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  1. Similar spike in half season sales will be helpful.
  2. They claimed in a tweet pre Tranmere at home to have 3400 season card holders. That's probably still there. Edit away Barry.
  3. Well we've signed him a flatmate today. Shouldn't be long before the striker is announced.
  4. He'd probably claim the detached retina he suffered just before kick off didn't help.
  5. The fella in the flap cap will do all that for him...
  6. You've been offered the chance to see evidence by someone in this topic. Take them up on the offer.
  7. To be fair to the Trust it's not their plans.
  8. Current talk on this board appears to suggest so. We'll know by this time next week when they release the list.
  9. Examples last summer of Job Centre or a kick about with Latics being Miller, Coke and Baxter. One has done alright. Oh and Andy Taylor.
  10. We'll see won't we when those contracts are dished out.
  11. Now before Scholes arrival we only had two coaches at the club didn't we. Remind me what those two coaches were doing this weekend?
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