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  1. This was very good and is being made again as soon as supplies need replenishing..... Served with Patatas Bravas (yeah I know ), guacamole and Pico de Gallo
  2. Following on from the Chilli debate in the other thread..... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2011/may/12/cook-perfect-chilli-con-carne I've got a hotchpotch of the first two variations on the go as we speak..... Stay tuned....
  3. Favourite food/bars/restaurants here and around the world? I'll start... 😂 Oasis in Adeje Village, Tenerife. Known as the Chicken Shack.... Simple, basic little place.. Garlicky, GARLICKY, slightly spicy Adeje Chicken from a secret family recipe served with possibly the best chips in the world and an oily, seasalty salad of slices of beef tomatoes, lettuce and incredible mild white onions .... All about a fiver each last time I went... No menu, they just ask how many people for. Home made, organic red or white wine served in old fashioned milk style bottles ....
  4. 😄 You've got me craving this now - with braising steak rather than mince obviously... 😂 And I can't otherwise justify my next dystopian supermarket trip for a few days 😟
  5. It's been a while since I've seen such a car crash of a post as this.... Are you with me on this @jorvik_latic?
  6. Has anyone on here got it or had it? Or does anyone know anyone who has?
  7. I thought I had a tin and was going to offer to leave it on your doorstep if you live in Oldham but, alas, I now remember I used them last week in an almost vegan chilli..... Which was very nice. Soz.. Can anyone else on here help him out?
  8. Hopefully it might no longer be political suicide to suggest replicating the better Universal Healthcare systems around the world and subsequently having fewer people die..... Probably not though.
  9. I've just gone from this thread back to a training Webex I'm having to sit through all day and one of the other participants is only called Paul Nuttall.... 😲😂
  10. Have any of the Russell's done any material on COVID19?
  11. Exactly. I don't think he necessarily agrees with all his own politics either.
  12. Markets have recovered a bit already. Provided there aren't further drastic drops (which there could be) most people invested in a decent portfolio should come out of this in decent enough shape. Everything I manage is now down about 10% across it all - unwelcome, especially if you were retiring now or soon, but not catastrophic. Most major indices are back at about 2016/2017 levels - which were then all time highs. Most, if not all, people who've been invested for some time are still looking fine. Once it looks like we're seeing the back of this and/or a vaccine is ready I hope & expect we'll be back where we were before it all and then kick on, as usual... History tells us that's what always happens...
  13. This is where I keep finding myself. Is there something else they're not telling us? It's awful, and will be awful, for anybody who loses a loved one (I've got a few likely candidates in my family) but, the stats so far, and even the estimated stats, don't seem bad enough to warrant what's going on. That said, they can stop people dying from this and have a duty to. They can't do the same with flu, suicide, cancer etc....
  14. Yes, why? Even if it's months away or next year the same should apply. Just finish the season when it can finally be finished. Then start the next one at a sensible point thereafter.
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