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  1. The Abdallah Lemsagam era begins

    Isn't it nice?
  2. Rochdale

  3. Rochdale

    That's not what fickle means.
  4. Rochdale

    What's the bigger picture? They're stable, he's stable, he's taking them down.
  5. Rochdale

    Yep - and with all that stability on and off the pitch too. Very little pressure from their fans when they're in a bad run. Regular, lucrative, well negotiated players sales (much of that down to him to be fair). A core of 5 or 6 half decent team players who seem to have been there for years (again, credit where it's due) yet he still can't keep them up. It seems that he can only manage them and they can only get back up with him.
  6. Rochdale

    I would if they brought enough of an away following to significantly impact our coffers. Neither of them do.
  7. Rochdale

    A true banter boy would start the sentence with "mate" rather than end it....
  8. Rochdale

    No, we'll be 12th by then. 10-0
  9. Rochdale

    Some sickening comments in this thread. Fuck em... Hope Spurs win the replay 10-0
  10. Rochdale

    I have to say I hold no opinion on the quality, or lack of, of LED advertising hoardings.... Talk us through this. Break it down for us...
  11. Milton Keynes (H)

    Ancient Chinese proverb?
  12. Holloway

    I know what you're saying but Davies is Player of the Season as things stand. If we're going all out to be a top 6 side yes we could sign better. Even then though I'd keep him on as cover. We've been missing such a steady, consistent, big unit who can bag double figures+ for years.
  13. Milton Keynes (H)

    He doesn’t need to. Like Paulie in Goodfellas
  14. Patrick McEleney

    Pringle's not had the (obvious) impact I was expecting or actually been the type of player I thought he was. As his fitness has got better and better though so have our results..... Might be coincidence, might not be.... On another note - he's more one footed than Long John fucking Silver...
  15. Patrick McEleney

    How good he was going to be, "has an arrogance on the ball", stuff like that...