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  1. I wouldn’t call him crap, I think that’s a bit harsh, but the more I see of him the more I see a winger who doesn’t go past full backs with any pace and when he’s on the right wing he always always always has to cut inside into his left foot because he can’t do anything with his right foot. Ok occasionally he’ll cut inside and get the odd goal but he looks so one dimensional. I think we need an upgrade. Same goes for Branger-Engone as well. I’ve no idea what’s happened to him but he’s gone downhill rapidly.
  2. I don’t think Mills has been a crap signing at all. He’s a good solid performer. If we had a few more as consistent as him we’d be better off.
  3. Azankpo is much worse but he was getting picked every match up until recently. Wilson scored 11 goals last season in this division, playing alongside another striker. In the few games that he started earlier in the season he was up front on his own. Surely now we’ve got Rowe up there he deserves another chance? Alright Dearnley is probably ahead of him but he should at least be being used as a substitute when we need another striking option. i reckon Wilson has had a very raw deal considering how many games and opportunities Azankpo has had this season.
  4. Any Conference teams looking for a full back who won’t/can’t tackle? He’s their man!! ⚽️
  5. On YouTube the West Ham matches were followed by the Everton FA Cup match and the two replays. Andy Ritchie had already scored 24 goals that season. Yes 24!!!! Imagine us having a player who’d scored that many goals by February! What the hell has happened to us?!?! 😡😡
  6. True but the trigger gets pulled too quickly. We seem to be in a routine of giving any manager only a short amount of time and when they hit a bad run they’re gone.
  7. And continue to change the manager every 3-6 months? Not for me, sorry.
  8. You’re right, a point was VERY achievable, and things would have looked much better, but we brought the defeat on ourselves with the tactics in the last 20-25 minutes.
  9. The answer yesterday lay somewhere in between. We didn’t have to go for it and end up getting caught on the break but we sat back far too deep and just invited constant pressure. It was almost inevitable that they would get through eventually if we gave them enough opportunities. McCann should have been brought on in order to look after the ball better and relieve some of the pressure, plus we were desperate for some fresh legs. Branger looks so far away from match fitness that he actually made things worse when he came on. Poor decision making by Dino on this occasion in my opinion.
  10. Except if you are the away team at Boundary Park!! We’ve been losing enough games at home to witness some embarrassing time wasting by the opposition. Goalkeepers taking an age to take a goal kick, players going down with an ‘injury’ or ‘cramp’, substituted players walking off at a snails pace ..... etc. How many times have we seen 6 or 7 added minutes on at the end? We might get 1 or 2 but that’s about it. 😡
  11. Is he playing to his maximum? I’ve no idea whether he is or he isn’t. He’s not just ‘catching’ the team though, he’s been outstanding for us. Head and shoulders our best defender in each game he’s played. As for being uncomfortable with runners in behind and in the channels, can you name me a centre half who IS comfortable with that?
  12. What has Piergianni done wrong since he’s been here? He’s been our best defender by an absolute mile! I don’t see him as being overrated at all.
  13. Terrible goalkeeping! No excuse whatsoever. 😡😡😡
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