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  1. Part of the reason I started highlighting this is because the turnover is huge, (and there is no real restructure the same number of staff, and people who enjoy their job don't always move, but at least the owner seems to have cottoned to the fact you say good luck straight away, advertise immediately and it buys you time to get a replacement even if t's taken almost 2 half years it's a step in the right direction.
  2. Going to be interetesting if the additions of Akpro & Jones is merely a swap of Fane and McHale or does Nepo count as that. And who is at risk from the original list below (Appreicate it's not been updated. There won't be many takes, so any excuse to get them off the payroll I'd imagine. Paul B. @pb81fl January should be the worst on record. Dino's been told 1 out 1 in. 2:12 PM · Dec 11, 2019·Twitter Web App Is that based on £ or numbers I wonder. I mean you'd send Zabret back wouldn't you, get a few more out on loan. If it's based on £ though, there could be trouble ahead. Crusoe Confirmed 1. Gary Woods (2021) 20. Zeus de la Paz (2020 plus option) 39. Gregor Zabret (season-long loan from Swansea) 41. Ellis Allen (youth) 2. Zak Mills (2020) 3. Alex Iacovitti (2021 plus option) 4. Sonhy Sefil (2020) 5. Ashley Smith-Brown (season-long loan from Plymouth) 6. Jamie Stott (2020 plus option) 15. Javid Swaby-Neavin (probably 2020 plus option, out on a half-season loan to Radcliffe) 29. Tomáš Egert (2020 plus option) 31. David Wheater (2020 plus option) 34. Tom Hamer (2022) 47. Taylor Jones (youth) 7. Johan Branger-Engone (2020) 8. Filipe Morais (season-long loan from Crawley Town) 10. Mohamed Maouche (2020) 11. Gevaro Nepomuceno (2020) 13. Florian Gonzales (2020 plus option) 14. Harry Robinson (2020 plus option, out on a half-season loan to Crusaders) 17. Christopher Missilou (2020) 18. Dylan Fage (2021) 22. Dominic McHale (2020) 23. Callum Dolan (2020 plus option, out on a rolling loan to Ashton) 24. Mohamad Sylla (2020) 26. Jonny Smith (season-long loan from Bristol City) 33. Chris Eagles (2020 plus option) 9. Urko Vera (2020) 16. Scott Wilson (2020) 19. Désiré Sègbè Azankpo (2020 plus option) 21. Marvin Kokos (2021 plus option) 27. Kielen Adams (2020 plus option) Limbo Giles Coke (2020) - training with the youth team?
  3. Burton were advertising recently, so might be them.
  4. A few more changes, I might have missed one previous update out. However, and exception appears to be Paul Flynn, who changes from Head Groundsman to Head of of Operations (Grounds).MM if it is a promotion though, I think it is well deserved, the pitch seems better than for years. - Maintenence: Jason Pheasey into Head of Maintenence: Jason Pheasey taking over Dean Pickering Snr who moved to Kit mana little while ago. Shahed Alam changes from Finance to Finance Director... Jamie Stoddart changes from Commercial to Business Development Manager Inclusion Supporter Liaison Officer: Abul Khayr (OACT) into Inclusion Supporter Liaison Officer: Natalie Atkinson and Supporter Liaison Officer: Mark Lund into Supporter Liaison Officer: TBC I'm struggling to see much of a wholesale restructure that was promised in the Vision and Plan 2019- 2022, savng money on a staffing structure for a L1 or L2 club , seems more like moving the deckchairs on the Titanic. In some cases, like laundry possibly staffing has increased again. Club Officials Owner: Abdallah Lemsagam Sporting Director: Mohamed Lemsagam Directors: Abdallah Lemsagam, Mohamed Lemsagam, Barry Owen, Adam Morallee, Darren Ratcliffe (Trust Oldham) & Richard Bowden. Managing Director: Natalie Atkinson Club Secretary & Safeguarding: Mark Sheridan Safety Officer: Steve Clarke Honorary Medical Officers: Dr Rob Beardsell & Dr Jim Weems Club Chaplain: Rev John Simmons Supporter Liaison Officer: TBC Disability Liaison Officer: John Trotter Inclusion Supporter Liaison Officer: Natalie Atkinson Professional Staff Head Coach: Dino Maamria Assistant: John Dreyer Goalkeeping Coach: Ali Uzunhasanoglu Head Physiotherapist: Stuart Irwin Head of Fitness & Strength and Conditioning Coach: TBC Sports Scientist & Performance Analyst: Neil Skidmore Kit Manager: Dean Pickering Snr Club Chef: Antoine Mano Academy Staff Head of Academy: Paul Murray Youth Team Manager: Danny Cadamarteri Head of Coaching: Conor Marlin Youth Development Phase Coach: Craig Large Foundation Development Phase Coach: David Hankey Strength & Conditioning Coach: Callum Jackson Physiotherapist: Harry McNeilly Head of Education: Holly Epsie Head of Recruitment: Paul Ogden Academy Administrator: Graham Yates Media Head of Media & Communications: Michael Brown Matchday Press Officer: Roy Butterworth Club Photographer: Eddie Garvey Design: Josh Coleman Videography: Store 57 Productions Football Operations Administration: Sue Bowskill Finance Director: Shahed Alam Business Development Manager: Jamie Stoddart Ticket Office Manager (Supporter Services): Gina Buckley Ground Staff Head of Operations (Grounds): Paul Flynn Grounds Assistants: Warren Caine & Daniel Doherty Apprentice Grounds Assistant: Dean Pickering Jnr Head of Maintenence: Jason Pheasey Cleaning Operatives: Andrew Ingham, Cecilia Taylor, Julie Hilton & Chris Rimmer Laundry: Rose Stewart & Karen Linton Oldham Athletic Community Trust (OACT) Community Manager: Martin Vose Operations & Safeguarding Manager: Wendy Noble
  5. The esteemed Chris Stringer has tweeted updates.
  6. A lot still at stake in the Ford Sporting League BP. 😉
  7. Agree with your point, but i hope you are not setting 1,500 as a realistic benchmark. There was only 1,000 in 2007, and 30 last one.
  8. 36 according to the Facebook post, am sure more than that. https://www.facebook.com/events/539029200282562/ 100 said they were attending on Twitter. https://twitter.com/kent_latic/status/1194174342751502337?s=20
  9. As it came via Mo, the manager might not be aware!
  10. The semi official line, Mike Halliwell tweeted me lady week, is that it is ill timed due to signings due in January! A load of mid thirties players no doubt, to reflect of youth policy.
  11. Has he won everything there is to win in UAE?
  12. 10am updated, it has been settled so appeared in error Petitions to Wind Up (Companies) In the High Court of Justice In the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales In the Insolvency and Companies List (Chd) Petition No 7256 of 2019 In the Matter of OLDHAM ATHLETIC (2004) ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED (Company Number 04989487) and in the Matter of the Insolvency Act 1986 The notice ID 3437045 which appeared in The London Gazette dated 29 November 2019, referring to OLDHAM ATHLETIC (2004) ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED should not have appeared. The Petitioners` Solicitor is the Solicitor to, HM Revenue and Customs,Solicitor's Office, South West Wing, Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD, telephone 03000 589072 . (Ref SLR1118513/W.) 29 November 2019 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3438263/
  13. And another one. HMRC 11th December. Wonder what the record under is. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3437045
  14. 11th Dec. Unless it really has been sorted like Darren assured us.
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