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  1. Wimbledon (H)

    I'd hope the little break will be as good for Clarke as it has been for Gerrard. Keeping them both fresh would seem the best plan. Agree with what you say, we can't really afford them out too long, as their levels might drop off quite fast.
  2. I'm pretty confident it is a bit more than interested Daz! If Mark Moisley is correct, t will be a couple of weeks before he takes over. What is pleasing is he is a regular at games, so he is really getting to know the team and players, better than many of us on here to be honest. I can;t see him rocking the boat too much, he'll have got quite a rapport and a relationship with many of the players, and staff by now. Thursday is 3 months since it was announced that negotiations were in place, and it's fairly certain had been going on for a bit before that,s o maybe nearer 4 months
  3. Rochdale (H)

    3! But I think your point is valid, we also conceded 2 v MK, so half in 2 games. The late goals have won us 4 games though.
  4. Rochdale (H)

    We've also conceded the most in the PL &FL in the last 15 mins too. just down to a more attacking approach possibly?
  5. Wimbledon (H)

    I'm nowhere near as confident, all too often we trip up on the "easier" games. Having said that, we are due to really batter someone.
  6. Wimbledon (H)

    Top of that particular goalscoring chart! Champions! Joint 3rd worse defence. Relegated! In the words of Paul Weller "That's entertainment"!
  7. Wimbledon (H)

    In the League 7 games so far under RW, we've scored more than half the number of goals all last season. His rate his 105 per season, Sheff Utd scored 92 last season. Best not look at the goals against though....!
  8. Ollie Banks

    Agree too, he came across really well in the AskBanks or AskOllie with Sam on the Official.
  9. Rochdale (H)

    Yes! Precision engineered passing.
  10. Rochdale (H)

    There is a touch of irony you may now find yourself in Gary Linekers position. 😉 Life comes at you slow too sometimes! .
  11. Rochdale (H)

    You're not sure about his dress sense..?
  12. Ex players and that

    James Tarkowski scores his first Premier League goal for Burnley, the day before his 25th birthday, only for it to be disallowed.
  13. Rochdale (H)

    I was thinking the same about Gerrard. He has notably chucked his toys out of the pram for several of our managers and others, yet here he is putting a fantastic performance after being dropped. Sign of a good manager in RW I think. Maybe the solution to sort of alternate between him and Clarke gets the most out of both of them and maybe prolong their careers.
  14. It genuinely would be a shock if he didn't show one time, he's virtually an ever present isn't?
  15. OWTB 2017/18 Prediction League

    I always appreciate, and need your reminders Andy. Cheers.