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  1. Dave is correct. Only played together 8 games. 1 goal socred in 531 minutes on the pitch. The best partnership was AAH & Lee Erwin 3 goals in 7 games and 303 minutes. Or JAck Byrne and Eoin Doyle 5 goals 32 matches. 2,700 hours None were prolific.
  2. Idly speculated by me 6 weeks ago.
  3. I wonder if the closure of the club offices for an hour and a half " for an important staff meeting. " is to meet her (albeit she has been around for a few weeks) or something else?
  4. Cheers much appreciated. I guess that would sell for a tidy sum.
  5. Barry Owen The Banter Years would be quite a thing.
  6. Thanks Pete great to know that. Was that the first programme you know produced or earliest know to exist?
  7. Attention programme collectors, who had the earliest Latics programme?
  8. Very good, I'd forgotten about election gate
  9. Seems a bit odd to go for the 1905 3 red stripe when we have the 125 anniversary of the 4 red stripe coming up. Not a big issue, just a tiny bit surprised.
  10. A bit more on twitter with LL last week backing up what has been said already.
  11. 🤣 Monty, I'm, surprised. You're normally the sharpest tool in the box.
  12. Rank self interest will probably veto it, sadly.
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