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  1. HarryBosch

    Macclesfield (h)

    Despite being way off fitness his engine has been unbelievable in his two cameo's so far. He's ran his bollocks off while still finding time to show he's the best footballer on the pitch..
  2. HarryBosch

    Statement by Chairman

    We're not trying to build Rome though. Just put out a team of footballers to get promoted.
  3. HarryBosch

    Statement by Chairman

    FFS - I came on here specifically to ask if anyone had checked on you to make sure you hadn't wanked yourself to death.....
  4. HarryBosch

    Ex players and that

    I didn't vote leave for Carlisle fans to be talking in kilo's not stones & pounds.....
  5. HarryBosch

    Macclesfield (h)

    Iversen Hamer Graham Edmundson (Clarke if he's fit, or whatever it is he needs to be) Hunt Gevaro Coke (much better last night) Gardner Branger-Engone O'Grady Benteke or Lang If he's stuck with O'Grady so far that isn't going to change now. I'd rather Benteke or even Miller started. I think Lang will start if he's ready. Baxter from the bench again.
  6. It would be if he was giving a view that conflicted with the views of those of us who went but, in this instance, he has correctly surmised from said edited highlights that we were indeed fucking shit.
  7. HarryBosch

    Jack Byrne ❤️

    On a side note - he's never 5 ft 9 is he? It's Wiki Jack not Tinder....
  8. HarryBosch

    Derby (h)

    Bollocks - I feel a Typical Latics night is in the offing....
  9. HarryBosch

    Derby (h)

    It saddens me how unimportant the League Cup is viewed nowadays. Especially given our history in it. This is about as big a draw as we could have got with Lampard being their manager yet there'll be less than 3,000 (maybe even less than 2000) there unless Derby bring a few. And why do people want/expect it to be a tenner against Championship opposition where we could progress to a lucrative next round draw yet are fine with £17 to watch us play Macclesfield? Surely it should be the other way round?
  10. I've bought many tickets for many different things in many different ways yet never described any instance of it as an "experience". Do I get out too much?
  11. As much as I'm desperate to see him play I hope we can get in front early and not have to rush Baxter back... I can't see Byrne playing...
  12. I used to look forward to trips to clubs/grounds like this when they were a novelty. This being the first of many is depressing as fuck...
  13. Taylor would have been taking many, if not all, of them though I'd imagine....
  14. HarryBosch

    Beer - worst ever

    I hope they're not....
  15. I refuse to vote. They were all shite Happy Monday