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  1. Give over...given the Latics recent form, they will not be looking forward to it...change is in the air.
  2. It's exciting. It's frustrating, given the points thrown away. It's football!
  3. IF PW is offered the job and IF he accepts the offer, I expect him to buck the trend of the Latics managerial merry-go-round.
  4. I think any slender chances Latics had, went with the bore draw at the weekend. You're right though, nothing to lose by going for their throats.
  5. Although I appreciate what you are saying, 'Great' can mean size but also historical existence or superiority. We can bandy words around all day but perception will win out.
  6. Fold the club? That's utter bollox. It's getting more and more like Twitter on here. What does it really matter who thinks one club is "bigger" than another...most probably every football fan thinks their club are bigger because their club means more to them than any other. History, past glories, training facilities all mean nothing to the shifting sands of football. If Mansfield do gain promotion and Latics knock them out of the FA Cup next season, it will be considered the metaphorical 'giant killing'. That's football for you, it's all about the here and now.
  7. No promotion for them at BP and obviously, Mr Bipolar...whoever he is...appears to think that Oldham Athletic are a bigger club than Mansfield Town. Fact is, they are not. people like that need to realise teams get promoted on merit, not past glories.
  8. Last five games Swindon: LLWDD Oldham: DLWWW Purple patch? Some fans are making unnecessary excuses already.
  9. Funny watching OAFC fans on Twitter getting nervy over the two results tonight. It's good to have some positive interest at this end of the season.
  10. Could not have been any better! Dale also gave themselves a slender lifeline. Amazingly tight at the bottom of League One.
  11. We want four!...We want four!... Here's hoping!
  12. Yeah, just ignore me...my brain is not in gear.
  13. I take it we are hoping for both results to be draws.
  14. Good grief, it seems like football is going to implode on itself in a tangled web of financial intrigue and suspicious activity.
  15. Ah, one of those strange twists that football likes to taunt us with.
  16. Let's just say, hypothetically, that this is the case and Latics win every game between now and the end of the season, or most of them. Would you still want him to stay out of 'assisting' in team selections|?
  17. They were probably not interfering in Scholes' team selections etc. and he just realised he had made a huge mistake in accepting the job, so he went. Why would Wild accept the role again, if this was the case the last time he took charge? I don't think he would and I also don't think he was obliged to...he actually wanted to.
  18. Today was a great result, even though Colchester's promotion wheels have come off somewhat of late. A pity that some late goals make the slim play-off hopes even more so but who is going to complain with PW's results? I would say that Lemsagam is going to offer Wild the job and he could do no worse than apologise to the fans, admit that getting Scholes in was a hope of boosting the club's profile and attendances and that, in hindsight, he acted with haste. Whatever it was that rookie Scholes brought to the club, it clearly didn't work and Wild is using his deep reserves of experience to ensure the season ends on good terms. I honestly do not expect Latics to finish in the play-offs but as long as they are knocking on the door, then it keeps things bubbling over and ensures at least a positive finish.
  19. Once they get to four nil up, then no. It would take a good deal of fortune but not impossible, yet.
  20. Flip sake. I need to go away from the computer more often!
  21. Hence my saying that you are not wrong to feel that way. It's all subjective.
  22. Missed it because I was typing. Great start.
  23. I remember going to Macclesfield, my youngest daughter decided to go on another coach with her mates. It broke down and she missed the match. Latics lost, anyway, so not much changes, apparently.
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