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  1. Woods added. I'd assume he'll wear the 1. shirt, but the announcement didn't say like it did for Mills.
  2. Seems to have been well-regarded at Hamilton, chose to leave rather than released.
  3. Ta. I trust the Record as much as I trust any tabloid, but it's plausible.
  4. Where has the fee been reported? Neither club saying.
  5. And again with Mills signing and Edmundson leaving.
  6. I was more thinking of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mills_bomb
  7. I wonder if there's any more signing up today?
  8. I'd suggest "The Bomb" for his nickname, but I'm not even sure BP1960 would get a reference that old.
  9. Only a one-year deal? Seems cagey. I hope we at least have an option, but aren't announcing it.
  10. Only if somebody wants to pay money for him. Nothing in his recent form suggested that was likely. So, we keep him and pay a (presumably) large wage, or agree a settlement to end the contract early. Not surprised.
  11. Edmundson (for now), Hamer, Iacovitti, Sefil, Stott and Swaby-Neavin. I'd guess only Hamer and Iacovitti would be first choice starters from that lot.
  12. Updated squad list in first post with Hunt leaving.
  13. Particularly as Chamakh announced his retirement three weeks ago, after not playing in almost three years.
  14. Playing chicken in the media, seeing who blinks first.
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