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  1. First post updated with today’s departures. Now that the window is closed I don’t plan to make further updates.
  2. He’s finally been able to hire a minibus big enough to ship out the deadwood?
  3. So... any chance the club will confirm Sefil, and maybe Kokos, leaving? Any word on contracts for Jones and McCann?
  4. Paving the way for Vera to return as manager. Just imagine.
  5. Cureton is great. He had three spells at my second team and never failed to score regularly. I think I'd prefer him to the Scottish chap.
  6. The idea that Alessandra is now an experienced forward makes me feel very old.
  7. Why so snippy? Have you watched him play lately either? The newspaper report you linked to said he’d been underwhelming and his contract ended by mutual agreement. Seems a pretty solid basis for assuming he’s not been ripping up trees, and in a division many or most of our fans don’t rate highly.
  8. We should be aiming higher than incrementally better than awful.
  9. No. If players from the Scottish Prem aren't good enough, not sure why a 40-year-old released from a Scottish Champ club after 'underwhelming' performances would be remotely of interest.
  10. Another loan? Are the club planning to tell us what's happened to all the other players we have/had on loan this season?
  11. Anyone heard any more news or rumours on departures? Would be nice to see a clearout confirmed, i.e. Vera, Kokos and the like.
  12. Squad list in the first post of this thread updated with all the moves to date. I wonder if the awful 54, 55, 56 numbering is someone trying to make a (misguided) pointed statement about the number of players they’ve brought in.
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