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  1. having just watched Solihull v Fylde , so glad Fylde won , because 1) they played football , Solihull were big long ball cloggers and 2) if they can beat Salford/Eastleigh at Wembley it will be a home game for me but also in effect a local derby as only 40 minutes down the motorway for Tics . great little ground and set up , better them than class of 92 moneybags team !!!
  2. Am I missing something ?much as I am not impressed with AL , which I am not , If he leaves in a huff at our protests who will pay the staff /players etc i.e will the club continue to exist or is there a mystery investor out there I am not aware of ?
  3. disgusted pissed off 55 years of supporting never felt like this before ! Just told my daughter that maybe we should start supporting AFC Fylde just 5 miles down the road . Don't really mean it, but given I played against them 40 years ago when they were Kirkham and Wesham in the local league and there is every chance we could be playing them next season , how far have we fallen !!! I really fear for the future of my club and living around Blackpool supporters and what they have gone through do we really want to boycott our club in to oblivion ????
  4. Hmm interesting comment from Pete wild when asked that’s four games without a win, what’s gone wrong and he says (paraphrase) I have my own views on that which I will keep to myself !!! what can he mean...???
  5. defence keeper and midfield ok certainly for this division , we need two strikers without a doubt. Lang now trying to do too much to make up the slack after Surridge has gone , don't like slagging off our players but Branger is a poor mans Nepo and Vera !! well As others have said its a piss poor league if MK Dons are a top 3 team the difference is their front two , hope Scholes knows some good young strikers
  6. Using Yourparkingspace.co.uk I have got a space at the Civic Quarter car park from 2 to 17.30 for £4.00 , it is apparently a 25 minute walk to the ground , if that helps
  7. How could VAR give that penalty outrageous he didn't touch him !!!, BBC commentator said he hadn't heard away support like that all season , so proud of my team and its fans Ps thanks again BP1960 for the google store football live tv app
  8. cant get the link keeps asking for a free trial etc help please
  9. Unfortunately ifollow doesn't stream on bank holidays, I checked
  10. Astottie's reasoning for this type of scheduling is spot on , I played golf with a guy who is high up in the EFL and I asked him about the somewhat bizarre scheduling at certain times and his answer was pretty much the same as Astotties
  11. travelling from Fylde coast , must admit bottled it with the forecast of snow and black ice so typical it was a great game !
  12. thank god for that i had the same problem , never had an issue using internet explorer before but told to turn off adblocks etc I posted on here yesterday that I couldnt get any pictures on ifollow video i.e Frankies pre match conference etc but no-one replied so thought it was me .
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with accessing ifollow today , If I click on any video , screen goes to black and nothing happens . Anything to do with the O2 problem may be. Still waiting for ifollow to get back to me on the Rochdale postponement as I had paid my tenner!! Assume I can watch Tuesdays game for nothing
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