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  1. Can't make because spending the weekend in Newport/Cardiff, without Latics being able to spoil it.
  2. Mrs S. and I get your drift and it makes perfect sense!
  3. On a lighter note, I went to see the Oldham Tinkers in Shaw last night. John Howarth said he had been planning to work "Paul Scholes" into the 'John Willie's Horse' song, only to find out he had gone! So the song remained as originally written by the late Larry Kearns, my old schoolmate: Once Jimmy Frizzell sent fer ‘im when flu had taken its toll. He turned out fer Latics an’ he scored the winning goal. The crowd went mad and cheered and sang an’ shouted themselves ‘oarse And the players they all gathered round to kiss John Willie’s ‘orse. Kiss John Willie’s ‘orse.
  4. I believe Scholes' winning percentage dropped to 14.28% placing him at No. 23 in that list of stats posted on 6 March.
  5. Postponed, due to four international call-ups, until Tuesday 30 April at 7:45pm. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/march/14032019-Newport-A-Rearranged/
  6. That's after the end of Lent, so could be a victory.
  7. Two down six to go. Only five to go with the postponement of Newport (a) until after Lent.
  8. 3-0 win last night at Dusseldorf. Off to Italy tomorrow to play Inter on Thursday. I wonder if they'll be tired like Latics were, according to PS.
  9. 0-0. For the second leg in Milan, Eintracht have ordered 20,000 tickets but received an allocation of only 13,500.
  10. Eintracht v Inter in Europa League 1st Leg live on BT Sport3 from 5:45pm today.
  11. Has anyone got the record for giving up winning during Lent, because I think this season may be a record-breaker?
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