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  1. Don't you love farce?My fault, I fearI thought that you'd want what I wantSorry, my dear!But where are the clownsSend in the clownsDon't bother, they're here.
  2. Spotted this Tweeted picture of The Athleticos' banners today. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48654752958_ce7a801d2a.jpg
  3. You can see from the pictures that they really enjoyed it and were wide-eyed with excitement. The kids seem to have had a good time too.
  4. IIRC Junior Agogo scored the penalty which won Latics the trophy in the 1999 Isle of Man International Football Festival. Thanks for the memories, Junior. Rest in peace.
  5. Appeared on OS an hour ago. Open training session about to start, with seats in the JR Stand and parking provided. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/august/22082019-open-training/
  6. Is someone looking for an American backer? https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48592245787_4fe5e0ceae.jpg
  7. Saw Neil McDonald in the Joe Royle stand last night.....just sayin'.
  8. That's good to know. Do you also sing this when Wham are on the radio: We're goin' up with Junior Agogo When last season we were feelin' so low We're goin' up with Junior Agogo Take me to Latics tonight.
  9. Thanks again Pete for always finding space to include my song adaptations. There was one when I had alerted Andy Ritchie to Walsall making Brett Angel available for transfer. It went like this: So when I'm lyin' in my bed Thoughts running through my head And I wish Carlo would score I want Brett Angel instead And through it all He rarely earns selection He mainly (only) scores v Wrexham Proving Ritchie wrong And when he gets the ball Wherever he may take me I know that he will break me When he comes to fall, I know he'll waste it I want Brett Angel instead.
  10. For those who've seen him, is Gonzales speedy?
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