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  1. 3 games in to a season with the window still open ain’t the time to panic. If we are rock bottom after 7-8 games maybe.
  2. A creative midfielder and a center forward and we will be ok with wheater, Eddie (def from burton), and kokos to come back in. God help us.
  3. To be fair Raheem Sterling has de bruyne, david silva and friends pulling the strings for him. Nepo has? Not saying its the right or wrong decision to ease him back in, just that I don't think there is anything dodgy behind it. I don't believe its a case of fitness, we just keep switching off at the back, I can see why Banide looks like he has seen a ghost in his post match interviews. First goal last night for rovers was a mistake from smith-brown. You then have Maouche turning his back on Downings shot for the second after Sefil has laid waste to one of the rovers players and everyone bar downing had stopped, a big lesson to play to the whistle. Finally you have Iocovitti losing an aerial challenge in lead up to their third, when he should have left that to smith brown and been covering the second ball that dropped to the unmarked man bursting through the middle as Sefil was caught in no mans land. The sooner we get wheater and egerts in together the better. On a lighter note as a team performance it was light years ahead of the crewe performance. Hopefully we are playing Bradford at the right time as they are still working out how they'll play like ourselves.
  4. Nepo hadn't had a rest in the summer after playing in the gold cup for curacao, hence him not starting/completing games for the moment. He'll get more minutes I'm sure, particularly if he plays anything like that first half last night.
  5. Did Blitz/brassbank forego rent to tide the club over or was it just deferred like you would on a mortgage if you are struggling to pay? Blitz won't get all his money back if the club were to go pop, so there is an incentive for him to give the club a helping hand in this respect. Unlike other businesses football clubs can come into a windfall unexpectedly, only need to draw a large prem team away in one of the cups and that will keep the club solvent for another year or two regardless of how we do in the league.
  6. Really poor from the club to do this for the Rochdale game as its a charity game effectively. Could easily have left any fallout to come out for the Bolton game. From the sounds of things the club is going to put on its own concession stands in competition with the OEC's, god knows how that'll play out.
  7. Wild set us up to be two banks of 4 and let Swindon have possession to a certain extent. Same as he has in every other game. For me I never felt we were in danger of conceding, others may well feel different. It's took a pen on the stroke of half time to get Swindon a chance to get in the game. The second from them was a well hit shot from outside the box. I don't remember them getting in behind us once (other than the pen). Lang had two one on ones albeit from tight angles. Just a shame it has taken us to 5/6 games from end of season to find a formula that works.
  8. Your 3rd sentence alludes to the benefit of option 2 and the sporting director method. You can judge player development on the head coach, and recruitment on your sporting director. We've had plenty of managers good at one but not the other. I've heard it said it usually requires a minimum of 3 transfer windows for a manager to mould a team in their image, sadly we've been getting rid of ours in some cases before they have had even 1, frankie bunn, stephen robinson etc. With option 2 the head coach gets chopped and you keep the sporting director, so your teams style of play is consistent. Alternatively your sporting director brings in crocks and donkeys, you replace him/her. Even if things go well like with LJ one or both may bugger off, so then we still left to replace someone, it's less disruptive if its not the whole club ethos that moves on. That's the idea behind it I think, whether it works like this in practice ....
  9. 1) Sounds like we aren't happy if AL or Mo are picking the team to play the matches and generally running the on field activities by the back door. 2) Are we ok if AL or Mo are picking the players to build the squad, but leave team selection down to manager/head coach as happens on the continent and is happening more here at home (Utd and Newcastle work like this, probably more). 3) Or do we want to stick with the english way of having a gaffer that oversees all on the field activities? Option 3 hasn't worked for us for 30 years, and I think AL is attempting to implement option 2 rather than 1 but opinions will differ. If we stick with, or demand AL sticks with option 3 we need to stop sacking the manager, it only works with stability.
  10. AL needs to get his guy in, even if he is a yes man. He appears to be bringing his players in to play a specific style he wants. This has been butting heads with the styles of the previous 4 managers ( shez, wellens, bunn, scholes ) - left PW out as he was ticking over rather than trying to implement a style of play. Swapping managers every 5 minutes is a recipe for disaster. As for Steve Evans we shouldn't be even looking in his direction after the stunt he pulled prior to Robinsons tenure.
  11. He was going through the tills (pun intended)
  12. To be fair I did see Abdallah In Lidl on Broadway Monday night 11/03, not to say he hasn't been in and out the country, but he's definitely been here recently.
  13. Lemsagam has wanted a head coach rather than a manager since the day he came in. For reasons I don't know he won't just bite the bullet and do it his way out in the open. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47578195 If there is any truth to this I don't see what Lemsagam has done wrong, why is football the special case that an owner can't talk directly with their staff?
  14. What does a protest get us, other than letting some people vent some anger and cost the club money, particularly if the anger boils over and you get games delayed or abandoned due to action. Costing the club money that could be spent on the infrastructure of the club or the playing staff. The best way to protest is don't bother turning up or stand outside as a protest during the game. At the end of the day Scholes knew the playing squad he was taking on, and knew he was doing so at the end of the January transfer window when he cannot make any recruitment changes. I suspect Scholes found it genuinely hard work, on training pitches that aren't up to scratch, has bottled it and shown a lack of patience in my eyes. At least take the club through to the Summer, then leave. As he has resigned rather than being sacked we might get some actual information on the goings on behind the scenes.
  15. First time in a long time we actually have a chance to blood some youths. It'd be great to see Jay Shez, Harry Robinson, Scholes-Beard, Jack Williams, Max Norman etc. given a few runs out without it being a do or die scenario, as has happened with edmundson and hamer last season. Sadly we are more likely to see loanees and french 4th divisioners.
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