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  1. Interesting it says that Queensy was being paid 11,000 books per week ...guess we shouldn’t read too much into that
  2. Because he is a feckin joke and if he is our first choice striker we will almost certainly be playing in the National League next year.......but don’t worry, I’m not trying to single him out, most of the players our North African football agents have signed are terrible so I won’t be blaming him as none of this is his fault. .......in fact, I blame the following: Chris Moore for being a crook The so called 3 Amigos for being charlatans Blitz in particular and.his property scams Corney for his death by a thousand cuts policy and for selling half a club to the Moroccan joker Al and his Brothers and their football agent scams The EFL for its farcical “fit and proper person” test and lack of action on football finances The Trust for being absolutely ineffectual The original “fans representative” Barry Owen for being there throughout and yet saying nothing and doing nothing and finally, the Premier League and their co-conspirators Sky for helping to create the greed driven, global brand bullshit that every club is now obsessed with achieving even if it means risking the club’ very existence!
  3. The bloke is beyond useless, we’ve had some poor players in the last decade or so but this guy takes the biscuit, utter 🤡
  4. Dont worry, not your fault, Sky are proudly telling everyone that the foootball season starts this weekend 😡
  5. Absolutely but sadly no evidence that is going to happen AL and his Brothers hoping to strike gold with low cost African imports
  6. Blimey, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse 😏
  7. Answer. we finished 12th last year with Lang AND Surridge (some of the time!) so yes, the rest of the squad is much worse this season so I think after 46 games we will be where a poor team should be We have too many lightweight French lower league players who are all total gambles for AL’ football agency sideline 2 proper forwards and 2 midfielders could fix it but I think we have already finished the jigsaw
  8. Of course Vera shows some good touches, he’s played at a higher level over the years but he is now so slow and cumbersome .....he cant win a ball in the air because he can’t jump, can’t hold the ball up because he’s not fit enough and can’t beat anyone for pace because he doesn’t have any. He may have been a decent player some years ago but this is 2019 in the English 4th tier and he isn’t good enough, even for a team as poor as Oldham.
  9. The various changes and players that have come in have just confirmed what we all know....this is a fair sized squad of absolutely bang average players I don’t think I’ve ever felt less connected to a Latics team and struggling to care its also really galling listening to the LFC commentary going on about how useful it is for their players to be playing proper league sides and how it’’ll help them make the step up to the First team......so kind of those Premier League cu**s to throw us a few scraps from their table
  10. Vera is an utter disgrace.......professional footballer??!! Must be some kind of money laundering scheme or similar
  11. We’re all being too nice here Barry Owen is symptomatic of the mess our club is in he’s been there for years with his nose in the trough and saying and doing nothing of consequence as one terrible decision after another has taken us to where we are now ....and to think he was the original fans representative and a supposedly up-standing person given he was an ex-policeman!!
  12. What an absolute clusterfuck this club is now sad times
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