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  1. I've no idea if he refused to sign an extension prior his injury. It was widely rumoured he was courting a move away from BP. If that's true and now it seems he'll struggle to be fit for the start of next season he'll not get as good a contract as perhaps he would have. For me that's tough. You pays your money you takes your choice. Adios .
  2. Nope, straight out the club. Heard it with me own ears
  3. Maybe because he had signed and that's his job?
  4. And you know this for sure? I was told by someone at the club it was.
  5. Hearing the coaching staff had high hopes at the start of the season upon Al informing them that their budget was in place and wasn't to be touched. Tie up's had been put in place at Scum, City and Liverpool to get top class coaching provided for the youths etc. only for Al to change is mind last minute and cut the budget by over half. That's come from some coaches involved.
  6. I am thinking both clubs agreed given Surridge was home sick for the south. Hence he claimed he was injured and went home a few times.
  7. Eddie Howe confirms he wants Surridge at Bournmouth and is going nowhere on loan this window EDIT: As reported on talk shite
  8. He was outstanding. I'd very very surprised if Claudio wasn't in Al's ear at the final whistle. That was £5 Million display if ever you saw one. Immense. Get him tied down now on a long contract with a big transfer clause in it.
  9. Not a betting man BUT I'd say more do than don't at some point.
  10. They did back in the day also. When the crowds increased in the pinch me years plenty were city and Manure fans that filled out the stands. Hence the rapid decline once the good times stopped rolling. Don't get me wrong bad times see's some Latics fans fall away also. Well, any fans of any club for that matter.
  11. There won't be an owner, Chairmen or board member in any football club that hasn't told the manager what he/she thinks. That's not interfering that's what everyone does, say's their opinion. That would be somewhere well short of picking the side.
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