions, then it is a disgrace that those of us who were working at the time of said meeting were not also informed what was transpiring. I am totally pissed off about this whole nonsense, fans who pay their hard earned money in good faith deserve a damned sight better than 4 days notice.
  10. Hardly throughout the process then, plus an hour after being on official site.
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