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  1. Shit, If that's not an indication of how bad it is, I don't know what is.
  2. How many are liking or commenting on the happy clapper tcomments 22? I'm thinking (hoping) of the 900 or so members half a dozen agree. Feel free to screenshot! No need to get yourself thrown out though!
  3. We're the lowest we've been in half a century. 1970 was the last time we were bottom of the league. Despite being so low, I don't think Vera is the answer. Part of the problem, but not the solution.
  4. Cheers Lags. The reminiscing in this thread has taken JK Latics, or early OWTB turn. Most of it has gone right over my head. Again. Happier times.
  5. PW has faced 4 recently former League sides in his first 5 games. W2 D1 L1. Far from disgraced, with a core of a team that was mediocre last year.
  6. THere were no tweets from 45 to 52 mins, and 3 between 45 and 70 mins. I thought they had all given up. Not wishing to have a go at them, I think they have a thankless task. Would not be surpirised to see a departure from the media team. No knowledge, just a guess at how bad it is, and the owner's need for a scapegoat rather than look at himself or his family.
  7. Darren Kelly moved to Sporting Director at Hyde, after a very tame spell as manager. He'd make a better Sporting Director than the owners brother, and that's saying something.
  8. I didn't deliberately leave that out, I took it as a given, and emphasised the key words. They clearly then reached agreement to operate in the meantime-which I took ahead of schedule but can't really argue if you took it another way that's up to each person. Agree it could have been better worded. I'm not disagreeing about the division of the fans, that is abundantly clear. An overwhelming majority inside and outside OWTB do not support the owner, be it neutral or support the FLG. This is measured by polls, and comments IMHO. We are where we are. The owner had a chance to bring all into one. The owner still has that opportunity, as the FLG are on record that they will step aside if he wants. For whatever reason, be it lack of funds or toys out of the pram dealing with people who he perceives have crossed him, he cannot. So he is a dead end at the moment. Going nowhere in amalgamation terms, and I cannot understand anyone who wants everything under one ownership supporting the owner. I support the FLG because they are local, passionate proven Latics fans and it brings the ownership of the stadium to a local based engaged ownership rather than absent. Naturally I want everything out in the open and transparent, but understand that delay, they have bought some time. Won't last forever for me personally, but OK for now. I do not know if they have aspirations to own the whole shebang, I'l be happy enough if they do, but until somone comes along to offer all it all, they are the better option of the two we know about.
  9. As part of the agreed purchase of Boundary Park, the group are acquiring the shares in Oldham Event Centre. "As part of the agreed purchase" seems pretty clear to me. If I were the FLG I'd be putting a tight contract in place to operate, especially given the history, but the details of the agreement to run are understandably confidential at this stage but I suspect would be broadly transferable.
  10. I believe he paid out for things before the takeover was completed too.....
  11. Enjoyed this 4 parter featuring andy Ritchie. He talks so passionaely about his time here.
  12. I don't know many that cut their nose to spite their face. No. I do know plenty of colleagues and bosses that see if and get a better deal, done it many times as a manager myself. But if I and others find we can't get a better deal we don't change on an impulse. Not a way to do business. How thorough was the this process? Seems like Oh they do Rochdale, they'll do.
  13. That's the most desperate clutch of a straw. £5 per head difference Less VAT = £4.17. Normal catering is 65-70% margin. LEts be generous at 70%. 30% cost. That's £3 per head extra. At best. Most catering companies also charge operational fee, and it depends on the type of deal. Could be even less. Given our £3.3m turnover, it is a pittance. And less people will use the box (not going to insult Gordon by calling it by that name) rather than the OEC. He's pissed plenty of customers off in his handling it too. There is no credible level he is making more money.
  14. Good reimder. I've fought the argument that there was only £700k grant from OMBC. Which was in the Council minutes. So I think this section is contentious, but looks like £1m compensation for Failsworth + £700k grant. Only the £700k grant asmdescried or mentioned in the decision. At best it is part of the restricted information, which gives significant credence to the fact it was compensation and described above for ease. The people present will best describe what they were told. Now certain posters claim this was a straight grant to OAFC, but if you read the minutes, it more related to the Community Trust work. 01/08/11 Approved grant £700k. https://committees.oldham.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=144&MId=2469&Ver=4 "Pay a capital grant of £700,000 as a contribution to the redevelopment of Boundary Park based on the community work which the club carry out in the Borough" "In the Borough" not "at Boundary Park". http://committees.oldham.gov.uk/documents/s7266/acquisition of lancaster club FINAL HM 27.7.11.pdf Whole sections on OACT: http://committees.oldham.gov.uk/documents/s7266/acquisition of lancaster club FINAL HM 27.7.11.pdf
  15. That was before the more detail of the figures were revealed.
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