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  1. As should a winning team more importantly
  2. I want Lemsagam to do it well, make profit from it and invest some of that profit back into the team...
  3. all that kind of thing should be a given in this day and age but it won't make any significant difference to attendances without a winning team.
  4. No more or less than in 1989. Granted more support City but that'll be at United's expense (not that they actually go) moreso than ours. Also many kids "support" both us and one of those two which was never the case in more soulful times....
  5. The last one is all that matters. The rest will make very little, if any, difference.
  6. Don't you call someone out on jargon
  7. What exactly are you planning to do at the end of Jan once you've decided whether you're happy/unhappy with him?
  8. HarryBosch

    Jose Injury ?

    To be fair to him he won't be media trained and will be back at the sausage factory this morning......
  9. He's not the best, although he's getting better, but I really like the way Miller plays with such intent. Everytime he has the ball he quickly tries to move us forward, create or score rather than going through the motions/pissing about with it like many of his team mates. I like Gardner and think he'll come good but to say you "can't believe the Gardner witch hunt" is bizarre given his glaringly obvious failings in recent weeks and last night.... I hereby christen you & whittles left foot the #letspretendlads
  10. Why not just say it as you see it? Seems a bit weird not to....
  11. HarryBosch

    Chron Articles

    Those of us who eat, sleep and shit OAFC online have heard it months ago but anybody who doesn't and still buys a newspaper (not many people anymore I'd imagine) might have been unaware...