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  1. He won't be a key player in any team because he isn't a team player. A bit of talent but astonishing he's lasted this long as a team sportsman with his attitude. Is it too late for him to take up tennis?
  2. Do these still show up on Twitter as if they're new threads when you bump them???
  3. Has anyone changed their intentions from what they were before COVID? I've had to have my memory jogged but I was intending to not renew my season ticket for the first time in many years. I was still going to pay on the day but felt to renew would be to say the ongoing shitshow was somehow OK. I'm torn now though after 3 months of being cooped up and the coming economic turmoil - I think I'd rather have a ST just in case work goes tits up. But I should stick to my guns and not validate their cuntery.
  4. Huge testament to Gary Harkins that he made such an impact and is held in such high regard by #oafc fans when he played for us just 22 times. Which other players did similar? Adam Lockwood is the first one that springs to mind for me. 29 appearances. Signing an old man from non-league who looked an absolute clogger appeared a terrible signing at the time but what an impact. What a leader. Who else?
  5. Is it possible that such David Brent-esque bollocks could be a big contributory factor as to why nothing ever gets achieved?
  6. And then it'll all get spent (and then some) just like it all gets spent (and then some) now. I'd rather have a few trips down south every season with it all getting spent (and then some).
  7. I saw The Repugnant Vampires at the Lesser Free Trade Hall the week before the Sex Pistols played there.....
  8. I'm the same with the glory years. Even the years at the start of what we didn't realise was our ultimate demise Ask me about some obscure Tuesday night southern away game 1988-91 and I'll give you fine detail, ask me who we played two months ago and what happened I won't have a clue, even if I was there
  9. I think you've probably got yourself into a "there's fuck all I can do about it" mindset with regards to this and everything else. I have. I can't go to the pub, a restaurant, the gym, Latics or on holiday which are pretty much the only things I really do sad bastard that I am And there's fuck all I can do about it so I don't worry/think about it. Similar to when I used to smoke and the only time not being able to didn't bother me was on a plane because I knew that I just couldn't.
  10. This was very good and is being made again as soon as supplies need replenishing..... Served with Patatas Bravas (yeah I know ), guacamole and Pico de Gallo
  11. Following on from the Chilli debate in the other thread..... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2011/may/12/cook-perfect-chilli-con-carne I've got a hotchpotch of the first two variations on the go as we speak..... Stay tuned....
  12. Favourite food/bars/restaurants here and around the world? I'll start... 😂 Oasis in Adeje Village, Tenerife. Known as the Chicken Shack.... Simple, basic little place.. Garlicky, GARLICKY, slightly spicy Adeje Chicken from a secret family recipe served with possibly the best chips in the world and an oily, seasalty salad of slices of beef tomatoes, lettuce and incredible mild white onions .... All about a fiver each last time I went... No menu, they just ask how many people for. Home made, organic red or white wine served in old fashioned milk style bottles ....
  13. 😄 You've got me craving this now - with braising steak rather than mince obviously... 😂 And I can't otherwise justify my next dystopian supermarket trip for a few days 😟
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