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  1. I don' think it's rumours, it's established facts that AL meddles with team affairs. Wellens said himself he came into the dressing room, and we know players were disciplined before keys games. That said, Wellens should have been able to get enough of a grip to get us over the line. We'll never know, but kudos to Wellens learning so quickly and turning it around. It remains to be seen if Dino can learn to , but he doesn't seem to have the skills, nous or ability to keep the owner and his cronies at arms length on all the evidence so far.
  2. Can you name anything him and his brother have got right? On the trajectory since he took over, we will be in the Conf next season. At some point you have to say enough. Even a tiny bit of normal management of a club could bring about a change in fortunes.
  3. Ah, living so far away is why I've never had the opportunity to vote! Let's hope democratic alternatives are available. It's the 21st century after all!
  4. Hi underdog, Will this vote be open to members? Has the membership ever had a vote before?
  5. For me, this is the best analysis since it became clear (years ago now) that we would not get the MyFootbalCub style insight that maybe was originally envisaged. Noting confidential but a much clearer insight. A significan step forward.
  6. I think the articles that feature the accounts are going to be the most illuminating and the greater detail. More of the same please. We seeem to have learned more from that article than years previosuly.
  7. Given the size of the squad, the lack of quality, the housing costs, and complete lack of resale value, I am sure that £60k could be significantly reduced whilst having a better team.
  8. The debt was paid off in February, it was just the delayed court case. It was built up not paying HMRC, so not some fantastic benevelence.
  9. What he said about £200k, didn't match up with the last set of accounts. Do you think he has £6m for Bradd Bank?
  10. The regs are a colander. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/appendix-5---financial-fair-play-regulations/ PART 4 – LEAGUE TWO FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY SALARY COST MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL (SCMP) GUIDANCE NOTES 1 SCMP Requirement 1.2.1 50% of the Club’s Relevant Turnover (as defined in Paragraph 1 of Appendix A) for the Reporting Period; plus 1.2.2 100% of the Club’s Football Fortune Income (as defined in Paragraph 2 of Appendix A) for the Reporting Period. Bit more on the various workarounds: http://www.financialfairplay.co.uk/scmp.php Barely worth the paper it is written on it seems!
  11. That's a point, I think it was changed, but I took it from here, and I know ours was comfortably mid taable.
  12. Although the hit might not as bad as it could be. We pay around 80% of income on wages -poss even more. We've furloughed everyone, and reportedly everyone is having a 20% pay cut, and lots of players contracts ran out yesterday and just a month to pay. If we hadn't had Covid and furlough, but season tickets hammered as predicted, the situation would be much worse IMHO.
  13. Seems the new owner is connected to the company it bought it off. Looks very dodgy.
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