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  1. Fair play to Tranmere McNulty looks like a Sunday league pub player 😆
  2. Very pleased about Nepo staying for all the criticism of AL and the foreign contingent etc Nepo has come across as a good Pro and a decent bloke
  3. ….and this is exactly the kind of thing that makes looking at a set of accounts only part of the story. Full accounts contain notes which supposedly explain things but they are often only the headline...the real facts are elsewhere...not necessarily hidden deliberately but just not explained in full. If you are assessing a business you use the accounts as a starting point, not the end game. P&L' and Balance sheets give you a picture and a few pointers to the real questions to be asked. Sadly the real picture for Latics could be very murky (as with most football clubs it seems) and the fact that an nda is required suggests there is something to hide. It seems to me the Trust has got itself in to an impossible position and conflict of interests...it should be acting as an outside, independent force answerable to the supporters (not just its paid up members) rather than a part of the current owner' team. If an owner doesn't believe he/she should be transparent with his "customer base" (and football is unique whatever anyone says) then I think it tells you everything you need to know about them or the people they associate with.
  4. I rather fear we’ve been down this road before.....a trust/fans rep on the Board.....he or she will soon be unable to report back to the fans due to confidentiality and after a period of time will be offered a job at the club and the use, in perpetuity, of a red jumper for on camera work
  5. It should be PW collecting it and enjoying the day out as a reward for his service to the club and for the actual Fulham victory....he could take Lang and Clarkey as his guests
  6. Weird, who are these mysterious people that want to own a football ground but not the actual club?
  7. I'll be pissed off if the away version isn't Tangerine
  8. I wonder if Fylde or Salford would see Clarkey as a great to have for their first season in the League
  9. Well that’s 2 European finals I have no interest in watching now
  10. I’ll try: Wild = good Manager now, could be very good in the future Scholes = not a good Manager now, not sure he will be a good one in the future 😎
  11. Anything to back up the George and Nepo posts?
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