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  1. PlayItLivo

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    31 year old journey man, who's never played in England, with an 1 in 4 goalscoring record (from the sources available) Struggling to get as excited as everyone else seems to be. Don't want to sound negative but the guy could be an absolute dud.
  2. PlayItLivo

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Jean Yves Mvoto is without a club
  3. PlayItLivo


    They ought to have saved the £19mil they splashed on Solanke and gave Surridge a chance.
  4. PlayItLivo


    Officially recalled https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/january/07012019-surridge-recalled/ Hopefully we use that cup money to source a suitable replacement.
  5. PlayItLivo

    F*&king yessssss

    It’s nothing more than a footnote now, but if VAR is supposed to improve refereeing decisions then today it proved as reliable as a chocolate fire guard. You can understand a ref being conned by that dive, but the fact that it was reviewed and still given is at best abysmal officiating.
  6. PlayItLivo

    New Manager Thread

    We're not a million miles away (/Ronnie) from promotion. We were 3pts ahead of Carlisle whilst we were winning against Exeter. They're now a couple of points from the auto spots. Get this appointment right, and get a couple of decent signings out of this cup money and we're well in with a chance.
  7. PlayItLivo

    Boat to Fulham

    What a craic. Massive thanks to Dave for arranging this. If you didn't get on it, you've missed out. It's been facking brilliant After we turn Fulham over, file under best away day ever.
  8. And available for the Fulham game. Official SMS
  9. PlayItLivo


    He was doing okay at Carlisle, why would he want to drop down and manage non league?
  10. PlayItLivo

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Nice one, let’s sign a guy whose legal history on his wiki page is longer than his career section
  11. PlayItLivo

    Pete Wild

    I think some of the comments calling him a raffle winner were a tad disrespectful. He's fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and if today was the only game he'll ever manage in the pro game then it's something he can always look back on fondly. Hopefully it inspires him work his way up the coaching ladder and become the best he can be, wherever it takes him. Fair play to the bloke, I'm chuffed for him today. It must have been a daunting task for him today, not just only to gain the fans respect, but to manage a host of seasoned pros who might have been sceptical of this guy's ability to take charge for the day. I'm glad they put a shift in for him.
  12. PlayItLivo

    Port Vale (A)

    Good luck to Pete. I don’t know him but if he’s a Latics fan then it must be a dream come true for him. Hope he can get us three points tomorrow.
  13. PlayItLivo

    F.C Oldham Athletic

    I couldn’t think of anything worse than supporting a Phoenix club. If Latics go bust, (which I obviously hope doesn’t happen) then I’ll become an armchair watcher of football, with no obligations to attend a game on a freezing Tuesday night.
  14. PlayItLivo

    Frankie gone