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  1. Funny you should say that - I'm not sure on the translation...
  2. Nah, giving this one a miss.
  3. Difficult to say when SYP's finest will be dictating where you can and can't go. We ended up in the Wetherspoons in the centre last time.
  4. Hahahahahaha. Robbo signed Ollie Banks.
  5. They're usually a good guide to how someone is posting...
  6. He's definitely a red now. And FCUM as well.
  7. And it's £20 in advance.
  8. I'd imagine it'll be a business venture for when he hangs up his boots.
  9. Byrne was clever with his celebration to make sure he stayed in their half.
  10. I had both teams to score to get the odds up. Yep, it's going on again on Sat.
  11. Nearly shafted on the same bet today! Held my nerve though.
  12. His name was mentioned so many times on iFollow - sounded like a lot went through him.
  13. Think so. 'Oldham Athletic Official App' on Apple. It kept cutting off right at the end though! I have no nails left.