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  1. Confirmed as manager until the end of the season. Official SMS
  2. Correa now joint favourite at 2/1 on Sky Bet.
  3. I’m not saying he’s lying, but it’s hard to see him only lasting 30 days if he was thoroughly enjoying the job. Surely he could have tried to tough it out a bit longer? I’m just more inclined to be believe that it wasn’t necessarily untenable for him to stay, but probably more that Al’s interfered a few times and Scholes not being over enchanted managing us has decided the job isn’t for him.
  4. There is a part of me thinking that Scholes might have thought ”Why do I need to be stood on a cold touch line at Lincoln on a Tuesday night when I can be sat in a BT studio, being paid double to watch and comment on the Champions League” Perhaps even without interference from the owner, Scholes just not really enjoyed it so far. And maybe he’s decided to throw in the towel at the first chance the owner has given him.
  5. Through to the quarter finals after beating Inter 1-0 at the San Siro.
  6. Official statement https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/march/14032019-scholes-statement/
  7. Don't know what's gone on. But the timing of the appointment was wrong. He should have come in the summer, fresh start and all that.
  8. Only heard about this today from your post. I'm gonna have a read into it proper but it seems like the owner was unable to answer some concerns and questions and has now ended the project.
  9. Mixing with the wrong bellends. I’ve overheard him recently espousing some complimentary comments about The Third Reich.
  10. An accompanying iFollow subscription for all ST purchases. ST holders should have access to watch interviews and press conferences without having to pay extra.
  11. It's laughable that people are making judgment calls on Scholes already. What did they expect? We've got a mid table squad. We've barely got any fire power up front and we concede every game. It's win some lose some for the rest of the season. It's a write off. I'm sure most of these players won't be here next season, then we'll see what sort of manager Scholes is. When he's got his own players playing for him.
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