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  1. I don’t think Dux was talking about the way anyone treated him yesterday.
  2. Scary thing is is that he has repeated an offence. He’s 18 and was already disqualified from driving.
  3. It didn’t. There may be one on Tuesday before the match though.
  4. Not a bad team from what we have available. Glad Nepo is starting.
  5. Yep. Complex commercial deals take time. A man of your business acumen should understand that surely?
  6. I’ve given you reasons. Why you choose to ignore them is your issue.
  7. This again? No. No they haven’t bought them. They haven’t said they have either.
  8. I doubt you'll need to get an atmosphere going for Latics away at Bradford.
  9. The purchase of the Joe Royle stand and the freehold of Boundary Park.
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