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  1. Glad you appear to be on the mend. My last day at work, just helping close up. A couple of people have to go in and look after things, otherwise all out Just developing a daily plan, as a submarine guy thinks that is the key to not going stir crazy. It does give me some opportunities career wise, so I am really focussing on that. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1241134014725066754.html
  2. It's true they should state the unchecked figures more, but they have published some indications. This is the difference between normal bed occupancy and total capacity. Also this is the inefection rate of Swine Flu compared to Coronavirus Exponentially take the graph up it being 6x more virulent than SARS, and double swine flu. Agree, calculate that up needs to be shown
  3. Playing into next season is complicated because Euro 2020 is very likely going to be delayed to be played into summer of 2021.
  4. We've reached a hell of a stage where the media in this country had covered up tens of thousands of deaths, put practically no plan in place and people shrug their shoulders because it didn't affect them. It says far more about our society and media that it happened unchallenged, and people are going "oh well". Parrotting talking points rather than applying some critical thinking is typical.
  5. Wow. If we'd prepared for CornoaVirus as well as the Millenium Bug we'd be in a lot better shape. Prevention was, and is, better than cure. We have't left Europe yet, we're still in the transition phase so you've no idea whether it will be an unmitigated disaster. But the Govt claims of easiest deal in history, Trump backtracking on food standards and NHS and trying to buy exclusive use of vaccines for exampledon't inspire confidence. In fact the Coronovirus will shield some of the effects of Brexit. The point about protecting vulnerable is you have to take stringent measures. Agree with you about the me, me culture, but they are similar people who think they'll be OK because they are healthy, ignoring them passing it onto someone who then can't look after an elderly or immuno compromised person.
  6. Sounds a good idea, albeit just on the Cups I'm not sure about scrapping the FA Cup as it is a lifeline for some clubs esp non league. But the both the Carabao Cups would't really be missed. I think the FA /PL might need to do a one off solidarity payment, but whether they do or not. who knows. Funny things is, if they did right down the League, they'd get a tremendous amount of goodwill and negate a lot of criticism. I don't mean win bonusses, but operating costs would be a lifeline. i guess at a cost of some screening of other matches, but hopefully 3pm remains sacrosanct,
  7. I'd imagine there is even a case for leaving it exactly as it is, even allowing for Bury. As you've said, there'd be no winners in each of the possible scenarios.
  8. Part of the reason for lower figure is much lower testing, so the true scale is unknown.
  9. There is a neutral threadreader on the herd immunity tactic. It's good there is scientifically led action, but it's by no means universally accepted as a good idea, but it's a plan But we are woefully down on tests to ascertain its effectiveness, and even at this level the projection is a quarter of a million deaths. Crucially, we are going it alone with this action, which makes it far riskier. And worst of all, there is now evidence of reinfection in Ital & China rendering the tactic hopeless. The next week or two will be make or break. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1238518371651649538.html
  10. To compare, on 1st March Italy has 322 cases and 24 deaths. We had 319 on 10th March with 11 deaths. Today, 2 weeks later, Italy had 17, 660 cases and a jump of 250 deaths to 1,266. And they took much firmer action closing down than we have. We may never know if it's s correct to cancel now, but we have to get ready for a major escalation very soon.
  11. That was a masterstroke. As was sitting in the middle, "trapped', so Natalie had to get it for him.
  12. Have you any evidence of any reasonable planning this season, or even since Sept 2017?
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