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  1. Examples last summer of Job Centre or a kick about with Latics being Miller, Coke and Baxter. One has done alright. Oh and Andy Taylor.
  2. Now before Scholes arrival we only had two coaches at the club didn't we. Remind me what those two coaches were doing this weekend?
  3. His Mam is fairly vocal in her defence of him on Twitter. I imagine she lets her Richard know everything.
  4. Wonder if Latics will bother having a representative there this time...
  5. 500 home fans down on Stevenage game and around 1500 from the Crewe game.
  6. Was he ever going to reply "yeah course he has, does it all the time actually".
  7. He hasn't got enough hush money to keep Scholes quiet. Bitten off far more than he can chew with this one.
  8. Sounds like he made the choice there. Maybe he didn't.
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