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  1. And another very honest, respectable fan (ex trust person) who once walked round the ground with him.
  2. Nobody convinced him - he said in an early interview that he had only bought the team. “The important thing” (or words to that effect)
  3. Fucks sake. This isn’t Chuckles Facebook group or the Labour Party - would you not rather debate/argue with them, show them for what they are than shut them down?
  4. Feel free to. Loads of us have talked about the issues raised right here in this thread. But you only only seem to be replying to the posts talking about your piss poor attempts at sockpuppetry.
  5. It's hard to believe that such a gifted orator could come across so badly in a letter...
  6. I know what you're saying but, they've been trying in vain to get the Lemsagams to sit down and talk for months - understandable that they're trying a change in approach and taking it public. The Trust regularly get slated for not being direct enough, you can't accuse the FLG of that.
  7. I reckon Kowenicki says "yourself" and "myself" instead of "you" and "me".
  8. The letter says they've "faithfully been paying £100k per year as demanded by the landlord even though it now appears the sum is only £1 per year" Demanded how by the landlord? In a document that AL/ML have agreed to? What do they mean by "appears"? Is it or isn't it? Does the fact the sum was £1 a year (you can also read the letter as if it was £1 for the whole 20 years) when Corney was owner necessarily mean that Brassbank couldn't have put it up to £100k before, during or after the Lemsagam's buying of the club? The same as they're categorically telling us that other terms of the lease have changed? I'm no expert but if I was the Lemsagam's I might be looking for better lawyers...
  9. Similar to getting promoted to the Championship?
  10. Yeah, hadn't read this. Exactly. Why do only me and LL get this?
  11. It'll just be consumed one way or another just like any increased handouts that some seem to think us poorly run/unlucky clubs should be entitled to from better run/luckier clubs would be...
  12. Playing Devil's Advocate - I'm not saying it's right but, many clubs (and many businesses in general) would probably look like basket cases right now under the scrutiny of an indepth audit but those same clubs will be fine, or still here plodding along chaotically, in 6 months or a years or 3 years time. At some point they might sell a player for big money or have a lucrative cup run and be a bit less financially chaotic for a while.... When has it ever been any different?
  13. Are you sure it's that and not that nobody seems to be able to give you an answer that you like? You can lead a horse to water.....
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