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  1. Transfer Rumours

    Not sure if it is because we are now in L2 or leakers seem to have disappeared.. there is less transfer news anyway here is something: Johnson doing us a favour?
  2. Season tickets 2018/19

    Thanks Tracy, and yes taken that not a goer previously but back on for next year. In a year we could do something viable I think.
  3. Season tickets 2018/19

    Check out this offer from Curzon. Something for the Trust toook into, someone to underwrite this for several seasons. Tough ask, I know. Or an U16Share.
  4. Next season

    It'll depend which row you want. Literally, in parts you could have a whole row to yourself. Joking aside, we've actually done pretty amazing in the season ticket sales. Probably broken 3,000. To give you an idea, Boundary Park hold 13, 500 So we should get 4,000-5,000 most games. Opposition now has Chaddy Road End If you go on the Main Stand, you might get a chance to say hi to Jose, if you knew him that well. But oldest stand. North Stand us new one. Rocky (Rochdale) has more concentration of home fans.
  5. Not 100% sure it is, though understandably it would seem the best option. £6-7m is against OAFC 2004. So that would still have to be paid off. £5m in new land costs if you go off Failsworth. £20m in stadium build costs. No evidence (so far) that he has that sort of money.
  6. There is a valid point here. If they get a sniff of a boycott and see diminishing returns, they are more likely to call in the 6 or 7 million.
  7. Our New Owner

    Richie, did you leak the articles....?
  8. Wellens sacked!

    I see what you are saying, and it's not the first time for Wellens..., but I'm sure managers and their agents leak info quite regularly.
  9. Next Manager Speculation

    Not sure that is his currant one...
  10. Next Manager Speculation

    Isn't everyone...?!
  11. Next Manager Speculation

    That's not how nicknames work BigDog. Otherwise you'd be called Big Dog. 😉
  12. Next Manager Speculation

    Ha! So Bunny FB What shall we call him then?!!!!
  13. Brainstorming, going forward. A bit mroe long term. I work for a Leisure Co that used to be part of the Council, that spun off as a Charitable Trust. Basically to save VAT. THe sites went from loss making to able to re-invest profit due to savings made.
  14. Ex players and that

    Duckens to Belgium all but confirmed.
  15. Plastic bottle no problem I am sure. I thought Tracy was pretty clear, the rent is not an option at the moment. So some have said they will boycott, which helps guage, but what about the bar in general terms without the rent issue?