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  1. Landing in Genoa in 1995, on the second attempt with a strong cross-wind, brought applause from players and supporters.
  2. I've been too busy watching it to start a thread. ☺️
  3. Here you go.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/diego_sideburns/11947899076/in/album-72157638374909965/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/diego_sideburns/11220461394/in/album-72157638374909965/
  4. A retrial of the manslaughter charge against David Duckenfield is scheduled for 7 October 2019.
  5. Salford away is scheduled for Sat 25 January, which is FA Cup 4th round day.
  6. If the detail is attractive, this may be a better way of spending what would have been my season ticket money.
  7. He was probably among many Oviedistas I have met but the name doesn't ring a bell!
  8. Support Shamrock Rovers since meeting their fans in the Isle of Man in 1997, and Eintracht Frankfurt since meeting their fans in Newport in '98, on the way to Cardiff with Latics. The dream is for Rovers to get through the first qualifying round (and second if necessary) of the Europa League and play Eintracht in the second/third. Follow the results of Burton Albion. Also shareholder in Real Oviedo.
  9. It is and the bar of the Social Club at the ground used to be a stopping-off point for some mini-buses when Latics were playing in the Midlands.
  10. Stafford Rangers (away) 23rd July 7:30pm. https://www.staffordrangersfc.co.uk/oldham-friendly-announced/
  11. Jack Byrne interview in today's Irish Independent; https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/there-was-some-mad-stuff-going-on-there-the-grass-in-the-training-ground-wasnt-cut-so-we-couldnt-train-there-38141041.html
  12. On Saturday, while trailing 5-1 away to Bayern Munich, it looked like Eintracht would end a brilliant season with nothing to show for it, and then their arch-rivals Mainz did them a massive favour, coming from 0-2 down against Hoffenheim to win 4-2, with three of their goals coming in the 83rd, 90th and 90+3 minutes. Therefore Eintracht will be in next season's second qualifying round for a place in the Europa League. My pictures/videos from our trip to Munich: https://www.flickr.com/photos/diego_sideburns/albums/72157708459168265
  13. BTW, Gordon won the FA Cup with Charlton and worked in the Treasurer's Department at Oldham Town Hall, when I worked in the Town Clerk's Dept. Before becoming Latics manager, he played in the same Oldham Nalgo team as me against Manchester. Happy days!
  14. Fair enough. He was found guilty of failing to discharge a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act in respect of ensuring there were enough turnstiles to prevent unduly large crowds building up outside the ground. The court heard there were seven turnstiles available for the 10,100 Liverpool fans with standing tickets. Judge Sir Peter Openshaw said: "He should have realised there was an obvious risk that so many spectators could not pass through seven turnstiles in time for kick-off. The defendant's offence was at least one of the direct causes of the crush at the turnstiles outside the ground but it was not a direct cause of the crush on the terraces inside the ground that resulted in the deaths of 96 spectators and injury to many more, to which the crush outside the ground did no more than set the scene." The fans emerging from those seven turnstiles should not have been allowed to enter the terrace through the tunnel into the middle pen - they should have been directed to the side pens, where there was adequate room for them. My question is who was responsible for this failure under Health and Safety legislation?
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