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  1. I think I’m done for this season, only made it to 8 games and haven’t seen us win! Biggest issue for me is the lack of desire and a bit of fight, today wasn’t as bad as Cheltenham but once we go behind we just seem to give up....not helped by the changes at the back today admittedly but still no excuse for such a half hearted second half capitulation I’ve no faith in this owner or this manager
  2. 0-2 we have pretty much given up this squad is utter shite and the manager is worse
  3. Same old, same old ....some nice play down the wings and we’ve created a fair bit however most of the time it’s all a bit laboured and we then give away a soft goal
  4. Pathetic half hearted challenge by CBJ led to the goal
  5. Very small crowd....mind you, probably same as we get now 😞
  6. Agree with that second bit, that chant is truly awful and hopefully someone on here who is part of that group will get it taken off the "playlist"
  7. Yep, I don't think either party has ever had the club and fans interests anywhere near the top of their lists.... money is all the 3 Amigos care about and ego appears to be what motivates Al and Mo.... Natalie and Owen are happily following orders
  8. We don't need luck, we need an owner who cares about the club rather than characters like Blitz, Gazal and Corney who are only interested in money and clowns like Abdallah who is on an ego trip supported by the ever present incompetent freeloader Owen Great support today but it feels like the last days of Rome
  9. 522 Latics there!! just imagine if we actually weren’t a shambolic club
  10. Much as i enjoy a liitle bit of schadenfreude I actually hope City take this all the way and get FFP in its current guise overturned The real threat to football are rogue owners like Bury or shady owners like Blitz and Mo
  11. What memories! Being valentines I was in a restaurant with my then girlfriend and with 20 minutes to go I pretended to go to the gents, went out to a payphone and dialled clubcall with a few 10p pieces (anyone under 40 can get their parents to explain that bit 😊) After a few moments the live commentary kicks in "... and Palmer scores and it's Oldham" 5th!!!" My girlfriend asked if I was always that happy after going to the gents 😂 That was 30 years ago tonight, wow! I'm still in love with the same team..... and the same girl 😁
  12. Blitz and the other 2 Amigos only interest was how much money they could make from the land and assets.... things didn't work out quite as hoped but the appearance of muppett Mo and his Bro has given them a second chance
  13. They'll be a few ManCity players looking for a move in the summer 😁
  14. It's been said many times but this is all a direct result of the asset strippers Blitz, Corney and Gazal together with the charlatans Al and his Brother, all supported by freeloader Owen Sadly next season will almost certainly be worse
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