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  1. Jesus christ. The absolute state of that parting of ways with Clarke. He deserved more than that. Utter disgrace
  2. Didn't sound a resounding no when asked "would you go back?" I'm certain he would consider it under the 'right conditions' Unfortunately those conditions are a million miles away
  3. It's not gonna happen. A mountain ask. Just applaud the efforts of Wild. Hope he gets a deal for next year
  4. You think this nutter is single handedly destroying our club? Interesting I'm of the opinion this process started many years ago. Whoever he is whatever his intentions he took on a sunk ship not a sinking one.
  5. incredible but i'm beyond caring about the playing side. It's so much more than this now
  6. Modern footballer? Social Media? I don't condone the culture but you want to see the absolute dross that our own legends Marshall and Holden spue out constantly and would have done had it been around back in the day. #footyLADS #boyswillbeboys #DMmebabe Anyway.... As for this season the sooner it fucks off the better. I don't blame Scholes one single iota. I blame the owner for not learning lessons and I blame the players for absolutely conning us yet again. Spineless gutless and pure amateur against some absolute dross. I hope Scholes is able to remove as much of the deadwood as possible and bring in a group of players with just a % of the winning mentality required and I only ask of the owner that we don't hear his name or the club name in a single national press headline (notably Keegans DM) . That will mean we are doing something right.
  7. Gutted I couldnt make Tuesday but watched the live stream and genuinely buzzing for Saturday now with my lad! Probably caught up in the moment but i genuinely think (probably more hope) that this is a turning point for this club! Whatever happens now this season I can sense a real collective optimism around the place that we have been missing for such a long long time! UTB's
  8. If you watch the podcast with True Geordie that has been quoted on here already, he openly says A) Some league clubs have offered him the opportunity to train/trial- he has refused as he doesn't feel he has anything to prove that way B) Any offer he has had has only been 'for pistachios' which I presume he means for peanuts and doesn't meet his financial expectations Either way, if he has been humbled by his story, he is somebody that has continually proved he cannot change his ways for a susained period of time. Any offer other than a rolling contract would be madness from anyone.
  9. Why are we talking as if it's some impending scenario? And to answer that specific question. No, given what we have been put through the last 20 years I don't believe the town would have the appetite for it to grow to become a football league club again. It would be doomed to the NWCFL for eternity. Just go and support Mossley or Ashton. My loyalty is to our Oldham Athletic in its current form under whoever stewardship. Liquidation? Anything after that I couldn't care less
  10. Worst thread and worst idea since this websites inception. I know we are all bit delicate after yesterday/today but lets not talk silly talk
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