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  1. You may well be right, but ain't surprised by a fight back
  2. Yes possibly, perhaps Alan Hardy then, we had similar stuff back in his day too
  3. I've no idea who wrote it, maybe SC, it was similar.
  4. I've seen full page ad's taken out in National newspapers before today by companies. Just the same thing. Would I blame someone reacting to a hostile bid? no I wouldn't. That is anyone or any company, before the vitriol starts.
  5. Regardless how good, bad or indifferent someone runs a business, if that someone see's a hostile (in their opinion) move upon that business they will act in manner you would expect. Why is it seen as toys out of prams? I guess it depends on who's flavour of the month. Just as in Corney's era two parties taking or expecting a return out of one football club doesn't go, unless you're the world's biggest club where there's plenty to go round. I don't care who the one entity is that runs OAFC, but whilst this current set up prevails it will never work.
  6. I believe we've been in for both. One's on a massive contract currently and his club up to now have refused on the grounds what we can contribute, the other would have liked to stay local but a south coast club have offered above 4K a week
  7. I am not sure what the end goal is with all this. No one is really saying what that is. I'd be far happier someone coming along and making OAFC whole again, Surely that's the clubs best chance. Still I am prepared to wait to hear the ultimate plan.
  8. This thread hits it home we've had some shockers.
  9. 2nd touch was always a tackle, agreed. His best trick was the only one he had, Cruyff like turn and cross.
  10. Nice enough Bloke COG and I'd buy him a pint and all that, but Christ I'd be happy if he left. He had the odd good game for us against static defenders other than that, gash. Are we paying him off?
  11. Thank you for your honesty. It's childish totally agree and perhaps I shouldn't bite at the jibes and shite. I treat people as I find them. I've decided that anything said on here is meaningless if it's worth while they can say it to my face. They'd get some respect if nothing else
  12. I absolutely agree 100% with you. It is totally childish. I asked a question, an unpopular one and for that, I've had ( lets be honest one hater and three members constantly TRY to be witty in put downs ). I guess they are mates. Would they talk to me that way in person? no. Not for risk of violence like the hater likes to you to believe, but because in real life no one behaves like that as on social media. I think we can al agree on that. I slipped in one post referring to someone as a knob, I agree I shouldn't have. That was in the face of quite a few names directed at me. In the cold light of day and stepping back does it matter, not really! Will I defend myself? you bet I will. Now I would respect you far more and appreciate if when these 4 reply, you say exactly the same to them. That way all involved know the board members are sick of it in equal measure. That's my main gripe about the 'gang' mentality, it should be equal to all not the few. Please accept me apologies, lets see if these others will be sincere.
  13. What mission? The mission I can see is your dislike of me. Just admit why you like any personal attack, any fun poked toward me. Any reason to disagree with me any maybe you'd get some respect. Anyway, pleased you like me had to look up matts parting shot. So I care? Not a jot. As you were
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