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  1. You'd have though the stgrength & Conditionaing oach would be filled by one of Dino's contacts. Or his Personal Trainer!
  2. This is like a game of Catchphrase, say what you see.
  3. The Three Chumps Maybe I prefer The Three Vampires.
  4. So true. Did Corney ever put that much in a month I wonder? We thought we were on a much more stable footing and all all these costs bought under control and no surprises any more. £200k last month would seem to contradict last motnhs statement: "Since the takeover of the club, despite initial hiccups, we have managed to steady the ship. We still have a long way to go, and nasty surprises from the past keep emerging periodically, but the extent and quantity of these are ever decreasing "
  5. Depends on theses shares. If they are the Necarcu loan, that's £350k he might not have been able to pay. The devil is the detail, and I wish the Trust could shed some light.
  6. I haven't but the first sperate note(rather than link ) I think I made was here, when it started t become apparent how large the turnover was. Some positions have been added, others taken away, some gone to PT,so it is not an exact comparision. Broadly speaking, the contact us page has the same number of people.
  7. True, there is normally a bit of a delay before the Contact Us page is updated.
  8. That's true. I should have said as 1st team manager
  9. Him & Warnock are the only managers since Joe left 25 years to be working at a higher league too, I think?
  10. I think you'll find we'd be put in Conference North....
  11. No idea why you think that, I did it to find other people's views not mine. But In a nutshell: I said didn't think that Simon Corney would be on their Christmas card list.I welcome all openness and transparency, I figured it would be a project company open and close it for the North Stand-common transaction in that field. Of course I'd like to know the details, it was not a secret like AL's businesses, and most recently said we know more of the FLG businesses than that of AL. I get why some FLG things are not public yet, I don't get why much of AL's is not. So a straight choice, based on track records to date with all the info to hand currently I'm happy the FLG offer a better future.
  12. And yet we know a lot more about their business/es that we do Abdallah's. There are questions about the FLG, inevitably. And let's do that. But right now, I feel I have more questions for the Lemsagans.
  13. With ongoing legal proceedings, would those shares be subject to a sale?
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