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  1. Yep. The keepers are OK although, if there's better available, it wouldn't do any harm to upgrade. Hamer is OK but has gone backwards under Dino. Could a better manager get more out of Wheater? I think so. Stott was OK when he was in. Piergianni looks like he needs little managing, seems as genuine as they come and looks a solid player for this level. Mills is ok and can cover both fullback positions but we're crying out for a proper left back. McCann, Jones, Missilou, Sylla, Mills again are all fine for a League Two midfield. Morais improved us but clearly Dino couldn't manage him, probably didn't have the wit to tap into his experience either. Smith is better than this level. Nepo & Branger both offer something if used well. As did Eagles - see Morais... Wilson has been used terribly. Nobody can't say for sure but I reckon he'd be good for a solid 10 or 12 goals + over a season. He'd certainly get more than Azankpo. There are several variations of an 11 there with a mix of experience & potential that a better manager could surely have had higher up the table than Big Arms has us.....
  2. Some of our fans don't think that would be deserved and, therefore, it shouldn't happen. The ones who regularly put forward the theory that we are where we should be & so shouldn't hope for/ask for/expect anything better. They do this in a knowing, high handed Nigel Pearson-esque fashion. They don't seem to grasp that one of the main aims of sport, be it a team sport or individual sport, is always attempting to punch above your weight. They don't see that success for a manager is producing better results & a better league position than their miserable "we are where we should be" theory suggests we should be. They're the ones who worry about "putting too much pressure" on players. On professional footballers. They worry about the size of the squad and "hope we haven't paid too much" for players - most recently Danny Rowe. They're the ones who moan about people moaning. Often when nobody has even moaned but they expected people to so go through with their planned moaning about the moaning anyway. They call people "fickle" for moaning when we're shit and celebrating when we're good. If we find a bit of form/win a couple of games they proudly announce that they won't be getting carried away and suggest that the rest of us shouldn't either. They crack on as if their miserable, life draining outlook is somehow virtuous and that the rest of us are unrealistic and "negative". Have I missed owt??
  3. Yep. The club were crowing that Rowe was our 5th signing of the window. Him and Piergianni look decent but N'Guessan, Mani and Dearnley just look like more examples of getting more bodies in for the sake of it. Why oh why don't they just employ a simpler strategy like, eg, every window improving the team with two or three permanent signings/loans to the end of the season that are better (or should be better) than what they're replacing rather than the 7 or 8 we'll end up with this month 5 or 6 of whom will be nothing but hopeful punts?
  4. No, no, you misunderstand. There seems to be some confusion. He owns the football club. And when you own a football club you have to do this thing called signing players. Preferably better ones than you've already got or ones you genuinely believe may become better than what you've got. They cost money. But if it transpires that they're as successful as you hoped they'd be you can then sell them on to other clubs for even more money. In the meantime you might climb the league, get more paying supporters in and maybe, just maybe, even get promoted or win something and get even more supporters & money in. Owners don't expect to be thanked for this.
  5. Exactly how far away were we from never having had to suffer you?
  6. It drives me insane the number of so called strikers we have who don't create their own goals as well as finish those created by their mates. Especially when they don't finish the chances created by their team mates or their team mates don't create... You'd just be "fuck this, give me the ball...."
  7. Dino's plan is Mani and Rowe up top together
  8. It's worried me for years that we do so so rarely.... A signing where if he isn't a success it'll be down to bad luck rather than the usual glaringly obvious bad judgement
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