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  1. Signs a 1 year extension https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/may/21052019-nepomuceno-extension/ Really pleased with that. He's a key player for us on form, can cause teams all sorts of problems. 6 goals and 10 assists last season and I'd back him to do even better next season.
  2. Assuming it's a new signing and not a contract extension I'll take a guess at Scott Duxbury from Stockport
  3. Just got told in work that we're linked to a guy who was once Caretaker of Bayern, this Jonker chap. I assumed for it to be true this guy was the literal caretaker, swept up and cleaned out the bogs.
  4. Those are some fugly looking youths
  5. Not too bothered about who we’re letting go. You can make a fair argument for keeping and releasing Baxter and Clarke. Baxter’s just not been as good as we were hoping, and has suffered from fitness and injury problems too. Clarke is getting on and is only going to get worse. Although as a leader and a character to have at the club he’s inspirational. O’Grady I can only assume has triggered a clause due to games played, but frankly he’s not good enough. Coke, no explanation needed there. Benteke, the same. De La Paz we’re talking to, but no idea why, he’s not forced himself into the team in two years, we’d be better off promoting a youngster to the back up goalkeeper role. If we can get Maouche on a reasonable wage then he’s good enough for this squad. Nepo I really hope signs. Going forward I’m more worried about who we’re going to sign in the summer and who is signing them.
  6. I’m really happy for him. I’d actually rather see him get a good opportunity elsewhere, at a club with a bit more stability and more ambition. Whether it’s being a manager or a youth coach. The guy fully deserves it. He could have stayed here and then found himself out on his arse come September. Easy choice for him to make if he’s had another offer and one I fully agree with him taking. Good luck in the future Pete.
  7. Not a hard choice to make really considering MJ wasn't a kiddler.
  8. It’s so frustrating that we’ve largely been shit this season, and we only needed to be a little less shit and we’d be contending for automatic promotion. If only we could have kept Surridge. He might have been the difference maker.
  9. Are Maouche and Nepo contracted for next season?
  10. We can beat 2nd in the table but not Cheltenham. Fuck sake Oldham.
  11. Terrible article. The quote from Lemsagam makes no reference to moving the club.
  12. We were 19th in League Two on the 11th August 2018 #Progress
  13. Confirmed as manager until the end of the season. Official SMS
  14. Correa now joint favourite at 2/1 on Sky Bet.
  15. I’m not saying he’s lying, but it’s hard to see him only lasting 30 days if he was thoroughly enjoying the job. Surely he could have tried to tough it out a bit longer? I’m just more inclined to be believe that it wasn’t necessarily untenable for him to stay, but probably more that Al’s interfered a few times and Scholes not being over enchanted managing us has decided the job isn’t for him.
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