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  1. Bring in players "we" want speak volumes, but atleast they aren't hiding the fact it isn't just down to the manager.
  2. On the BBC now Harry Kewell: Oldham Athletic name ex-Liverpool & Leeds United winger as new boss - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53622749 Edit: The official actually got it out first this time https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/august/31072020-harry-kewell-new-head-coach/ Club needs stability drew a smile and a chuckle tbh
  3. Omg, there is nothing AL does that makes we want to support him. I was tempted to buy the shirts this year but I can't give a penny to this man in good conscience.
  4. Just finished watching the "Four year plan" documentary based on QPR ownership om their way to the prem, the early day interference and its impact....feels like we are in year two looking at the similarities. Obviously we are no where near the financial level but it was interesting to see the change in the club when the interference stops and they stepped back and let the football people do their jobs. Here is hoping we can eventually turn a corner aswell but I'm just finding straws to clutch now.
  5. Reasonable prices and the look good....anyone any idea on the manufacturing quality?
  6. We are very sort in the forward department even before Doyle started his goal drought. Surprise Osei never got a run of games, raw but potential. To bad we are always in a win now or relegated situation, hopefully that changes soon
  7. Either great news is coming - releasing unneeded player ready for some quality signings Or Bad news - take over still delayed and we are having to release player to a level where we can register the new guys as an "emergency" Fingers crossed for a takeover and some stability!
  8. Bore off....I come to this site to keep up to date on latics not scroll through chains of hate mail and whinging. Post an opinion and deal with the responses like you wish to be treated.
  9. Sounds exactly like the type of person who wanted to be know as a footballer until he realised he wasn't going to make it at the top of the game, lost interest and found something else. I suppose it's better than sitting on the bench and stealing a wage.
  10. Not if that £500,000 I'd spent on a Feeny or colbeck ...but I'm just hoping for one year where we have a boring midtable finish with no drama.
  11. One of the most popular surnames in the Oldham area and still gets spelt wrong.
  12. Lovely place i need a few more shirts in order to plaster the all the bars i visit with a shirt/flag each. I ended up with a olympiakos shirt myself akd my brother got a panathaniakos shirt.
  13. A few shirts of mine and my dads are in bars around Rhodes. Mainly the bars in afandou village, it was nice a few years back as the staff wore them the day we arrived and got everyone talking.
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