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  1. Ah, sorry! I guess it relates more to us (and all club right now), must be more to come, especially in L1 and 2 which could mean farcical league tables with points deductions all over the place for those clubs that survive
  2. Pretty much a lower standard outside of the Glasgow pair He was really poor for us I'm afraid
  3. So it's back, although it looks like they forget to tell the technology! I presume if Michael Oliver' satnav breaks down he just keeps on driving until he reaches the sea 😁
  4. Been watching the Aussie Rugby league.... Proper sportsmen, no bullshit, no whining, no cheating and no over paid prima donnas. Refreshing tbh and yet in a few days time millions will be watching 20something old multi millionaires faking injury, clutching their face because someone tapped them on the arm and screaming abuse at referees and opposition players while their agents work out which club would make them even more money next Feck the Premier League
  5. Its more nuanced though surely? The OP makes a valid point that we can't become a one issue society and shut down the global economy for years. Roughly 150,000 people die every day across the world from a variety of causes, many of them preventable sadly Less economic activity will undoubtedly lead to higher death rates across many categories in the coming years if we become too myopic To some extent, the OP is also right: focus on those at most risk and give them proper support and protection whilst most of us carry on as normal.... surely this is the underlying logic of the NHS, our tax system and our social welfare and other safety nets? The data appears to have been consistent across the globe from the start that this virus is only a serious risk to certain groups and I wonder if we had put all of our efforts in to protecting them rather than spreading ourselves too thinly and trying to "save everyone" then perhaps our death rates could have been lower and the economic and social problems we have inadvertently caused much less. Luckily, I am not in charge and we have experts like BoJo and Priti Patel so everything should be fine
  6. I love the complexity they bring to what always has been, and always will be, a simple game When I played for my pub team (we were actually quite good) as an attacking full back, we had two regular strikers who mostly rotated based on work shifts or severity of Friday night hangover! One of them was small but very fast and chased everything... when he was playing I'd knock long balls over the top for him to chase... The other was slow but brilliant at holding the ball up and bringing others into play... so we'd just play it to up to his feet or chest All of this took about ten minutes to figure out the first time we played together It also turned that if you have better players then you won more matches πŸ™‚
  7. For me it should be about the overall financial structure of a club. If a very wealthy person wants to buy the team he/she supports and pump in a few hundred million to take them from League 2 to the Champions league then good luck to them but I would have strict financial controls that say you can't lend the club money, it all has to be capitalised and become the clubs money and if you want to sign big name players on big money then you have to put money into escrow accounts to cover some or all of their total contract commitment Frankly this is even more important in the higher divisions, especially the Championship where clubs are literally gambling everything on getting to the promised land of the greedy league Of course there is no way our greedy and incompetent football authorities would ever be this brave so a wage cap may be the best we can hope for but it will be hugely distorted by the bigger clubs offering bonuses or other payments in kind I suspect
  8. Swindon have form. Many years ago my company was a supplier to them, amounts were small, £500 typically but getting a cheque from them was as rare as a Segbe goal and every couple of years the limited company would go under and miraculously reappear as Swindon Town 1992 or something Always disliked them 😏
  9. Bad news for us Southern exiles, I'll have to chose between Aldershot and Woking
  10. Well if nothing else, it's brilliant news for monkeys
  11. No but there is nothing fair or logical about the situation the world finds itself in so we need to deal with things and make simple rational choices and decisions as best we can Its not fair on Liverpool but it is also not fair on a team that was on a roll and only a few points off promotion, it is not fair on those who have lost their jobs, their business or their homes (which many could in the coming months when the economic fallout really starts to bite) On a more positive note, whatever system the EFL comes up with we will be safe in our customary 17th position or thereabouts 😁
  12. The only fair and logical solution is to cancel the season.... Basically it simply never happened.... Surely that is fairer than some nonsensical algorithm or formula or behind closed doors with 7 players, 25 minute half's and roll on roll off subs or whatever else the Premier league scumbags are discussing As for clubs complaining they were 5 points clear with only 9 games to play.... Tough shit!! grow up.
  13. πŸ˜ƒ I've got a rather nice 2019 chΓ’teau domestos to accompany dinner this evening
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