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  1. Sorry to hear about Dad, thoughts are with you.
  2. Bury really are in trouble. Their Chairmans statement here. https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/april/a-message-from-the-chairman/ They are up for sale again. I wish we had more transparency on our finances.
  3. Billy says 468. Billy is the man. Near enough though, and will exceed 500 anyway.
  4. Exeter suffer a blow, Defender Troy Brown ruled out. He's only played 10 gams this season, so not that influential, but they've scored morre points on average when he's played. https://twitter.com/ExEchoSport/status/1121439293522808832
  5. Think you've mis-read me there L1FE, I am saying that the value is higher than that because that was a Corney style valuation. Iw ant us to keep them so we benefit on the pitch and then get unbelievable offersrs. Like Rochdlae as you said. Maybe we can get a new pitch out of it!
  6. More than £50k, and a sell on... I'm not that in the know about true valuations, but we know when players have been sold for peanuts in an emergency. Hoepfully we can hang on if (big if) we get promoted. A season at a higher level with his progression will do him good.
  7. Hopefully so! Can you imagine how shagged we'd be if an ex-agent couldn't negotiate decent fees! 😮
  8. Also we've given a few players away for absolutely nothing. Most are probably worth next to nothing, but some could have had some value.
  9. I'm going to ask @Matt if he can approve the his membership. I don't K ow him from Adam (!) so not vouching for him though!
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