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  1. I know we've been here before last time this was supposed to happen but I've'forgotten what the answer was - what's the significance of the words "Supporters" i.e. the difference between a "bar" and a "supporters bar"?
  2. I'll take your word for it but I'll pass. If anything happens in the world that I need/want to know about I'll see it on Twitter and can then go and find out more if I want to.
  3. Sadly he's right. We do have a lot of fans who adopt a stance and would then rather be proven "right" to the detriment of the club than give credit where it's due if they're proven wrong. They're a psychologists dream I'd imagine.... A lot of them also wrongly use the word "fickle" to describe those of us who just try to call it as we see it - i.e. praise us when we're good, slate us when we're shit - rather than adopt an agenda that must not be deviated from....
  4. This is one of the reasons I stopped reading newspapers/watching the news several years ago - reporting on any subject matter I knew a lot about has pretty much always been absolute bollocks. And they never make something up that puts a positive spin on a story. Only ever negative. What an existence that of the journo must be....
  5. I thought it was leaving Scotland that worked out well for him....?
  6. I'm not totally against the idea of someone who's never been shit enough to know League Two football....
  7. Before you go worrying the poor woman, I'm sure he'll be fine if she contacts the FCA and gives them what they need to rectify it.
  8. It's like an imperfect storm of him being totally unaware of and surprised by the level of rules and regulations around running a UK business (compared to Dubai) but totally unwilling to listen to anyone trying to tell him. Add to that sacking/losing people (eg, Grace Nuttall who I assume might have sorted this) and not adequately replacing them, if he replaces them at all.
  9. I didn’t read it. I bet i’m right though 😀
  10. Fucking hell, the shit analogies have started now. What a pair of cunts DM and AL are
  11. I don't endorse his actions, if DM's claims are true (they probably are). But even if they are true this episode would be way down any list of stuff he's done that concerns me. And that then brings us to the point of whether or not this is even true given MacAnthony's previous not to mention the fact he typed "no truth in any rumours" right there on Twitter just 6 days before yesterdays tweets.... I'll continue taking the words of all lie-ing football club owners with similarly sized pinches of salt.
  12. None of this means Abdallah might not be a wrong un if he is in fact a wrong un but, let's remember who we're talking about here.... https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-1692381/Holiday-property-agent-MRI-accused-of-fraud.html As ever with these things the truth is probably somewhere in between.....
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