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  1. At this moment in time, I don't find either of those two options acceptable. The preferred option, if any, would be the Trust buying the ground and AL being removed from the picture completely.
  2. 'Somerset's' profile says Team:Yeovil Town. Why are we even replying?
  3. I said this from the start, he should be candid and blow the lid off the whole debacle. He should do it as a professional and as a fan.
  4. It was to be reviewed on Monday, from what I read, which is totally open-ended in terms of duration. No game for two weeks, probably no manager, either.
  5. We all think we know what that statement alludes to but it still holds an element of ambiguity. For instance, he could be referring to the state of the pitch and Lemsagam's promise to have it fixed not being fulfilled any time soon...or never. Probably not but until more definitive information becomes available, we carry on the speculation. Scholes was a failed PR exercise, in my opinion.
  6. With Wild in charge, they tended to score more in the last minutes than concede. Here's hoping.
  7. But what about the gas they supplied whilst waiting for the bill to be paid...they now await payment for that?
  8. Put your mortgage on it then...or is there still that lingering doubt in the back of your mind that the Latics will win?
  9. I think Nepo at left back was a PW decision/brainstorm.
  10. I would have thought the gas would go before an extremely late payment. Why would a company pull the plug after a payment?
  11. It is part PR, part sensibility. Will Nepo be at left back, tomorrow?
  12. This was obvious as soon as the news of Scholes' departure was released. Lemsagam knows the fans will not turn on Wild. Wild is the new Philiskirk. If the team are winning tomorrow, there will likely be no fans walking out in protest...or very few of them.
  13. Quote from Lemsagam... Who the fuck do we believe is telling the least amount of lies? Of course, you are right in that they both believe the words coming out of their own mouths. Priest is still at the club, will he take over until a manager is found? A little info would help both him and the fans. If that quote above has even a kernel of truth in it, then the next manager should also get the backing to re-build the team...again!! Is Lemsagam just a very talented, bare-faced liar?
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