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  1. Aye, that's correct. It's been done up since we were last down there as is now home fans only.
  2. And changed his name to Chord Melodic.
  3. Iacovitti signed a 2 year deal. One of the reasons Scholes left I believe - a pre contract was signed without his approval
  4. It's not often I get accused of that these days
  5. It seems like he has different home and away formations or he's trying to stifle the opposing teams that are higher up the table. We'll possibly be back to 442 on Saturday.
  6. It’s just disappointing after going a goal up and after 2 decent wins. No shame in losing to second in the league in the last minute, tactics could have been slightly better though. Onto the next.
  7. For the amount he probably sold it for, he could have got more from Necarcu or Blitz and mugged Abdallah off with it like the other debt.
  8. It’s a clause of any future profits. If Brentford didn’t put any clauses in (they did) we wouldn’t get money. As it stands, we’ve lost out on £100k or more on the £500k they received for his first international match (it will be the same again if he plays a competitive England match), and a percentage of the difference between what they sold him for and what they paid us. There would have been more if Burnley sell him - a percentage of the difference between prices again if Corney hadn’t sold the clause. Thanks Simon. https://www.mylondon.news/sport/football/transfer-news/brentford-receive-cash-windfall-burnley-14464501.amp
  9. Can we leave politics out of a football related thread please? Had enough with fucking Brexit.
  10. Interesting that they’ve posted it on a secret group that we can’t reply to.
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