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  1. Today's shit-storm? Was that the rampant toilet destruction in the North Stand?
  2. Being out of the country, I read the match report on the official site and found it a somewhat strange read almost as if it was written by someone with no connection to club whatsoever...a disinterested party or a neutral? Feels like it was written by a bloody robot.
  3. I totally understand anyone who has been caught up in the club's misdemeanours to be angry and vindictive. I haven't so I can only view things from my perspective...it's not that I have no sympathy for those people but the nostalgia element will always rear its head. I don't want to and cannot get embroiled in the back-biting and cat-calling...it's oppressive and draining and I just want to go and hopefully enjoy some football.
  4. Nope, you don't need to do that, just like you don't need to take offence at me also having an opinion.
  5. Sons of the Desert. Should be the new Latics slogan, maybe?
  6. Our Vera. Maybe we will get a player in called Jack Duckworth. Northern through and through. #northernthroughandthrough
  7. It's football...just a game. You are not old enough to remember when going to the actual games was really all there was to it. Win or lose. Go for a pint and have a moan or a good laugh. Shenanigans off-field and in the boardroom were never really an issue. For some, they still ain't.
  8. That makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  9. FFS. The lad does something positive. He's probably happy to be at Latics and some people just have to put a negative spin on it. Why do you even bother?? I hope he sets the place alight. Not literally, of course.
  10. Some on Twatter saying Evina at left back.
  11. Ashton Utd 1 - 0 Latics Trialists after 11 minutes
  12. Reads like this forum...and probably many others.
  13. Probably a blessing for some but not good for Vera. Who is the proposed striker?
  14. Sorry, I didn't mean that to sound like it did. Good luck to the lad, here's hoping he does the business.
  15. And if he turns out to be less than what we expect, people will moan that he got a two year deal. It's no-win, no-win situation with some fans.
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