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  1. Hmm interesting comment from Pete wild when asked that’s four games without a win, what’s gone wrong and he says (paraphrase) I have my own views on that which I will keep to myself !!! what can he mean...???
  2. defence keeper and midfield ok certainly for this division , we need two strikers without a doubt. Lang now trying to do too much to make up the slack after Surridge has gone , don't like slagging off our players but Branger is a poor mans Nepo and Vera !! well As others have said its a piss poor league if MK Dons are a top 3 team the difference is their front two , hope Scholes knows some good young strikers
  3. Using Yourparkingspace.co.uk I have got a space at the Civic Quarter car park from 2 to 17.30 for £4.00 , it is apparently a 25 minute walk to the ground , if that helps
  4. How could VAR give that penalty outrageous he didn't touch him !!!, BBC commentator said he hadn't heard away support like that all season , so proud of my team and its fans Ps thanks again BP1960 for the google store football live tv app
  5. cant get the link keeps asking for a free trial etc help please
  6. Unfortunately ifollow doesn't stream on bank holidays, I checked
  7. Astottie's reasoning for this type of scheduling is spot on , I played golf with a guy who is high up in the EFL and I asked him about the somewhat bizarre scheduling at certain times and his answer was pretty much the same as Astotties
  8. travelling from Fylde coast , must admit bottled it with the forecast of snow and black ice so typical it was a great game !
  9. thank god for that i had the same problem , never had an issue using internet explorer before but told to turn off adblocks etc I posted on here yesterday that I couldnt get any pictures on ifollow video i.e Frankies pre match conference etc but no-one replied so thought it was me .
  10. Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with accessing ifollow today , If I click on any video , screen goes to black and nothing happens . Anything to do with the O2 problem may be. Still waiting for ifollow to get back to me on the Rochdale postponement as I had paid my tenner!! Assume I can watch Tuesdays game for nothing
  11. don't normally reply to t*ats but KoG you really are a dick , Tranmere have the best home record in the division and we outplayed them for most of the game , who do you think we are Real Madrid . On another day we would win but it is still a good result , why don't you follow Man City! just think how happy you would be !!!!
  12. one of the most one sided games I have ever seen from an away team , how did we not win that !! their keeper man of the match , cant blame Frankie for that we attacked and played well apart from scoring !!
  13. agree with oafc 1955 , I could be oafc 1952 , seen it done it, all four divisions , still think this squad should be top 4 but today was a real downer , for the first time I am starting to wonder is it worth it supporting this club. My daughter and I travel over from the Fylde coast every few weeks and in between we listen to ifollow ( when it works!!) , I really thought this season we could do something but I am so fed up of having my Saturdays ruined . My wife is unhappy with my miserable 3 to 5 moods most Saturdays , surely a play off campaign isn't too much to ask !!!
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