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  1. Too many camps, too many splinter groups, too many more important......One club, one set of fans, one goal. Just saying.
  2. The following was posted on Facebook by Paul's wife ( FLG Member) after the club statement re debts and stadium purchase It’s been a total privilege being a part of all this and we thank everyone who has backed us. We bow out now before we’re banned with brilliant memories that can never be taken away. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later xx
  3. That was my initial thought, so asked that very question.
  4. Remember, it's something they believe, not heard it from the board. Whilst it could have been seen as an hostile bid, it would go along way if the board made it known that no grudges are held and all are welcome. It would be down to the individuals involved if the wanted to attend matches. Like I've stated, I would 100% back their corner.
  5. Will the mystery backers forever remain in the shadows? On Facebook it was suggested members of the FLG believe they'll be banned from the ground, so going before they're pushed. Which is quite sad really, as they are Latics fans, I for one would back their right 100% to continue being a supporter.
  6. Really? including you. So for clarity, what must he do? It's not a dig, purely interested
  7. Blimey!! I've apologised for no one. I am being fair, I'll call a spade a spade, but the pickaxe is still a pickaxe.
  8. The bloke can never win If he completes he completes, if he doesn't he doesn't. For now he's handed over a wedge to Blitz which is more than his buddy Corney ever did. All he's done since he got here is pay debts off. Mainly not of his making, but his predecessor. Attack the bloke for his failings like the poor recruitment of substandard players. His two fingered salutes to his antagonists which isn't really professional. Some less than good employer tactics but don't let that blinker todays events nor the seemingly turn around in player recruitment. Cut the bloke some slack.
  9. Christ, how many nails!! not having a dig personally. It's just like who will 90% of Tics be happy with
  10. Other reports now suggesting Blitz calling the Bassini link, bollocks. Lets wait and see
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