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  1. Squad movements, summer 2018

    We can't possibly say until we see what squad we've got in August....
  2. Wellens

    "Experienced Assistant" lads.... Talk us through this constantly re-occurring piece of OWTB gospel..... Correct me if I'm wrong but we've had numerous "experienced assistants" throughout our years of being shit in League One, not to mention those times we were relegated from the Premier League and the second tier. We've also had loads of inexperienced assistants during whose stints with the club we've produced pretty much exactly the same result of being shit in League One. What am I missing here?
  3. Eoin Doyle

    Do we still want him considering what he'll cost and the fact he's stopped scoring since coming back? There, I've said it
  4. Corney Gone

    Aren't they owned by his own separate company? If so, why would he not continue to charge the club for them? I realised it'll all be set up in some borderline-dodgy, grey area way as I was typing that
  5. Wellens

    Not like me this, but....... to be fair to journalists news gets out so fast with the internet these days they must have a job ever getting an "exclusive". And they've still got a bit of a market that still gets it's OAFC news long after we have... What do you want them to do - not report something if it's already been on Twitter or an internet messageboard? They're still largely absolute maggots though. As you were.......
  6. Wellens

    I feel sick
  7. Retained list - seven released

    I remember Benteke being on the pitch at some point but have no recollection of anything he did
  8. The Pitch

    I thought that but then I went on it last Sunday for the Mascot's Day. It isn't much better than a decent public playing field close up. Good in patches though...
  9. Retained list - seven released

    "OK lads, so you remember I said this would be a great shop window for you and a move to the Championship or lower Premier League wouldn't take long? Well, as you know....."
  10. Corney Gone

    Can you give us a breakdown of who voted what like the football league do?
  11. Club Statement(Lack of one)

    We've all been insulting them in English, or something like it, all season though....
  12. Club Statement(Lack of one)

    What will you do if that does happen and what will you do if it doesn’t?
  13. League 2 activity

    I bet we get Walsall in the cup.
  14. I think who we keep/don't keep depends on whether Wellens stays or not. If he does he knows which players he can't work with. If he goes a new man could get a tune out of players Wellens couldn't....
  15. Despite his shitshow yesterday I'd still keep Placide. He's been very good on many an occasion. We've had far worse. Doubt he'll want to stay though.