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  1. We need grafters to do well in this division, not Duluxury players.
  2. Michael Ngoo is on course to win the Albanian league title with Tirana. 28 goals in 69 games for them in the last couple of seasons.
  3. https://www.tranmererovers.co.uk/news/2020/july/club-statement/ Fantastic. 10/10 would read again.
  4. Williams is a scholar, possibly first year going into second year. Wouldn’t normally be due a decision on offering him a pro contract until the end of 2020/21 – I think.
  5. Done. So we’re left with 6 contracted players and 5 more offered 2/3-month extensions. Have to say, McCann is the only one that bothers me much.
  6. Retained list on the official site now. Will update the first post in this thread.
  7. Original list updated with Iacovitti leaving.
  8. Added Dearnley extension to player list.
  9. Where’s everyone getting this news? I can see bits and bats on Twitter but nothing convincing like Sylla.
  10. Confirmed by the club he signed for, so I think yeah.
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