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  1. 2H of the season expectations?

    Why a left back. Do you not rate Hunt?
  2. 2H of the season expectations?

    Always. I'd rather be in America for it like you though.
  3. Players linked with us

    Even if he's decent he'll be one for next season rather than this won't he given the time it'll take him to get fit enough for League One? I hope he's amazing but I'm struggling to get excited about us signing what is effectively a non league player.
  4. 2H of the season expectations?

    What if Abdallah goes mental in January and we lose nobody important and add even more quality?
  5. 2H of the season expectations?

    Fuck that, I might not be able to by then....
  6. Business prevention - half time pint

    I tweeted him about it. Nothing....
  7. 2H of the season expectations?

    I'm seeing a lot of this "let's not get carried away" of late.. Why not? Serious question... Over the last 20 years we've had little spells of a few or several weeks here & there where we've had something to get carried away about and I've got as carried away as I possibly could during all of them and don't intend to stop doing so....
  8. Ripley - Still a possibility?

    Ripley can't do what Placide does but I see no reason why Placide couldn't have been just as good for us as Ripley was in last seasons style of play... Unbelievable & weird really that we've been priveleged to see two such great Oldham goalkeepers (and I already consider them both as greats) in a period where we've not quite managed to get higher than 16th in League One
  9. Ripley - Still a possibility?

    There seems to be this thing among some that because Placide is good with his feet & gives us a few heart in mouth moments he can't also be a really, really good goalkeeper. But he is. Both JP & RIpley can produce match winning saves but Placide edges it for me because of everything else he brings to the party. He created Holloways goal against Bury and has started off several goalscoring moves. Not to mention the number of times he's acted as an outfield player and been an outlet for a pass - this bit's intangible but has probably resulted in him affecting the game positively more than a few times.... That said, Ripley would probably be the better "investment" for the club if there was the chance to sign him in the future.
  10. Ripley - Still a possibility?

    It wasn't, was it?
  11. 2H of the season expectations?

    If we can keep this side together (or replace Byrne and Doyle with as good, or better) and avoid any off field drama I'll be disappointed if we don't at least flirt with the playoffs. So, 17th.
  12. Away day you’ve always wanted to do

    I really fancied Burton and Oxford but couldn't go to either. But everyone who went said both were shite. Cambridge appeals too but for the same reasons as Oxford so that might be crap aswell. I'm always up for any London away - I've never been to Chelsea, Arsenal or Spurs... Or Fulham, proper old ground I imagine. That'd be good. Most towns are carbon copies of each other nowadays though. We need to get into Europe, although I struggle to think of anything worse than being in a continental hotbed of culture with some of you lot
  13. The climb up the table

    Just stick with something, anything. A bit disappointing your lads yesterday eh? Was that you in the Chaddy End giving it the large?
  14. Business prevention - half time pint

    I've (sadly) been racking my brains to establish the logic behind this. I like to try and look at things from all perspectives. The staff are now stood around being paid to do little or nothing for most of the first half when they could be pouring half time drinks. Now the half time queue is bigger with many not even bothering to give the club the money they wanted to give them in the end and going back to their seats without having had a drink/bought a pie. Not to mention me, and others, not bothering to queue up to give the club money at all. Am I missing something?