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  1. Wardie

    Forest Green (h)

    On of th ‘usul sspcts’ n dbt. 😂
  2. Wardie

    Forest Green (h)

    Reads to me that he wants to be playing football and scoring. He really should be given another chance with Latics, in my opinion, but who am I to say "yay" or "nay".
  3. Wardie

    Forest Green (h)

    I'm with you on that. Maybe cameo roles are his limit, for now.
  4. Wardie

    New Manager Thread

    Handing it to Wild smacks of the "cheap" option again and if I was him, I would not take the offer. Better to carry on with the youth, having had his moment of fame, and not put his neck, or reputation, on the line.
  5. Wardie


    Which Latics should cash-in on, if they have any sense.
  6. Wardie

    Forest Green (h)

    Wouldn't that be a 'wing back' position? :D Lang up front alongside O'Grady, I think is a distinct possibility. Sylla is an unknown quantity. Could [hopefully] be the spanner in the works for the opposition, should he make an appearance.
  7. Wardie

    Forest Green (h)

    I totally agree. Rule him out at your peril.
  8. Two options, easier team at home to progress or massive team away for the cash. Although nothing is a given in this game, I would rather Latics lose at Utd and cash-in, than at home to Newport. I'm just covering my ass, really.
  9. To change tact, who do Latics want, or reckon will get, in the next round? City or Utd away, for me...just for the money.
  10. I watched it on Sky Release, the noise was incredible. What a save from Iverson. The sort of result that sends a Premiership team down. Great view of the save from behind the goals.
  11. Not sure but I will take mine down, could you do the same with your quote?
  12. Wardie

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Fulham are not Tottenham, by a long chalk.
  13. Haha, I'll give you that one.