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  1. I actually think the sad demise of Bury could keep us in the FL with only one going down this season
  2. Shame he’s gone, consistent decent performances, good attitude and outstanding name
  3. I don’t know who or what is to blame but I’m confident it’s either Brexit or climate change
  4. What a truly bland statement that is. To quote Baldrick “it’s like a blunt pencil............”
  5. It’d be a real shame if Nepo goes, decent player with a good attitude.....one of the few positives from the AL signings chaos
  6. Booked for “excessive celebration” oxymoron for us this season
  7. I find myself less and less bothered about who we are playing as it doesn’t really seem to matter anymore, I feel terrible for feeling this way. Bought a Euromillions ticket the other night but didn’t win, sorry 😐
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