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  1. Stevenage-supporting friend suggests he could be a favourite for BP1960: Still a favourite in Stevenage. Nice guy. Good coach. Great with fans. Tactically limited. Don't expect tiki taka and wingbacks.
  2. Off the top of my head, four and unlimited in the squad but only five at the same time in the matchday squad.
  3. Sounds like Morais might be moving permanently eventually - he's said his goodbyes to Crawley in a statement, and their announcement talks about him wanting to move back up north for family reasons.
  4. I wonder if the club will announce Coke and/or O'Grady leaving? Or just pretend they don't exist.
  5. Updated squad list with McHale (the loans etc were already updated). Leaving Coke and O'Grady on the list until they are announced as leaving. Or, more likely, we read about them signing for someone else.
  6. Yeah, he was. Brentford away? I can’t recall for sure. RIP.
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