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  1. rossy52

    Bury (H)

    travelling from Fylde coast , must admit bottled it with the forecast of snow and black ice so typical it was a great game !
  2. rossy52


    thank god for that i had the same problem , never had an issue using internet explorer before but told to turn off adblocks etc I posted on here yesterday that I couldnt get any pictures on ifollow video i.e Frankies pre match conference etc but no-one replied so thought it was me .
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with accessing ifollow today , If I click on any video , screen goes to black and nothing happens . Anything to do with the O2 problem may be. Still waiting for ifollow to get back to me on the Rochdale postponement as I had paid my tenner!! Assume I can watch Tuesdays game for nothing
  4. rossy52

    Tranmere (A)

    don't normally reply to t*ats but KoG you really are a dick , Tranmere have the best home record in the division and we outplayed them for most of the game , who do you think we are Real Madrid . On another day we would win but it is still a good result , why don't you follow Man City! just think how happy you would be !!!!
  5. rossy52

    Notts County (a)

    one of the most one sided games I have ever seen from an away team , how did we not win that !! their keeper man of the match , cant blame Frankie for that we attacked and played well apart from scoring !!
  6. rossy52

    Stevenage (a)

    agree with oafc 1955 , I could be oafc 1952 , seen it done it, all four divisions , still think this squad should be top 4 but today was a real downer , for the first time I am starting to wonder is it worth it supporting this club. My daughter and I travel over from the Fylde coast every few weeks and in between we listen to ifollow ( when it works!!) , I really thought this season we could do something but I am so fed up of having my Saturdays ruined . My wife is unhappy with my miserable 3 to 5 moods most Saturdays , surely a play off campaign isn't too much to ask !!!
  7. rossy52

    Carlisle United (H)

    My local Costcutter manager is a season ticket holder for Morecambe and in his view Lang is a striker full stop , never a winger , so if Surridge unfit play Lang next to ( select your own big lump!) and have Dummigan/Nepomucheno on the wing and (as everyone is saying run ) at Carlisle with some pace
  8. rossy52

    Mansfield (a)

    have I missed something ! good Mansfield side following on from a 4-0 home win , ok didn't threaten too much but missing Surridge was a big problem. Played two of the better sides away from home Saturday and today and got two points and two clean sheets . If you want fantastic football for 90 mins go and watch City. I am happy to be looking at the top of the table for a change !!!
  9. rossy52

    Grimsby (a)

    Didn't realise Grimsby have signed Ben Pringle on loan for the season , fortunately or perhaps unfortunately !!! he is not fit enough to play on Saturday
  10. rossy52

    Newport (H)

    Thought Missilou and Edmundson were great , not sure how we lost that !!! we had so much of the play , they certainly stopped us playing especially in the first half when Lang and Surridge were kicked/blocked off every time
  11. rossy52

    Derby (h)

    this ifollow is absolute crap , worse than last year
  12. rossy52


    Funnily enough I was playing golf last week with a guy who apparently is match day executive for the EFL which includes running ifollow , I told him it was awful last season , he agreed and said improvements had been made !!!!!, wait till I see him again!! Also saw Peter Shirtliff and jokingly said why don't you come back to Latics , he said he had agreed with Wellens to return and then Wellens was sacked , he said you will struggle this season ( I think he meant Latics not my golf !!)
  13. rossy52

    MK Dons - Starting X1

    Thought Coke was completely anonymous , impressed with Branger , thought MK Dons were appalling with their lets take it in turns to fall down get the trainer on and nullify any momentum we were building and the ref let them get away with it ! A new division and still no homer referee! crying out for a Baxter/Byrne to open up their defence . Still early days and missing a few of our starting eleven plus if MK dons are favourites to go up there is nothing to fear
  14. rossy52

    Nottingham Forest

    I hate John Helm and Roy on ifollow , you get very little football commentary and a lot of days of yore! and background , the first goal went in while they were still reminiscing , so frustrating . Just tell us what is going on , you are on on radio ffs
  15. rossy52

    ifollow issues

    You were lucky then , Pages 7 and 8 of Wimbledon thread have at least 4 people having the same issues I had