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  1. As others have said, I couldn’t give a monkeys who he appoints as we’ll be opening this thread again before Christmas
  2. And was immediately told who would/would not be in the squad
  3. Surely the game to boycott, if any, is the Mansfield TV match, even Sky wouldn’t be able to ignore the fact that the crowd only consisted of 500 Mansfield fans!!
  4. Wellen' podcast is very interesting...he clearly says that AL initially asked a couple of times if he could come into the dressing room and RW agreed through his naivety but then when he got the job full time AL carried on and had obviously decided he loved it and wasn't going to stop! When AL first took over I looked at a few social media posts of his...since removed I think...it was full of pics of him in helicopters, in Monaco, flash cars, bullshit like that....basically a wannabe playboy who is now a kid in a candy shop and playing football manager with our club I feared from the start he was a chancer and could easily replicate the Leyton Orient example
  5. Sky reporting he resigned by text!!!! Club statement saying he gave no indication of be8ng upset and it all came out of the blue fucking mental !!!!
  6. Being discussed on Sky sports the debate at ten.....Poyet and Winterburn in the preview just suggested he should have stuck it out for longer “welcome to our world” as Poyet put it !!!
  7. I wasn’t the most positive poster on Scholes but that was partly driven by a feeling that things just weren’t stable enough and I felt we should have stuck with PW for the rest of the season That said, where I have been consistent and I was absolutely certain of is that this Moroccan Football Agent and his Brother are absolutely disastrous for this once great little club and we may very well be playing in the National League or worse very soon. It is shameful that charlatans like them can buy their way in to sports clubs and destroy them through their vanity and arrogance. The football authorities are not fit and proper enough themselves to evaluate who is fit and proper. Sad times my friends
  8. Its probably the worst Oldham squad you will have ever seen and you should beat us comfortably and continue your promotion push......of course football doesn’t always work that way! Either way, well done on your season so far and good luck for the run in, shame we’re not going to be joining you
  9. Still well enough to post an Instagram or whatever it is FFS
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