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  1. https://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/17863656.mp-speaks-anger-bury-fc-takeover-collapses/
  2. Jack Byrne called up provisionally for Ireland’s Euro qualifiers next month.
  3. Beckett wasn’t. If Shez had signed him permanently we might have gone up that season.
  4. One year deal with an option https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/august/01082019/ As I said in t’other thread. Reminds me of the Gregan signing. Hoping he’s fully fit.
  5. Reminds me a lot of when we signed Gregan.
  6. 11/10 good value for a home win on Saturday then?
  7. LaticsPlayer...and every variant for every club (who still use it) is archaic and shit. You don't put interviews and other promotional material behind a paywall. You put it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc for everyone to watch to try and generate enough interest that people will want to come and pay to watch the team.
  8. If he manages 20 games I'd be surprised.
  9. I know, but if I've not checked the thread for a lengthy period of time, those first new posts may not be relevant any more so then I have to scroll through and find relevant information. Some pretty big news or points of interest get buried in those threads, when they merit their own contained thread. It's just a hassle to weed them out and then read relevant posts whilst navigating through other posts regarding other talking points in these mega threads.
  10. Don't apologise. New signings deserve new threads. It's become a habit on here to confine all chat to about 3 or 4 different threads, it makes it hard to keep up with what's going and it has made this message board a pretty drab and tedious affair for the most part. Back in the day you had new threads not just for transfers and breaking news, but for new rumours too, and the place was a lot livelier for it. Even though we had a "Transfer rumours" thread, we had one for each new window, rather than the current one that dates back to last year. You don't know where to start when you click into it. Take the "Take over/investment" thread. That was made regarding the initial take over of Al like two years ago, how is it still relevant to post in today? I get there's still questions and discussions to be had regarding his ownership, but they'd be better served being separate discussions of their own based on new information that has come out since, rather than just having one bucket to discuss all ownership discussion. It's got that bad that because I never really check the website and follow social media sporadically, I didn't realise Shez had left us for Notts County until like a day after it happened, 'cause nobody created a thread regarding it, it all got discussed in a generic "Shez" thread and I used to use this forum to check for breaking news ahead of all other platforms. I dunno, it might be just me, but consolidating all the chat into the same threads has ruined the experience of discussing Latics on here.
  11. Deane Crowe Dean Kelly Luigi Glombard Maheta Molongo Rodney Jack
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