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  1. Banner in the family stand #oafc https://t.co/ZArSXgLob9
  2. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Oldham_Athletic/Oldham_Athletic.htm Does anyone know why we went back to red and white hoops 1946-48'? Edit: just read the blurb at the bottom of the page "Immediately after the Second World War, Oldham turned out in red and white hooped jerseys borrowed from their neighbours, Oldham RLFC, presumably because the traditional shirts were not available."
  3. Whilst we're on the subject of programmes, I'm missing the one from the Mansfield game towards the end of last season. Does anyone have a spare which they're willing to sell or know of anywhere I could get one (monitored eBay for the last few weeks but no luck)?
  4. Morning all, does anyone have a programme from this fixture which they would be willing to part with, it's the only one I'm missing from the past season. I used to contact Gordon Lawton direct if I needed a programme but I've no idea who I should/could email now.
  5. Just wait until he's announced as next seasons captain...
  6. Any truth in the Gardner rumours I've seen on twitter?
  7. Just watching MOTD, was that Carl Serrant on the Cardiff bench?
  8. Why would/should he spend money on a pitch/ground which he doesn't own and one that might be sold to a third party in the near future?
  9. Slightly off topic but for those who buy a match day programme, did it include an extra pull out in light of the rescheduled game, they usually Include one but mine didn't this time.
  10. What was negative about bates tenure as chairman (Well before my time)?
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