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  1. Christ, what a mess! I don't want to see the club that is Bury go to the wall...the fans don't deserve it. I am not knowledgeable enough to know how the situation will eventually be resolved but I do feel the regime kind of cheated their way out of League Two and the team should be returned to this league or below, with another team [Mansfield?] taking their place.
  2. He'll be at Latics longer than three months...maybe four...but what is he expected to say? "This season, we hope to consolidate our place in League Two." I'm sure that would go down well, with all and sundry demanding his head for not targeting promotion.
  3. Who is getting excited? Latics need a 'keeper with some experience...they signed one and if he turns out to be "shite" will you then be excited? Wtf are you expecting, Premiership goalkeepers lining up at the door??
  4. Mixed comments on here, as is the norm...but good luck to her and hopefully a good appointment for the club.
  5. Better for the club as a guaranteed future revenue and cannot be frittered away all in one go. Surely a sell-on clause, as already said.
  6. He obviously wasn't thinking of Bury when he left Latics, so it's not worrying stuff, really.
  7. He left for personal reasons, who knows what he actually said to AL?
  8. Sweeteners?? Let it go. If we end up with a mix, it could work out ok.
  9. Gd'bye Eddie, hope you have a good time in the land of tartan and haggis. Here's to a decent replacement and a stash of cash when you realise that Scotland's climate is even worse than Oldham's and you go to Real Madrid. 😁
  10. Fun in the sun...Morocco is not that bad...going off my last visit...get some sun, get some Latics and come home nice and relaxed.
  11. Hunt play...Hunt couldn't give a f**k. Next...
  12. Oooh, good signing made...not in line with the 'bad news' police. The WUMs have had their say...and, to be polite...who gives a f**k??
  13. Obviously it's not the sole factor, there are probably many others, the biggest being financial but way I see it, the club and the supplier have to work together to make the deal...it's not like Latics are doing hummel a favour, is it?
  14. Too many people would want instant success, even from a Phoenix club and not have the patience to stick by the "slowly slowly" plan.
  15. Yeah, big company like hummel aligns themselves with a tinpot club that hasn't got more than one season left in it. As if. hummel is a ethical company and that is something to be embraced, in this day and age. Give the club some credit...for once.
  16. Whatever the truth may be, the more I read your posts, the more I think you are a wind-up merchant.
  17. Give over...given the Latics recent form, they will not be looking forward to it...change is in the air.
  18. It's exciting. It's frustrating, given the points thrown away. It's football!
  19. IF PW is offered the job and IF he accepts the offer, I expect him to buck the trend of the Latics managerial merry-go-round.
  20. I think any slender chances Latics had, went with the bore draw at the weekend. You're right though, nothing to lose by going for their throats.
  21. Although I appreciate what you are saying, 'Great' can mean size but also historical existence or superiority. We can bandy words around all day but perception will win out.
  22. Fold the club? That's utter bollox. It's getting more and more like Twitter on here. What does it really matter who thinks one club is "bigger" than another...most probably every football fan thinks their club are bigger because their club means more to them than any other. History, past glories, training facilities all mean nothing to the shifting sands of football. If Mansfield do gain promotion and Latics knock them out of the FA Cup next season, it will be considered the metaphorical 'giant killing'. That's football for you, it's all about the here and now.
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