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  1. We tried to park on the official car park last season and were turned away because it was pass only. Applied for a pass this season and got one only to regularly sit behind people paying cash.
  2. Heres my opinion on ticket sales. Billy has been like a breath of fresh air keeping us up to date with ticket info. I know you can’t please everyone but I’m finding the ticket distribution a lot fairer than it has been in the past.
  3. Be careful what you say Latics22.I had the audacity to say there was a lack of communication by the club and was slated on another fans forum.
  4. Going down Monday lunch,coming back Tuesday lunch. Meeting up with Dave Roberts and friends.
  5. Really enjoyed the match tonight, players all put a good shift in. Some of the passing moves we did were great to watch.All the team worked really hard for that result. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Absolutely battered in the first half, luckiest point we’ll get all season
  7. Think someone will be replacing Jenny soon, she looks like she might pop soon.
  8. I’d be tempted to start with the same eleven as yesterday with the same bench. I will be going down to Yeovil, ground number 89 and 90 will be clocked up next week after Morecambe.
  9. Great to see big Joe last night and a fitting tribute to him
  10. I’m expecting a win, signs of improvement last night, hopefully we can kick on against Macc.
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