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  1. Rochdale

    Rochdale have dropped 23 points after being ahead. 2nd only to Crewe in the whole FL. Long may that form continue. Ben Mathew provides some good stats.
  2. League 1 Activity

    Apart from Dale, 1 game for MKDons but they are 6 pts behind, & Walsall 5 pts ahead are the only games in hand now.
  3. League 1 Activity

    It's getting a bit late, even for him.
  4. League 1 Activity

    Disagree. Only as it stands today, but not looking a little further ahead. a) It's too early to say if they get a little run going from being high on confidence. b ) Their fixture pile up should affect them, but they have too many games in hand at this stage to be sure that will happen. c) Their newer pitch will ease the injuries and fatigue they would have got on their old one. Draw is best, suits neither of them.
  5. League 1 Activity

    When we were many peoples second team, would be interesting to know how Bury, Dale and Wigan fans felt about us. Probably Wigan were not bothered, very little success or achievement except outside the FL till that point.
  6. League 1 Activity

    Wimbledon winner didn't help, and we don't need then getting on a run, but we now have a game in hand over Northampton! With Northampton only a point ahead.
  7. Milton Keynes (H)

    Like I say, he's a CB note a winger....
  8. Milton Keynes (H)

    I really don't get this Gerrard is massively overweight thing. A few pounds understandable, but several stone? He's a CB not a winger! I think it is just the shape of his face. A few recent photos
  9. just looked him up, not having heard of him. Amazing record with St Johnstone & us, poor with Mossley then out of it. AS Pete says, great record when he played St Johnstone 58-61 P35 Goals 32 Us 61-62 P23 Goals 10 Mossley 62-63 P17 Goals 3 He's not related to Andy is he? Andy's Dad Gary was also born in Stirling in 1954. John was born in Stirling in 1933. Both died in Falkirk too, albeit John in 99, Gary in 2015. Long shot, Liddell is obviously not that an uncommon name.
  10. Add in the loaneess, and that is practically a whole team again. Although AL may keep them...!
  11. Priorities?

    I think it was, but you know it's going to be about 0.00001% !
  12. After Plymouth I was really worried RW could not turn it around, his demeanour and grumbles did not bode well. But since then, he has managed to get the team to play against it's natural instincts, tightened up a bit and got the team still performing. He's shown he can change tactics but most importantly get them motivated. I'm less worried than other seasons at the moment, we have some quality players and some more to come back. We are far from put of the woods yet and it will see many more twists and turns, not least from the games in hand some have on us, but RW has shown he has not "lost the dressing room" to use the hated phrase. Bury's revival has a few draws, but we are 10 clear of them, so in our hands. Dale took a major setback last night going down after being ahead, their pile up, cup distraciton and dodgy pitch may help us. Would still prefer both them to stay up., but not at our expense obviously. Fleetwood, AFCW, & MKDons are all on a bad run all losing their last 4 games
  13. Priorities?

    The hybrid is what we have now. The Desso, before it was taken over. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GrassMaster The issue is not us using the use of hybrid, it is used by all the top Leagues. it's the cost £800k+ becasue it is quite a few years past it's replacement cost. The second point about using 3G, and I think you are both right, we should be able to at our level. If (when!) we get to the Prem we can afford a to put a proper pitch back in. As above, lots of teams are struggling, and it's also in use in places like Italy, Switzerland etc it is good enough for us like you both say.
  14. Priorities?

    I think that was the WUM's plan!