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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding him up as the answer to everything. He’s definitely not! I was underwhelmed when he first came to the club. I do think that he could improve the defence though. The owner(s) seem to be happy to potentially shoot themselves in the foot though in order to prove a point to anyone who doesn’t do things their way.
  2. I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but our most experienced defender and club captain (if he still is) should be on the pitch. I can’t believe that it’s Kewell’s choice that he’s not even in the match day squads. Its indicative of how the hierarchy at the club treat people. It’s not right.
  3. When you look at today’s midfield, could they have been any less effective? For those of us old enough to remember names like Liddell, Warne, Eyres, Duxbury, Sheridan, Redfearn, Milligan and Henry it’s so depressing to watch this lot hardly able to put a decent tackle in, never mind actually create anything! Simply not good enough!!
  4. Erm because he’s our only natural goalscorer!
  5. There are definitely mitigating circumstances, the team needs time to gel, some players need to acclimatise to League football. I understand that, but would you yourself describe last nights performance as ‘excellent’?
  6. Whilst I agree with the manager/head coach when he says that it will take time, I cannot understand for the life of me how anyone could describe that performance as ‘Excellent’. Personally I would describe it as toothless, inept, lacking any sort of creativity ..... etc etc. We managed one shot on goal, and even that was a weak effort. There was Piergianni’s header just over the bar but other than that there was precious little action in the Morecambe penalty area. Far too much time spent passing the ball along the back line producing absolutely nothing. Being allowed time is
  7. I disagree on Dearnley. I don’t think he’s a winger at all. Neil Adams was a winger. Rick Holden was a winger. I see Dearnley as an inside forward. Someone to support - and run off - the main striker. Should be Rowe and Dearnley up front in my opinion.
  8. Partly because we spend too much time pratting about playing pointless passes between the goalkeeper and the back four. We create nothing from it and quite often lose possession either through a misplaced pass or poor control. We need to get the ball forward much more quickly and play in the opponents half. Get the ball in their box. Something might happen!! One things for sure, nothing is going to happen on the halfway line or in our half. Get it forward!!!
  9. Rowe should be starting games and playing up front. If you can’t see then you must be blind. Rowe and Dearnley up top at least gives us some kind of goal threat!
  10. Sounds like you’ve wrote him off already without even trying him further forward. Great policy that!!
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