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  1. MD rather than CEO to get round making MM redundant?
  2. No worse than the majority of forwards we've had over the years. I don't think he was amazing but he was instrumental in helping Main score some critical goals to keep us up that season.
  3. He scored 2 in 30 at Shrewsbury last season whilst mainly played as a defender.
  4. If the club have ignored all communications from the FCA, their records won’t be up to date.
  5. Nope, 1 stop in Casablanca. Doesn't add too much to the journey.
  6. They announced a new partner on 31st May, V12 - https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/may/31052019-v12-finance/
  7. £240 flight, £15 return coach transfer from Agadir Airport, £90 hotel (you can get cheaper). £355 total. 12-15 July.
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