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  1. I'd be amazed he speaks no English at all if he has been managing in the Middle East for a while.
  2. In England - Chester, the closest club to where I grew up, and despite once being a proud league club they seem to love struggling even more than Latics. Germany - Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, as I've been over to watch their games. Since living in Japan I've moved around a lot so picked up a few sides to look out for... Suzuka Unlimited, closest team to where the wife comes from. Nara Club, the closest team to me at the moment so watch them a lot with a number of other English guys. FC Osaka, a team that might be relocating about 10 minutes from where I live now. Kyoto Sanga, a Japanese friend supports them and I found out they are the only 'biggish' team in my region that didn't used to be the company team of a huge Japanese multinational corporation. A rare 'proper' football club with a long history.
  3. My thoughts exactly. People need to stop caring about the results, league positions, or managers. The problems are deeper than that. We need to return to being a club first and foremost and then worry about the rest.
  4. me too, just listening to commentary now. Surely they should be dishing out some refunds for this shite.
  5. video is working but it is behind the sound which is off putting.
  6. turned to green now, so resembles something akin to a football pitch.
  7. ive just paid for the game and have a blank screen so far
  8. In my opinion Gardner is excellent but has one big weakness, his final ball. He often wins the ball drives forward only to give an awful final pass or shot. If he sorted that out we’d be on to a winner. The only other negative is he never quite looks fully fit.
  9. Everyone’s watching the World Cup no time to make up rumours.
  10. DAZN stream all professional games out here in Japan live, that's across the top 3 divisions. Many non league games are also shown live. I don't think it has had any impact on attendances at all and I doubt it would back home either. I agree with what others say they should price it similar to a season ticket. I also think it's stupid that I can watch more oldham games on the otherside of the world than I could back home. Is DAZN available in the uk yet? It's an excellent sports streaming service based in the uk. They have lots of sports and all the top football divisions available for around £12 a month. If they got the TV rights for the premier league in the uk is hope it would be the end of the ripoff packages from sky and BT
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