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  1. Or willing to work for peanuts as he's already rich (I would assume).
  2. Covid had pretty much put me off renewing, current events have finally made my mind up!
  3. I think that was vs FC Utd, held at BP if I remember correctly
  4. I can't imagine you'd see that money again, unless you used a credit card
  5. Rumours that the individual who's interested in buying Gigg Lane, has also bought Alfreton Town with the intention of relocating them to Bury, MK dons style...
  6. I know he stayed on in an advisory role, no idea if that included him keeping some shares
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7408485/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Dont-blame-elite-demise-Bury-fall-business.html?ito=amp_whatsapp_share-top Frank and honest article (with a couple of mentions for latics).
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