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  1. Also living in Worcester now and from what I can gather the RU, basketball and Hockey teams are well funded and are on the rise. Where as the football team has been fighting with the council for land to build a stadium on since the last ground was demolished for housing (don't know why without digging into it, so they may never have owned it) Around the time Lee Hughes (the same) was there manager they got in financial issues and had no ground so they elected to be relegated down further in the leagues to avoid alot more financial fines etc. So not too dissimilar to other football teams where it's not the go to sporting event for that town/area. At least that's the story from fans I know at work and also throw into it the lower league clubs like Kidderminster etc they are also competing with.
  2. Reasonable prices and the look good....anyone any idea on the manufacturing quality?
  3. I saw the same and thought it was Scholes-beard but click the profile and its Paul Scholes coach haha
  4. I'm not a season ticket holder and try get to games when I can. But it seems like not only a well thought out plan but incentives to bring in more support.
  5. Really happy with the result but some of stuff being written make it look like we've never won a game before. Sky article Hopefully the coverage continues to be positive but about the club and our great fans not just Scholes.
  6. Might not even take the job or manage a game Imif everything put on here is true.
  7. Dearnley add more forward movement and hit the line and crossed the ball every time....wow!. Took a while to start passing the ball but much better last 30 mins
  8. Watching the stream I did see both Baxter and Clarke grabbing and pointing at branger and others alot during the second half. At one point when lang won the free kick on the edge of the box Clarke looked as if he had to force Branger away as he wanted to take it and looked to be sulking a bit. Wonder if that has anything to do with Baxters "comments". Either way thought we were unlucky but just hoping we don't sleepwalk to the end of the season now.
  9. It's a yes from me if it about bringing in players alongside the manager for trials and training to see fit and spreading the net as wide as possible. A huge no if like has been hinted at the manager doesn't want them and are signed anyway or worse yet made to play them. Many teams run a Head Coach role and I'm fine with that as a team our size with little to no scouting team should use what ever contacts we have. But manager/head coach MUST have the final say.
  10. Even with the VAR that was the slightest brush on the top of his boots so hate to see those given. Big shout out the branger-engone, he called the calm down alot with loads of running aswell.
  11. Massively proud of the noise I'm hearing from our fans. We do ourselves proud in the respect. Now let's see if we can grab something, only need that one chance! Come on Oldham!!!
  12. An announcement would have been nice to counter the negative news from twitter, BBC etc just to stop rumours.
  13. Played for Royton Town recently in 1-0 loss. BBC still obsessed on reporting on him.
  14. We are very sort in the forward department even before Doyle started his goal drought. Surprise Osei never got a run of games, raw but potential. To bad we are always in a win now or relegated situation, hopefully that changes soon
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