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  1. FLG have bought zero to date and no one knows who they are (apart from Paul, simon & simon) or what their true intentions are. What's in the deal mix up etc. So given that, how can anyone with certainty back it whole heartedly ? other than blind faith. Time they showed their hand in return for support. What's that got to do with Al and the club?
  2. Yes. Nice I believe for 91 million. He's putting together a portfolio of clubs AKA Man City, INEOS group.
  3. Baxter scores for Plymouth against reading
  4. Linked with Chelsea. You'll not see his arse anywhere near bp
  5. In my early latics days the Bolton match was always a biggie like rovers. Had a few digs at Bolton down the years.
  6. I can identify with that 100.%. Glad to hear things are looking up
  7. If only. I'll give you that was worded well. Now practice what you preach
  8. I bet we would all love hartlepool to be a big game in league one now. If only for the foot long hotdogs
  9. To further give your advices credence wiseowl. I am currently under moderation status which means one of admin needs to approve before you see this. I get it, I am partly to blame for biting. I've had one admin clear the air which is good. I've had another ignore the waiting posts. This one normally joins in with the gang. Yet the thing I really don't get is why. We've never had words of any description in the past. In fact the only dealing I can remember having was driving to the ticket office for him to buy him a match ticket for some big match coming up. He lives a long way away you see. Then met him at the ground. Odd really.
  10. I You are absolutely right. Very good advice, it's starting to dawn on me. About time too
  11. Mmmmmm. Currently under moderation status. But I totally get your drift
  12. When I read this thread I realise how much of a knob I am for allowing myself to get sucked in to justifying what I post. The current squad is not anywhere near good enough. I am still holding out hope 2 squads will prove to be worse. 4 possibly 5 players are good enough for league 2. The rest no.
  13. Totally agree. I'll say this, one or two comments have been beyond acceptance. You may well be right about stepping back. Latics losing again is more disheartening
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