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  1. If either of those two cunts wants to call me a cunt that’s our cunting business not any other cunt’s.
  2. No, still none the wiser.... Sorry... If rudemedic got Owen Jones did you get Diane Abbott?
  3. I too read that post and this one and still haven't got a fucking clue what you're on about......
  4. HarryBosch

    Bury (A)

    With every extra ticket sold now our human rights & freedom of movement will be eroded further..... Not to mention the Council Tax bills of the denizens of Bury increased (I'm ok with that bit)
  5. That’s better. And reassuring, maybe. Thank you. [upboat]
  6. Do you want to tell us more seeing as you keep intimating you’re ITK about this....?
  7. I thought the Sports Direct deal was ended a while back wasn’t it?
  8. You're happy to assume that the very, very vague news is good news based on fuck all but don't want to "assume" the £6m reported by a so far largely reliable, straight shooting BBC journo is accurate? How does that work?
  9. Have you noticed & noted that everybody could immediately work out what/who he meant though? As opposed to a very high percentage of Trust communication where we haven't got a clue.......