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  1. There was booze & food (terms used loosely) in there prior to away fans going in...
  2. We only just sold out for the QPR playoff semi (I think?) and I don't think we sold out at all for Blackpool? And that was with them bringing far more than any of the teams we're likely to face will. And before 2 or 3,000 of ours had jumped ship... I'd like to think we'd get 8 or 9 thousand in though... Especially if it's Tranmere or Bury...
  3. How, and why, do you even get out of bed in the morning?
  4. Nothing to play for, they've been here loads over the years, I agree - I don't see £5 enticing many more to make the journey
  5. Nice little lay there if we make the playoffs I'd imagine. We'd possibly be shortpriced favourites on form... Playoff favourites last season were 15/8, 12/5 and 9/4. £20 at 66/1 could allow you to lock in £500/£600 if we make 7th... (without working it out properly) Or, more likely, lose £20...
  6. Where? 22's was the best I could find yesterday... Found it - BetFred https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/league-2/promotion
  7. 10 signing on fees, 10 payoffs - not daft Shez....
  8. Sam was out with PW and about 10 other staff members (and Winiesta) - I think it was a bit of a leaving do for him - after the Forest Green game and said he thought AL would be good for the club in the long run.
  9. Does he not have certain obligations to The Trust given the 3% shareholding that, by law, have to be met?
  10. People always seem to confuse big and great. Forest are a great club, as are Leicester now given what both achieved being far “smaller” than others based on attendance, capacity, fan base beyond the local area, finances etc... I’d say we’re one of the greatest clubs at our level given what we did 30 years ago and how we continue to have days like Fulham, Everton and Liverpool. Very few clubs can match us in that regard... Liverpool are great and big. City and Chelsea I wouldn’t describe as great given they’ve bought success. Over time they could become great though. Leeds, Sunderland, Newcastle I’d argue are possibly the worst clubs in the world given their size and the fact they’re usually shite. Amirite lads?
  11. If there’s a match on when I’m abroad I’ll usually go but I don’t get groundhopping or watching other teams over here. On the rare occasions I’ve done it, whether it be non league or Premier League, I’ve always felt out of place, like I don’t belong/shouldn’t be there. Dont get me wrong, I’ll always lap up a bit of corporate if it’s available but, otherwise, nah.... 🤷🏼‍♂️ I wonder whether the ability for kids to “follow”’foreign teams now rather than have a soft spot for United/City/Liverpool or worse consider them a second team (or even claim to “support” both us and them) like a lot of Millennials do will change anything over the next few years. My lad has more interest in and watches the big Champions League games, Classico’s etc way more than he does Premier League which has kept him away from the dark side so far.... i intend to move to Spain one day and I imagine I’ll properly support the local team wherever it is I live but I could never support another English team if we ever went bump.
  12. We were alright for periods under Bunn and we were shit for periods. That cycle would probably have continued and seen us in the playoff places in my opinion. And we’d still be moaning that we weren’t top 3
  13. Is it true that we “made some arse” (as Chuckle would say)?
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