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  1. Although the text is fast, it is readable and the game is over in a matter of minutes. I think we should go for this format when the season restarts!
  2. I am actually on week six, after being ill and then having surgery. I would have been back in work but the doc said no and I got my letter from the NHS telling me to isolate for 12 weeks. The days are beginning to lose their identity as actual days of the week but they are not dragging funnily enough and I am finding stuff to do. Thing is, I cannot go out in public at all due to the high risk, so the garden is my only refuge from the four walls of the house. My wife is doing the fetching and carrying food wise and beer wise, of course. Onward and upward...
  3. I know 2014/15 was particularly bad for Flu related deaths, the common theory being the vaccine was wrong an ineffective. There is an article from The Guardian here... The Guardian Also note this article only deals with England and Wales. What you are saying regarding the Flu deaths is not being contested. It is your apparent dismissal of a totally new virus which has no vaccine and unlikely in the very near future to have one. It's no use tossing figures around. For every person that dies, whether Flu or Covid, it's "Armageddon" and their personal end of days. I, for one, intend to get through this and I certainly don't take it for granted that I will, given my set of circumstances, If you are sat there thinking everything will be alright and you have nothing to worry about, then you are as deluded as those idiots wandering around thinking they are invulnerable and disregarding the consequences for others. From your previous and unrelated posts, many of us know you are a sensible poster but you are displaying bad judgement on this one. Perspective is meaningless, this kind of situation has never happened in my lifetime and right now, I am not confident it won't happen again. This one is a game changer on so many levels...health, society, finance, consumerism and it will ripple for many years to come, no doubt, probably at great cost to the tax payer and those retiring in the near future whose pensions will have been severely hit.
  4. Pointon better be on there, otherwise I will have to change my avatar!
  5. Horrendous and won't be last football club supporter who dies from this outbreak. I hope every football club in the world takes note of the casualties amongst its supporters and honours every single one of them. Plus, this virus is not taking any notice of age, perceived status, creed or colour.
  6. I don't understand the HCID status at all. From the article... Airborne HCID Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)* Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) An infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Respiratory droplets may be produced during breathing but it is not considered airborne Conflicting is not being considered airborne yet being told that the droplets are blown out form an infected person, to a range of two metres and can stay in the area for several hours before dying off. I suppose it's saying the virus cannot be spread through breathing and talking. Definition of HCID In the UK, a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) is defined according to the following criteria: - acute infectious disease - typically has a high case-fatality rate - may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment - often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly - ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings - requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely To me, the above definitions are relevant to this virus although two and three may be a bit ambiguous at the moment.
  7. A quick thanks to the Mods for adapting this thread to incorporate the stray posts.
  8. Condolences, BP. 70 years is a massive lifetime of support, he must have seen some comings and goings at the club, which kind of sheds a little perspective on the current situation with our errant owner and how transient these things really are. May I ask [although you don't need to answer] was his passing due to effects of the outbreak?
  9. I should imagine they will have to. How will the club stand with the financial measures and packages the government has announced, will the club receive help toward players'' wages and its staff? I understand there will probably be a lot going on behind the scenes as the uncertainty rises...but yes, some more communication would not go amiss.
  10. Don't quite know what to make of Johnson's address to the nation. The undertones were stern but not threatening, with the police being given limited powers to act upon anyone they perceive to be flouting the guidelines. Belgium, I believe, are using drones to keep an eye on proceedings, which is something I can see happening in the major cities in the UK. Next step will be the armed forces or armed police, no doubt. As I am on a 12 week isolation, my wife will hopefully be able to access the local store during their protected opening times, as she is front line. Both daughters are remote from me but able to work from home and isolating with online shopping and their natural flair for social media. It really is essential to have some kind of structure and regime...how long it is doable though, is anybody's guess. My wife is a great believer in accepting a situation, running with it and not to dwell on "what ifs". There will be an end to it and I want to be there when it does.
  11. I think your age and strength has certainly helped you which is brilliant. I hope it all clears up as soon as possible.
  12. Interesting and possibly hopeful article... Johns Hopkins Article
  13. I thought I would do this for a couple of reasons, the main one being the Dino Departure Watch thread can resume it's normal banter and the second being that we will have a point of reference to look back on...hopefully that means all of us....and remember the madness. There may be Latics fans of the future asking us old ones "What was it like during the Coronavirus pandemic?" Having witnessed the staggering clips of some [lots of] people totally flouting the safety advice and turning popular tourist destinations into scenes from a bank holiday, I think a total lockdown may be upon us before we know it. Will that mean the police or even the armed forces patrolling the streets...who knows? As long as the moronic masses are kept under control, do we really care? Anyway, we really should continue our bickering in here, under one roof and preserved for posterity.
  14. Nice of your diplomat to espouse his little kernel of truth. Would he be one of the volunteers for the cull? I think not...more probably he would claim Diplomatic Immunity and ask to be whisked away to the nearest underground bunker. What about Monty and you...willing to be part of the "excess" and be removed? Everybody with an ounce of sense knows the planet is over populated. Only if we could somehow manage to get a cohesive World structure in place, where the governments could work together and the plentiful food and space could be utilised and distributed fairly. Not a chance because human nature is greed and ignorance to the plight of others. Some can suppress that inherent trait quite successfully, whilst others cannot and it just runs rampant. Hence the supermarket chaos and the idiots still wandering the streets as if it was all some kind of nonsense the government has cooked up to suppress the masses...either that or they are just too thick to comprehend. Just a personal though on your diplomatic source. If we suddenly lost half the World's population, whole societies would collapse anyway, as the infrastructures could not be maintained...or was he just targeting Third World countries and those who have no homes or jobs?
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