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  1. Moralee had had a letter leaked months ago regarding this but then was only told of these figures on the afternoon of the fans forum? And hadn't heard about the Lancaster Club until that afternoon? And still seemed to be unaware, or was pretending to be unaware, of the councils cock up with the planning permission/covenant thing.....?
  2. This is just mental. All three of them have been fucking shit. Vera's had the least game time of the three but scored the most goals for us. And has previously played at by far the highest levels. And had a couple of decent none scoring performances. Wilson has been far and away the worst of the three by any measure you could possibly use. A total and utter empty shirt. Repeatedly.
  3. I kind of agree. Just pick two and stick with them until January, see if a partnership develops..
  4. He's scored twice in a handful of appearances, played well once or twice without scoring, eg Stevenage away last season, and never had a run to get his eye in. Forgive me for not joining the sheep.....
  5. Has he been any worse than Azankpo or Wilson?
  6. I don't even know why I'm typing this but with no decent left back and the desperate need for two different types upfront he needs to go 3 at the back with Vera + A N Other up top. Vera's inadvertent easing back in as a result of the sendings off could be a blessing in disguise and have him flying on Saturday. I'd start a fit, sharp Eagles but imagine we'll next see him from the bench although with no Morais he might be chucked in. I'd play Zeus over Woods aswell but he looks like one where if he's fit he starts regardless of fuck ups... Is Fage out? Haven't seen any update on him.... Regardless we'll probably lose to a side who's owners and management can somehow have mid table despite rarely paying them....
  7. I saw it on Twitter and dismissed it as a really shit, casually racist attempt at humour.... Fucking hell
  8. If the club makes, or continues to make, a loss the new shareholders would then be liable for their "in excess of 10%" of any such loss wouldn't they? Although they might be able to steer AL in the direction of making less of a loss through not making so many self harming decisions......?
  9. And he had us flirting with the playoffs towards the end...... Makes you think.....
  10. Probably the opposite of what he’ll say in the next one
  11. I don’t like fact this thread can be upped most weeks but, sadly, it can. What the fuck was he doing for Mansfield’s fourth? 9 men or not
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