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  1. Ritchierich

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Well done
  2. Ritchierich

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    True, those are the facts but the underlying cause is the shambolic way the club has been run over the years, and I fear may be continued under the new owner
  3. Ritchierich

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Jeez, just looked at the line-up, that is a truly poor looking team and would be solid relegation candidates. how on earth do we manage to feck th8ngs up so much, Baxter and Byrne in the squad I was quite optimistic but we just seem toxic
  4. Ritchierich

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Another poor pre-season with a number of very average looking players signed very late and with a rookie manager in charge again so not really expecting much I guess that is the way things are now and I truly hope we aren’t just swapping our annual battle to stay in League 1 for the same but in League 2
  5. Ritchierich

    RIP Opinions4u

  6. Think you got lucky, I tried for hours on and off over the course of 2 days, the extension sometimes rang out, sometimes not but never answered not sure I’ll be getting to many games this season on this basis
  7. Again, you’re probably right but if I was running the club I’d put out a message to the fans saying exactly that....”we’ve got 700 tickets for now and may get more next week depending / subject to blah blah” ...”and by the way, it’s personal callers only due to demand/staff/don’t give a monkeys or whatever” mind you if they did things properly we’d have nothing to moan about or speculate over 😊
  8. The annoying thing for me is the lack of clarity....if they said personal callers only I might be annoyed but at least I know that’s the situation......open sale suggests all usual channels and they even reference the phone number on the original update i also think they should be more aware of fans and how fans think and communicate in this day and age....we all know that the FGR away capacity is 1076 according to their website so why do we only have 700? Will we get more? etc etc basically its the usual amateurish operation of the club that is frustrating
  9. Agree 100% really pissed off with the club over this and suspect I won’t be getting to many games this season I tried emailing them but no response I guess they don’t need my business
  10. The FGR website has been updated to confirm away capacity as 1076 total so hopefully no reason why we won’t get the extra 376.....mind you with no provision made for anyone outside the immediate Oldham area and/or with a job, it’ll still be nigh on impossible to get a ticket. Looking at the capacity of many of the grounds this season, this could be a recurring problem, especially if we’ are competitive in the league
  11. So “general sale” effectively means people who can get to Boundary Park......tried for 2.5 hours to get through on phone + no online sales available Feckin usleless, home end it is then
  12. You’re probably both right, I just think for completeness they could for example, as I mentioned, say that they are trying to get extra tickets or can and will get extras if the demand is there....not really having a major moan just wish they could show a bit more awareness. It appears FGR away end holds 1000+ so it is reasonable to ask why we only have 700
  13. I do sometimes wonder if the people who run our beloved club have any connection whatsoever with our fans. Surely they would realise the potential to take around 1000 to a new ground in a new division under a popular manager and the first away game.....just give us the sense that they “get it” rather than a standalone announcement of 700 tickets to season card holders only........e.g “first 700, season ticket holders get first dibs but don’t worry, we can get more and have discussed with FGR”