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  1. Emmerson is a first year scholar (made first team debut at 15!). He's the lad brighton are after. Thought McKinney had a bit about him, Glad they've given Gaskell a 6 week extension hopefully to hove a look at over pre-season. Would not surprise me to see us go and pick one or two back up in august if they put a shift in over the summer or have a growth spurt. We got Kielen Adams back in after releasing him, though that may have been a panic as the Rowe deal went tits up last minute in the summer by all accounts.
  2. I don't know what Wilson has done wrong. If Dino insists on having us defend for long periods of time we could do worse than have Rowe and Wilson up top together.
  3. Whats the definition of signing a player? Is it the identification of the player, the negotiation with the player/selling club or the contract signature or all 3? I suspect Dino+scouts (including ML), then AL+ML, then Dino+AL+ML Does Dino get final say I think is the important question. Him hopefully having taken into account the impact a particular player will have on his budget and whether that player is worth the gamble.
  4. Stotts been injured with hamstring I think. There aren't many left sided centre halves knocking about. I'd keep him but then I've always rated him.
  5. The trust have a share holding albeit small, and if we end up in a similar situation to the chris moore era I believe the trust get first refusal at purchasing the club. There is a place for the trust and I think having the PTB lads rattling the sabre externally probably gets us the best of both worlds.
  6. Missilou has a bad habit of taking too many touches at times. If he could sort that out we'd have a proper player.
  7. It came out of one of these meetings that BO would take a step away from the public facing side of the organisation. Probably the right call and has been overdue.
  8. Agreed the league is garbage. Passable players will get you mid-table that's roughly were we are at. Realistically you aren't going to bring in more than 5 players per window (2 or 3 of which will be regular starters) on average. A team of 18 (11+7subs) to be replaced completely will take 3 windows give or take. You may well be right but for me judging the guy before we have seen what he can do with 'his' players is unfair
  9. Hopefully we can keep him. There was talk of teams higher up the ladder coming in for him.
  10. Sacking managers every 5 minutes is a recipe for disaster. Every manager from Dino to Pep needs a minimum of 3 transfer windows to build their team. Dino has had 1/2 of a January window. Losing McCann has cost us these last 5 or 6 games.
  11. probably sum or all of the edmundson money. still al could have pocketed it so fair play.
  12. its not streamed on ifollow, stevenage didn't allow it
  13. It’ll have a value for insurance purposes if nothing else. You’d hope god forbid we ever suffered a Munich like disaster.
  14. imo the best thing they could do is move to paying players through the governing bodies Premier League, EFL, UEFA, FIFA, PFA. Rather than paying the players through the clubs themselves, this would involve the tv monies paid to clubs reducing as there playing budgets reduce. This would have to be done on a rolling basis initially with free agents and youth players signing up contracts first, it'd take only 5 years and everyone would be on the new system. Transfer windows work like the draft in American football to only pick up players the teams actually want and the larger clubs can still buy success by paying/exchanging picks with the smaller teams. The pay could be controlled and structured across the board whilst keeping a role for agents as you'd still need a middleman to push players at clubs. This would increase competition, prevent clubs from amassing crazy debt levels and ensure the wealth at the top trickles down as was intended when the prem was formed. Sadly it'll never happen, too many vested interests.
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