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  1. Can I get in the OEC without a match ticket tomorrow??
  2. Haha, I stand by what I saw in that game. I think he is decent now, one of our better players! I hope Vera improves though!
  3. Ok, so I think it was David May in the RRE...knew I recognised him
  4. Jack Byrne is better at his job than you...probably. Get him back in the team. I want us to win games
  5. Thought Missolou was poor myself, struggled to get near close enough to them, just kept grabbing shirts.
  6. 20k for participating. 10k for 1st round wins, 5k for draw 2nd round - 20k per win 3rd round - 40k per win Qf- 50k Runner up - 50k Winner-100k
  7. Oh, the boxes looked good, but no Tvs were in that week which was disappointing!
  8. I went with the Mrs for the Doncaster game, food was nice if pretty simple, soup for starter, chicken for main and trifle for dessert. Table service for drinks was very slow, quicker to walk to the bar yourself. It was the first opening though i think, so hopefully they have improved. Bar is open for half time and you can pre order your half time drink, though ours weren't there at half time! (Only had 45 mins to do it). Opens at 1, food served at 1.30. Any more questions just ask and ill try answer them!
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